Hello everyone and welcome to this new
analysis video on cryptocurrency so today we will talk about bitcoin why
because they are finally on its decisive level of 12,000 dollars you see it from the year
you on the graph here in wifi time unit and well we have the bitcoin which last week
and go up a little this week like that it goes up a little bit not a lot of a few
percentages each time but in the end it happened on the resistance 12 thousand dollars
then the resistance of 2000 dollars you see it is this red rectangle it is on the 2000 $
the price had tested it several times already since January 2018 here you see it again that the
bit collaro test this resistance me 2019 and a little more recently this summer its zoom
a little bitcoin returned to seek its level of 12,000 dollars so we are clearly
on a decisive level and if this level is indeed the bitc oin is very likely to
go up very quickly why because everyone is watching this resistance once
it is yours it is good everyone will go back to buying on bitcoin so really this is a
level to probably watch that we will have the outcome this week in this week it
is perhaps the most important week of the year on bitcoin if we break this residence
of 2000 dollars the price is likely to rise strongly attention for the moment it does not it's not
broken yet I told you about it in the analysts video two weeks ago it had two
levels to monitor the 10200 and the 11200 if we broke the 10200 from below we would fill
the famous gap if we broke the 11200 from the top well that would be a buy signal to go and
seek the 12,000 dollars and it is precisely this second scenario that occurred, look
if I have a switch here on the unit of time of the ideas we had so on the video analyzed video
of this same plot this rectangle there we have the class and then from the top this rectangle we had a
buy signal the bollinger bands you see are open now closed were
open anyway at the moment to break this resistance we also broke the moving average
50 so we are hallucinating and buying the objective was to go find the resistance well
we are in the middle of this blue resistance and bitcoin surrounds us with 11,000 850
dollars so it is in fact finally on the 2000 dollars probably that this week either
they break up the two thousand dollars and that it closes if possible in wiki above the
2000 dollars everyone will return to the purchase at this time by against it can also very well come up
against the 2000 $ is traced strongly to fill its tsonga gap then from there still not filled so
once again as I told you compared to the gap that does not necessarily mean q ue all
the guys to be filled historically all the gaps until now were filled but we can
obviously at a given moment to see a change and no longer have a gap which is filled for
the moment in any case the bitcoin it is still under the rebirth of 2000 dollars so you have to
be careful if the helmet and 2000 $ that will be the big buy signal of the year for a bull
run therefore for this end of the year and in 2021 as long as it will not have obviously broken we remain in
a moment of indecision then we can switch back to the wiki time unit on the
useful time unit we see that here the tendency also to build in any case of the buy signal is
already very much plus 5 before look for example when he came to seek here in May 2019 the
resistance of 2000 dollars the price of bitcoin had risen in a straight line the same here a little
more recently this summer it rose in right hand there you see when the bitcoin presently nt
and on the birth of the 2000 dollars we have a much healthier construction why
because the price had already touched the resistance of the 2000 dollars had stumbled on it before the artist
is now we have bollinger bands which are almost flat are not flat for once
but are almost we with the volatility which has decreased so we already have a lot more chances of
press and it's sad years now that we would have had for example the previous times so here is a
little compared at the suitcase and bitcoin for the moment it is useless to talk about alcohol
why because all the attention of investors is currently on bitcoin if
I show you a little bit what is happening on the other cries of money look we have almost
all the other clips in Toulon which are finally in the red they are all here in any
case for the sign against him but this summer in the water I you can see it here we ap ar example due
-8% at least 7% at least 5 at least 4 at least 4 we finally only have the big n which is in the green
and even if I change the list if I go to another crypto list not even worse here
on egypt which are weakly capitalized we must have -16% of the slack 1 13% of at least 10 at least 10 at
least nine minus 10 and it is in fact everything is in the red we all have that is in the red
we just have 2 crypto in the green and the two photos which are in the green they are slightly in
the green we should not have + 10% so we are doing very well today that everyone is
reselling these alcohols to position themselves possibly on bitcoin in the event that it
breaks and the resistance of 2000 dollars so here is to watch in any case for the unit of your
forgetfulness on the unit of time to elect we have already had the charge sign reminds you it was here
at 11 $ 1200 on the unit of time at the feet we have not yet had because the unit of your is writes his
buy signal is the break of 2000 dollars once it breaks this level especially do
not miss it it will be the big buy signal for this year and also for next year
so here is for this video of 'analysis also I would like to inform you that I have florin live
this week very probably this Friday at 6 p.m.

To announce a lot of news that
should interest you then in particular I will present you the pc version of the application which
is for traders so you know we have developed an application which is another date that allows you
to connect your exchanges and trade is so there until now it was available on ios
and android we are in the process of developing it on web version and so i will to present you a
little bit of common work and also I have another big novelty to announce to you it
is about the trading copy so that for the moment I do not say more and I let you come
to the live j I will present all this to you a little bit I am sure it will interest you you
think well to subscribe to this youtube channel if it is not done yet activate the
next notification to be notified as soon as the live starts a priori it will be this Friday 6 p.m.
but it may vary slightly from a few hours so here is a little bit for the analysis of bitcoin
is for the news so I meet you this Friday for a live on youtube do
not hesitate to come even if you are not interested in the application even if you are interested in
copying trading you can ask me your questions live whether they are your questions related
to trading with crypto or whatever of course I will answer them by being pleasure here
for this video of analysis if it has you more than you have as usual do
not hesitate to share left a gm under the video and so I will find you in a few days
within the lag youtube very good evening everyone

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