Bitcoin News: Trader Nails Bitcoin Prediction (Price Set to Explode)

all right guys well he was on the show before and he told us exactly what was going to happen back on the show today we have crypto face the creator of market cyber now if any point you're sold on market cipher one check it out it's mc dot that'll take you straight where you need to go uh face what is up dude what's up is uh our p l's man bitcoin dude uh the morale big news apparently coming tomorrow with china have you heard about that yeah what do you think that could be um very i have no idea but um xi jinping apparently supposed to come out and have some huge speech and i don't know i mean some people are saying he's gonna talk about crypto um you know whenever like the overall market knows something big before it happens like i don't know how much strength it can have or if it's already priced in yeah to the market but oh man if he comes out and says something positive there might be a couple late horses to the race which is good um to to pump it and um dude things are are looking good um myself and our community's been kicking ass you've been kicking ass um i i saw your little card thing dude i want to make some cards appreciate it man um life is good dude life is good slept in my chair babysitting my trades i'm in my robe and everything sweaty stinky and uh itself so but we're good dude living the dream yeah man i love it so last time you're on the show um a few weeks ago you told us that uh we were gonna see the price in october you know start to go back up you said there was gonna be a big move at some point we did have a big move went from like 10 6 to 11 4 somewhere somewhere around there um you pretty much called that so let's check out uh you know you want to check out market cyber check out you know your trades let us know you know what's happening and and how you're able to predict that and where we're going next cool so um first off this week we are running a huge the biggest special for market cipher we've we've ever run it's like 50 percent off um 40 off there's a huge discount on all the options so um there's my shell it's gonna last till i believe this sunday so uh yeah we'll have a link down below for you guys yeah definitely use use um use bitboy's link below so um last time we were on your channel i believe i talked about the mount everest theory right so um for those of you if you didn't remember was the this theory based off of our money flow waves on market cipher b these green and red waves and uh just to catch up for those of you who don't know these red and green waves represent money coming in or coming out of the market if money's coming into a market overall physics law naturally things got to grow and get bigger if money is leaving naturally things got to go down so um the theory was that whenever we have any of these bull runs bitcoin loves the numbers four three and five bitcoins most repetitive number in any pattern is four next one is three and then five sometimes so um when we had this first huge mount everest wave we knew that there has to be at least two more waves to come so we had one bang that was our second one and by golly we've been waiting to hammer hammer a long trade uh when a third mount everest peak forms now here's the thing in a perfect world like the last one we wanted the money come to come down into the red and then we long like right here when we see the money coming up but sometimes literally like one out of every four of these waves it does not go into the red it kind of stays in the green and it just speaks into another one we go back in the past here um with the run to 14k we had that exactly same thing happen a siamese twin mount everest wave right where it doesn't go on the red so um basically i believe that this is what we're most likely seeing now is that we're not gonna go on the red but we're just going to continue in the green yeah so yeah you know we can't we it's it's uh our entry might not get in as low as we wanted down like 9k is whatever could have been but we're in now and this is what i believe can push us to 14 potentially 15 000 right um would you like me to show you why i believe that would be yeah absolutely let's check it out okay so let's go ahead and make this a little bigger here so right here we see all these green dots right here right so that's marking where we are in the money flow wave as of now so if we go back to previous where where we previously we see right here we were at this same point the price was 9 700.

Let's remember that okay before that the money flow wave was right here price was right here so what we're going to do is measure what the percentage gains were from there to the peak so we start here price went up 34 35 right fast forward we go to here at this starting point bang price went up 30 so 35 30. so if we went from 35 to 30 what do you think our percentage could be this time 35 to 30 somewhere around there i don't know we'll say 25 25 let's go too crazy yeah okay so 20 is 13 800 yeah right we go to 25 14 4. we go to 30 oh cowboy 15 000. let's get it so um it's it is worst case scenario or we at least gotta come up in the twelve thousands right yeah so my ass is long um i just showed you showed you some of my trades um you know i'm putting my money where my mouth is and uh these checks are caching yeah yeah definitely uh what do you think because here's kind of how i see things playing out like from a fundamental perspective the last two elections both saw in between four to seven consecutive green weekly candles after the elections uh i think we're gonna see the price go up uh right after the elections gonna go up pretty high no matter which no matter what side wins i think there's there's a reason to believe that just knowing what the future is is going to be important and um you know if you what's really interesting is if if trump were to win reelection uh the percentage gain uh that barack obama saw in bitcoin when he was re-elected because remember re-election equals stability certainty was actually 34 bitcoin saw a 34 increase right after that so um what kind of time frame are you looking at because that's kind of what i'm looking at to see uh sometime around the election the price really starts shooting up um okay so what i like to do is measure um and so yeah that's that's a that's a good good kind of um thought there uh yeah like late october early november is gonna be my guess of kind of when we're we're at um maybe at that peak after that you know we'll see hopefully there's a fourth mount everest wave you know i i'm back and forth dude on on what i feel like the elections the the effect of the election could have um and so at the end of the day i don't really know but i think you made a solid point about uh if the same guy wins if trump rewinds that there is stability he if he loses then there's then i think that would be a more bare scenario but what i think matters most is whether if trump does win is is are is the fed gonna keep printing money is this coveted [ __ ] gonna end is ever gonna get back to work right so in my opinion i think probably january would be when like this virus stuff dies down i'm still going to be wearing a mask you know what i'm saying i've been doing it originated yeah so um yeah dude i don't know all i can do is focus on the now yeah we've been kicking butt i don't want to stress myself with guessing what could happen down the road just whimsically you know i'm going to stick with my indicators be there for my people and uh just keep breaking these dogs at the end of the day no president is going to come and save my butt no um you know we're out here for ourselves and for our loved ones absolutely absolutely yeah and i think you know marcus eiffer's proven it's got a good track record over the long term yeah and that's why you know you can't like here's the thing everything we're talking about like all of a sudden if the charts were to show something totally different that could totally switch up you know exactly what you do so um what what current i know we went on you know before we went on air just real quickly we talked about the the trades you're in um you want to let the audience kind of know like what you're doing right now with with trades yeah um so i have i'm trading with three four different accounts um different time frames um like my main one which is a a big trade it's all my live streams i showed it to you uh before this um i'm i'm i'm holding that baby riding it to the 14 15k there is a number i'm going for and i'm going for the most profitable trade i've ever had in my life wow i've seen a lot now my other accounts um i i have two other accounts that i'm scalping right now hitting the tops selling like zigzagging during these little zigzags i'm exiting and re-entering but my biggest trade i am not going to stress myself by exiting than having to re-enter and sweat and getting rid of that cushion that i that i have developed you know made for me so if there's one thing i you know if you're if you're trading and you're just using one account man you you're probably mind screwing yourself so multiple accounts for multiple time frames yeah i think that's really good and you know like on buy bit it's really easy to create those multiple accounts so um on on a lot of platforms it is and i think it's really important to have those i definitely have like three or four accounts myself uh across different platforms to to do short and long training so um yeah so i think it's really important for everybody to know like we've talked about what market cyber is kind of showing right now we haven't really talked about necessarily you know how to use it but if somebody is interested in this uh they can go check out your channel they can check out the link and if you want to learn how to use market cyber all the information is there all the information um you know is available also the discord server uh you know the crypto face runs so that you know you can get in there and chat talk something dude because we just released our uh market cipher user guide i turned off share screen real quick so i can pull it up give me one second cool you didn't want your nudes to flash up there dude but i have the best nudes okay all right hang on let me uh turn on screen share again all right bang so no one's got anything like this looks so good we put a lot of time into this so if you have market cipher you get this user guide oh look the little page sounds beautiful oh come on here there we go okay there's there's robot voices hello did you hear that no i can't hear it almost like oh man okay hang on hang on i said hello um you get all the details on every indicator it's interactive interactive wow that is sharp looking dude i love do we put a lot of work into this there's tutorial videos um on our website so if anyone start with market cipher the first videos you should watch are the basic strategy videos there's three videos it's called market cipher basic strategy or core strategy that's that's what i use you can build off that we got people that are i got top 10 bit mix traders to people that have never traded before 82 satisfaction rate some people we got a couple of scammers that try to copy and have fakes no one's no one's got the real got the real deal um besides us and uh yeah man we're we're living the dream kicking butt it's so good it works for any market i'm kicking ass in stocks we got 4x guys in our profit logs murder in the game so if you ain't with us you're not against us but you just ain't with us that's what we say that's it man well if you guys want to go check out marcus heifer you guys go do that at this is not a sponsored interview but if you guys do purchase uh you know marcus cipher through there i do get some affiliate revenue which allows me to feed my family i think they're starving right now at the moment i'm just kidding but we do want to probably you know i really like having you on getting your thoughts on the market from somebody who is a great trader and it's a you know great track record so i think what you should do is is let's let's watch the rest of this month see how it starts and then maybe right around end of october beginning november maybe we can bring it back on and um you know see what happens and let you explain to us you know um if what you think comes true yeah i'll be here please can you make that big boy abraham lincoln yard on your aircraft and um i i uh my little brother and his girlfriend are making some cards i want i want some cards yeah i'll hook you up bro don't worry i'll have a special one with your name on it it won't actually have your name on it but i will make one for you okay we can have our arm around each other or something like those in our little card yeah that's it i'll look like abraham lincoln and you'll look like a person wearing a mask in the eighteen hundreds and that'll be really good dude i'll be like george washington or some you know with trump we'll both be with trump yeah exactly all right man we appreciate you coming on and uh you guys check out market cipher that's all i got be blessed thank you let me on man peace guys [Music] you

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