Bitcoin News: If YOU Own BITCOIN You WILL BE a Millionaire (Here’s WHY)

[Music] welcome to bible crypto my name is ben everyday i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency and if you like money make sure to hit that subscribe button and tap the bell for notifications today we've got a big video we've got so much going on with the us presidential election i want to get this a little more time sensitive uh so we're recording this in the morning for you guys uh to be out around lunchtime so things could change by the time you watch this video but they probably won't change an incredibly large amount uh we're going to be discussing not only the presidential election how that affects bitcoin we're also going to be talking about a senator who's now a bitcoiner who has now become a u.s senator we'll be talking about what happened during the last election in regards to cryptocurrency prices but we're also going to be discussing bitcoin hitting a million dollars in three to five years that is a prediction we definitely want to discuss we're gonna be talking about paypal getting further into crypto we're gonna be giving you five reasons why this bull run is real and there's no reason to worry uh and we're also going to be discussing uh or we're also gonna be picking our winners for our wearable giveaway from twitter was supposed to do it in yesterday's live stream but i forgot it was a big day if you didn't know uh 136 000 subscribers thank you very much uh don't forget to go back and watch our top coins of november video uh from last night we talk about our top coins for uh november and obviously you know this these videos usually do pretty well uh but people were preoccupied last night so you guys don't forget to go watch that video let's start by looking at the markets here we have bitcoin coming at 13 817 overall market cap up 1.32 percent uh as we are still hovering about where we were yesterday when we looked at the prices 396 almost 397 billion dollars uh biggest winners of the day uh hedge trade abbc coin but it had a huge dip the day before uh minus gold ravencoin ample fourth uh and so forth um when we look at the biggest losers of the day we have euro finance avalanche bitcoin uh diamond v chain which has been getting pounded lately uh and loopering still very bullish on v-chain for the bull run so here we go guys i i want to talk about this for a second these were actually yesterday's uh final projections for where 538 which is a supposedly unbiased polling place uh they only gave trump a ten percent chance to win uh biden wins 89 out of a hundred times i guess they tie one time uh and here are the here are the polling results now we don't exactly know what's gonna happen yet uh the election looks like it is shifting for joe biden at the current moment we're gonna look at the betting odds how that's drastically changed here in a moment but guys they got wisconsin by eight percent michigan by eight percent nevada by six percent best case scenario for trump would be uh to lose pennsylvania by two percent that's the best possible scenario six percent in minnesota five percent in wisconsin and michigan this election much much much tighter than this these polling places are totally out of touch and the polling is pretty much dead in my opinion even if joe biden does go on to win it's going to be by the narrowest of margins and you have to ask yourself how does polling play into people's mindset about voting for instance are people more likely to go out and vote if their candidate is way ahead or way behind candidates way ahead then you say ah he's winning i may not go in if your candidate is way behind you say ah there's no point in me going he's going to lose anyways and these pulling uh you know supposedly middle of the ground polling places i believe they're drastically affecting the elections in america and this could be why we see the numbers so drastically different uh and also you guys know i mean social media has just been so pro democrat liberal joe biden over this entire race um we have fact checkers going hard on anything conservatives post and then uh you know democrats not so much i think these people need to be put on notice either choose if you're a social media platform either choose to be political make that stance known don't pretend to be unbiased or be down the middle and it just seems like that we're really living in a world where we're being forced to look at mirages we're being forced to look at things um via the way that tech companies want us to see them social media companies want us to see them not exactly how they are really the truth is our country is split almost exactly down the middle but when you look at some of these other places you would not get that so i think it's definitely time that we put these people on notice and say you know choose what you're going to be either be neutral be decentralized and this presents a great opportunity for decentralized social media companies so let's look at the current odds right now let's refresh this is from betfair this is what a lot of the sites are using um for the u.s presidential election hasn't changed in the last few moments joe biden uh if you bet a dollar you win a dollar twenty five th so he's basically uh four to one odds to win this shifted dramatically donald trump was almost an 80 chance to win uh through the middle of the night but what's happening is is in these four states right here georgia michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin all the mainland and absentee ballots which was kind of thought to be the center of this race uh before we went into it they have not been counted yet they are being counted now and we've seen michigan and wisconsin heavily go towards joe biden in the last few hours that's why these us presidential odds have shifted the republicans still favored to win donald trump still favor to win in georgia if that bears out then basically donald trump must win michigan pennsylvania or wisconsin michigan it does not look like he's winning michigan it has shifted hard for the democrats wisconsin also extremely hard for joe biden pennsylvania it's a little closer this is what this race is going to come down to georgia and mainland ballots in pennsylvania so i would be shocked if uh joe biden wins in georgia pennsylvania we just don't know yet i think this race will not be decided probably until friday for what it's looking at one race that did get decided though was wyoming place i am very seriously thinking about moving i really like wyoming uh kind of get away from a lot of the the craziness going on uh you know in metro areas of cities and things like that really love being out in the country it's really nice place cynthia loomness or loomis excuse me uh is now the biggest bitcoin proponent in the senate uh we do know kelly lefler also pro cryptocurrency she is going to be in a runoff i believe in georgia for the tennessee trying to get her on the channel which would be very interesting if you didn't know kelly lefler senator from georgia she was chosen to replace johnny isaacson when he went out her husband owns the new york stock exchange basically or is the ceo of new york stock exchange she's very wealthy and she was the ceo of backed before getting into crypto so kelly leveler and cynthia loomis if kelly leveler wins that's two pro cryptocurrency uh senators and i think this is definitely big news here that we now have a bitcoin or we know wyoming is big on bitcoin uh and they are now looking uh you know two these two senators could be looking to push criminal currency legislation at least be for it and that's very exciting stuff what happened in the last election for the prices of cryptocurrency since the u.s elections in 2016 bitcoin was at 710 1800 return ethereum which they spelled wrong here which i love 3390 roi it was at 10 bucks ripple seven hundred xrp returns since then even as low as it is right now twenty seven hundred percent returns litecoin twelve hundred monaro seventeen hundred and eighty percent returns so this is after this is before a bull market than a bear market excuse me hopefully we're in the beginning of another bull market and you can see still what these huge returns are that's a little snapshot of what we can look at in the future uh so what are we looking at in the future well morgan creek co-founder which of you to know pomp anthony pogliano is one of those co-founders we are talking about a different one now he's talking about a 18 000 surge in the next five years for bitcoin uh this is from jason williams the co-founder of morgan creek digital uh bitcoin could hit one to three million dollars in the next five years people have no idea what it will look like when large banks and countries start holding bitcoin in their treasury this also lines up with a narrative i'm telling you guys where eventually we could see crypto currencies even pegged to bitcoin not in some kind of fluky way to do special things on the ethereum blockchain but literally as a stable coin uh or as a stability as a peg to give the electronic digital currency of the internet its value which we don't exactly know what that's going to be yet what would trigger the significant upsurge that's the question well we're talking about scarcity institutional investors obviously but specifically in the last few months many publicly traded companies have been showing their interest in btc with multi-million dollar investments such as microstrategy and square gray scale also increases its btc under its management you guys may not know this but it actually holds 500 000 btc which is five percent of the entire bitcoin circulating supply now if you didn't know what grayscale trust is it is basically a stock that's backed by real bitcoin so it's not paper bitcoin or paper bitcoins as some people call them this is real bitcoin they've got five percent of the supply this is going to be a huge influx for institutional investors coming into cryptocurrency we're already seeing it one of the biggest news stories recently has been paypal paypal uh coming into cryptocurrency offering four cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum bitcoin cash and litecoin uh but the paypal ceo daniel shulman says he believes this is just the beginning of opportunities for cryptocurrency i don't know why do you guys see what i did there i literally read it and then i highlighted it and as soon as i finished the highlight i moved on what was the purpose nobody knows but this is what i really want to focus on shulman said it was just the beginning of the opportunities as the company will strive to work hand-in-hand with regulators to accept new forms of digital currencies the executive said that while the use of cash continues to decline central banks around the world are exploring or trialing new forms of retail digital currencies why why does this matter well paypal is going to add services for venmo by the first half of 2021 we have the app com the app update allows people to buy cryptocurrency very soon so these people know exactly what they're talking about when it comes to uh you know retail adoption of cryptocurrency they're part of it and they're saying that next we're gonna see banks and central banks bringing in crypto and bringing in bitcoin and once that happens go right back to this could be looking at a three to five a one to three million dollar bitcoin i keep saying three to five i said earlier a one to three million dollar bitcoin in the next five years could it happen i don't know i've said five years could be a good number for that i think that will line up with the next bull cycle are we in a crypto site a bull run right now well five signs the bitcoin rally is real and a strong bull run is a foot so let's look at these five uh qualifiers here number one a higher frame breakout when you look here at this this looks to be uh the monthly chart i believe this is the weekly chart excuse me for bitcoin since uh 2019 and you guys can see on these larger time frames on the weekly prime time frames on the monthly time frames it is very clear we are now in an uptrend and it will continue throughout november in my opinion we are on a clear breakout number two here google trends and social volume are still low which is very interesting when you look at the bitcoin tweet volume in 2017 twitter was everything for bitcoin i mean people were all over twitter talking all kinds of things obviously youtube was big as well facebook a little bit but really you know this was driven by twitter and youtube the tweet volume is not that significant guys we are not seeing a a drastically larger amount of social mentions for bitcoin than other times why is that important well you would think if this was all hype tulip mania this would be at its peak but it's not we're not there yet that shows the potential the bitcoin has in this bull run and is nowhere near exhausted technical indicators are not overheated uh the mayor multiple analyzes the price of bitcoin based on its 200-day moving average which evaluates is a long-term price trend if the multiple is above 2.4 it indicates the rally is likely overheated uh you know kind of like a bearish diversion where you can expect the price to drop even though it seems to be going up we are looking at this kind of like mendoza line the 2.4 uh line here uh and you can see it's going straight across we have not got into this overheated area yet we were around the having we're not there and look how slow and gradual this build is absolutely incredible uh with this indicator and it just looks like there's a lot of indicators that are pointing to this is not over hash rate is still near record high it means there's a lot of activity on the bitcoin network bitcoin mining still something people are extremely interested in if you guys want to see more bitcoin mining content on this channel make sure you guys drop me a comment down below we'd love to hear about that uh i it seems to me that a lot of bitcoin mining has really turned uh you know toward big cryptocurrency mining farms in china and elsewhere so i don't know if you guys are interested in that when you talk about mining a good bit the huddling activity is still strong people are huddling their bitcoin right now they're not trading it this shows the average amount of years since the last time that uh a a bitcoin moved and the long and the short of it is a large percent of bitcoin has not moved in a long time and that's good that means that people are not looking to actively trade these peaks and that bodes very well for bitcoin so last but not least let's go ahead and run our wearable giveaway uh here you guys can see i meant to pick it yesterday sorry guys election day things were crazy 900 rory to first 500 rory to second 300 rory to third we're also adding in two additional 200 winners so we're gonna have 200 rory for fourth and fifth place we're gonna pick the winners here uh we're gonna pick the winners it says three let's see can i pick five though i can't pick five right yep i'm gonna pick five number one the first one on the list is going to win first place down to fifth so let's go ahead and click 630 potential winners here uh so congratulations to [Music] congratulations on that uh crypto hunter uh norte nft you guys all won uh first place would have been uh uh whatever it was 900 and then uh 500 and 300 but i need to pick two more winners can i pick two more winners maybe it won't let me announce two more winners uh maybe i would just have to do it from uh i'll have to pick the other two winners i guess just from twitter we'll pick two winners on twitter um and just enjoy yours right you're right so uh you guys make sure to send us an email uh to or we will send you an email just respond to the email all right so there's no way i can pick two more winners because we set it at three at the beginning apparently uh so like i mentioned before we are gonna go on twitter we're gonna pick two additional 200 ferrari winners on twitter but you know the contest winners you guys are right here we're gonna be sending you guys an email you guys just respond to us with your address and we will get that sent out so thank you everybody so much for watching uh that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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