Bitcoin Mortal Kombat, FINISH EMMMM

and tom are you seeing something similar do 
you think the rsi numbers are looking good or   are they getting up to kind of dangerous 
levels oh man the monthly looks great   for me it's not if it's it's when when are we 
going makes no sense to me to stop here you know   we get hit 65 then go to 67 end of the run it 
doesn't fit anything we've ever seen uh 100k i   think you guys are aiming too low really i think 
we might i think we're seeing higher i would say   because timing is really hard to do if 
not this week i'd say by november 4th   mysterious date november 4th we see a new all-time 
high what oh an all-time high okay new all-time   where i think things will get out well if we 
look at you know a lot of people compared to 2017   if we take those same numbers yeah that shows us 
100k is too low if we just take the same growth   from bottom to top those same percentage gains 
you should be looking two three mid threes maybe   all-time highs uh historically people have 
aimed too low and so you guys both feel like   once it gets in the price like it doesn't stop i 
feel like this one it could be like one of those   runs where like it don't stop you know what i'm 
saying everyone thinks that 100k is going to be   the end but it just like keeps going everyone's 
like no why did i get out you know yeah i think   it's just like 10 just like we saw 10k that's 
when people noticed i think it's going to be   the same at 100.

i think that's the point where 
people are going to go oh there's a new decimal.

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