Bitcoin News: Halloween Surprise (Amazing Results)


hey everybody welcome back to the beards and bitcoins podcast i am your co-host bitboy i have my other co-host jay chains we are a crypto podcast for the man’s man and the ladies who love them today we are going to be talking about what many people consider to be the scariest day of the year and it’s not halloween that’s right it’s not halloween but it is coming up so definitely stay tuned to find out what that is about we’re going to be looking at some dramatic effects that uh things can have on bitcoin and on cryptocurrency within the next seven days so you’re gonna definitely have to uh you know stay tuned jay how are you doing today i’m well man you know today has been a great day got to have a little bit of fun this morning with my buddy we’re outside get some fresh air exercising always exercising my right to be freedom to be free exercising the second amendment that’s right that’s right so we’ll talk a little bit about uh us going out and uh shooting an ak i guess you could say it wasn’t a good day alright guys let’s wax it [Music] all right guys this is a scary week like ben was saying in the intro we’ve got uh some fun things to talk about but what’s the most important thing the most scariest thing that’s happening this week in your opinion ben well we all know what it is and you know we will get a little more into at the end of the podcast the most nightmare scenario for bitcoin cryptocurrency stock markets the economy world geopolitics we’re gonna talk about that at the end of the episode so make sure you stay tuned and listen to the end but the scariest day obviously is election day oh yes now you guys may not know this here here’s a little bit of trivia for you guys do you know when the election is held every four years uh yeah it’s the first tuesday of november that’s what a lot of people think that’s actually incorrect it is the first tuesday after the first monday so what that means is the election could never be on november 1st and the reason for that supposedly is because of all saints day it’s a religious holiday that i’ve never heard of i guess because i’m not a saint and uh you know people would not be able to go vote for that reason i assume it’s probably catholic or if you were a saint would you want to be saint benjamin or saint ben definitely not drew brees give me any other site no longer don’t play football i’ll take anyone you got are you benjamin are you saint ben well my name is benjamin some some may say benjamin okay because i’ve been jamming with you i’m sorry son of a gun yeah uh so imagine this though uh imagine halloween on october 31st back when the united states trick-or-treated i know a lot of places are not doing jury trading this year uh california i know they said they’re not we’re doing trick-or-treating in our neighborhood yeah bet your bottom dollar in uh acworth georgia we’re doing trick-or-treating our neighborhood definitely is so um but you may live in parts of the country where that’s you know not a thing but you know there’s all kinds of other things going on on the night of halloween imagine like a bunch of hungover people trying to go and vote on november 1st that’d be rough you’d have to go with the hangover and then if you think about this with the pandemic maybe you got the hangover but maybe people think you got lularonea who the rona rye you know what’s funny about this whole situation is that now you could totally be in a store and fart and it doesn’t matter but if you cough people are going to give you a dirty look oh man i’ve been in situations where like i’ve had to cough so bad but like i know it’s just cause like i swallowed something down the wrong pipe or like i know it’s not because i’m sick it’s because like there’s something in my lungs that need to come but you have to justify it yeah like i’ve had to go i’ve had to leave a place go to my car and sit in my car and cough get the tickle out and then go yeah this was around this was around um when i went to florida uh back in may and i remember i was trying to get the price of a dolphin sightseeing tour from a place you know my family was going to or we didn’t go but we were talking to him about it and i was wanting to go up there get the brochure they have and talk to the lady up there about it and as soon as i got up there to get the brochure she handed to me and i felt it was like i’m not puking like i just got a cough like got some excess in my throat you know that’s what she said oh hey so you know the thing is i had to actually leave go to my car cough drink some water and i was totally fine and go back and i had to explain the situation to her like i was just up here i waited in line a second ago and literally just got a brochure and didn’t say anything but i had some caught my throat i had a cough and i felt real weird i didn’t want people staring at me so it’s weird that is weird elections are weird this one’s going to be really good it’s going to be really weird it’s going to be i mean where are you i mean old djt djt old 45 that’s what the liberals call him 45.


He caught the virus you know well that’s right yeah he hadn’t yet we now who knows do you think that was maybe by the time this gets released maybe he makes a turn for the worse maybe he doesn’t survive this what if he will what if he like confident yeah so pence becomes president if say say something happens right and then pence becomes president or do they not do it because it’s so close to the election does the republican hence is automatically the republican nominee automatically even for the real estate i mean he is yeah because he is for all intents and purposes of the incumbent if he takes over no donald trump i’m gonna die i mean we all know that but um i mean i think he’s already like on the other side of it you know at this point so um but you know there’s a few weeks you know in between where we’re gonna record this and when it’s gonna get released so who knows what can happen in the middle you know but um but but if say something bad were to happen obviously if you’re in the middle of your term the vice president becomes the president right but if it was an election year if it’s right for an election he becomes the ticket and then who becomes his vice president he gets to choose anyone oh yeah if hypothetically if that were to happen the republicans would win by the biggest landslide in history you know because the only reason that this is close is because you have a lot of republicans who won’t vote for trump because they think he’s rude so man i don’t think he’s rude no he has so it you know i don’t think it’s really just people man like yeah he is rude let us be real like yeah he’s rude he’s brash you know like that’s the truth but there’s we look at like a lot of successful business and i’m not calling trump you know a successful person by any means but what i’m saying is you know if you look at like you know the guy from apple he was an uh the guy from you know bezos apparently he’s an like most of these very sick they’re all assets yeah but that’s just how you have to be to play at that level right yeah i well no you don’t have to be to play at that level but uh i think personality traits that push people towards that level um you know they’re similar you know like someone that’s cutthroat can be more successful than somebody that is you know just always trying to get along with everybody because you can’t make everybody happy and at the end of the day you got to make smart business decisions that’s actually where i struggle do you think there’s any billionaires that give the dead fish or is it all just like a nice firm oh no there’s some dead fish billionaires for sure yeah uh a lot of old money dead fishers yeah there’s nothing worse than a dead fish handshake man like how can you i don’t know man like how can you be an adult man and you’re like 40 years old and you don’t know you’re dead fishing by now you now we don’t shake hands anymore really but i mean i’m saying it was like the way you introduce yourself to people so maybe in georgia you guys don’t shake hands we shake hands here because we’re gentlemen uh well no you know the no what i’m saying is is because of pandemic i know that’s what i mean when i say don’t shake hands like you got to feel a person out like if you don’t know him like i did the other like weeks ago i met somebody and i was like you know it’s that awkward like you start to go and then you’re like wait are we supposed to see do you fist pump or you do elbow bump i prefer a handshake well yeah you know but if somebody’s going to film well she can adapt and you know dab them up or whatever you know bro hug you know i like that that’s what we do that’s what we do man bro hug it out that’s what’s up you know i don’t the fist bump is really lame to me because like the fist bump is like something i do to my kid when the falcon score the yeah exactly that’s what i do with my kids like we did it you know but as an adult man i don’t want to fist bump you because you’re afraid to shake my hand i don’t want to fit like just don’t do anything just say i didn’t that’s it i didn’t you know what i’m saying that’s all you gotta say leave it at that i don’t want you this like from the moment let’s touch elbows like nah like if we don’t want to touch let’s not touch did you see what the the thing that got popular around the beginning of this way back way back when it all started was the it was like this foot kick to like it was like a almost like a handshake but a foot kick people just like what makes me want to jump off a bridge and kill myself and be honest with you guys but nobody called don’t do that because i mean the podcast would be over oh so if the podcast ends it’s because i jumped off a bridge do i survive that’s the question uh but yeah so moving back to the election and just the whole thing you know i didn’t want to say this it’s amazing like how dumb people are i’m i’m sorry and i mean i’m not talking about it’s so true no it’s so true okay but there’s all these talking points that people know are untrue uh either they know they’re untrue or they just use them kind of as a rallying cry like these people love to say that donald trump put uh called all mexicans rapists and murderers like that’s what they say because they got a clip of him saying they come in here they’re rapists and they’re married he’s talking about him like who who i want to know this who is the person that defends the the ms-13 gang like who is the person like that’s not internally in the gang the grandmother of the guy who started it that’s it like that’s not controversial you know what i’m saying but yet you know they they take that clip and it intellectually dishonest you know they they they say like he wants to put all my and he wants to put them all in ice cages and stuff like that bro obama don’t put more people in that trump did like so why are people so hung up on that like if you want to attack his policies it’s it’s the media man that’s all it’s just about the way they spend it for this how dumb are people because people are only reading headlines people aren’t informing themselves anymore it’s you know it’s a it’s a tough thing um you know when you see like the headlines and you could see the headlines different from say like fox news to like cnn right like they’re just polar opposite it’s but but you know what you’re getting so like if it came down to watching cnn or fox news like i’m gonna watch fox news 100 however it’s it’s way more entertaining first of all but second of all i’m watching it understanding like that i’m getting the far right okay in here oh absolutely i mean i’m not watching you know these guys are uh you know down the middle whereas with cnn people like they’re obviously all liberal and most of the people that actually host fox shows i think are probably liberal not tucker and the ones at night but the daytime hosts i mean we’ve seen you know shepard smith went over to uh uh cnbc recently and then uh chris wallace is a registered democrat they jump camps they jump camps they jump camps whatever’s convenient for them you know what i’m saying whoever’s signing their check but cnn that like pretend like pretends to be down the middle and they’re so obviously biased like it’s just unreal i think we’re probably going to see um the complete obliteration of mainstream media uh in the next 20 years probably that would be that would be interesting and i think that we’re going to see that you know as we you know we talked about this in the car earlier today you know when you when you look at media outlets and like in the distribution of media now whereas you know tv networks were really the dominant factor pretty much all throughout our whole lives but now that we’re turning digital like revolutionizing you know the the content that people are putting out they own themselves it’s not a tv network yeah the tv networks are still in business but it’s all about the internet yeah you know that’s where the money’s coming from that’s where the people are going to be looking to get their information spread out so the new sources are going to have to find a way to be fair and balanced isn’t that that’s fox’s old thing right fair endowment they don’t do that anymore now it’s america yeah moved to a little more honest of a thing um i mean you know i think when they came up with that slogan it’s like you know like if you look at hannity and tucker carlson i i don’t know i don’t like laura ingram at all really i mean but i like i’ll watch tucker sometimes he’s really interesting to me shawn handy he gets a little extreme i love tucker’s stick like his whole like where you know he’s just like you’re such an idiot i don’t understand how you’re such an idiot they say he’s gonna run he could run for president he would he would probably just mop the floor that’s i read an article about uh about that’s the democrats number one fear is that tucker carlson runs in 2024.


They say he will crush everyone does he ever he’s never held a political office before right no he’s been a he’s been a political and he’s been around it his whole life you know because i used to work for cnn i remember watching him on cnn um back during like the iraq war times you know um i think that’s when he started he used to wear a little bow tie he was like such a stooge what do you think is it it’s the bow tie thing like i’ve got some people that i know that wear bow ties and i just like how do you get to that point where you’re about you can either be like a little guy yeah or an old man like if you’re between like say nine years old and 60 years old i think you can pull it off if you’re a bodybuilder what is wrong with you yeah if you’re like because it’s like kind of it’s like ironic you know like a big guy you call tiny you know like he’s he’s big like he swallowed like he’ll take you he’s man enough to wear a bow tie you know what i’m saying like like he’s so not scared of you that he will wear a bow tie and dares you to make fun of it to his face you know maybe a boxer uh does floyd mayweather have a uh have a bow tie he trusts me he’s a bow tie kind of guy i don’t think so i bet he wears a bow tie i uh somebody find me a picture of floyd mayweather in a bow tie but you can find one i don’t think so okay well we’ll see we’ll see so yeah so the election’s gonna be crazy it’s obviously gonna be immediately following halloween which is uh uh this weekend on saturday and let’s talk halloween for just a minute here yeah what are you gonna be well what am i going to be what am i going to be well well you think about it yeah my wife and i have decided we we live in a new development and we got the golf cart so we can hang around everybody just kind of cruises around we go to the pool booze cruise you just go around and see your neighbors all the stuff on the golf cart so we’ve decided to dress up our golf cart and ourselves as the flintstones ooh i like that so i’ll be fred in my what is it a toga a cheetah spin tunic not a tunic i think it’s a tuna it’s a toga no it’s like a dread is it is it like over the shoulder it’s just one strap it’s not a tuna he’s our mouth he’s showing shoulder yes fred thanks dang somebody give me a picture of that i’m saying somebody like we have a person we don’t have a person you know get the editors to do it editors come on round up yeah so i you know what are you gonna do i don’t know what i’m gonna be at all you know what i’m thinking i’m actually going to be i think i’m actually going to be dad hands out candy because the neighborhood’s expecting a lot out of us it’s our first year in this new neighborhood you know they’re expecting a lot we got halloween decorations up looks good nice so you know usually we leave the lights off and go trick-or-treat with our kids but i think this will be the year that i make the transition to dad handing out candy is that a low point in life you think i mean if you’ve never done it uh i mean like when i was much younger in my 20s i might have had like i lived in a little duplex at some point we had trick-or-treaters we had some candy by the door but i wasn’t a dad it’s a rite of passage man at some point you got to do it you got to put on a stained t-shirt hand out some candy maybe i’ll wear a mask like just one of those walmart masks you know the big like the chicken head you could have you seen those well you just also wear your face shield mask i could i could wear the scariest costume of all and put on a falcons jersey i mean that’s that’s the burden you have to bear sir that will definitely uh scare all the kids it’ll be crazy because it’ll be like all the kids come from like six to seven you know but like 7 30 to 8.



Nobody shows up because it’s the fourth quarter of trick-or-treating you know because in the fourth quarter they just gave up what happens they choke every week every week it happens call the ambulance it’s crazy like we’re we’re the team known for choking and yet we continue to do it somehow like you would think if you knew that was your greatest weakness you would be able to but whatever that’s a different subject so yeah so what what are you planning on doing for halloween just handing out candy going to a party yeah so we’re going to do a neighborhood party uh we’ll hand out a little candy although i think my wife has decided that what we’re gonna do is she saw this thing on pinterest where you hang uh it’s like socially distance candy passing out where you it’s like a little stick with a bag and you put it in your front yard and you just you know place them all around so the kids can just run over there and grab one and oh that so you guys don’t have to be there right oh that’s the goal right well now because our friend like our friends in the neighborhood are supposed to be throwing a party now if they decide not to we are going to throw the party okay and it’ll be open door no masks you can get as close as you want no clothes even no clothes we got like two days to figure this out i think that uh halloween is a fun time uh it’s my son’s birthday halloween my oldest son was born on halloween so uh and then my birthday is maybe yesterday from when you’re hearing this my birthday’s on 27th of october so right around when we released this podcast two days ago two days ago in the future did we just time travel whoa which by the way i saw a guy yesterday on the plane using a blackberry with a keypad with a keyboard so he’s time traveling time driver did you see the new bill and ted’s how is it good not good i mean it’s not as good as i remember the first one being yeah well you were also like a little kid you know what i’m saying i thought it was let me ask you this question this is a very important question and i think like you know for the future of our relationship i i think this question can only have one answer let’s see if you get it correctly okay you are nine years old it’s your first time being able to go trick-or-treat without your family you’re with your friend just you and one other buddy your neighborhood pal you come up on a house that has a giant bowl of candy that says all of it yeah you ding right i’m taking it yeah yeah yeah yeah i’ll take another bowl if you got it yeah well it depends i guess it really depends on what it is is it a is it a handful of the fun size like snickers bars i’m taking it all absolutely is it thread kits no you can keep that yeah yeah is it like you’ve ever gotten a thread kit for halloween no i have multiple times when i was a kid multiple times really yeah just like randomly too not the same person just like lived in a big neighborhood i did man i went trick-or-treating by myself uh when i was in the sixth grade probably my last year trick-or-treating i went by myself i dressed up like grant hill meaning i just had a grant hill jersey on that was it i bought it i bought it champs you know they said where’s your costumes i’m a basketball player you know too old to be trick-or-treating but i went and it was pouring rain too like at some point in the night i literally went by myself on foot through like six neighborhoods to get the maximum amount of candy there wasn’t even anybody to have a competition with but i won nice i had a whole pillowcase full i couldn’t even close it by time i got it home a couple bowls in there of course you just got to take one of the things that i used to love doing was you would go around trigger i’d go around trick-or-treating whether we’d go wrong with the family or you’d go around with like some friends then you go home throw on a different costume and get right back out there double dip double dipping especially if you got because we grew up in some of those neighborhoods where like people had the king size candy bars oh yeah dude you got to hit those things two or three times oh yeah definitely because that you know halloween candy’s really overrated actually because when you actually like start getting into your kids candy and eating it all like i do when they get back you start to realize like damn it’s only about 23 of this candy is like good good candy you know the rest is like look it’s 20 20.


You still putting smarties come on now come on now come on man all right so what what is your number one halloween candy or just number one candy in general man i got so many candies i like it’s hard for me to ever tell i mean like um i really like twizzlers you know they sell those little like individual packs of twizzlers you know i like those pretty good i’m using a candy that i like you know what i’m saying um reese’s peanut butter cups all day see that’s that’s like mainstream like everybody loves reese’s peanut butter cups because they’re that good yeah but i mean i just feel like i don’t know i’d have those anytime i stop out by the checkout at any store any gas station and grab those if i want them no i can’t get the halloween ones which are pretty cool uh i had some the other day that were like the little pumpkins or pretty nice um but i i like kind of i like when i was kid i love those bottle caps you know bottle caps dude you like all the ones i like the root beer one jesus those are the figure right i like the root beer one um i like the good 100 gram bar man 100 gram bar is good i mean i like almost all candy so like it’s really like dicing uh you know trying to cut a hair in half here because i like almost all of it i don’t like any fruit uh like well i guess there’s no such thing as fruit candy what about them little strawberries you know little strawberries do you like uh gummy bears do i like gummy stuff gummy stuff i do like gummy stuff i i feel like my taste buds are changing a little bit towards um not because of the pandemic but changing a little bit towards candy uh i’m getting to wear like a lot of the like gummy like trolley like gummy sour worms my kids are all into that stuff and like i’ve got to wear i don’t like it as much as i used to but i we could probably do a whole episode and talk about candy and i know right now like i feel like i’m kind of like i’m on a diet so i’m not eating candy and so i’m not buying stuff oh here are my two favorite candies probably or my three these are my three favorite candies one of these give them to me one of these you actually get in um you can get in halloween bags uh number three would be mini charleston juice i love those things those things are so good put them in the freezer love those things you don’t get any of those on halloween you might get a king size king-size charleston chewbar which is nice if you if you can come buy one number two lemonheads i love lemonheads for sure i’m actually saying thai number two lemonheads and the little green box of jawbreakers that sits right next to the lemon heads on the candy aisle at some gas stations that some of you all know what that is i love those mini jawbreakers i love jawbreakers that’s a halloween candy that’s probably my number one halloween candy though just a little like the yellow ones the orange ones the blue ones the red ones gotta make sure you don’t get a you know a red hot on accident burn yourself a fireball you know you think it’s a think it’s a red jawbreaker but it’s you know putting your mouth on fire uh but my number one favorite candy in the world the candy i love the very most um also honorable mention for good and plenties i like those as well i like i like a lot of the like cvs walgreens like movie candy that you can’t actually buy at the movies but you buy it there and you sneak it in and it looks like movie candy number one jujubes i love how do you even eat those things like if you start chewing them you literally feel like one of your teeth is going to rise oh my gosh i love it dude i can’t get enough of it man like i love jujubes so i love that getting caught in the mouth feeling you know nope yeah so you know i’ve got a refined candy taste i’m not like your average candy guy like i’m an adult that like actively has to fight buying candy everywhere i go like it’s the thing i have to be like okay i’m going to the store i’m going to get this i’m going to get this i’m not buying candy you know it’s hard for me so i mean that was a great conversation i love kenny let’s get into one last thing i know we’re running short here on time though jumping back to the election we teased it at the beginning who are you voting for i’m just kidding we’re not going we’re not going there i mean yeah i’ll tell you who i’m going for i’m voting for donald trump i mean that’s what i’m voting for i’m not voting for job for joe biden do i agree with everything donald trump says no um do i wear a make america great again hat no i do not own one i do have a make crypto great again hat i have a make america great a hat from our company did uh transportation in dc on his inauguration yeah and so i was there i bought uh a maga hat from way back when nice man yeah i i do not have one um i but i do think he’s done uh look at your portfolio just look at your portfolio that’s enough are you better off do do i think that do i think that bitcoin is going to be better with joe biden as president no absolutely not i don’t the the democrats have consistently shown that they are as progressive as they are on social issues they’re less progressive on a lot of technology issues why because technology and digitalization of things is freedom and freedom democrats don’t like freedom i mean that’s a fact like people might get mad that i say it but they do not like freedom they want everything to be under government control now we can have a whole separate issue about like well a republican doing anything really different maybe not i mean you know what i’m saying like there’s a very thin line between a republican and democrat uh democratic legislators do you think we’ll ever actually get to a three-party system no i don’t because it’s we only talk about it pretty much every four years and what happens is is whoever went it’s just like the electoral college stuff right no president will ever abolish the electoral college right why because it helped them win like why would you want to abolish something that worked out for your party if it worked out for you then it’s working out like whoever wins will not want to change it it’s only the losing president or the can presidential candidate that wants to change it every four years right and guess what ain’t got no power they can’t do nothing i mean what do you think mitt romney’s doing these days have you even heard from him i call him the glove what was that what his name smith oh jesus you got some some a a plus dad jokes yeah you know how i do that’s an a justin but i want to give you guys a nightmarish scenario here uh we basically have both parties uh both presidential candidates saying they don’t trust uh the elections for one way or the other the democrats say that you know they don’t trust the election because they think donald trump’s going to try to steal it and he’s not going to step down and like like donald trump somehow is going to be like uh you know general commander of the milit you know a military overthrow of the country’s laws and stuff like get get a life here that’s not going to happen the republicans feel like that through all these absentee ballots which there is a lot of sketchy stuff um going on with that i know several i know several people who have gotten absentee ballots that did not request them oh really yes that that’s a fact that that is not hyperbole that is not like exaggeration i know two people who have gotten ballots that they did not request for absentee ballots so i i honestly think that the republicans feel like the democrats are going to use that to to steal the election and um i don’t know i i don’t know if i’d put it past some people you know but the the people that live the places i would probably think would be the most objective to something like that are going to go liberal anyways like california you know so um i think that with all of this untrust it’s really sketchy and um i’ve been told by the news so take that for what it’s worth i’ve been told by people i’ve listened to nobody told me anything i listened to i listened to a reporter or something okay analyst on this and the nightmare scenario for bitcoin the nightmare scenario for the stock market uh the the worst nightmare scenario for our economy geopolitics everything revolves around what happens if we wake up on november 4th the day after the election and we do not know who our next president is and i would say the the percentage chance of that happening is about 95 right a lot of people think that this is going to happen this is not a you know unlikely scenario and the reason would be because of okay so there’s so many more absentee ballots this year than ever because people are scared to go vote or some places maybe they can’t even vote in person i don’t know but some of these states have laws on the books that say they are not allowed how how archaic is this that we can’t just change this rule they cannot open the absentee ballots to count them until the day of the election so even though they’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of these ballots coming in some of these states can’t count them and they’re some of them are pivotal states so what that means is that you know if this race is close if it’s not a landslide because you know last year uh in the last election michigan wisconsin um i think arizona as well like it took days for them to call those states now trump didn’t actually you know he didn’t need him i think he was already pretty much good uh but they were counting votes we already knew he was going to win you know because of where the um you know they were coming from you know certain pockets of the country vote or of states even vote certain ways so uh i think that if that scenario happens and we don’t know who the president is it’s going to be ugly for the markets they think they’re just going to drop like a rocket yeah because or a rock because i think this is what people don’t understand and i’ve really been looking at the bitcoin chart surrounding the elections in the past and they pretty much did the same thing they bottomed out like or they hit low points the day before the election as soon as the election happened the prices went up 15 uh one cycle and then 35 percent the next cycle one had four consecutive weekly candles one had seven consecutive uh green candles one had seven consecutive green weekly candles so for seven weeks the price was going up uh after uh i think it was after the donald trump president presidential election and after the obama one it went up higher it went up 35 percent but it was only four weeks in a row and then it had had a dip so i’d say we’re probably still too young because there’s only been one cycle on each candidate right there’s one democrat one republican see i i would argue it doesn’t come down to democratic republicans i would argue it comes down to stability so the price pumped harder when obama won re-election because immediately on november the i think was november the 6th was the day of that election 2012 immediately everyone knew okay things are going to continue the exact same way they have been for the next four years you know where he stands on certain positions but when you have someone you know coming in that’s new that will want to like burn down the last person’s stuff i think that’s not what bitcoin wants bitcoin wants stability so bitcoin wants donald trump to win i mean it’s an inanimate imaginary object you understand what i mean yeah it also i’m thinking of like a high school girl that just can’t make up her mind i mean stability in such a volatile market yes you know what i’m saying so what happens is is the presidential election is so big and takes up so much air oxygen in the room that leading up what i think we’ve really seen in the last couple of months with the markets dropping not just in you know traditional markets or whatever but also in cryptocurrency is it’s kind of like a tidal wave okay they say like look if you’re in thailand or you’re in indonesia you’re in india it’s gonna happen and you see that water drifting out into the ocean you’re like wait a second it’s supposed to be coming this way but it’s going that way you run you run immediately you get to the highest place you can the furthest we can get because that tidal wave is coming i think that’s what we’re seeing with the elections okay that’s why bitcoin has behaved similarly in the last two because what happens is people pull money out of the markets they set things on the sideline they want to know what’s going to happen for the election it is the only event of its kind in the world the change of power in the united states is the biggest event in the world and it’s scheduled every four years now some people might say well you know eventually it will be whenever i don’t know uh secession day is for the chinese leader you know where he’s like okay it’s time for my son to take over um maybe you know china will be more significant than us but for the last you know for our lifetimes the presidential election is the biggest event in the world you know what i mean like it affects everything the whole direction of the united states the most powerful economy in the world is dictated by one day where we get to go in and choose who we think would be the best candidate and so because of that people know that it’s ahead of time they start pulling money out you know september is the worst month for bitcoin it’s i think the only month that has an overall negative percentage number and like losses or gains like the history of it for the history of it yeah we’ve seen some absolutely brutal septembers before there may have been one positive one but it was barely why is well you know every two years we have the midterms too and that also affects so that may be a factor you know interesting um why september would be so bad because that would be the month where people start pulling off for that tidal wave in november you know because look look at the difference in the world look at the difference in the united states today because the republicans held on to the senate in the midterms they got three supreme court justices that’s i mean there are now if if probably by the time you guys are listening to this she may have already been approved uh amy cohen barrett i think acb now if she gets approved and gets locked in that’s gonna mean that you have five uh absolute conservatives on on in the supreme court and then you have there’s nine there’s nine judges total right yeah and you have one in the middle who is supposed to be a republican like george bush nominated uh junior uh john roberts but he actually votes against uh the conservatives a lot maybe his nephew to trump maybe because he’s a george bush guy but then there’s only a couple liberals like the liberal justices like that’s going to change the direction of our country unless they back the courts and yeah exactly unless the democrats win the senate house and well they just have to win the senate in the presidency pretty much to add supreme court justices so if they win the supreme court uh and well i don’t know they might have to make it an act so maybe the congress has to do it too but there’s a chance that democrats could win all three and if they do then they could add more judges what i’m saying is whoever wins there’s so much the supreme court determines you know uh some would say more than congress in the senate they’re the ones who they’re they’re the end-all be-all authority for that kind of stuff um so i mean just think about how different things would be right now if hillary clinton had gotten three um you know yikes yeah scary times um and and who knows if hillary clinton won there may have actually been a few more deaths on the bench a couple more people getting suicided a couple people getting suicided i heard it here first folks yep well they already did the pillow one so they’ll have to choose another weapon next time i guess [Music] so that’s all we got that’s a nightmare scenario that’s what we don’t want for bitcoin we do not want to not know like look if joe biden’s going to win like hey you know joe biden ain’t that bad i’m not i mean it could be a lot worse i would much prefer joe biden over hillary clinton you’re talking scary stories what could make it worse though is if they don’t decide this by january and then nancy pelosi becomes the president oh gosh how would nick i would move out of the country how would you know how they make fun of uh trump and obama for playing golf so much that that’s a big thing the media likes to do you stop playing golf every president plays golf like a majority of their time they’re in that’s what they do she’s just like the salon yeah exactly yeah but nancy buzz well she’s at the salon again today getting a blowout that’s pretty funny uh that would be a bad scenario i i don’t see that having it but you also have to take into consideration that uh ultimately that’s where those justices come in big too because if it did come down to some kind of like supreme court thing which would be insane god i hope that doesn’t happen the george bush al gore stuff was was crazy i i do not want a repeat of that right um and obviously there’s even higher stakes right now so uh as long as we have a president it’ll be good um but the supreme court would be mostly conservative you know decision makers so that could go on donald trump’s favor but we’re gonna hope that doesn’t happen i i’ll tell you this i would rather as a person who’s voting for donald trump i i would rather trump lose and just biden win and take over by a landslide than live in limbo for three months oh god yeah you know because that where our country is right now i feel like it it could destroy our country we just need to move forward yeah regardless of what happens yeah let’s come together and move forward i mean look at trump if trump loses hey good run good run he may not get another reality show but well that was a big episode and uh you know we we’ve got a big episode next week we’re going to be teasing a lot of stuff or not teasing them we may just tell you what’s going on uh big changes coming huge huge huge changes coming uh to the podcast and beyond uh you guys are definitely gonna want to listen to so next week we are gonna be talking about community and crypto community and crypto and for the two of you who have listened since the beginning maybe that will mean something to you full circle full circle circle of life sorry guys that’s all we got thank you so much for watching today uh i forgot our tagline so jay tell them what the tagline is make sure that you grow those beards in your portfolios we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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