Bitcoin & Eth Hodlers – IT’S A TRAP! | Cryptocurrency CRASHING!!! DO NOT SELL? ADA PRICE PREDICTION

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily 
my name is aaron if you hold bitcoin if you hold   ethereum if you hold cardano this video is for 
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on a daily basis and this is information this   is perspective that you do not want to miss this 
is not financial advice this is just my opinion   but let's talk about whether we're in a bull 
or a bear market let's talk about bitcoin   ethereum and cardano crypto market cap 
sinks below 1.5 trillion as bitcoin and east   continue to crash bitcoin is the main market 
mover ethereum is the second market mover and   when they go down the whole cryptocurrency market 
goes down so as we showed you yesterday bitcoin   is well it had a 53 percent drop and unfortunately 
right now it is consolidating near the lows at 48   now the first question is are we entering a bear 
market now first i want to point out that this   generally isn't how markets top especially in 
crypto markets usually top with a blow off top   something like this something like this something 
like this so just looking at the shape of the   price chart this isn't normally how we enter a 
bear market keep in mind bitcoin holders this   literally happens every cycle i'm talking about 
a final shakeout before the next leg up actually   taking a look at just last cycle this happened 
multiple times at least one two three four five   six where there's just this final shakeout and 
after that the next leg up in the market bitcoin   rising higher after this final shakeout now i'm 
sure if you're paying attention you're telling   me in the comments right now aaron we're in a bear 
market this time never before have we seen an over   40 percent correction in a bull cycle as you just 
pointed out bitcoin 53 correction what are we to   think of this surely we are in a bear market in 
my opinion you're not in my opinion we are not   yes we never saw that in the last cycle but if 
we go back in time the cycle before this was the   eventual cycle top but what we saw right in the 
middle of the cycle bitcoin moved up a little bit   too high too fast and how much do you think 
we corrected this would have been 53 percent   we actually corrected 83 percent now i don't think 
we're going to correct 83 percent this time do you   think we're going to correct 83 percent this time 
i personally don't think so i think what we're   seeing is a combination history is rhyming it's 
not exactly like 2017.

It's not exactly like 2013.   somewhere in the middle and history is rhyming 
just like that personally i'm a buyer here i'm   going to tell you why first of all if you look 
at unchained metrics they overwhelmingly show   that it is the new bitcoin holders who are selling 
to the people who have been around for years   do you understand this take a look at unchained 
metrics weekends new hands new coiners are selling   to old hands to long-term hands to the strong this 
is what's going on if you truly understand bitcoin   i think you're not selling 
i certainly am not selling   and if you're a bitcoin og this is something 
that's been known in the community for years   every day that bitcoin goes by and bitcoin as a 
network hasn't collapsed due to legal or technical   problems that brings new information to the market 
that brings trust to the market it increases the   chance of bitcoin's eventual success and actually 
justifies a higher price whenever bitcoin finds a   bottom here just like it always has just 
like it always has time is going to pass   whether it's a v-shaped recovery or whether it's 
something like this time is going to pass and more   people are going to trust the network and it's 
going to justify a higher price for the network   and again keep in mind last time we closed this 
low below the 21 week ema bitcoin rose 1 100   so there's a lot of fear in the market right now 
fear and greed index hits yearly low as extreme   fear sets in so this is it about a month ago 
we were at extreme greed for the last few weeks   we've been at extreme fear i'm a buyer here i'm a 
buyer and the reason i'm so calm keep in mind just   because everybody else is fearful doesn't mean 
you have to be red is just the caller on a chart   price is just a number find ways to disassociate 
yourself from the emotions emotions can blind you   from opportunity now how can i be so sure about 
my bitcoin holdings we're going to move on to   ethereum cardano in just a second how can i be so 
sure on my bitcoin holdings that's because i have   an investor's thesis for everything i invest in 
so whether the price goes up or down as long as   my investor's thesis is still intact i can remain 
bullish and not get emotional now again something   that we might be seeing in the comments in this 
video is people saying well this time is different   it seems as if china is really banning bitcoin 
mining this time it seems as if they're really   doing it i'd like to share a a counter narrative 
with you on that um this is that if china were   to actually actually mine or ban bitcoin mining 
it would actually be a good thing long term and   this is why nick carter bullish on the potential 
bitcoin mining crackdown in china here is why   coinmetrics co-founder nick carter says he's 
happy that the chinese authorities are calling   for a crackdown on bitcoin mining i'm gonna let 
him tell you listen to what he says very closely   emergency press conference china potentially 
banning bitcoin mining what does it mean   so earlier today some reports started to come 
out that china might be getting more aggressive   in terms of targeting miners this isn't a surprise 
this is a continuation of what had already begun   mining was already banned in the province of 
inner mongolia which is heavily coal powered   is this good or bad well people like me 
have actually been asking for this to happen   anticipating it i was looking forward 
to it and i'm glad that it's happening   first of all it reduces china's ability 
to potentially influence bitcoin   there was an outside chance that at some point 
they would use the china domiciled hashrate   to launch an attack on bitcoin this wasn't really 
something that i thought was very likely but now   by continuing to ban mining in china they're not 
going to have any leverage or ability to do that   second of all this is good as far as 
bitcoin's carbon footprint is concerned   as we all know there's lots of coal in in china 
and that was partly used for mining by banning   mining in places that are coal powered china is 
reducing bitcoin's aggregate carbon emissions   this is an effective subsidy to western cleaner 
based miners and so it dramatically improves   the emissions factor of the bitcoin network uh 
so this is something we should be celebrating   now with regards to security is this going to make 
bitcoin less secure not really bitcoin security   doesn't really increase with a single marginal 
unit of hash rate bitcoin is overwhelmingly secure   it's secure at many thresholds even if hash rate 
were to drop by 50 or 80 percent it would still   be considered secure uh the worst that will happen 
will be if hash rate goes offline blocks might be   slower for a week or two that's really it so in 
short this is good for bitcoin's climate impact   this reduces china's leverage over bitcoin and 
it doesn't really affect its security it's a good   thing let's talk about cardano let's talk about 
alt coins and actually let's also give a cardano   and a bitcoin a price prediction this cycle we'll 
start here cardano is close to launching smart   contracts according to an interview from charles 
hoskinson key takeaways are in an exclusive   interview with crypto briefing charles hoskinson 
has discussed cardano's upcoming plans cardano is   now heading towards the much anticipated hard fork 
codenamed alonso the team is also training over 1   000 developers who want to write applications on 
cardano so let's talk ada price predictions let's   talk bitcoin price predictions top crypto analyst 
extremely bullish on cardano unveils massive   price target prominent trader and analyst who 
continues to build his following with his timely   calls on crypto assets just flipped extremely 
bullish on blockchain network cardano ada   following the latest market-wide correction in a 
series of tweets the pseudo-anonymous trader known   as capo unveils his bullish outlook on cardano 
plus bitcoin and three more altcoins the trader   predicts a massive price target that plots ada's 
path towards 40 dollars he expects the asset to   reach the target sometime in early 2022 implying a 
2 500 rally for the smart contract platform which   is currently trading actually below 1.51 he says 
quote ada long-term road map potential i can see   this happening and actually following ada's quick 
and repeated bounces from the one dollar level   indicating strong support crypto capo doubled down 
on his sentiment he says i cannot be more bullish   on cardano as for bitcoin the analyst 
doesn't believe that the bull market is over   he sees the world's largest crypto by market cap 
recovering from its recent correction and grinding   its way up near the 400 000 level around the break 
of the new year so around the end of the year   representing potential gains of almost a thousand 
percent from 37 000 so more at this point now   this conclusion will probably be the bottom of 
the next bear market so he's saying where we   are right now where we're spending all this time 
right now getting a price history just like here   just like here will possibly probably according to 
him be the bottom of the next cycle so something   to think about 40 cardano 400 000 bitcoin i can 
get behind that let's talk about ethereum let's   talk about layer two scaling solution polygon for 
ethereum yield farmers are migrating to polygon   the number of daily users on polygon is growing 
fast with the layer one scaling solution actually   the layer two scaling solution recently surpassing 
ethereum in number of daily transactions it's kind   of a big deal ethereum native protocols such 
as ave sushi swap and curve led the way for   ethereum users to migrate to the network polygon 
is an ethereum scaling solution and is in direct   competition with binance smart chain polygon 
offers a similar yield farming experience to   ethereum mainnet at a fraction of the cost key 
metrics show the d5 power users are starting to   migrate to the network for the lower cost of d5 
maintaining the ethereum decentralized base layer   putting it on a layer two solution polygon this 
is what we'd like to see so i am still actually   for a totally different reason than bitcoin 
because i think they're very different things   i'm still bullish on ethereum ethereum actually it 
was like 60 percent correction take a look at this   from the top to the bottom 60 correction right now 
a 54 correction ethereum falls below 2000 amid the   latest crypto crash the price of ethereum is 
firmly less than half of its all-time highs   i did pick up a little bit ethereum now you 
know ethereum might not win in the end it's   you know doesn't have the same lindy effect as 
bitcoin i think it's got a great uh you know i   have an investor's thesis for ethereum but you 
know it might not win there are other things   out there it's exciting time to be in crypto 
because we truly don't know what's going to happen   solana is a competitor surges on news of coinbase 
pro listing so solana is one such competitor so   lana is doing well all right that's it for me 
today my friends i encourage you to watch either   of these two videos for your continued education 
subscribe to the channel we drop a video every day   and of course i want to hear your thoughts in the 
comments below are we in a bull market are we in a   bear market truly nobody knows i'm a buyer here 
i don't know what you're doing see you tomorrow

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