Bitcoin News: The ONE Thing BITCOIN Experts Are WRONG About

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And for all you good girls and boys, Santa BitBoy is loading up his sleigh
with BTC all-time highs, ready to deliver them all across the world. But we got some Grinches out there, trying to stop the delivery. I'm going to tell you why these
Grinches have brains only a quarter of the size of a regular brain, and even a smaller percent of my brain. It's so big it almost won't fit under the Santa hat. For Bitcoin holders, this Christmas
is going to be one like no other! And, in this video, I'm gonna explain why a lot of
the so-called "experts" out there are wrong about where Bitcoin is going to and why your chance to load up your
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help you get started on your crypto journey. You can get your copy by visiting— that's with the number "4" in the URL. In this video, I'm going to be explaining to you why a lot of these so-called "experts" are wrong about the Bitcoin chart. There is one major factor chart gurus are leaving out, and I'm going to tell you exactly what that is. You have to watch this video until the very end because it's going to give you a massive picture of just why you can be more bullish than ever and why the charts are acting as optical illusions for the true prospects of this Bitcoin bull run.

But, before we go there, I want to tell you about a very special
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to make their Christmas bright. While many people love the holiday season, let's be honest, everyone's favorite season is bull season. And you may actually be surprised to know that bull markets last much longer
than many people think.

In fact, bull markets account for
75% of Bitcoin's historical chart, but it doesn't always "feel" like a bull market. This is due to the enormous despair caused
by that 25% of the time where it is a bear winter. This is proven true through every single Bitcoin cycle. Right now, we are on the fourth Bitcoin's cycle, so we have three full solid cycles to compare. Bitcoin hit the cycle low of less than
$3500 on December 12 of 2018. Ever since then, the price has been on the way up, sometimes quicker than others, but, technically, we've been
in a bull market since that date. With the exception of four days
in December of 2017, literally, every person who's ever bought Bitcoin
and held it has made a profitable investment.

It's over 99% of everyone
who's ever invested into Bitcoin. Pretty astounding if you think about it. And I do. A lot. And listen. I've come to understand that for the most part, technical analysis is a good strategy
to determine the direction of Bitcoin, but many of the biggest technical analysts
out there are having tunnel vision right now. They tend to focus too much on
the micro and not the macro. From a macro perspective, a zoomed out perspective, taking all three
and a half Bitcoin cycles into consideration, we know Bitcoin is heading to all-time highs.

From a micro perspective, one
that only looks at the here and now, there are both bullish and bearish
scenarios playing out. Too many people try to scare their audience for clicks. It's a little manipulative because we all
know where Bitcoin is heading to. There's not a single YouTuber I know out there
that doesn't think we're hitting all-time highs. And we've got another video later this week, where we're going to give you some of
the most bullish evidence we've ever seen. And I'll just say this, if you don't have Bitcoin, your time is running out
to get it because, before long, every hedge fund, financial institution,
corporation and major investors are going to be grabbing them
before you get a chance. It's actually happening now. But more on that later this week. In the short term, we have a new dreaded
CME gap around $17,000 to $18,000. This means there's a great chance the price
drops back down to $17K to fill that gap. We've seen that in the past, but the last gap around $9600
to $9900 never got fully filled.

If you're unaware of what CME gaps are, they are literally gaps in the chart
created by weekend Bitcoin action since the CME Bitcoin futures contracts are only open Sunday evening through Friday at 4PM CST. They get filled about 98% of the time. Now, there seems to be no actual
fundamental reason for this, other than the psychology surrounding
the fact that they almost always get filled, a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will. So we have some very short-term
indications the price could drop even though Bitcoin is once again
charging above $19K. But, long term, we are not heading
into another long-term bear market as some TA experts have started to suggest. This is just not happening. Let's look at the all-time Bitcoin chart here and show you the optical illusion that exists that small-minded TA charters have missed. Also, guys, if you're interested in taking advantage of any of this information in the form of longing or shorting Bitcoin, make sure to visit
to sign up for an account today.

You can always get some great rewards by signing up and visiting the rewards hub on the Bybit website. It's the No. 1 leverage trading site out there. Of course, caution, it's not for beginners. Please be responsible with your trading. Always use stop-losses. But, as we look at the Bitcoin chart, since 2013, here on CoinMarketCap, we see something that could in fact look like
a very hard resistance line in about $20K. Now, let's zoom in and get rid of the market
cap line and only focus on price here. The $20K line seems to be resistance. And it looks like we could be ready to head
back down in another massive bear winter. But is this the case? Or is this actually a bonafide optical illusion? And one thing that really baffles me is why I seem
to be one of the only crypto educators out there that's hyper-focused on the history of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cycles.

When it comes to these large moves, the hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly charts aren't nearly as significant as the fundamentals
surrounding the Bitcoin halving cycles. Charts do not take that into consideration. But let's pull back to a previous time
in Bitcoin's history here. The 2013 parabolic movement of Bitcoin
compared to the 2016 to 2017 chart looks almost identical to where we are now. The main difference is that there was
not a mysterious fakeout pump like the one we went through
in the summer of 2019, which was most likely due to
the PlusToken Ponzi scheme, which we've talked about extensively.

Remove that and they're almost the same chart. And I'm sure, after the crash Bitcoin had after
challenging all-time highs in December of 2016, people believed they were heading back to a bear market. But let's zoom out just a tiny bit
and see what happened. Let's see what played out. If you didn't have the dates at the bottom of this chart, you wouldn't have even been able to pick out
the range from the previous chart we looked at. The parabolic movement in December 2017 made those previous mountains
on the chart look like flat lands. And that's what we are going to see
once Bitcoin begins this breakout. Imagine these spikes looking flat. The heights Bitcoin is about
to climb to will certainly do it.

So, no, there is no emergency with Bitcoin. There's no bear winter upon us. Bitcoin is coiling up like a rattlesnake. When it strikes, it will be violent. I can hear the rattle now. Some more evidence to back this up is
shown by this tweet from @ChartsBtc, a solid follow on Twitter. It shows how small and tiny
the current 2020 BTC move has been. As you can see, we haven't even tapped
the wick of the previous Bitcoin cycle. If the previous Bitcoin bull cycle candles are
any indication of the direction we're heading in, we've got a ton of bullish momentum left. One thing you may notice though that's a bit bearish is that each bull cycle's candle has gotten a little smaller than the previous one.

If that occurs again, then we could be looking more
at an $80K to $100K Bitcoin instead of a $200K to $400K Bitcoin. But in any case, we can expect huge
moves from Bitcoin in the near future, and I'm ready for it. What do you think is gonna happen in this bull run? Will Bitcoin continue up the charts? Or are you so bearish that you got
your head stuck in a honeycomb? I hope you don't get stung. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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