Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin Price Prediction / Mar. 2 #investment

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of the cryptocurrency market as all coins from the top 10 list have come back to the
green zone. Last Saturday, the Bitcoin price held in a
fairly wide sideways range between the support of $46,000 and the resistance of $48,000. On Sunday, sellers knocked the pair out of
the sideways channel and tested the $43,100 level, setting a weekly low at $43,021. The pair managed to recover within the sideways
range last night and, in the morning, the growth stopped in the area of the POC line
($47,037). In the first half of the day, buyers will
try to break through to the upper border of the sideways range. But if the buying volumes are as modest as
tonight, then bulls will not be able to gain a foothold above the resistance of $48,500,
and movement in the sideways channel will continue until the end of the day. It should also be said that another weak support
area is seen in the area of $44,500, which today may limit the rollback if sellers begin
to press and squeeze the pair out of the sideways range.

Bitcoin is trading at $48,615 at video editing
time. Throughout the day on Saturday, buyers tried
to gain a foothold above the resistance of $1,500, but they failed to form a powerful
bullish impulse. On Sunday night, the bears pushed the pair
below the weekly low, and at the end of the day pierced the level of $1,300, updating
the local minimum to $1,293. Over the past night, there has been increased
demand for Ethereum on the market. As a result, the price crossed the POC indicator
line ($1,345) and recovered to the $1,460 area in the morning. One believes that today the resistance of
$1,600 will continue to restrain the growth of the ethereum price.

Only a strong bullish impulse will allow the
pair to gain a foothold above the level of average prices. Ethereum is trading at $1,555 at video editing
time. Yesterday, the Ripple price fell out of the
blue sideways range and set a local minimum at $0.393. Over the past night, buyers tried to return
the pair to the channel, but by morning they were unable to overcome the resistance of
the lower border at the level of $0.430. If bears resume the onslaught, the price will
test the $0.350 level. XRP is trading at $0.4468 at video editing
time. Dogecoin bulls are persistently pushing for
recovery after the recent slump to $0.04. The liftoff from this support has not been
drastic, but buyers are consistently returning to the market. Initially, resistance at $0.06 hindered recovery
leading to a dive to $0.04. However, the uptrend has been renewed, and
Dogecoin is getting closer to a massive upswing. The cryptoasset is dancing within the confines
of a symmetrical triangle, printed on the 4-hour chart. This technical pattern does not have a bullish
or bearish bias. It is formed after a significant move in price
followed by a period of consolidation.

Two trendlines are drawn: one connecting consecutive
declining peaks, and the other links a series of ascending lows. Usually, a breakout or breakdown takes place
before the trendlines meet. Symmetrical triangles are distinct for their
exact targets after the breakout, measured from the pattern's highest to lowest points. In this case, DOGE is nearing a potential
35% liftoff to $0.07. The bullish outlook is currently supported
by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the 4-hour chart. The trend strength indicator has a positive
gradient toward the overbought region. As it gains ground, buyers get more confident,
ready for the breakthrough to the all-time highs. The TD Sequential indicator has recently flashed
a sell signal on the 4-hour chart, hinting at overhead pressure intensifying in the near-term. This call to sell occurred in a green nine
candlestick. If validated, we can anticipate Dogecoin's
fall in one to four 4-hour candles and perhaps retest the support at $0.044 and $0.04, respectively. It is worth mentioning that the symmetrical
triangle can lead to a breakdown with the same 35% target to $0.03.

Immediate support by the 50 Simple Moving
Average must be protected to avoid the possible dip. Otherwise, closing the day below the moving
average could pave the way for retesting the triangle support, risking a freefall to $0.03.
in the interest of brevity, Dogecoin recovery is gradual but consistent, as bulls stream
back into the market. A symmetrical triangle pattern on the 4-hour
chart hints at a 35% upswing to $0.07. A sell signal on the 4-hour chart could jeopardize
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