Bitcoin may Crash to $10,000 | Explaining Elon Musk’s drama with Crypto

hey chicken gang so much drama in the crypto world oh gosh this is worse than the season of twilight elon is going to the tesla board and say bitcoin is not helping with our mission to transit the world to sustainable energy it helps my acting it took me quite some time to get that scene done serious now the amount of hate elon is getting on his stick on bitcoin he made dumb bitcoin and elon replied indeed nah it's not gonna happen but if this continues he will elon always hints because if he says the wrong thing lawyers are coming after him and this bitcoin community is so toxic i mean it is okay to disagree objectively but i see big well-respected names like nick carter saying like this no you guys know that i always listen to you and i get feedback if it's objective i'll listen but calling clown in helping i mean i expect better there are so many more big names doing the same toxic man elon musk's visions are always about solving humanity's biggest problems he sees a problem and have sort of a solution and he goes like full on it's never about the money you think like tesla spacex boring company neural link paypal open ai his approach is always top down thinking in first principles if something goes wrong along the way he was he would just do this 180 degree u-turn the worst thing would be like we want to do some dumb design and stick with our dumb design right that would be insane right that's how he learns and adapt quickly not afraid of mistakes most people hate that you think most people try to optimize something that is clearly not going to work in the future and that's why most people become irrelevant over time people who work with elon are different i spoke to some people working close to him to understand this on a much higher level and i respect that first when tesla bought bitcoin the market cap shoots up 400 billion when tesla stops accepting bitcoin market cap drops 100 billion it is still up by 300 billion and everyone goes nuts ungrateful clowns second ever since tesla bought bitcoin energy consumption went through the roof and it doesn't sit well with tesla's mission which is to transit the world to sustainable energy have bitcoin fundamentals changed since i recommended no it's still the best form of stock value liquidity and transfer of wealth proven with the test of time not a medium of exchange i just feel that the bitcoin maximalist community is getting a little too toxic and that's gonna affect bitcoin's value instead they should continue to educate and that's the best solution elon musk clearly believes in crypto but he doesn't see a solution to fiat currency you know does this tweet meaning he hopes to see a solution to a daily medium of exchange without borders is dogecoin right choice 50 50.

But do remember he knows a thing or two about currency you know paypal at the same time he doesn't want to start another project because his brain just can't cope with more am i selling my bitcoin my goal was a five percent portfolio sizing since i recommended bitcoin on the 13th of november my 3 became 8 to 10 and now i'm back down to 7 i'm considering let me repeat considering to sell out on my bitcoin and to buy tesla stock those in the u.s is easy use cash app or donkey hood for the rest of the world since i'm on i'll probably convert my bitcoin to binance usd and buy tesla stock i'll link binance usd to tesla below why for me moving my money in and out of exchanges it's a lot of pain so i'll use this route for now but when i do it i'll let you guys know on twitter is much faster i won't sell all my bitcoins to be clear it's just that tesla stock looks stupid cheap now so wrapping up why do i allocate five percent initially to crypto to me it's much better to invest in a real business that solves actual consumer problems i repeated this countless times and to be clear i'm extremely bullish on crypto crypto is here to stay the crypto scene is like the beginning of a new sector there's a lot of money to be made at the same time shaky for you always allocate according to your conviction buy more of what you believe in and less into those that you don't understand the only way to stay sane investing is not about making the most money and the most correct choices anybody told you that their scam is about staying in the market longer than most people because the longer you are invested the more money you make it's not rocket science i hope this video gives you clarity as always invest safe [Music] you

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