Hi guys, all of you, welcome to my new video. Today, we will talk with you about bitcoin, which has been very popular recently, and at the same time, I will show you how you can buy and sell crypto money in this video . Recently constantly busy agenda that has raised a lot of issues and the use of Bitcoin 1 in turkey but still have friends who do not know how Bitcoin can buy and sell. When we look at the data of Bitcoin for 5 days, it is like constantly rising and falling. We are seeing events and if you can really use your money properly. You can make very high profits in cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, I have to tell you that this is a very risky transaction and we do not give any investment advice in our video . So now let me show you how you can buy and sell cryptocurrency immediately if you want . You know that there are many cryptocurrency markets. There are 1 many sites but I will give you the biggest and the global one in this video . So I want to show binance.

You can totally trust binance. I can say that it is one of the biggest and best platforms in my opinion right now. I am already buying and selling from there , you can use this application either from the phone or from the web, ie on the computer . Mobile entrants will appear when you go to your regular mobile store and type binance . If you are logging in from the computer, you will immediately see the site when you type binance to search . turkey do you see the site down immediately we landed our site that is going global as the building of friends tr.

When you click it, we immediately see the site with a Turkish screen, where we can make Turkish and TL transactions . The full url of the site is called guys. So what should we do after entering? The things we have to do are really simple. They are already directing you on the site. When you go down right now, you can see the state of the market here. How many money has bitcoin been? And so on, you can see that on the top right, it says "Friends" create an account. Zoom in a little and see it more comfortably, right on the top right there is the create account button, we click friends, and then there are 1 places to fill here , first you write your e-mail and password here. Later friends write the reference ID below. If you enter this code here, you can earn a 10 percent discount on commissions, friends , write about it in the description section of the video.

While you are registering, you can get a 10 percent discount in commission for your transactions when you enter this code . Next we need to type in our e-mail password. I am writing immediately. Yes, I entered my e-mail password. Then, 1 verification code came to the mail address. I entered it and now my account is opened. As you have seen friends, you are currently seeing your account, but it does not end with these, friends, there is 1 more important action that we need to do and if we do not do this, our operations on this site will be very limited.

We make use of almost none of its features, and we have to do that. Just from the top right, my friends come here and I click where the e-mail address is written. As you can see the friends who are currently writing on the main page of our account, our commission level appears here , my balance is visible. As you can see here, when we press the show, it looks completely. So it looks clear. If you noticed now, here it says vf 0 friends, what we need to do here is to raise your account to level 2. We cannot take advantage of many features without upgrading to Level 2. So we do level 2. I can say it is a must. So how can we do that? We click the verify button right here and as you can see, level 1 shows the differences between level 2 . At level one, friends, we cannot make 1 transaction in any way. We can only deposit cryptocurrencies, but when we release level 2 , we activate 1 many transactions such as crypto deposit, crypto withdrawal, money, deposit, withdrawal.

So we have to make love. So how can we do it? Let's start right away, first of all, friends here are just below level 1. It becomes the Verify button, we click it. It then asks us to enter this information. What information is there? Your country of residence, TR identity number, your name and surname? We need our city, our county and our date of birth. We have to write them. You can fill in this information completely 1 way friends and I want to say that it is completely safe . Because as I said, the site is a global 1 platform and 1 of the most used crypto money sites. Yes, after you fill in the information here, friends , you pass the first level , now it is necessary to complete the second level.

When completing the second level, you need to pull out the front and back of your identity and upload it from the panel that will come out like this, friends. I cannot display it right now because I currently have 1 account registered to a female , so I cannot perform transactions on 1 account other than separately. That's why I want to show you with photos. As you can see, after completing the iksv, you will see 1 screen like this. What you need to do here is to pull the front and back of your ID and upload it here . Then, after pressing the continue button, 1 such screen will appear. Here, your photo will be requested by the system. In other words, the system will ask you to take a new 1 photo, friends, and then you will have to click the photo area to take a photo and then press the submit and continue button here .

This will of course be Turkish. After you have done all these, our friends process is finished. If you see it on a screen like this, it says here anyway, friends do not wear any hat. It makes some warnings such as do not wear glasses, use filters and make sure it is bright and in this way asks you for 1 photo. After completing this process, friends, your transaction is completed. After all of these processes are finished, your account is approved within approximately 1 hour, and you can start using your account, that is, using all the features. He says here already, it takes less than 1 hour. Normally yes we opened your account from a to z. We took it up to V level 2 and now there is no problem.

No longer. We can do our bitcoin buy and sell transactions very comfortably. Yes, now it is time to buy, how easy it is to buy, friends. First of all, of course, you need to add money to your account. If you don't know how to load money, let me show you. You come to your account from the top right and click like this, after you come here 1 time on this screen, you immediately press the wallet from the left and deposit. You click, friends, and after you click, we see the banks supported by baynes tr site . You can transfer money to this site at 07:24 through Ziraat bank and Vakıfbank.

Friends, if you are going to do it from other banks, the place is not 7:24. So it goes into this effect. I can only send up to four if I'm not mistaken until four o'clock on weekdays. There is a 07:24 transfer option for Ziraat bank and Vakıfbank. What information is when you come right over it and click it.

You see, friends provided their information for deposit here. It says what you see here as the account name and the iban you need to send later is here. Guys, this job, you send me money, but there is an important point here. Look, he says, friends, deposits must be made from your own personal bank accounts . So when you open this account, you need to send money over that bank account over that horse, whichever name you entered . Your money may not be credited to your account. As you can see here, they have made 1 suitable explanation for him. In other words, you have to send money through the bank account of the person on whose name your Baynes account is on . Let's say we have added your money to your account. So how do we get crypto money now? I'll show him right away. When we come to the right, as you can see friends, you can see all the crypto coins here. Now you see the cryptocurrencies that TL is supported.

There are many cryptocurrencies. You can evaluate all of them. 1 thing entirely up to you. If I show it on bitcoin, the current price is 353,000 TL. I give examples Friends, I write what we want to get Bitcoin currently 353 954 TL to 100 pounds to take I want to say just come down to I friends from many that the price of Bitcoin a fraction of the price of the portion purchased as here BTC I told you how, for example, I give 353000 let's 353,000 pounds. I want to buy 100 liras in total. Let's say I write 100 like this, what have I done here now? From the price of 353000 liras. We have bought 100 lira of bitcoin, and when we come down and click buy btc, friends are giving orders. So when bitcoin fell to 353000 lira, for example, 353919 tl now, but when we dropped to 2 353 thousand, we said to buy me 100 lira of bitcoin. This is the transaction you have done here and when we click buy btc , we give the order.

It appears just below, and this way we can buy bitcoin. In the same way, we do the selling process as follows, friends, for example, I am giving an example, I bought it from 353 thousand and I want it to be sold in 356 thousand. I'm writing 356000. After typing 356000 here, you can choose one hundred percent here guys. So if you want to sell all the bitcoins you have from 356 thousand, you should press 100 percent.

Speech Recognition is Complete, I need it, but I am giving an example, let's say I will sell 0.01% of it, for example it corresponds to this amount. If we do that, for example, I am selling 35 years, but if I want to sell all the bitcoins I have at 356000 lira, I have to press 100 percent. For example, I have 0 point 00:03 bitcoin on my account. The current value of this is 1068 TL when we do this. Of course, now 353,000 TL. For example, how much do I have in bitcoins in my account now? It was 1059 TL friends, I do this, I do this bitcoin friends. If I sell it in 363 thousand, I get 1089 instead of 1059. I hope you understand. It's really simple so I hope everyone understands. Likewise, the situation is the same with other cryptos. Guys, you do this the same way with all cryptos, it doesn't matter in any of them .

I hope there has been 1 informative video, as I said, in the description part of bains tr. You can find the link. You can register there and at the same time get a 10 percent discount by using the code I will give. I hope it was informative. For more videos like this, you can subscribe to my channel below and like the video. 1 nice to see you in the next video..

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