Bitcoin Holders Are WRONG About Ethereum (Worst Decision to Sell)

[Music] welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure go ahead and hit that subscribe button all right guys today we're going to be talking about ethereum because i know a lot of you guys uh you know have been disappointed with the price action and so have i and i've been telling you guys for a long time that uh you know obviously there's some minor selling going on there's some price manipulation but today if you want the ethereum opium we have got it here for you uh the price of bitcoin right now by the way is heading up uh above 60k it looks like and it's building slowly as opposed to the last few times it's kind of just popped up there and popped back down so that's obviously good news for bitcoin and we really need bitcoin to go to a higher level in order to get to a theory where we want it to go at this point uh the long and short of it is once bitcoin tackles let's say 70k or 80k and then we get a decent correction based upon profit taking there's a lot of people are now suspecting that all of that is going to ethereum now here's some insane news about and we'll get back to ethereum in a second but here's some insane news about the stimulus okay 10 of people surveyed who received or are receiving a 1400 stimulus check or more based upon the number of people in their family 10 of them are interested in investing in bitcoin imagine imagine if all of that money 10 of a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus comes flowing into bitcoin what that could mean it could mean absolute fireworks uh we're looking at a lot of institutional channels still continuing to put money into bitcoin we have anthony scaramucci of sky bridge capital now discussing and now launching his own bitcoin etf he filed it with the sec it still has to get approval but there's a lot of people who are now believing that bitcoin itself has a great value proposition okay we have bank of america that just did a bunch of research on bitcoin they tried to figure out how much it would take for them to move the price of bitcoin one percent which is 93 million dollars that's all it would take for it to move one percent okay but there's a lot of other research firms that have been piggybacking on bank of america's research and here's what they're saying they're saying this is some of the same stuff i've told you for a long time the value proposition of bitcoin is value that's it the reason why people invest money into bitcoin is because it increases in value the sheer price appreciation of bitcoin is why corporations institutions and retail investors are putting money into bitcoin no one thinks bitcoin can do anything because it can't really it's actually not the best technology in the world of blockchain by even a little bit uh or it's basically not going to be the fastest tech it's not the superior tech in blockchain there are a lot of other cryptocurrencies that offer so much more that's what bank of america and other research firms are coming to the realization i just read an article this morning which just it blew my mind that these large banks and large research firms are figuring out that bitcoin doesn't do anything except for make money that's it but what does what does make money that's right or what does do more than than bitcoin that's right it's aetherium and what is going to be the biggest opportunity possibly in the history of mankind decentralized finance it is where defy is the corner of tech and finance cryptocurrency is money right so it makes sense that the number one niche in uh cryptocurrency is going to be the money niche which is decentralized finance and a company like bank of america that did this research and figured out a lot of this they're realizing the same thing these banks are are seeing what's going to happen if they don't adapt to this new paradigm and so let's talk about ethereum versus bitcoin uh performance it's actually quite different than you may think you may be thinking that uh bitcoin has per way wildly outperformed ethereum this year it's actually not true even with as laggy as the price has been aetherium is still up 240 percent even more as of today as the price is heading back towards 1900 it looks like okay well bitcoin has gone up about 207 which probably is of right now it's closer to about 212 or 13 percent due to the price uh popping off a little bit today still with everything being taken into consideration ethereum has still outperformed bitcoin this year but this is where ethereum has lagged bitcoin is up 175 percent from its all-time high meanwhile ethereum or from its previous all-time high so from 20 000 to where it sits right now bitcoin increased 175 over the previous all-time high aetherium on the other hand has only outperformed its previous all-time high in 2018 by about 25 so when you start to do the math and you start to look at where bitcoin is how much is popped and a lot of the reason why we were making big ethereum predictions was based upon the fact of bitcoin's performance after it it charged past its previous all-time high and we were trying to apply that to ethereum this is what we know though we know that not only is ethereum outperformed bitcoin this year ethereum has outperformed bitcoin almost every year in its existence so right now while ethereum has lagged behind in hitting a a jump point to get to the same kind of level as bitcoin which by the way if it were to go up 175 percent uh past its previous all-time high if aetherium did we would be looking at over a three thousand dollar ethereum okay uh or or somewhere there abouts and the fact is it's not even close to that there was two options uh there were trade that were bet on today for the end of the year do you know what the price is 25 000 for ethereum that is what some traders are betting on on one of the world's biggest options trading sites uh a 25 000 theory by the end of the year and this is why it doesn't matter how many people get in the comments and say oh etherium is not doing well bitcoin is going to do better block cardona we love cardano but you know sell your ethereum get in cardano no no no no no guys we buy cardano in addition to ethereum we buy polka dot in addition to ethereum because when it hits when it pops we are all going to get rewarded and when you look at some of the big numbers that big traders are betting on by the end of this year for ethereum it's absolutely massive when you have bank of america coming out and saying oh you know what we think ethereum actually may have more potential because it does things that is massive potential when you look at where we're at with the bitcoin all-time high compared to ethereum's lagging all-time high performance compared to bitcoin you know one thing it's not going to just go away it's going to eventually catch that number and pass it you have probably not been in the crypto markets long enough most of you haven't to know bitcoin more gradual moves and then goes parabolic towards the end ethereum will stagnate for long periods of time and then get gigantic pumps and that's what we're waiting on and i tell you guys what when it finally does happen it's gonna be a great day for the bit squad i know that and i am expecting ethereum's price to be charging back towards two thousand dollars in the very near future uh let's just see what happens with bitcoin like i said uh i'm thinking bitcoins about to break out i think ethereum is going to follow right behind it and i think that a lot of the institutional investors like we looked at on our video yesterday on our live stream they are also betting on a higher ethereum price be on the lookout aetherium is about to explode i'm very very very confident uh that in the next few weeks a lot of people are going to be second guessing selling their eat all right guys let me know what you guys think down below in the comments know you guys love these hellcat videos to get out and ride around uh in the old hellcat also don't forget to check out our hidden network videos where you can see jim uh get a nice shiny c8 corvette all right guys that's all i got be blessed boy out

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