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my people my people it's about that time [Music] like a boss live from the usa helping you get paid every day this is the dose of bitcoin the christo of crypto is your boy bk and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today is november 18th getting it in early in the morning and it looks like bitcoin has officially broken 18 000 of them things we're going to be doing a lot of technical analysis on btc to the usd as well as introducing you to some of the free crypto trading communities available to you through this channel so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is bk also known as the crypto trader and i'm the both of these charts as you will soon find out every day i grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception so before we jump into it make sure you jump on over to library lbry the new decentralized platform for uh live streaming and cryptocurrency multimedia uh specializing in video on the blockchain decentralized of the people for the people by the people and i got the number one handle on that death thing at bitcoin so shout out to the library family make sure you share this on your different pages i get an email notification every time one of you guys do so i definitely appreciate that and i appreciate you in addition to that we are giving away some free bitcoin today just like we do every day on this channel so all you need to do is share this video if you want to win like a boss shout out to my man big feel bentowski you know i'm saying he shared the post from the last video this was the post that i wrote uh in the number one bitcoin group in the world so if you want to win some free bitcoin so all i need you to do big feel is shoot me a message on facebook with your bitcoin wallet and i'll send you a couple dollars btc as a token of my appreciation everybody else if you want to get in on the money jump on jump on that money train this is how you do it jump in the number one bitcoin group in the world hashtag one bitcoin and share this post that i just made for this video you do that you will have chance to win on the next video that we do and the last thing we got a free telegram group there is a link in the description about six seven hundred people already in there again 100 completely free 24-hour trading communities to help you make money so let's jump into it man this is a coin telegraph one of the featured uh disseminators of information on the blockchain this uh article was just posted about six hours ago said bitcoin price blasts off to 17.5 k but not all agree that it is really sustainable analysis analysts explain where bitcoin is headed next i continue to see an explosive upward trend this is a five minute article we're not going to be listening to that i said it exceeded 17 4 however some people say it's primed for a pullback as well deposits begin increasing other believe that there is little resistance until 20 000 and that an all-time high is likely before the next deep correction the momentum of bitcoin in the past month has been particularly impressive due to two key reasons first during previous bull cycles long term trader uh this guy explained big bitcoin saw up to nine corrections but in an ongoing rally bitcoin has seen merely two 10 corrections secondly bitcoin has consistently recovered from areas where corrections were expected uh such the last time it hit under 15 grand on binance however calls for a pullback are increasing as market sentiment around the bitcoin heats up and this can apply selling pressure to bitcoin traders who also say that current highs of bitcoin near 20 000 may be front run leading to correction uh before the next level is hit a minor pullback or a major one let's see tokens transfer oh that's interesting tokens transferred and fund flow ratio see if we can zoom in on that so this is basically i remember they would talk about this back in the day this is basically the blockchain transactions versus the liquidity rate essentially of bitcoin how many uh transactions are happening on the blockchain versus how many transactions are happening on the exchange right and i would have to look through this we could jump in real quick the number of bitcoins transferred uh is high right now uh back in this is 2020 versus the flow rate ratio of all exchanges that occupy the transfers is very low huh so i think that means essentially the only people trading and transferring bitcoin are the people that have the most of it the whale wallets right which isn't necessarily good for the economy right it's a top-down economy and if only the rich people are you know making money it's not good for the rest of us let's just say that um this guy is saying that 12 000 is a potential area where the next deep correction could lead to so uh let's go ahead and jump into it uh this is another article bitcoin traders brace for major volatility uh as it hit record highs and this is what's interesting about this moment right now is that you have a point in time where bitcoin is literally teetering on the exact same price threshold as it was in 2017 when it jumped up from um you know 6 000 to 20 000 inside just a uh you know short year right and a lot of people are expecting this pullback to happen none of them let's see what this guy says i get his guy benefited that let's read through his stuff bitcoin traders expect a significant increase in volatility right same thing 20 000 2017 through bitcoin's current rally volatility has remained low this is a good good reference uh coin metrics huh i don't have it listed you must have to buy it right wave of institutional flows appeared to be just getting started and offsetting some of the relative youth right these guys are saying once it gets above 20 000 then it'll have upward momentum because uh mainstream interest for bitcoin uh people always want to bet on the winning team and put money down when it's money to be made right and so i think i think they're really missing the ball here and i'll tell you what is going to happen when bitcoin does crash now see you can type in any type of possible scenario for this word right here and it'll give you the top stories top stories statistics statistics top stories information information but when you type in this word behind it nothing since may of 2020 that means you don't have to worry about it guys it's not going to happen no this is what will be killing bitcoin along with 90 of all global equity trades right and it looks like they have a market insider uh article on this that was just released yesterday an investment chief who crushed the market during the coronavirus crash sees the s p 500 crashing 20 in the near term exactly but says investors should buy these two stocks on the dip of course you should because he still gotta cover cya cover his a you know and uh still get paid from the cjb's that pay him today james mcdonald hercules investments so he's predicting a 20 sell-off right let's look at what that looks like and we'll just jump on over to uh the money markets again this this methodology i use you guys is very simple very easy it is free for you to download and integrate into your own methodology you use yourself it's called the boss method if you want to learn how to trade just like i do which is very effective uh you know i heard a rich man say it's a poor man's technical analysis that's funny because at the time i was using it to make half a goddamn million dollars that year but you know it turned poor people into rich people let's just say that um shout out to mr chris dennett if you hear these words i'll never forget that we was that we was in this big big big big big board meeting you know and he introduced me to the group and he said i invented a poor man's technical analysis or poor man's what did he say he was like yeah it's like a poor man's technical analysis and i'm thinking in my head i was like all these people with all this money and that's how you go introduce me but nonetheless you know here we are and i've helped many poor people become wealthy in my day so i'm quite fine with that shout out to miss mr chris dinner you know i'm saying congratulations on the new baby girl and all that good stuff uh here we go um yeah we want to look at the s p 500 right so where is that at let's type it in the s p 500 just one of these other things that i'm like oblivious to is that just the dow jones is dow jones 500 let's see my bad you guys i don't trade fake paper stocks anymore uh s p 500 s p how come it didn't come up oh there it goes all right so this guy is saying it can pull back 20 if we look using our methodology this thing going back to 2015.

Now if you were gonna buy this time to buy it using our our picks was right there right not all the way where we are right now which is really oversold you know to the top um but if we wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt still oversold to the tap just fine trying to find a good place to sit this so maybe right there right let's just give them the benefit about we have two oversold frequencies and we're running hot on the third uh this basically is showing that the smp does potentially have the capability to cap out you know between 37 and 36.5 right now i think it's at 36.09 uh but this guy as he mentioned is is expecting a 20 drop essentially and that's very very very uh conservative as they say um 20 off our price right now would take us to 15 okay so he's saying basically right here going down to the three two now i'll show you how i did this when we trade you have these intersections right and i'm just going to turn the candles off real quick this was our buyer's intersection when it went above that that's when that's when the market got behind it and you were supposed to buy it because statistics say it will go up faster than it will go down right so what this guy did is he basically took a fibonacci back down to that intersection and i think he's playing this uh 3-2 down here if i'm not mistaken to get is 20 right there see that and that 3-2 this is our recovery price from a big crash right 3-2 is basically where the market will start to recover um after a huge huge huge sell-off in addition to that i'm sure he's done his own you know data analysis and seen well that's basically where this whole market where you have all these different buyers you know from essentially three years worth uh gathered around that price right keep in mind it's plus or minus a couple points so it doesn't have to be right on top of it um and if if we went up you know and integrated these candles into it right then this price goes lower which means you get more of these buyers over here right and so essentially in market psychology you have one two three four five call that six we'll pair it together six didn't have really have any buyers in there that was just a huge crash and seven you got seven different segments where you have a huge cluster of buyers that will start to buy back the smp once it once it reaches this 20 sell-off right around 2852 right now it's just a simple uh fibonacci extension he's he's he's gonna he's saying basically when we go down we're gonna crash through this level which is supposed to be our first recovery level right and do something like that right which is fine um you know i don't think that's out of the question now the real problem comes in when the market realizes that this crash right here that was the first covet crash right that was the first one so how can the second one in a double correction market be less severe than the first you see what i'm saying like this was the first covet crash right here let me uh get rid of that box right that was the first covey crash we'll do it in purple so so it stands out right even if you keep the exact same amplitude of that correction then you're not going to stop at 20 you know which will put you right there at that green line where you have all the by your threshold you'll keep going to say 35 right and that's just following the exact same trajectory right so essentially it'll be almost twice as bad as this guy who's the only guy in the world according to google um that's predicting this thing right mr uh mcdonald what's his name with hercules hercules investment you know i'm saying hercules hercules right mr mcdonald right it's going to be much much worse people and i think when it happens when the chickens come home to roost it's going to be bad for everything there is no safe haven in a global catastrophic event the quote black swan right or delay lay on stage at the end and die in front of the world that's going to be the american economy once all this is said and over um but nonetheless here we are and bitcoin is sitting at 17 grand so there is a correlation between bitcoin and oil i think a lot of people have not realized um and bitcoin and the general strength of wall street all together bitcoin's correlation to wall street the same rich people that got rich off warren buffett berkshire hathaway are the same people that bought poloniex which owns circle and they already own bitcoin so that rich people probably own 30 40 50 of the free trading market which is exactly what uh this last chart spoke about uh that we talked about the the whale wallets and the liquidation to the blockchain transactions basically it's only to rich people buying and selling bitcoin at 20 grand a pop so maybe it's good for bitcoin's price to come back down to say six seven eight thousand that way broke people can buy it again the problem is gonna be once it does come down to six seven eight thousand probably forty fifty percent of those broke people will be out of a job waiting on the next free check to come from a broken government do you see the problem right if you could see the problem and not see the solution well there's a bigger problem in itself that means the problem won't get fixed you see what i'm saying and that's a major problem right uh so here we are man bitcoin 17 18 000 and uh it's it's it's really not looking great like bitcoin if we want to do this chart real quick let's do this real quick first of all everybody if you appreciate this content i appreciate you make sure you like subscribe share this video if you haven't done it already i try to help you guys make money for the free you know i'm saying all i ask is a little bit of participation a little bit engagement and uh if you want to win some free btc compliments of your boy bk you already know how to do it number one bitcoin group in the world uh let's jump back into btc to the usd boom boom this is on the 343 so essentially this is saying that as long as we are above right 11 200 roughly right roughly as long as we're above that price right here bitcoin has more net positive energy than it does net negative energy now one thing you should note is that on this cycle this bandwidth right there this becomes our cap out right that becomes our maximum bitcoin price just on that cycle and that's right where we were on paul in the last fall so a lot of people are claiming that you know even though bitcoin is running right now well it doesn't have enough to get past uh that cycle you know and we can see it peak out come down and then with the covet correction coming behind it do something like that and if bitcoin breaks and stays below say 11 000 well that's when you're gonna see a pretty big sell-off um yeah that's when you start to walk backwards and i won't show you how to do that on this chart but basically that 11 000 is gonna get us here right and then you would have a peak up here right and so then the fibonacci walks backwards and does something like this no we would have another one up in there let me see let me see let me see it's difficult actually no you get a cross between the uh 7 and 77 right there so say our cross happened right there then you just go from that intersection to that intersection and that will put and that would be a negative correlation you see how it went backwards right boom boom to go forwards that would be a negative correlation and this would be to catch basin price for bitcoin right around seven grand which is exactly where this whole big run started at people forget we were at seven grand back in march you know what i'm saying actually we went down to like 4 800 in march so bitcoin has been resilient one of the best performing assets during a pandemic y'all you know what i'm saying this is uh 2020 right this is 2020 march 3rd march 12th 2020.

See that we ain't got to go back to 1887 to to realize some value on the blockchain march 3rd 2020. or i'm sorry march 12 2020 november 18 2020 252 for every nickel you would have put in on bitcoin you would damn near got 12 cents back right for every dollar you get back you get cash out 250. right and um if and when this sell-off happens uh you could easily easily easily see bitcoin teeter and totter you know even if we do something like that uh between 82 and there goes that 11 grand threshold again that's a much tighter fibonacci right there so that'll wipe out that money and then you have the next sell-off which would take us down there you see and that's just that's just focusing on that little bitty this this last little run right here right basically playing the part where the run started at right there and playing the theoretical part where the run finishes at and uh you can still get a lot of uh synchronicity and harmonics and the projections uh going both backwards and forwards up and down you see what i'm saying uh so there you go everybody um bitcoin is not looking that strong now can it run to say 24 000 of course why because the same people who are buying and selling it right now are the same ones that will keep buying and selling it when it's 22 000 let me ask you something is yo is your neighbor next door buying bitcoin at 22 grand the answer is no institutions control 97.9 of all the money in circulation and i believe 99 of all digital money in creation runs through an institution not through you and so you'll never know why because you're not the one making the decision as to when you see what i'm saying but uh one thing we can do is infer through the psychographics that are literally projected into the chart um into the agreement in the energy lines and different intersections that they have already specified as thresholds for their decision making process right that's all we look at we look at the past we understand the present and by definition the future is no longer a mystery right they want to tell you uh 10 ways you was broke yesterday not one way to make money tomorrow i say well no i say i say if i was born with two arms see what i'm saying let me let me let me take you on a trip right now if i was born with two arms i got two arms today what's the probability of me growing a third arm tomorrow well it's not very high i mean i'm sure it could happen right i'm sure it can happen maybe it's happened somewhere in over the course of history for one person they was like damn it i think i might grow a third arm tomorrow and lo and behold they grew a damn third arm i'm not i'm not speculating that's gonna happen so i'm just saying if we focus on what did happen and we understand what is happening with this inevitable decline from cv 19 cv 20 cv 2028 cv infinity who cares it's gonna wipe out everything 90 percent of the world is still shut down people can't even get a flight from canada to new york you understand this has this is the new normal where we sit around and wait to see what the controllers want to do tomorrow but there lies the opportunity because as i mentioned if you understand the history you understand the present the future is not a mystery right oh and isn't it ironic for everybody still following me at this point you know shout out shout out to you for making it this far in the video isn't it ironic that his story is called history while my story remains a mystery m-y s-t-e-r-y see what i'm saying so uh jumping back into this bitcoin btc historical corrections and the last one this one uh this chart is uh showing november 19 2018 right this one is showing the uh 2018 crash and um i don't even know if this one is on binance yeah this this crash right here and let's see it's it's capturing it going all the way down to 51 87.

So basically take it off that top and i think it ended that at november let me just make sure yeah it ended that november 8 2018. you see that but then sure as the sky is blue bitcoin lost another 50 right and now it's had some major runs like this last run this has been i just showed you it's 250 percent over 274 days if we wanted to just chop this thing up you know that's another 250 right there that's a negative 30.

Jump back up got 30 and then we lost 50 right and then we made 250. so you see it's like step up step down step up step down um and i think this next big step could be a major major major step to the downside to where you see bitcoin lose uh you know upwards of sixty percent um if this thing plays all the way through more than likely it would catch right there fifty percent uh between seven eight grand and again that is when the cv xxx crash happens right when it's realized throughout the world when you know i lived through the great recession you know i'm saying when when people are literally sitting at home waiting on the next free check from a government not the best situation to be in people uh and and that's that's literally what i see playing out with this whole market cap dominance i'm gonna do a breakout video on this i believe uh tomorrow so you know you can definitely look forward to this but but there is definitely a correlation between the total market cap dominance and bitcoin's current price and why the market is substantially weaker right now today than it was back in 2017 so if you want to see that video just just subscribe and and watch tomorrow's video and you will be well on your way if you appreciate learning this knowledge and making some money in the markets i tell you what man uh one of the easiest things you could do is sign up for the profit package at this is our vip trading community uh scroll down right here to the profit package fifty dollars for the first month again it's an eclectic group 24 hours a day seven days a week the markets don't sleep and we just try to help you get a pizza potty to eat bam uh 50 for the first month 75 after that and i think if you have more than probably three or four thousand dollars in the market then the vip trading group uh boss alert messages is for you uh this is basically a insurance premium you know 10 10 15 that you have one of the best traders in the world working on your behalf i've have i have people that have been that in that group literally for years uh and because they make money month after month year after year guess what they stay in the group right it's not a charity i'm not asking for no handouts i believe value is for value and this is the value that i offer you so if you appreciate the value that i'm giving you know jump on over to bossa bitcoin if you want to learn more on how you can learn how to trade like a boss and so with that being said everybody uh namaste is that time of the day signing out boats boy bk no matter where you stay brazil the bay california all the way back out through jerk monet good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time uh make sure you join one of the profit package or the vip trading group uh you want to learn how to trade like a boss and make some money with the boy bk do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all peace like a boss [Music]

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