Bitcoin Market on Brink of DANGER (2021 Emergency BTC Signals)

welcome to batboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs of crypto is still a thing guys my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button we are in miami right now at the miami crypto experience uh actually the miami crypto experience is not in my hotel room i'm actually in my hotel room right now that would be weird if i told people that the miami crypto experience is in my hotel room but i had to come up here and i had to make this video i wanted to show today uh my talk that i had today my my keynote speech here at the miami crypto experience it's about decentralized finance but you know what i just didn't think that was right for me to give that to you guys we've got something much more dramatic going on i'll be honest with you my plans changed drastically in the last hour because in the last hour i decided i was going to come on here and talk to you guys about how all coins are exploding we have like a thumbnail made talking about ethereum and binance coin and all the things that cartano v chain all the things that we're really bullish on right now but then i took a nap and guys i'll be honest with you taking a nap is something that i really like to do while i'm on trips but i don't like when i go to sleep and things look okay and then i wake up and i feel like i'm caught in a crypto nightmare uh so right now i've noticed something extremely interesting i've noticed something extremely interesting on the charts could go up or it could go down uh but in all seriousness though guys i've been looking at the bitcoin chart and like so you know the tough thing here is guys is number one i have clothes all over my bed so that's really tough you guys can see my jeans over there it's very embarrassing but number two okay is that i was looking at the charts i came over here and you know i just started looking at how can i come on here and have a video for you guys that is going to make you feel like the market is not over because that's how it feels right now now you have to keep in mind uh of course that you know while markets are psychological this is not about your feelings per se your feelings can basically be an indicator that you can look like when you're feeling euphoric you know that generally means things are probably going to drop when you're feeling extremely bearish and sad and depressed uh that's usually that's usually a good sign that uh you know things could turn around so if you're feeling sad and you're feeling depressed then maybe that's a sign the markets are about to turn around but i also can't be disingenuous with you i can't come on here and and do this video and say like guys right now you want to go along on bitcoin sign up for vibe at bible crypto dot com slash deals go down to the buy mid section and then take all your money and go long on bitcoin with no basis to do that so that was not financial advice do not actually do that the point here is is i don't come on here and just give you narratives to make you guys go like do things right i go on here and i'm honest with you about what's going on with the market and the fact that ethereum has been pumping in bitcoin it's been dropping that has been a little concerning i told you guys that this morning we don't want that we want bitcoin to go sideways we don't want bitcoin to go down while ethereum is going up that's a very topish signal if you will now we certainly if this were to be a top of the market and ethereum were to start dropping dramatically at some point then you may consider taking some profits around the 2500 to 2600 level um but i don't think that's not what i'm doing i can also tell you what i'm doing which is nothing right now i entered a position yesterday i've got like a 10 game this morning i got out i've not seen a sign yet to go back in earlier i saw the price of bitcoin at 53 000 and i said man this could be a good entry point but then when i looked at market cipher and i looked at the charts and no it was not looking good so because of that i i came to the lab here came to the lab which is basically just slain for uh my computer okay i started looking i saw something interesting on the charts now um i i can't switch this over here so i'm not going to really show it to you but here's what you need to know right now we set a lower low on the bitcoin chart so right now the price of bitcoin went from 65 000 essentially um a few days ago okay to it dropped over the weekend down 20.85 now it has dropped a total of 22 um from that 65 000 high so i was looking at this number and it's a lower low so i'm very concerned but you know i noticed i i noticed as i looked at the charts that we actually bounced off of this exact same fifty thousand four hundred dollar level at the end of march okay so on march what day was this um on march 27th march 27th that was the bottom of the march dump and we bounced right off this fifty thousand five hundred dollar level so what does all this mean what am i saying frank what am i saying we're gonna be okay i love that break i wanna show you all frank's in here filming me he's our vlogger you guys know make sure you guys follow hidden network uh we've had a good time but the point here is is that when you look at these this 50 500 level here's what this means if we plunge below that if we go to even fifty thousand three hundred dollars we're looking at a lower move we could be looking at the price of bitcoin to consolidate back around forty seven thousand dollars and i mean once that happened we would be looking at about a 30 i think a 32 percent correction um so still pretty normal um but 47 000 is a huge line of support that would actually be a 28 correction is what that would be so that's a huge line support we know a lot of corporate buying was coming in we know in this 47 to 50 000 range michael saylor great scale a lot of companies were doing massive buys here so that has led to a huge amount of support in 47 000.

That's the bearish scenario but what i'm seeing on the chart that gives me a little bit of hope is it looks like we could be establishing a double bottom here at five 50 dollars uh i'm personally waiting on market cipher to show more uh bullish confirmation but as of right now we're getting another green dot on the four hour chart it looks like which has been a while since we had um but here's what i'll tell you is even though it looks like we could be establishing a double bottom right now um we have not yet got a green dot on market cyber on even the one hour time frame it still looks the momentum way still looks pretty thick to the downside um so here's where we're at guys if we go back and look at 2013 and 2014 we had a very large uh drop in the middle of the market if you go back and look at 2017 there was a period over the summer of accumulation okay before another big leg up right now it feels like we've been in accumulation and remember when you look at the charts you we're looking at it in the present okay but when you go back and when you look at charts i'll figure this out one day guys you think i'm professional with this uh when you go back and look at the charts it's in retrospect it's easy to look at what happened and make judgments upon what was happening at the time okay right now looking at the chart it does not look extremely bullish for the present but even if we were to go down to the 47 000 level it if the market still turns around and we hit 100 000 over the summer which we almost all anyone who's been in this for a long time believes it's gonna happen at least a hundred thousand dollars by august then it seems like this could definitely still be like an accumulation phase i know people who are buying bitcoin at these levels anytime we get close to the 50 000 level and that's when you see those wicks that's why you see those big long wicks down to 50 000 and back up because just like there's a lot of support at 47 000 there's a lot at 50 000.

I've said i don't think we're ever gonna see below 47 000 again we could be seeing that put to the test but i want to know what you guys think where do you think things are going i'm not freaking out i'm not selling any bitcoin i'm also though not going long right now i'm waiting for more confirmation to get in some trades because like i said while we look like we could have double bottom that could very easily get broken over the next few hours so definitely something to watch for um now a lot of people would say this may be happening because i'm on vacation because i'm on a trip um i i'm a little more laid back i got the i got the the vacation actually i wear these shirts all the time so that's not a good argument so just totally forget that i said that let me know what you think is happening with bitcoin are you scared are you nervous drop those comments down below guys i love you guys i want you guys to know that we're going to be okay either way remember is of a couple as of uh what is that like eight days ago literally everyone who had ever bought bitcoin in the history of bitcoin was in profit so keep that in mind when in doubt zoom out that's all i got be blessed good boy out

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