Bitcoin Historic Pump INCOMING! (Best Month for BTC Ever)

[Music] welcome to biblic crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name has been everybody on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto currently in nashville we had our meetup yesterday it went phenomenal met so many cool people uh right now me and my family fam say what's up anyways uh we're about to walk into the uh colts and titans game here in nashville checking it out and of course be watching the falcons game on my phone uh but uh yeah hopefully we'll see a good game today let's talk about crypto last 24 hours have been absolutely insane we saw giant news from cardano yesterday that we talked about last night did you guys see that guy made a cameo uh we talked about last night partnered with boost mobile partnered with dish network uh partner now with chain link unbelievable so really cool uh but we didn't see good price movement from cardano from ada we didn't see good price movement from anything then over the night bitcoin dumped down to near 40 40 to 41 000 and all coins got crushed there was basically nothing last night that was up nothing was up everything was down and so you know it's just this kind of thing that's like you know are we going to dump below 40 000.

What's going to happen and then lo and behold about 1 a.m in the morning eastern standard time we had a gigantic almost 2 000 pump for bitcoin getting us back up to the 43 500 level this gives us a lot better footing number one for the weekly close today and number two uh you know hopefully setting us on the course for success with bitcoin now september traditionally is one of bitcoin's worst months and i've tried to tell you guys that there there shouldn't be a connection there should not be a connection month to month uh due to the four year cycles it would be more appropriate to cut to compare this september to september of 2017 but not necessarily september of last year or the year before that so you know what we could be looking at we may do we'll talk about this a little more this week on the live stream what we could be seeing for bitcoin is an exact repeat of 2017. instead of you know fitting the timeline that i thought we were going to be on maybe it makes more sense for bitcoin to exactly mimic that four-year cycle what would that mean that would mean september a red month and then that would mean green months for october november and december followed by a brutal start to next year so that could be what we're looking at uh you guys pay attention this week's going to be very interesting to see where bitcoin ends up uh i think the first is maybe on thursday or something like that i don't know the exact day i'll see if today's the 26 27 28 29 i think friday should be october 1st according to my calculations uh so does that mean that we're going to wrap up a bloody month here for bitcoin or does that mean that maybe by thursday we see some upward momentum and somehow miraculously end up with a green month hard to say but i think that october is shaping up to be probably one of the greatest months in bitcoin history so let me know what you think drop those comments down below that's all i got be blessed good boy

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