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Have a look guys. Oh sniper school snipers school to prove to redneck I'm not a fool. I packed my lunch packed up my boots tight
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button and I think let's get into it, guys. What is the main story for today? What is the tale? The tale is telling us that something is happening,
right? There's a there's a surprise coming. And what is the surprise now there is a big
move coming in the market. Let's get this set up. There we go. So quickly now getting back to what has happened
now in the last week we've had this resistance break. Bitcoin finally made the higher high, we finally
starting to progress upwards. And now we are coming down since yesterday's
call, we are coming down to these areas. When we were all in the zone, I saw everyone
was saying must we buy, must we buy, we should have bought the breakout, guys, do you see
the power of understanding that the retests are really, really good strategize entries,
because we have a brilliant trade line in play. But when we are entering, and we started to
buy the dips in the market, we have strategize exit plans, as well, we have a plan B that
always comes into play.

What is our main three rules? And I hope you guys have written it down. There's something I do want to add today before,
because what we do as as well have at the end of the session, make sure that the end,
guys, we have the sniper's wisdom, I'm coming with another key thing to add to your portfolio. But you guys need to be building this either
if it's in a book, or if it's anything that all these rules and all these things that
I'm giving you guys every day, please be writing down. And another big one that I've learned from
my teammates as well is getting a big whiteboard and putting that big whiteboard in your office
or in your backspace and writing down these rules and these sessions that I'm giving with
you guys every day, so that it's always built in. Sorry. And you always have somewhere to go back to
and it reminds you every day you walk in, there's a rules, there's all systems, that's
the most difficult part of trading is everything is going to try to pull you away from your
initial intent of what you want to start in the markets.

And sometimes you get sidetracked, like I
was getting very FOMOish two months ago into the little coins. And now we can see when the market turns that
we shouldn't actually be doing that that should be a very small part of our portfolio. So we always have these reminders. So make sure you are reminding yourself to
continuously update your knowledge and and know that you have rules. When you're trading as a thing, you need to
be a structure trader, not a, what do you call it a loose cannon trader where you just
sort of take it as it flows, consistency will always win the race guy. So what's happening, but coin is not pulling
into that zone. Okay, pulling into the buy zone, I updated
it yesterday or the day before to say that I'm bringing that zone down to 36,500. And I'm actually putting down that so that
we can actually go to 36,000 in that sort of region. And these are the depths where I am laddering

We've also learned now that we always have
a little bit of spare cash. I know there are two different types, some
guys that are fully invested in the market right now and some that are getting in. And for the hodling type, you know, for higher
timeframe, I am making sure that for the the entries that we are getting now the ones that
we are focusing on right now is this long term wallet of mine, this long term wallet
is the one that I'm focusing on the entries that we are currently getting to now. From next week when we finally have a decision,
because what has happened now is we've been focusing this whole week on this death cross. And let me show you what's happened on now
we started to get the reaction, right.

But if I show you there we go look at that
cross guys. It's right there, nothing can stop it is going
to happen. And we started to get that small reaction. Remember what we said about last time when
we had this reaction? And that was off the there we go was the March
drop? Let's get back. There we go. I've still circled it out there for you guys
over there. That's what happened last time, do you see
this little reaction. But remember what we said previously, that
the damage was already done. There's all the damage. This is just the the moving averages that
are late to the party and showing you now that there was a bearish move. But all of that damage that happened in the
moving averages are only showing it to you now. And the same thing that's happened over here. What's happened recently, there we go. All the damage that's being done. Well, that was already done.

Look how far behind these moving averages
are. So they are powerful strategy, but they're
very delayed guys. They're very, very far back. They're only showing you now that we're getting
a lot of bearish bearishness in the market yet it's already happened. So remember how these work, they are lagging
indicators, and the best way to use them is that sort of support and resistance. So what is happening now is we are getting
that little pullback, that little negative effects for this death cross happening. Now does that mean it's over? Does that mean we're going into a full bear
cycle for the last three death crosses that we have? That wasn't the case! That wasn't the case at all. It was just showing what happened previously. Now we at that point now where since that,
that was the reaction. There we can see it clearly. And that's a very similar reaction to what
we're getting right now. And then we just continue dragging up dragging
up dragging up. Now this was the same thing that I was saying
not for the last week that I see Bitcoin growing slowly, not not us shooting up to the moon.

We've had a huge drop in the markets. It takes time to get out of. This took at least two three months to get
out of and it's the same way that I see things happening now with what's what's happened
recently is that Bitcoin is going to slowly ground up, slowly ground up. And you can see how similar This is looking
to what has happened there previously. Now obviously, what we do need when we start
growing, growing, gradually moving up is in the next month or two, we need Bitcoin to
get back above those MAs. Again, get back about 44/45. But as a chart wise, this is beautiful on
where we sitting, where we have the breakthrough, we got the higher high and now we're coming
in testing. Now there's always two scenarios that can
play out. Let's get rid of these moving averages.

Now, what are the two scenarios and what are
the danger zones for what's happening now? This is where I've been laddering and I've
started laddering in the zones. And all those alts that I've been talking
about are all in those buy zones. Now we I'm buying for what? For this 70% of my portfolio, the long term
portfolio is what I'm stocking up when we have a clear decision in the market. And the cross of death has happened and we've
had movements and we can see what what has basically happened.

Then we jump back into our spot wallets. And I've started showing you guys the power
of making five and 2.5% trades that's coming. But right now we are focusing on the bigger
part of our portfolios. We are focusing that, we for the first time
are fishing with the whales. I saw that from a comment this morning from
a message and that's a brilliant way to said we are fishing with the whales. We are driving off people's fear and we are
buying coins from other people off of their fear and obviously as going off the bullish
segment of what we are getting clearly on the charts. So what is to happen guys? This is where I see us now for the for the
day. Because if I show you now what's the RSI's
doing for us remember the stochastic RSIs? Very powerful little tools.

Why have we had this pullback was because
this eight hour RSI needed to make its way down. So let's make that bigger for everyone. There we go. So we've got the eight, our RSI are making
its way down. And on the next what are called this five
hours left. Okay, on the next portion of the thing, that's
where I see this now starting to turn and then we know the bulls are going to have their
turn. So what's happening currently we had a low,
we had a high, higher low higher high.

Currently we still sitting at a higher low
right now we are getting bottomed out on the on the eight hour, you could see the power
of buying the previous eight hour bottom, you would have bought that that's over there. And you bought the one before that you would
have bought at that zone over there, you bought the one before that you would have bought
on this big dip over here. So showing you just by the power of the RSI
and using higher time frame RSIs, if you bought there you would have bought in this candle
over there.

If you bought there you would have bought
over there. There we go. And you can see when we finally get to these
oversold territories anywhere under the 20% marks, you can see how the bulls have their
fight after that. So we've got the higher highs, higher lows. Now we're gonna attempt for the higher high
again, this is just the reaction from the death cross that's happening right now people
are starting to bow out it actually makes sense. I was wondering why do people wait, if another
death cross is going to happen? Why do people wait for the cross to happen? Why would they not be selling before and this
is what we we've been getting for the last two three days, that there's nothing that's
going to stop that cross.

So it makes sense that people are starting
to sell before and then when the cross happens and there's not much reaction to it, then
it's that sort of slows down and continues its journey. But chart wise this is looking really good. Now I've not dropped this for Bitcoin that
I'm looking to laddering even to the possibility of 36. And you can see we starting to accelerate. But look at the difference. Now guys, when we know the markets is rarely
in a strong amount of danger. With Bitcoin, especially, everything usually
tanks way worse. When we know we start getting to this really
acceleration this big acceleration downwards. Right? We know that this dominance goes berserk. The first time we Bitcoin dropped from from
50 all the way down to 30. This dominance absolutely shot up and that
was this big move over here.

Look how that dominance moved and literally
shot up huge. Now we're at a point where dominance that
we spoke about yesterday is calming down. It's slowing down in the market and where
we're sitting. So now it's showing me that when this is not
really reacting strong to what's happening to Bitcoin, it's temporary at short term,
because they will do anything to protect Bitcoin if it really starts to accelerate.

And what are we seeing right now? Are we seeing alts that are falling 3% 4%
1% 2% and Bitcoin's falling 2.5% that means everything is slowly getting dragged together. We don't have a big separation. And when I always see big things happening
in the mark, especially huge dumps day becomes a huge difference. Remember that time a Bitcoin, Bitcoin fell
30% 40% in that day, the alts fell 60% that day. Now we're at the stage where the alts are
falling very similar with Bitcoin. And that's always a good sign for me that
we're not getting this huge massive dominance candle up and Bitcoin coming down because
that will be a concern to say. We're starting to accelerate now. They doing whatever they can to hold Bitcoin
and when we know that Bitcoin needs the backing of the alts that means we've really started
to accelerate that.

That's the danger sides. We right now everything is sort of dragging
and we know that this dominance is losing steam right now, it is not trailing up as
fast as what it was. And we are tracking the sort of sideways move. And we know when we start slowing down like
this is when we start making our way to the downward side. Which means they can be another 510 percent
coming from dominance back into the alts and that's when I see the bands for Bitcoin is
when I see the alts really starting to push up strong with it. So the whole week that we've been practicing
the whole week that we've been setting Let's choose calls is all for this damn let's have
a look, 70% of our portfolio the rest we're going to play with next week but we are focusing
on the bigger parts now and what we're getting in so we're what what's the two scenarios
before I jump into the next coins with Bitcoin? Now? Bitcoin is now let's get rid of that. There we go. For our RSI to the bottom right, there's a
four hours at the bottom eight hours to the bottom.

So we know the bullish, the bulls are going
to try fought back now the bulls are going to try push what's so important for Bitcoin
to do now, especially if it's over the weekend, or can be by Monday is that we have to get
back above 42,000 we have to make the higher high, we got to go closer to that that cross
of death, we got to get close to that level. Because Where are those levels? We have a look on a daily quick where's the
200 sitting, the 200 sitting all the way there. So we need Bitcoin to start progressing. In this next week coming especially over the
weekend we'll see as a probe. But but this is what we need. Now what we don't want from Bitcoin is to
obviously make the lower low. Now if we do make the lower low, what does
basically incentives that will play out this bearish, head and shoulders we will have the
main head, we have the shoulder which is draw that up a thing and down. There we go. Okay, is where we actually come down, we make
the lower low.

Let's bring that down. There we go. We have the right shoulder. And what that means is I'm stocking up in
this zone for the larger timeframe because I don't care what anyone let me show you a
quick look at this weekly. What is that weekly stochastic RSI doing us
look at the bottom there, let's make it bigger. So we can see. The 70% means the 70% of my portfolio means
that I want to buy and hold these coins for the next three months, six months, where's
a good entry? Where am I gonna make money over four months,
we're not have to put a lot of hard work in, you don't want to have to work too hard for
your money guys. That's why we have the different sections
of our portfolios. But the last time that we ever had, we were
at the bottom of the weekly RSI was when Bitcoin was $10,000.

Before that Bitcoin was $5,000. We are there again. And we are even more over sold than what we
have been in the last two occasions. So do you see a higher higher higher time
frames where we actually sitting right now, this is where I'm laddering in my longer term
investments. So what we're looking at now is and we just
got another beautiful bounce. Let's just get in here again, get rid of all
my drawings. There we go. Do you see how we bouncing beautifully on
this trend line goes it's a powerful strategy to know that buying the breakout buying the
test, look how we're coming down and testing and look out we are fighting in these zones. And I know now that the bulls are starting
to fight now, what do we do now for the weekend. Okay, I'm laddering in the zone. I know my Danger Zone is sitting at these
levels. Okay, but I also know if we make the lower
low, we're going to come up and test it's going to be the head and shoulders which means
where I'm stocking up right now if it doesn't work, we'll be my exit points.

But look how strong we are pulling up from
these zones guys, this is my bar this is where I'm lettering in buying the dips, buying the
dips, buying the dips and we will then see if we make the lower low, we will attempt
for the high and if we don't get where we need to get we can start freeing up some cash
without any loss. So remember that as well. So what I need now so that that's the bearish
side is if we make the lower low, but let's first get those bullish shots. Let's see what the bulls does. Now what I'm doing is we are going to track
slowly in the zone here, okay. And there is my new so I had the yesterday's
trend line which was sitting like this. Okay, but now we've accelerated more to the
downside. So I want to track that I want to catch this
early. Now I know that we can trail for the next
few hours. Let's just make it bigger that we can trail
in the zone and boom, breakout! So I'm laddering in laddering in and I'm keeping
keeping keeping and I'm laddering again on that breakouts, we get the breakouts, that's
where I know RSIs are growing up the bulls on are fighting we've made the higher low,
we are stalled doesn't matter what anyone says right now and we look at the chart.

Bitcoin is trending upwards. Right now it is trending upwards, higher highs,
higher lows, we are going up until there's some sort of shift. I am sticking whatever that I'm erasing emotion,
I'm erasing Fudd I'm erasing all of these four things from my strategy, and this is
the way we play in the game. So bitcoins at that stage a bearish scenario,
we make the lower low. We start to sell off on the retest up from
here bullish scenario, we hover here for the next eight hour candle to close we can see
they still five hours left for the eight hour, boom! Get the breakout, then we know Bitcoin's going
for that higher high again, Bitcoin's going to eat.

Now, what is the reason that Bitcoin needs
to be bullish? Firstly, we know fundamentals, it's huge,
but what's the next reason for Bitcoin rally to to accelerate strongly because I've got
a big feeling that volume is really going to come in, we are going to get a surprise
move over this weekend or the next few days, I think this weekend, but I think we're really
gonna have a strong and that is still the same, same, same thing we've been talking
about about these damn short guys. Look at these shorts, they are still not slowing
down. People are still adding in their shorts, they're
still building this and this is where the guys can make all the money and all the whales
can make all this money.

So the way that the bulls want this to play
out, is to get all of that money. What are they going to do? They got to send Bitcoin through the roof
they got to send it from here to accelerated it up to at least the 44/43 in that zone that
will liquidate all of them. Then we can have another small pullback, test
the supports and then go to the next move upwards so I'm laddering in on on Bitcoin
now. I do have the bearish scenario in play always
have the two second sides but right now everything shots in bullish to me right now RSI is getting
to the bottom, we let the bulls, Let's chase that higher high.

And let's see what we get. Because everyone is worrying about this cross
a death. But But now. But no one's actually going to do anything
when the crossing happens. They knew it was going to come. We've been going for days the cross of death
is gonna come. So why would you sell when it happens when
you know it's going to happen? You'd rather sell before right? And that's what I'm seeing here. This is the reaction that I'm seeing. It's repeating from what happened last year,
very, very similar. Not the exact same, but very, very similar. What is to say? doesn't repeat it does rime. So that's looking good guys. So Bitcoin great, I see we have update is
that this on the likes, guys likes are not high enough. I'm coming to you with amazing education into
the call, get those likes up, get those likes up, get those likes up. We did have also, let's just put up the thing
here, the backstage pass, I selected three yesterday, we are extending that to Monday. So we can get a fresh start every week.

But I'm also choosing another two people today
for the backstage pass for Monday. And everyday, we are going to have the backstage
where you get to sit with me before the show and see what we do have a chat Introduce yourself,
it's a really, really nice way that we can we can have a chat and it's a lot easier. So that's Bitcoin, we know the dominance is
looking weak and looking in a favor.

Now what's happening with the total market
cap, total market cap is in buy zone, if it was a coin, okay, it's come down, gradually
down. And what's also very nice about this guys
is we are trailing down in the market. But if I show you this, we are not increasing
volume. And that's always a very key indicator in
the market is when something is going one direction you want volume to always be backing
it. Otherwise, it's a temporary move, it's not
showing you that that just means that is there's not a lot of sellers there but you can see
that we are trailing down volumes start increasing. So for a buying purpose if this was a coin,
that's a buy, because we still making higher lows, we still have like we are just coming
to test support. And from this if we can have the drop in the
dominance. So this is the way I want to paint it out
now before I get into the alts now. Dropping dominance push in Bitcoin and total
market cap, breakout of the wedge, boom, then we are on.

We are sitting on coins that we can hold for
next and not ever have to worry, we are sitting at the bottom remember where we are buying
these coins guys, we're not buying it off the 70% pump, we're buying these coins on
a 50% drop. And that's a special so always understand
that so totals looking good. So quickly going through those guys and then
I'm going to get into the education because I've been going through this I'm only focusing
on our 70% portfolio this week. The shorter term trades it's quite tough to
be trading shorter terms right now. Because it's just so we're gonna get where
we focus to that right now let's get the bigger parts in. So there's Ethereum in buy zone. In my I've told you every time I'd up in there
I'm buying I'm buying I'm buying the dips buying the dip strategy and look how we are
still hovering beautifully. This is preparation for the next move guys
this is preparation so Ethereum still, if you can get it here I'm not sure if it's gonna
get to the $2,000 mark but the 2000 to 2350 that is my top up zone still for Ethereum.

Same with all of them. Dot, we are in buy zone for Dot. $19 $22 I
am stocking up on buying every dip. We are fishing with the whales we are fishing
with the whales. The whales are the ones buying all of these
little bits little bits little bits and you can see here guys do you look at this. I want to show you quickly on Ada so you can
understand what I mean. Look there looked there look there. Price coming down right what's volume doing
guys? What's volume doing? Is it going up? Does it mean that the momentum that everyone
is agreeing right now and the price going down, definitely not. You want to see volume increasing and a direction
happening clear on the chart, we don't have that that volume is so low right now. But yet the price is coming down. Temporary guys short term, we're not getting
the backing from the volume. So ADA, brilliant buy. Only one that's not pulling back quite strong
is BNB. So what's nice with BNB is if it did miss
the buys when we were in our zones previously in the week is to take this new trend line,
I'm just gonna draw it up for you guys quickly put that trendline in there, put that trendline
in a track it down, when we break that trend line BNB is a buy.

And this is 8 hours,, this is higher timeframe. There's the buy zone, Boom, get the breakout
to that. And we know that the massive imbalance are
sitting in these areas. So there's big growth to happen from the alts. Alts have so much catching up to do to BNB's
the next one, we may not get to the zone. But we can get the breakouts. And that's always a good buy. Same with Chainlink. Chainlink still on that right shoulder. great buy. Anyway, $19 $23 great, great, great add on
zone and the list goes on guys, all of them are showing us that we are in those zones,
Matic buy zone, Rune buy zone, Luna buy zone, Solana little bit more accelerated. But look at this. This is where this 200 MA is very important. It's holding that 200 MA. So that's good. So now you take your new trend line, you draw
it in, boom! Breakout of that Solana is going for the next
higher targets. Solana hasn't retraced much from that big

There we go. So you put that trendline in and so if you're
not in these clear buy zones, use a trend line buy the breakout very, very simple. EGLD in the buy zone. I'm buying these dips, guys. There's Kusama. Guys Kusama's back at 330. Here's a good deal. Anyway. 280 330 340, I'm buying those dips. Good deal. Arweave, just outside. So what I do, and Arweave is already showing
us something that we had a trend line. There's our trend line, what is it doing? So let's make that bigger so you can all can
see. You see how simple it is? Guys, if you don't get it on our support buy
you put your trendline in there we broke now what are we doing? We're coming to test by the test. Previous low, put your stop loss.

Very simple Guys, if we've broken out a trend,
we should not come back into that trend that helps you with your stop loss areas UNI in
the top of the buy zone higher low still. But anyway, if you need you can get a cheaper
if it does, same thing. Take your trend line. How do I know so I buy the dip now I have
some extra cash which are trendline. In break of the next trend line we are in
this is high timeframe, guys. GRT in the buy zones, every single coin of
this to this week, they were all above the buy zones. And now they're all in the buy zones. So everything is working great to plan everything's
working strong. And Bitcoin is getting a very strong reaction
in this zone. Remember candles and I want to quickly do
this before I jump into the thing. Guys, we want to see this from a candle when
you see a candle pulling up in these zones and now making these sort of doji or they're
making a pinbar candle, which means it's got a long tail.

Okay, it's got a long wick that comes in the
zone, you want to see a candle that does this. These are usually reversal candles, look what
happened up here. When you get it in the upward side to see
how the price comes down. You want to see a candle like that here. And this is the same candle that's forming. We touched our support beautifully. We are getting the zone and you'll see no
volume is backing this move. trend is going down volume is going down we
are not getting the volume that is backing that move. Now when do we get the volume, when we get
the breakout of this trend, this test, boom, what's going to happen volume starts to trail
up. That's exactly what we want. So the charts are still showing everybody's
work to plan. And remember, we are focusing on the 70% rule
of our portfolio. So I hope you guys had the two scenarios. The bearish one was Bitcoin. Remember what I said the lower low, that means
all the odds are gonna make lower, everything's gonna roll together, we still flowing together,
dominance is not making a clear direction.

It's running what at the time. So for now, everything is looking strongly
bullish. And if anything does turn at any single point,
we will be aware of it and we will have exit plans to make sure we are getting a lot lower. But I'm bullish. I'm a bull. Very, very much right now. Because higher timeframe. I'm looking at that weekly, I'm looking at
that. And that's what's important to me. So so so what's next guys, I think let's get
into some wisdom. Let's get into the next part where… Make sure your charts are updated. Make sure you've taken this down because that
dollar currency on Twitter, he's always posting the updates always posting the summary of
the day. That's also important that you can keep track
of everything and understand what was said. It's all summarized and also look to pause
and put these trend lines play with me and work with me on this.

So guys, what are we getting on the sniper's
wisdom today? We've been going on about this whole portfolio
system. Okay, and you remember doesn't matter. The time, that to the sort of times that you
want to trade a week this could work if you want to trade once a day, once a week, once
a month, it's the same structure at all matters on your sort of blocks. We also went through that the spark wallet
is the the soldier and that's the one we're going to get through today. And the next two, three days I'm gonna be
focusing on the long term, getting all the coins, the pie charts are one of the minds
of percent. What is the goal for that thing for the next
year, as well as the cash wallet is the next one that I'll be focusing on as well. But yesterday a quick recap, this is it, he
needs to summarize it down to make sure that your life is easy. If you want to make $50 a day, make sure you
want to build those wallets to these decent sounds that the percentages are, are realistic
to to to make that sort of money consistently even if it's in a bear market because and
one thing I do want to add with that guys is when you do want to make these trades doesn't
mean you have to take the profit there but you can put your stop loss at that profit

So no matter what you've made your profit
for the day, it's all it's all little systems that we are going to use. I think as we get in I don't forget one or
two things guys, as I get in quickly, I just want to go through this fan mail quickly. It's very important and you can see I'm starting
to include the community on signs include all of you into this keep setting videos keep
sending love, and helps us just pick up the momentum of it everyone's feeling right now
I know this market hasn't really lifted anyone sort of boosting this thing and it's very
important guys. So how Sheldon decided to write you because
you said that this is giving you energy and since you're giving all of us this energy,
but not so I'm getting confused since you're giving to all of us not only energy, but food
on the table.

I just want to express my gratitude I'm a
father who was looking for ways of making more money for his family I found you and
Ran and never missed a second of your shows. You change my life guys and even yesterday,
I made my first 50 bucks. Well done, buddy. Well done well done well done. Based on your strategy.

Some people are remembered some not but you
guys will change generations of families across the world. No words can ever say big enough. Thank you hope you and Ran gonna manage to
read this. If you trade trade while my friend Awesome,
awesome, awesome. You trading well, buddy, I'm so proud you
made your first $50. While done right what you did right? When you don't make it for the day right what
you did wrong, keep learning keep progressing as we start moving. So now that we got some fan mail out guys,
what I want to focus on today is spot wallets. So the first section that I want us to do
is here we go. You add your spot wallet, right? This is what gets done. Now any profit that gets made out of your
spot wallet, that's your profits, right? What happens with those profits 33% back into
your spot wallet 33% into your long term wallets, you're going to select those long term wallet
coins. That's all Ran's fundamental gems ones, they're
gonna survive the bear markets, then you've got 33%, that's going to go into your cash

I'm now going to set rules, goals and systems
for each wallet portfolio for you. So you know how each one runs. Okay, now, the first one that I want to select
on today is a spot wallet. This is where guys, I'll post all of this
on my Twitter as well. I do post them on my Twitter. So this is where you'll find the slides. So you can make sure you take all the notes,
but here it is. So what spot wallet what does it come with,
you got to have the tools that you're going to use to make this money, you have to have
the purpose of why you're using this wallet, you got to have the goals and you got to have
your rules. So my simple strategy of that what we've been
teaching you guys is what is my tools? My tools and the spot wallet runs off of one
hour, four hour and eight hour candles.

What is that guys? Let's jump to quick. share the screen. There we go. What is that? That are these little gems here on the top
or these little sections? My one hour, my four hour my eight hour. So for me to do the spot wallet and to start
becoming a consistent trader? What are the tools that I need? I need to use these three timeframes. What's the next tool that I need to use is
the simplicity of understanding trend lines, which I give you every day. I give you breakout trends, I give you all
these things. So trend lines. And what's the third thing you need stochastic
RSI, the simplicity is if you want to start making this cash, you need a very simple rule.

And all that I need is a trend line and a
stochastic RSI if I'm using a one hour or four hour, make sure that when I'm entering
that trade, I'm entering the bottom anywhere in the 20% zone is where I'm entering on the
four hour. Okay, on a breakout of a trend is the next
section. So when we are getting the breakout of the
trends, I want to make sure and this is how I want this to play out. I want this to start turning to break that
trend. I want the RSI to start turning to have the
cross. boom! There's my buy. There's my buy. So that already helps me indicate when, how
do I get this money and that's by using the little system of chest using those samples. But what's the difference now? Now you got a way that you can enter trades,
right you've got two little indicators that give you a And you've got me every day to
help you with these trend lines.

What's the second thing to understand that
when you're sending out that trade it is it has a purpose. And the purpose is to build your long term,
build your cash wallets, and to add more to your spot wallets. That's what the purpose is, it's this simple
rule over there. That's what the whole purpose of which means,
you always need to have an exit plan, which means you need to pre select that exit plan. And that works off anything that you wanted
out of the trade, you've not planned the trade, you've planned what you want to make out of
the trade. So when you get that entry, and you get into
that zone, the main thing is to understand that… OK, what's the goal there, let's get into

First is to give you cash, obviously, to build
your cash wallets to build your long term. And to ideally, if you can get your your structure
of your portfolio to this, you know, you started to become a successful trader, when you only
have 20 to 30% in your spot wallet, and you've got the remaining sitting in your long term,
and you have enough money in your spot wallet to generate this easily, then you know, you're
starting to get a balanced spot wallet. So if you're a new trader, now that doesn't
have enough now to to just take 70% and put away, you have to build your account. So that it's like this, where you have 70%,
where you're able to have enough money that can always remember what a spot wallet is,
a spot wallet is a moneymaker.

That's for whenever I'm home and I need to
make some money, I have something I have something to work with. The rest is to be sitting in long terms, because
when I'm entering a spot, while a trade, I'm getting out, whenever I hit my target, I don't
care if it goes more, I don't care if it goes there, or whatever happens, I've made the
money, I know what to do with it, I have 70% of my long term that are sitting that will
make me so doesn't matter if I got out early, I still have the remaining that can keep going
to have to worry about that fear or anything like that. So what your spot wallet is, you need to get
to the area, that's when you know you're becoming a good successful trader is when your portfolio
is balanced.

When you have enough in your spot wallet,
that you can leave 70% in your long term. And then we obviously have the cash wallets. And that's how this little flipping or this
little section starts to happen. Okay, now, what are my rules? The rules is your game plan. You got to have a strict entry points, a stop
loss and take profit. So your risk, how much am I risking? Where am I entering? Why am I entering stochastics at the bottom
break a trend? Okay, and my take profit points? How much do I make out of this trade? I want to make $200.

Okay, cool, how much money do I have? Okay, that's how much I have. Okay, cool. That means I got to get 10% for my trade,
cool days, your exit points. So now you got all three already planned. Now, don't trade more than two to three trades
at a time, don't be trading more than two to three coins at a time, get consistent. start trading with two coins, three coins,
anyone that read it, that's when you start the trade 10 coins, you're gonna have to manage
10 coins, you're gonna end up screwing a whole damn pack for your whole little structure
up, start small and even for your spot. It doesn't matter how skilled you are, don't
even go more than two to three trades. Okay, the next rule, you got to move that
trade to break even quickly, you have to make that trade of yours. Let's get rid of those for now. So I can chat, you have to make that try to
use free.

Remember what we always said, the first goal
getting in, put your wrist but then make that trade free. So that's another very important rule to understand
that you got to move that when you finally break up and you make sure it's upside make
that trade for free move that stop loss up to that free zone. If that trade now accelerates, you've only
put it in for 10% for two or 5%. But now it really goes and you're getting
15% put your stop loss wherever your target was, which means you're not limiting that
can stop making money that can think can keep going and making you 50%. But the main thing is you've put your stop
loss at your target point. So no matter what you make $100 for the trade. Okay, and then obviously the next rule, move
your profits into long term moving into cash, do not reinvest the money. What I mean by this guys is don't keep compounding
your spot wallet, the spot was there for a job only only bothered by 30% of your profits.

Because you're going to have one bad trade
where it's going to hit and you don't want you want majority of money sitting in your
cash and sitting in your long term. So don't read don't compound at only compared
to your rule system and your rule system is simple. 33% very easy. Always keep 20% in cash for dubs. That's our cash section. I'm going to go through that on Monday. And remember now big, big, big big part. This is emotionless trading, which means that
every day What do we go through? We go through our marriage coins, the ones
that are great fundamentally, the difference with the spot wallet is it's a solider to
make money. So when Doge news comes out and Doge breaks
a trend, you can trade Doge that's not a love me coin, but have your exit points have your
stop loss have it in so the difference between your spot and your long term is your long
term our good fundamental love coins, marriage coins, your spot qualities or whatnot. stands on your date me, there's no emotion
to that.

It's simple. I'm using you, I'm making this money and I'm
getting out. That's the simplicity of that wallet. So it's emotionally, emotionless trading. And it's not for long term, one nightstand
or dating coin, not a marriage coin. So, so guys that that's a basic understanding
of what the spark what it is, it's a tool to generating tool, like I said, you want
to go buy yourself something you want to go, go for dinner with the family, you want to
do anything, no problem, I use my spot wallet, I don't touch my money, my long term, I don't
touch my money, my cash section, those are not there for the day, those are not there
for the job.

That is my money making wallet that I need
to be using to all of us. So guys, I hope you've enjoyed it. I think let's get on the comments here. Craig, if you can, yeah, all those ones that
you did one. So I'm going to select we do have two winners
that we are going to select. I don't see their comments. Yes, I'm going to select two other winners
that we're sitting with on Monday as well. Here we go. First one, please take the picture over there. There's our first one that will be joining
me on Monday. I want to spend as much time with you guys
whenever I can. And Nikki Page you are in as well for Monday. Awesome. And you'll be sitting it obviously for the
backstage event. Guys, we need to get these likes up, we need
to get this likes up, because remember what I said we're going to make the school bigger
than 100 entries, we're going to make this maybe a couple of 1000.

And I need to know you guys have the backing
of that you did that you… we need to get these likes up hit the like hit the like hit
the like. So guys, One other thing, end of the way we
finishing off here is Bitcoin's got a plan, it's bouncing beautifully here. We're getting a very strong eight hour candle
and volume is starting to come in. So that's a really good sign for the reversal
for the bullishness, I am buying these dips, and it's 70% of my portfolio, the only thing
that will change my mind is if we make a lower low, I will then be laddering out on the next
tested upward side, which means we will make no loss in the market. Everyone is selling before the cross of death. That makes sense, guys, so this is the damage
from the cost of death. When it happens, everyone already knew it
was going to happen. So this is where they're sort of play, play
with your mind. So all of those coins always list stock up.

If you are new to trading, make sure that
you are ready to start that system. So build your hold system. And if you are investor already in the market,
split your portfolio, make sure you got 70% and it makes you a little bit to play with
next week. And make sure we obviously have the cash section
for any further dumps that are in the market. So guys, I hope you had a great session. I really had fun teaching today and I hope
you guys have an amazing weekend. I will be keeping all updated on Twitter. For you. This is Crypto Banter… …for you, this is crypto banter, banter,
banter, banter for you.

Smash that like. Guys I've seen you guys I like it. You guys are joining me on Monday session
you guys will be in. I appreciate all of it. I love all the work that's going in. Have a great weekend guys trade safe guys. Here is the disclaimer, no financial advice. Have a great weekend and I will see you all
on Monday..

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