Bitcoin drops as Elon Musk tweets ‘break-up’ meme

welcome back to fast money bitcoin dropping more than three percent today after another cryptic crypto tweet from elon musk the tesla ceo tagging bitcoin with a heartbreak emoji in this meme about a breakup we started the show with pantless adam aaron and we're ending it with elon musk and some emojis karen what do you what do you think this means i think maybe it means tesla's out of their bitcoin maybe could that be what it means i don't know it's i i sort of think it's sort of a waste of his time i don't really know what he's doing i don't know that i don't know what he's doing i do think every time he tweets there'll be a more and more muted effect on bitcoin because he tweets all the time sort of i i don't get it at all but i don't think there's anything criminal about it or anything like that even though oh here's here's the issue and we were discussing this just during the commercial break tesla does have bitcoin on the balance sheet so from that perspective could elon musk maybe and be inviting trouble by tweeting about something that tesla owns even if it doesn't participate to the upside when it goes up it does participate to the downside well let me let me give you a counter to that do they own raw materials including copper that they need to make teslas yeah they probably do he could talk copper up down whatever he could say whatever you want do they in effect own tesla shares that they could issue at some time he could talk those up or down he's talked them down but there is there is a point where it is does get to be manipulation if he's talking something up or down just pulling stuff out of air something has to be based on some sort of factual well if he starts making up what their numbers are going to be that's a different issue yes right that's true it's a little irresponsible to me but i don't see it as that the same of making up numbers for your quarter right guy where do you stand i mean tesla shares are up they were down yesterday they're up four and a half percent today doesn't seem like it's a big deal for shareholders no it's not it's not listen i mean he's brilliant man but i i'm sort of more with steven i don't think it's criminal i think this but i think it's like at what point there's a isn't there a responsibility to sort of to hold the position in a higher regard than to do dopey things and i'm choosing that word on twitter like i don't know but that's the world we live in right now and i clearly am too much of a boomer and i get it but you know maybe i'm just a little too old-fashioned i don't understand what he has to gain by doing these things it just makes no sense to me i mean you got ryan cohen tweeting ice cream cones you got elon musk tweeting bitcoin emojis you got adam aaron pantless that's the world in which we live right now shepherd smith here thanks for watching cnbc on youtube

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