Bitcoin GOLDEN CROSS Coming! Crypto Bulls MUST RECLAIM This Level!

welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all of these crypto news in less than three minutes yes i am wearing a backwards beret it's been that kind of night listen uh let's get into the bitcoin price right now first of all the overall market cap is coming in at a little over 2 trillion dollars 2.06 we are still holding on to that 2 trillion dollar level in market cap good stuff we don't want to go below that bitcoin saying it 45 200 right now it did dip below 45 000 earlier to the 44s um but it has gone back above 45 000. we will talk about a level it needs to hold or it needs to get above here soon uh top pumpers of the day all over eight percent about eight to eleven percent pumps we got avax dot elrond kusama cardano aka ada and hbar so let's get to the number one story of the day the bitcoin price this thing is really struggling we're not seeing a lot of upward momentum but we're not seeing a lot of downward momentum either uh we are seeing the bears dig in uh wanting bitcoin to go down to the 38 000 level meanwhile the bulls need the price to get above forty five thousand five hundred in order to continue back upwards in bullish momentum so there was a golden cross this is where the two hundred day and the fifty day moving average uh cross this usually means the price will go up significantly it was about to print a few days ago we had this dramatic fall and now it is nowhere in sight but i would warn you guys about that the last time we had a golden cross i feel like golden crosses and death crosses are the most overblown thing in all of crypto last time we had a golden cross was right before the may dump so i actually don't think it's a super negative thing that we haven't seen it uh number two story of the day we have pantera capital the biggest blockchain fund currently over four billion dollars in assets under management they just did an extra 369 million dollar raise to fill their war chests to get ready to do more crypto spinning spread across crypto projects everywhere i talked about injuries in horowitz earlier today in a video you can go check that video out but they are also one of the top funds and former cftc uh director or employee member or whatever you call brian kenton's he just went to work for andrews and horowitz's crypto fund uh a 16 z i think it's called number three we have etf news arc invest kathy woods company they are now looking at ways to invest into crypto etfs in canada because they're taking too long here in the united states to get going so you guys let me know what you think about these stories drop your comments down below how to do you guys with the late night news that's all i got be blessed boy out also don't judge me from the bray

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