Bitcoin News: BUY NOW OR BE SORRY (BEST Chance Left In 2020)

does bitcoin have what it takes to beat the 14k level many people are focused on the all-time high of 20 000 but it could be that the 14 000 level is the hardest resistance for bitcoin remaining with all the bullish momentum that bitcoin has had during october could we possibly see a november to remember seems quite likely in my opinion that not only did we defeat 14k but we also hit new all-time highs in november i'm going to tell you the secret reason why you should be going all in this month let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then make sure to hit that subscribe button also in today's video we'll be examining some insights from an awesome coin research site i found sentiment if you ever want to get access to this awesome coin research site please make sure to get a free trial by visiting now in today's video we are going to be discussing bitcoin's current situation and whether or not you should be worried about bitcoin once again getting rejected close to the 14k level then i'm going to be discussing the secret reason why bitcoin is guaranteed to moon in november let's just say thanksgiving is going to be interesting this year as families gather around the table to hear aggressive i told you so but let's start with the markets right now the market cap is coming at 389 billion dollars it seems like often the cap is hovering right around the same mark it almost seems like support or a support level for the overall cryptocap but looky here as btc dominance is up almost a whole percent since last week as people prepare for this coming move and as i mentioned in an earlier video i'm actually holding on to bdc for the first time in quite a while but don't get confused here as i am expecting alts to recover nicely so i've just diversified my portfolio feels though that at the moment ethereum just can't get out of bitcoin's way when bitcoin goes up eath drops when bitcoin drops he drops harder when bitcoin hovers around the mid-13s for a day or so that is when ethereum is getting its upward pops but there's no way around it alts have gotten murdered this week bitcoin's sitting at almost a one percent gain over the last seven days meanwhile eth down six percent xrp down eight percent bch down 3.4 percent linked down eleven percent b and b down eight percent dot and bsv down about ten percent now if you scroll down further you'll see the coins didn't fare much better down the list several device projects have gotten absolutely pounded this last week 25 losses are higher so that's the current situation but let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture first let's start with social volume and by this we mean the amount of social media posts and mentions regarding bitcoin can you see which day bitcoin broke 12k it's pretty easy to tell by looking at the right side of the chart here it's that lone giant spike coinciding with the bitcoin price spike indicated by the green line on october 21st when bitcoin broke 12k the social media mentions were at a three-month high with over 13 000 btc related mentions a lot of mentions is a good indicator of volume not necessarily price as giant price dumps also bring out the bitcoin is a scam i told you so crowd however sentiment social sentiment algorithm shows that the feeling toward bitcoin has gone from mainly bearish to overwhelmingly bullish this is what we want as the bullish sentiment was at its highest since the bitcoin having in may but what is different here is it the ogs in crypto if you will understood that a dip should have been coming immediately following the supply shock the having provides and this plays into the super secret reason the bitcoin price is going to moon in november and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it but before i reveal to you why you need your rockets and your moon boots i did want to mention our nft shop on wearable we are getting close to 25 sold out for our first two grand theft crypto digital city cards fomo and the shill they come with an animated description on the back explaining who the characters are and what they do in addition if you purchase both cards you get a free bonus airdrop card guaranteed to be more scarce than the original two cards and it's only available via the airdrop we now have the card completed for the airdrop so i'm pleased to show off the fomo vs shill special edition versus card after these two sell out you'll get this versus card airdrop for free visit to purchase yours and please be aware of scammers make sure the verified check is half off and half on the profile picture like this if it's all the way inside the image then it's a scammer with fake cards but back to the matter at hand here is the reason why bitcoin is virtually guaranteed to pump this month bitcoin can't lose when it comes to the election there are three possible outcomes of the us election number one donald trump wins by a landslide number two joe biden wins by a landslide and number three it's a close contested election that gets ugly leading to recounts in supreme court intervention due to all the mail-in ballots i just don't see any way that a close election is conceded by either side but here's the thing all three of those scenarios lead to a mooning bitcoin if you watched my video a while back i explained why november 2nd today is the best last chance to get into bitcoin the previous two presidential elections one victory by a republican and one victory by a democrat led to a minimum of five green candles in a row that's on the weekly chart the reason for this is simple bitcoin likes certainty pretty much any asset does but do you know what bitcoin loves even more than certainty complete upheaval there's a great chance that we see that in unstable countries such as argentina chile venezuela iran iraq and others we've seen the bitcoin price spike due to geopolitical volatility it's no surprise to me the bitcoin dipped today i expected it i honestly believe the markets will go haywire starting on wednesday morning no matter what the outcome the election is think about it the markets love donald trump four more years of his business acumen and financial focus will be a godsend to the stock market result bitcoin pumpage if joe biden wins we know what's coming total economic collapse financial analysts pretty much universally agree to this it's not political in fact the markets have been hedging against this disaster for months now you can expect the u.s dollar index to drop like a rock it's been hovering around the 93 to 94 support zone if this level is breached then we are in huge danger of a total collapse in meltdown which could happen on tuesday night or wednesday morning this week if biden wins there will be total panic in the markets and the great thing is that we are actually seeing something we've never seen before we are seeing the stock market and bond market plunge while bitcoin has been pumping this is the dream for crypto and bitcoin enthusiasts everywhere btc growing up is the safe haven asset it was always meant to be a joe biden landslide is the least likely possibility though in my opinion if he wins it's going to be extremely close i don't see trump losing ohio or florida for buying to win a landslide he needs both which leaves us with option number three a contested election we've already established bitcoin is doing the opposite of the stock and bond markets right now we are on the cusp finally of a total decoupling between btc and stonks we all know the stock market bull run won't last forever and it feels like it's in the final core stretches meanwhile bitcoin is ready to take its time to shine imagine a two month long period of recounts court battles riots and insults expect gun sales ammo purchases gold and bitcoin to skyrocket during this total chaos we could find ourselves in soon i expect our country to be in the midst of a social civil war a place where you're scared to admit to who you voted for conversations with strangers will be an epic eggshell walking competition i'm expecting war in the country and fireworks for bitcoin today could be the last dip we see for all-time highs near the end of the month gobble gobble who do you think is going to win the election are we in for something nasty or will this all be over by wednesday morning let me know down below in the comments lastly i wanted to bring up a project i have a partnership with disdex and it's doing big things i'm a huge fan of any project attempting to remove these rug pull scam projects out of the space they are the bane of the crypto investor virtual vermin if you will disdex has now launched its platform as of last week and it is doing great it has been almost running for a full week and already has three token sales running through the platform you can currently find carbon data pay and etherif's token sales available on distex but there are an additional seven sales currently in the kyc process with the platform this not only prevents anonymous teams but performing kyc on the projects wishing to run token sales makes it where someone is actually responsible if there is some funny business going on with the project this kyc process is now absolutely mandatory for disdex token sale candidates the three sales and seven prospective sales are not all though as they've had about 35 teams reach out to them about running token sales on distex as you know these rug pull scams are rampant and have become a regular occurrence that the uni-swap djinn must build into his or her profit loss sheets i've lost about 60k to these rugbull scams over the last six months now i certainly am way ahead of those losses but that's 60k i should have that i don't the scary thing to think about is what that 60k could have turned into down the road had i not made a bad investment decision but sometimes things still look good but they're not disdex is looking to rid the space of these scams by making automated liquidity contracts and mandatory team tokens to find out more about distex or the projects launching token sales there make sure to visit that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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