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has recaptured 55 000 for the first time since   may congratulations if you took the risk like i 
did like we did bitcoin is pumping all coins are   pumping make sure you stay tuned for the end of 
the video we'll take you through the path to alt   season and those of us who've been in this space 
a while those of us who have been subscribed to   this channel for a while might already know this 
but we'll take you through this chart before that   if you didn't invest in bitcoin when it was six 
thousand dollars if you were scared to invest in   cryptocurrency when it was low i'm not surprised 
they called you an idiot for investing in bitcoin   and crypto when it was low the mainstream media 
mocked you for investing in bitcoin and crypto   when it was low the only thing that should double 
that quickly is the value of bitcoin just kidding   that was a garbage investment and you're an 
idiot bitcoin is just beanie babies for tech bros look man every person i went to 
high school with was like yo bitcoin   is gonna change your life btc get on 
it right now and i'm like tommy wilson   you work at office max what the 
[ __ ] are you talking about oh by the way by the way hey internet comments 
it's trading at 6.5 k go [ __ ] yourself look   the clip we just watched was from comedian hassan 
minaj circa 2018 from his old netflix show i say   old because this show is no longer on the air and 
since this point in time when bitcoin was around   six thousand dollars bitcoin broke above its 
previous all-time high twenty thousand dollars   rallied to a new all-time high sixty five 
thousand dollars and at this point in time   it is getting close to re-testing that and i 
believe bitcoin will break above it he called   us idiots for investing in bitcoin he told us 
to go f ourselves what do you think about this   many people in fact at this time circa 2018 were 
telling us to go f ourselves or calling us idiots   i'm talking about people in the mainstream media 
they should have been subscribed to our channel   you can go back to 2018 so when we first started 
the channel alleging that bitcoin would go up   alleging that crypto was the future and now we're 
here these same people are going to be calling us   lucky in the future saying we just got lucky 
now higher prices are coming i know this   because bitcoin education bitcoin awareness 
has literally never been better when it   comes to mainstream media like this when it 
comes to independent media people are truly   understanding the opportunity that is bitcoin that 
is cryptocurrency if you're one of those people   who is totally lost about bitcoin and you need 
someone to explain it to you watch this one of   those people that is totally lost when it comes 
to bitcoin so what is it can you explain that   yeah i was there with you at one point too but 
bitcoin is essentially a form of digital money   and a digital store of value it is completely 
native to the internet and the hardest thing for   some people to wrap their head around with bitcoin 
is that it's not physical like paper money but you   know think of how little we actually transact 
in paper money or cash today right and think of   how something like the internet and email really 
change the way we communicate over something like   paper mail so the two most valuable aspects of 
bitcoin are its scarcity and its decentralization   it is decentralized in that no central bank 
or government controls its supply and there   are actually no third parties involved in the 
transactions you are sending value directly from   one person to another and they could be across 
the world and it settles almost instantly and   as for the scarcity this one is really important 
when we see what's happening with inflation today   and really the decreasing purchasing power of the 
us dollar bitcoin was programmed to only have 21   million coins ever to come into existence 
making it more and more valuable every year   bitcoin was actually invented in 2009 and 
its returns over the last 10 years are nearly   1 million now apple and amazon over that 
same time period did about a thousand percent   the s p 500 about 300 and your average savings 
account today with that tiny little you know   percentage yield actually depreciates in value due 
to inflation so that's why so many people think   this is the future of money doors are opening up 
for bitcoin and cryptocurrency that is why i say   in my opinion i'm quite confident that bitcoin and 
crypto has higher prices ahead of it gary gensler   the head honcho at the sec clarified and said the 
sec can't and won't ban bitcoin or cryptocurrency   the us approach to crypto regulation is actually 
quite different from that of china which is a good   thing and doors continue to open up regulation 
means they're not banning it regulation equals   game on another first has happened for bitcoin 
and crypto holders u.s bank announces bitcoin   and crypto custody services u.s bank will launch 
its crypto custody service amid ever increasing   interest in digital assets the interest is there 
they have to adapt or get left behind that's right   the fifth largest bank in the us is now offering 
bitcoin custody services for bitcoin for litecoin   for be cash this is in partnership with nydig and 
they're soon to add ethereum and other digital   assets now switching to another bank i found this 
quite interesting bank of america identifies 20   high-profile u.s companies with crypto exposure 
did you realize all of these public high-profile   companies have exposure to crypto walt disney 
fox corporation and jp morgan are among a list of   20 publicly traded u.s companies with some level 
of exposure to crypto and digital assets based   on data by bank of america according to bank of 
america report published just monday companies   like morgan stanley signature bank warner music 
group also have some exposure to digital assets   now in all 20 of these companies that bank of 
america identified as having exposure to crypto   these are public companies bank of america also 
rated the stock as either buy sell or neutral   and actually all of these companies with crypto 
exposure are either buys or neutral according to   america's second largest bank now as part of 
the report bank of america categorized these   companies as seeking significant market value 
growth because they're interacting with these   digital assets and of course this is on top of a 
report that bank of america previously published   citing their bullish outlook for cryptocurrencies 
including nfts including d5 this is why i say the   world is changing most people don't realize 
this yet but we're seeing the dominoes fall   george soros their fund manager says bitcoin has 
gone mainstream and george soros and the fund owns   some coins i'm not surprised nfts on ethereum 
in q3 a 300 percent increase over 2.44 million   in q2 every quarter nfts have gotten more popular 
yet every quarter we always hear this is the top   this is the top this is the top this is the top 
there will be a top and the market does go in   ebbs and flows we're in a nascent market which is 
exploding and there's a lot of opportunity here   probably nothing right mike tyson snoop dogg shaq 
steph curry just to name a few getting into nfts   probably nothing lightning network capacity 
crosses 3 000 bitcoin for the first time ever   probably nothing right fashion retailer pacsun 
says it's going to start accepting crypto payments   from online shoppers through a partnership 
with bitpay starting this week pakistan will   accept 11 cryptos including bitcoin ether and 
also five usd stable coins you can see the way   the future is going so let's talk about altcoins 
and actually let's specifically talk about chain   link because what's happening with chain link 
is actually a microcosm to what's happening   with more quality altcoin projects in general 
and of course let's talk about alt season in   general and how we can profit from this the most 
by just talking about how the market usually ebbs   and flows but first of all let's talk about chain 
link a microcosm for all quality altcoin projects   chain link wallet count trending up and to the 
right the chain link wallet count has actually   risen steadily since chain link's inception august 
2020 less than 200 000 january 2021 around 300 000   october 2021 almost 600 000 actually 600 000 soon 
so just think about the future the number of chain   link wallets looks set to reach 1 million 
sometime between april which would be the   most bullish outlook to august which would be the 
least bullish outlook sometime this year either   way we're going to make it how many link wallets 
do you think we'll see by end of year 2021 2022   what are the more quality projects that have 
similar charts like this in the cryptocurrency   space let me know your thoughts on this in the 
comments below let's finish off by talking about   many people are wondering you know i see bitcoin 
pumping i see some higher caps pumping but i want   to really profit off these altcoins i love what 
secrets of crypto shared with us when alt season   don't focus on a date but understand money flow 
duration of phases are parabolic meaning first   takes the longest and last goes the fastest 
phases overlap and can temporarily reverse   so prepare accordingly actually prepare for 
anything i loved this write-up path to alt-season   alt-season is a function of the market due to new 
participants flooding into crypto around the same   time phase one takes the longest phase four goes 
to fastest phases overlap can temporarily reverse   before continuation it's likely that there are 
multiple alt seasons per crypto bull cycle of   varying degrees the biggest one being after 
the end of bitcoin's bull run when the largest   number of participants enter the market right 
at the top i don't even think we're at that yet   but let's just go through these like the video if 
you appreciate us sharing this with you i'm gonna   like it because i appreciate secrets of crypto 
sharing it so phase one money flows into bitcoin   flow of money moves into bitcoin causing 
the price surge we're seeing this now   of course these phases overlap phase two ethereum 
ethereum is actually outperforming bitcoin and   we hear talks of the flipping we hear this every 
time phase two and phase three overlap large caps   ethereum has been outperforming bitcoin and large 
caps are going parabolic and in the final phase   alt season large caps have gone full vertical 
we're seeing blow off tops mid caps low caps   micro caps all tend to pump around the same 
time large caps have been outperforming   bitcoin and ethereum it seems every coin is 
going parabolic regardless of fundamentals   memes are everywhere everyone is super excited 
and you feel the mania in the air when i think   we're at each one of these phases i'm surely 
going to report it to our audience so make sure   you subscribe and i hope you got value in this 
video with that being said i'll see you tomorrow

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