Bitcoin News: Bitcoin Pump to $225k RIGHT NOW (HUGE Announcement)

what time is it looks about like moon time and surprise i don't even have on a watch because i already know what time it is the next few weeks and months are gonna be the craziest roller coaster you've been on since that one you wrote 23 times in a row and you threw up on when you were nine it amazes me how the timing of these bitcoin cycles are always so deadly accurate but it's not just the timing per se because finally we have the story that is gonna provide the moon fuel for our bitcoin rocket ships find out what it is and why this one thing is going to be funneling new money into crypto and doing it quickly let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then make sure to hit that subscribe button also make sure you guys are following me on twitter and instagram to get the latest happenings in my world username at bitboy underscore crypto don't be fooled i have a lot of imposters in this video we're going to be discussing the craziest thing to happen in bitcoin in a while it's going up in price and as we are speaking right now it's currently exploding at the time of this recording the price of bitcoin is coming in at twelve thousand eight hundred dollars but we are now entering a time when the price could be much higher or much lower based on the time you're watching this in the future we're going to be switching to a live news video every day between 11 and 12.

So be on the lookout for that so we can be more accurate with the price but not only is the price exploding we've got breaking news that is about to send this bitcoin frenzy into hyperdrive i want to know right now though what do you guys think the price of bitcoin is going to be by the end of the week drop those comments down below but a quick look at the overall markets reveal we are heading to a crazy place the overall crypto market cap is almost 400 billion dollars up over 5 since yesterday look at all the coins in green and the ones in the top 10 and you'll see that these are giant spikes on the chart aetherium almost 400 bitcoin continued to go up every time i hit refresh now the resistance level many people think is key is 12 500 which now we have passed by the time you viewed this video there's a chance the price could be down under or way above that key level but traders believe this is the key level we have to stay above and honestly i have little doubt that this is not going to occur we are going to stay above it now we've already reached a yearly high absolutely incredible now regardless of whether we hold the 12.5 k level or not we must turn 12 000 itself into support instead of resistance not only is bitcoin above the 12 000 level and above the 10 and 50 day moving averages but now that the 12.5 k level is breached we are officially out of the 2018 bear market the overall downtrend has been broken from a prize perspective where do we head from here well both technical and experientially 20k seems to be the new target now kind of funny i've been telling you guys that for literally months that october november and december would be the months to watch when things would pop historically speaking when we take into consideration the previous having cycles december 23rd should be the date when bitcoin rallies above 20k to meet all-time highs now of course this is just an estimated date but i don't think there's any reason to doubt that this could be a critical time period christmas will be about to occur so that certainly could factor into a much harder pump than we ever imagined i mean think about the glory the return to glory you will feel returning to your in-laws house for christmas just in time for bitcoin all-time highs again we remember you try to get them invest in november three years ago no longer though will they be asking you why you spend all your time in the basement playing video games playing minecraft and looking at charts they'll be asking you for investment advice and this my friends is the long-awaited moment when you can finally turn the screws to the in-laws just tell them to invest in tron and trust in justin just kidding but it will probably go up too if you really want to screw them tell them the best ways they can put their money is in the u.s dollar they will be broke in a year and ironically they could end up asking to sleep in your basement but back to twitter here we see trader mohit zarut on twitter said earlier this week that if bitcoin were to break out on the 16th a few days ago all-time highs would be in bitcoin's future within three months gosh dang it i love when people agree with me that's what i've been telling you for a while in addition to this tweet plan b also has some interesting stuff to say now if you don't know plan b he is the creator of the stock to flow chart the most accurate chart in bitcoin history it says bitcoin's going to 290k which is actually 65k above my personal prediction of 225 thousand dollars for bitcoin and they call me a moonboy but just last week he mocked all the people saying that institutional buying is bad for bitcoin he reminded everyone to be patient and wait for that seminal moment when asymmetrical returns become a reality and my friends it looks like we are here this nonsense narrative that anyone buying bitcoin is bad is laughable so why do people believe that about institutions well simply because institutions are really what kicked off the bear market in early 2018.

Technically back in december of 2017. on december 10th that year the cboe futures contracts for bitcoin launched this was the signal of the top of the market it was bad because these cboe futures contracts were based upon paper bitcoins part of the appeal of bitcoin is that it's scarce it's rare 21 million max supply is what brought bitcoin to prominence and makes it the hardest money we've ever seen unfortunately the speed doesn't necessarily match the scalability and the hardness but that's another topic for a different video when cboe though created these futures contracts they were backed with worthless fiat us dollars so institutions could make as many bets on bitcoin with dollars as they wanted to and this negated the upside of a limited supply but fast forward to 2020 this is not happening to the same scale that it was we have institutions buying actual bitcoin and actual bitcoin based products like the grayscale bitcoin trust stock and backed futures contracts these users contracts are settled with bitcoin instead of dollars now institutions are pouring money into bitcoin like we've never seen before but here's the crazy thing is it only institutions that are about to drive the price of retail investors are about to start flocking to the space and we just got the news that's rocked the crypto world the funnel for these retail investors to move to bitcoin is now coming into clarity online payment giant paypal so owner of venmo now plans to let users buy sell and accept cryptocurrency can't even believe what i'm saying right now you can read more about this story of course on we're still waiting on a giant rebrand and overall on the website should be hopefully by the end of this week or maybe next week the latest but in addition to bitcoin some other all coins will also be included with those options and features as well this is ethereum bitcoin cash and litecoin all these projects pumped over the last couple of hours now you may remember we actually revealed this story to you months ago but is just now coming into focus on what this will actually look like and when it will happen so what's the timetable 2021 2025 2070 25 million nope much sooner actually much much sooner within the next couple of weeks in the united states followed by an international rollout in 2021 the fireworks are about to start and they're going to be big beautiful and huge when it comes to cryptocurrency in the united states though one state has been more difficult to work with than any other and that of course is new york the reason well it should be obvious there's a certain street down in new york city which does not want to see cryptocurrency or bitcoin succeed it's called wall street because of this new york has created a fake imaginary license called the bit license and no that's not what the cop asked to see from me when he pulls me over in my bitmobile but the bill license must be acquired in order to do cryptocurrency business in the state of new york and guess what paypal has already secured a bit license meaning when its cryptocurrency features roll out this will be nationwide all at once paypal is getting in on the crypto action whether square likes it or not the success of bitcoin sales on the cash app quite possibly has fueled paypal's desire to trade in cryptos but either way a payment giant battle over crypto will be good for our bags and we're already starting to see the benefits happening but here's my final thought for you guys it is happening right now the moment we've waited for it's kind of like this for those of us who slaved away for years in this business with no results the pay is due it's like there's a huge party happening at 9 00 p.m some of us get to the party at 4 p.m and we've been telling everybody who walked by the party house just how lit the party's gonna be people would laugh at us and they would look at us like we were crazy because we looked like just a couple of nerds on the porch and me they turned down the invites but suddenly the guests are starting to arrive and it looks like something out of a hollywood movie red carpet and all and now all the people that thought we were crazy they want to redo on the party invite but it's too late the party has started if you're in congratulations because you're going to get rich and for those of you on the outside looking in sorry bud party's great that's all i got be blessed bit boy out [Music] you

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