Bitcoin – Future Of Bitcoin & Ethereum- How does its pricing works- Bitcoin Mutual Funds & More

Hello guys and welcome to my channel! In todays video, we are going to type about cryptocurrency and specifically "bitcoins". In Past, few months Bitcoin prices have been rising drastically. and in last few weeks it has been really crazy to see its upwards movement So I was thinking to share my opinions on how this price movement will be for "Bitcoin" in the future So stay tuned while we discuss everything about Bitcoins And If you liked the video do subscribe to my channel !! So let's start and understand what a bitcoin actually is ?? It's basically a cryptocurrency generated to blockchain & mining !! But all these terms might be confusing! So let's talk like a layman Suppose when you buy something on an app or a website, you get cashback and that cashback can only be used for purchasing you cant withdraw that, so what is that them we know we need money to buy it but that cashback is not money So guys that basically a digital currency, somewhat similar to a cryptocurrency 0: 02: 08.000,1193: 02: 47.295

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