Bitcoin Explained: What Is a BTC Maximalist (One Deadly Defect)

ah yes the bitcoin maximalists you may hear me refer to them on my channel as the maxis or more affectionately the maxi pads is this viewed between me and the maximal it's all good fun or is there actually bad blood between us and more important what the heck is a bitcoin maximalist if you've ever seen me talk about maximalist and want to know what they are then this video is for you let's get it welcome to bit boy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money then make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys make sure to head on over to that's the number four this is where you will find my beginner course on cryptocurrency and bitcoin we've gotten a lot of really good feedback so far so make sure you check it out it's really geared towards beginners and helping you get your bt c legs underneath you in this world of crypto this video is the next in our bitcoin explain series where we go over some of the simple ideas and comp steps in cryptocurrency you may not understand and i know sometimes it feels like you're drinking from a fire hose when you're watching one of my videos or even a crypto video from one of my enemies it makes me see red this playlist allows you to slow down and get the information that you need in order to understand what the heck is happening and what some of those frequently used crypto words are in meme today you're going to be learning about one of the things i hate the most in cryptocurrency which are bitcoin maximalists i'm going to tell you exactly what maximalism is and is not then later in this video i'm going to explain to you exactly why i hate maximalists but not necessarily maximalism that may not make a ton of sense to you right now but it will so make sure to stick around until the end of the video also guys take a pause and look at that cute little gray thumbs up button and then smash it repeat smash the like button okay let's get into it first let's start with the definition of bitcoin maximalist according to a bitcoin maximalist believes with unwavering conviction that bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency in fact only currency worth caring about most maximalists also feel strongly the altcoins which are any cryptocurrency that's not bitcoin are not just technically flawed but are morally questionable the irony is so thick here that you can cut it with a knife or maybe a small sword but we will get to that later the long and short of it is this a bitcoin maximos believes all other coins will die ugly deaths and at the end of the day bitcoin will be the only cryptocurrency that survives because it is both technically and morally superior you can kind of think of them as a bunch of little crypto hitlers if you will so really from a strict interpretation orange coin good fiat bad altcoins bad you to swap djinns bad but there's a whole lot more here to unpack in order to understand why i have such huge problems with them and i think this is what it all boils down to most maximalists cheer for all coins to fail they want to will them to failure in the crypto market where one third of all the money is in altcoins the btc maximalist wants to see altcoins go bust and their investors to reap certain doom and they're extremely outspoken about that i never understood wanting others to fail and yet that's exactly what the average maximalist wants they want pain and financial suffering to go to people why because they invested in something other than bitcoin and that drives me insane i don't want the dollar to fail i don't want the u.s economy to fail like those are not great things in the world a lot of people will get hurt but the maximalist take is this it's their choice they deserve to get hurt for doing that let me relate this to a crazy story that happened to me just the other day now instead of me telling you the story just check out this tick tock i made about it on monday after my last tick tock something pretty dramatic happened all i did was stop at the gas station get a slim jim and some ranch sunflower seeds as i'm picking up my items a man runs to the store and says there's a guy overdosing outside in the parking lot he told the guy in the store call 911 get somebody out here quick because this guy is dying so i'm sitting there i'm looking outside i'm looking at the guy at the store i'm looking outside i'm looking at the guy at the store and he literally is not doing anything so i looked at him and said hey dude there's somebody dying outside do you think you want to call 9-1-1 and he had the most non-responsive look in his face and i said i'll call him okay and he said yeah you go ahead and call him buddy so i call 9-1-1 and i stay outside while they're doing cpr to this guy and you know he obviously overdosed on some pretty heavy stuff i know what it is i don't think i'd say it on tick tock so the 911 operator she told me all the best practices we had to lay him down flat we couldn't give him orange juice had to count his breathing and then we had to tell her when he was breathing and things like that and finally the paramedics arrived and i got the narcan i think he's gonna be okay the point is what's wrong with some of y'all how can you see somebody dying and not do anything [Music] and of course guys make sure to go follow me on tick tock by the way you can find me by searching at fact ceo i'm a youtuber by day tic talker by night bullfighter by weekend but in that story the maximalists are the guy in the store who would not call 9-1-1 i know you guys weren't there when this happened but here's the deal the guy was not going to call them no matter what he looked at the situation as it was not his problem and i couldn't believe the comments on that tick tock there were so many people saying the guy overdosing was responsible for himself and it's okay to literally watch him die because he did drugs like have you never done anything stupid in your life have you never overindulged in anything my little minecraft addicts if an overweight person is dying of a heart attack would you just sit there and watch it happen here's what it boils down to some people are just weak and i get that but to be totally okay watching someone die i just cannot understand that the maximalists believe that because you made the decision to invest in altcoins you deserve suffering it blows me away sounds like a religion but this is the attitude that they have and they are the most pompous toxic jerks in the entire space now let me be clear i have a few friends like brekkie who are maximalists and i tolerate their extreme views i love him and i think i also have to make a bold distinction between the hardline bitcoin maximalist as i call them and people who are maximalish the hardline maximalists are the people who are toxic the people who are maximalish believe that bitcoin is superior due to its technicals fundamentals and security the difference is that they are smart enough to realize that in a world where almost 150 billion dollars are invested into all coins some will survive and actually might serve a purpose there's just too much money in this space for them all to fail how many will survive well that's anybody's guess some believe 10 some believe 50 some believe hundreds and some believe in a fully tokenized world with more than thousands of tokens i actually tend to believe in the last theory where having your own token will be as common as gift cards or having your own website but that's just my gut feeling now listen there are sane normal people who believe that bitcoin is dominant and will be the last coin standing and i can listen to that argument i disagree but i get where they're coming from i mean bitcoin has the first mover advantage my hatred toward the maximalist is dedicated specifically at the hard-line maximalists for their toxic maximalinity i made that word up pompous people like save a dean amos pierre rocha and tonvez jimmy song they're some of the worst humans in this space the way they attack people for diversified investments and encroaching on their morally superior high ground makes me sick meanwhile you have probably the most respected person in this space andreas antonopoulos who believes in free competition and he's not a maximalist that should tell you something let me reveal to you why most people are hardline maximalists if they are they don't want you to get rich because they already are they have become the very people who they originally started out against the one percenters who hoard all the wealth and are elitists tone vase have become the pompous elitist themselves they're already rich this guy pierre refused to ride on a promotional bus with me and several other crypto influencers last year because some of us talk about all coins can you get more pretentious than that refusing to be in the presence of someone inferior to you i haven't seen anything that extreme since 1941 when the aryan race was the most popular thing going don't worry i didn't make it to that club either at pia rocha you have to understand the biggest opportunity to get rich in bitcoin is over you can still make money in it of course but the biggest opportunity has passed period all coins offer people bigger chances for gains and they hate that like if bitcoin 100 x from here it would be over a million dollars and a market cap of like 20 trillion by itself probably not going to happen soon but hey it could but some of the smaller caps around 1 million dollars could easily get to 100 million dollars in cap plenty have done it we see it all the time and some of them could even get to a billion in a huge bull run like we're about to see a 1000x for bitcoin does not exist there isn't that much money in the world these pompous elitist maximalists want to hold you down so they can make all the money and stay elite i don't blame the individual players on the philadelphia eagles because their fans are super rude and annoying in general i mean they're known for that they threw snowballs at santa claus and beer bottles at ladies i don't blame bitcoin for these maximalists but i can say the toxicity coming from the maximalist is so bad that it does turn me off to bitcoin a bit but i respect it and believe it or not i actually am sitting on some bitcoin right now i haven't moved over to ethereum for the first time in forever the next time one of these idiots says something elitist i'll just throw up instead of trading my bitcoin which side of the fence do you fall on let me know down below in the comments that's all i got be blessed [Music] foreign

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