Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin Mining Rig 1200 kh/s Dual AMD 7950’s

how's it going YouTube Michael here today is going to be a video about feathercoin I've looked into bitcoin and litecoin and feathercoin and PP coin in china coin and there's a thousand different coins out there but anyway i'm sure i've chosen to mine feathercoin because it has the highest possibility i think of becoming profitable in the future it is new though and the creators of it probably stuff millions away in their account so that when it does become something worth something they'll be able to make themselves rich off of it but I mean I'm taking the chance that maybe maybe it would be probable in the future and maybe uh I can cash in at some point but anyway um I would typically be mining Bitcoin right now if I wanted to actually make some money but anyway feathercoin currently with my rig would bring in about a hundred bucks a month opposed to Bitcoin which would bring in close to click closer to 200 um I have shat 1,200 hashes a second i'm using dual 79 50s and i'll show you my rig in a minute but first i want to show you the pool i've joined and a few other things hey guys sorry this isn't focusing i don't know why but anyway here's the pool i joined it is a feathercoin pool geek I don't know if you just type that in you'll find it currently says my hash is 1012 but it's wrong not now this is 830 for today the pool has been screwy and like it's been jumping around all over the place and I keep connecting and disconnecting but anyway uh I don't know i'll probably put up with this for a couple more days and if it continues to do this I might have to do switch schools but uh anyway uh my unpaid ballot heirs are 30 1666 um and my page here is our 5,000 set 787 now i don't know if that's good or not because i already cashed in when i made which was the seventh 5787 shares and i only got three point four six four one six one feather coins so here's my wallet here but the UM that was after one whole night run well like 24 hours pretty much of ramen so um I should be making a bit more I should be making between 50 to 60 feathercoin zayday but oh well I'll put up with this for a couple more days and if it continues to do this then i will switch polls currently the miners in my pool are 100 in well actually we have 263 workers and 129 miners this number is tripled or quadrupled like in two days and I think that's why the servers been acting weird so anyway oh I'll go show you guys all right so I'm gonna have to speak up a bit creaking loud I had a running in my room to start out with but uh yeah I can't do with that noise anyway I built it in a cooler master half XD and it's basically it's mainly open air as you can see like I took the both side panels off and even the top off and I had a 200 millimeter fan on the top but it wasn't doing a suspicion jobbing cooling they had it it actually does way better without it right there is 120 here like industrials in that I pulled out of an old dell and I had a hook up to a a/c power brake there because uh it runs at like can't remember maybe two ants and then I got full 7 950 and I actually have to have that fan to keep these things cool because even with two spaces apart it um they both overheated well they got to about 95 and they probably would have went further if I let them but obviously I wasn't going to let that happen it shouldn't even be anywhere close to 90 degrees Celsius so anyway and sold this fan now my temps are way better I'll just go over the specs real quick though I got eight gigs of ddr3 at eighteen sixty six megahertz and the timings are like 98 928 I think but they're not running at that they're running at 1600 megahertz because i am using an am3 processor not nan 3 plus this is a phenom 2 x4 3.4 gigahertz 965 yeah 965 around here port or and there's a cooler master because of questions while I hear it's a step up lo pan I actually i love the sicko floor pans I'm running three and my set up upstairs and in there you can't see it because I have crap lighting but there are removable drive bays for hard drives and currently I'm running to corsair force GPS SSDs to 60 gig SSDs running them in both raid 0 together and it's the most 60 gigs I think I said that already but anyway so running in raid 0 will make them a hundred and twenty giggle together they'll be running together and they will be running faster together that way so i can boot up into windows in like five seconds I forgot 279 50s which have already said but they are the gigabyte I can show you the side see but anyway they are both triple pan cards and I thought that would really help but not really since I really need this thing there and I can't run a third part in the middle because with these particular graphic start see I had to buy longer crossfire tables because the ones that it came with would only allow me to install the card right next to each other and when they were installed right next to each other they keaton's it up way too quick because these particular fans have to suck the air in and then it like blow up through the top and healthcare the back or whatever when the card is right next to it you can't suck in any cool air and it can't stake for all so I don't know triple pane cards not really good option probably should went with a single fan one because I seen people mine with those when they mine just fine hi so here's my temperature unfortunately like I said the polls been acting weird and it's been starting and stopping and all this other crap but uh alright you can't really see that at all anyway 63 degrees on the first GPU and 63 on the second GPU as well they will get up to the hit peaks at 67 if they're just constantly mining but they never really go above that and they stay around 65 and here is well i'm using gooey minor as my script minor i'm using gooey minor script alpha zero point four or zero point zero point for something like that anyway the latest version currently I'm running at 484 hash for the second card and 464 hash for the first card that's not very good at all considering that when they run at full speed they run it about close to 600 piece but uh yeah this is just what I've been dealing with today yesterday was different but we'll see anyway guys thanks for watching

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