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bitcoin millionaires internet – as a rising crypto currency and elon musk on twitter all bitkom younger in madness drives what kind of chaos on the crypto markets you can do that at all take crypto seriously or, in the end, even belongs to the future after weeks of record highs, bitcoin is in again last week the basement dangers compared to the highest level slump of over 50 percent with such extreme fluctuations why invest since there are still people in what is behind the bed no hype and how does it actually work with this crypto currency so don't worry if you say yes, i have even loaded myself it is with the bitcoins like this works best right here 2008 one or the other will turn out to be maybe remember there was a global collapse of the financial market lehman brothers & co have the banking system completely on the wall Many people were driven into the area without them being able to do anything about it financial ruin simply because she trusts the banks and it was precisely in this crisis that suddenly appeared out of nowhere bitcoins a digital decentralized money system that promises the The crypto currency was to abolish dependence on individual banks By the way, born crypto is not something for soup becomes more dangerous but that is old greek and means secret at first it was only a thing for a few who did it have done illegal business absolutely anonymously in time that's why it's secret, but actually there is a much more important one behind it idea namely the solution of the problem of the Byzantine generals several Byzantine generals are supposed to conquer a city and each general leads always an equally large part of the Byzantine on the way to the battle, however, the problem was the generals and you cannot communicate directly with each other when the city is attacked can't really trust each other like you can in the internet can not trust so wildly to conquer the city only succeeds if everyone attacks together at the same time there only has to be one general withdraw with his troops and the rest of the trend to their death that is, if one way the other with their armies as generals Wanting to purposely get rid of competitors he just has to lie to them and then Pinching when attacking so that doesn't happen is only possible One way the generals must develop their battle plans before attacking one In retrospect, someone should not show himself to the central authority plans have held then it flies on yes and so does it currently also work on the internet if you buy something online Dealers don't even just rely on your word that they really get from you the money gets my the dealer asks your bank of the central authority whether you can really pay the money but that also means that the bank plays an incredibly important role on which we are dependent and that financial crisis just proven, we can't always get the banks right trust and here comes the technology behind bitcoin or all of them other crypto currencies in play the block chain the block chain technology stands for a decentralized system which is our problem Byzantine generals dissolve and it works so block chain is called yes on German just blog chain and that's exactly how you have to imagine it each block contains information about the exchange of goods in the case of crypto currencies about the transactions of money you have to imagine that as such an account statement on which the transfers of all persons involved new transfers are noted in a blog to all other previous blocks is added to create a blog chain all in all, the block chain is an incredibly long list of all bitcoin remittances that is constantly being enlarged and now comes the clou of Every transaction is sent a copy worldwide all participants involved are always sent encrypted and updated 100% verified so safe which would be true for our Byzantine generals that means that they can see what the other is planning at any time centrally supervising authority that would be in the Byzantine example Such an upper general to whom everything has to be reported then it does not need it more and you can't manipulate or hack the block chain either because that would require not just one block but everyone in the chain Chop the blocks located on all participating computers of a copy have and still are many of them that is almost impossible With this technology, bitcoin is a decentralized, independent digital one Means of payment Bitcoin is real money, that's a currency, just like us at some point I said this paper on which he looked his 20 on it that is worth 20 euros because it was once said that these bits and bytes are are just real money and how I can exchange euros for dollars with a certain rate i can also use coin in another currency So you can exchange it with it to buy a pizza of course there is offers where you can actually choose bitcoin in addition to paypal credit card or cash can but that's a bit like gold there are also people in gold investing with the gold bar itself could also pay but you tend to have that at home to hope that it will be worth more for it then to sell and not necessarily to pay with it is that rough with the Bitcoin, like gold, has had all of this for many speculators worldwide for years Driven to buy bitcoin because of the overall value of bitcoin Since the introduction it has increased more and more and still you read that too this price rises constantly, then it falls again enormously and all because a central authoritarian person like elon musk tweets with a twitter Post is influencing, or recently an entire state, namely China how can that be what makes the bitcoin absolutely independent should work that is what we have professor philipp santner from der frankfurt school of finance and management asked who's the head there of the block chain center so with the answer you have to put that in front the price of bitcoin is a result of supply and demand and the Statements from the inside of the mask but also the Chinese state also have an impact a bit on the demand situation people are afraid that maybe people would sell their bitcoins then the price would fall or im reverse sense, if the one in grandma is very enthusiastic about the bitcoin then you can you assume that other people will follow him, the prices will rise and it ultimately explains this incredible up and down that is also very very strong because you have a worldwide market yes you have global players china is a very powerful country, especially in this area because a large part of mine is there, ie cough here if we can then almost without further ado the entire area falls psychologically to sage I guess that's not true, of course, the bitcoin blogs continues to run for eleven years it has not changed and you can look very nice realize that there are many people who listen to your opinions on news and there is just a smaller proportion of people who like bitcoin and culture currencies have understood so deeply that they differ from such Opinions and a bit of headwind just don't knock you down by far not only bitkom the market has only so of different crypto currencies with different approaches and promises for example, there is also a criterion that is not a currency at all but a platform that works on the basis of block chain technology and decentralized applications are publicly available at iss run your blog chain and not get paid locally on your mobile phone there with the crypto currency there is also something like the shower head crypto currency that was created out of pure fun in front of the dogs I would have bought a cross on May 25, 2020 for 100 euros through points if these were points at the previous highest level on 7 20 21 was simply worth 26,000 191 euros because that was still trustworthy or it is pure casino so in fact the taxes are a joke who was once initiated but you still have to hold on to that the through technology has been running for more than five years in a row, so to speak the system runs day and night in one piece that is impressive and you have even the certain ones resist it because they have me now afterwards too Germany asked there are lots of other great crypto currencies after you didn't ask me ie these arianes this brand awareness from there just like bitcoin is in that there is a certain there is certain substance year but i wouldn’t invest in germany for that somewhere the clarity, the transparency, there I also lack the vision, there I miss it sense and purpose of it all I would not invest there but it there are of course other approaches, in particular e terium and some others that are already very substantial where one can already assume that these are Technologies will continue to be on the rise in the shower head incidentally, elon musk twitter recommendations also fueled it musk recently hit the bitcoin on twitter hard, the criticism of the bitkom is absolutely harmful to the environment true, we have to do that again back to the blog chain technology because it works by itself with the blocks not every transaction has to be confirmed by an independent person become a so-called one of mine whose job it is to make new transactions collect and use it to create a new block in the chain for the law Creating this new blog is an incredibly complicated one solve arithmetic task which in the end only with electricity guzzling high end hardware So does a really great computer work and now you're wondering presumably what does mine have of it who does the arithmetic task first solves is rewarded with new bitcoins Meiler is a kind of gold digger who has instead of the hoe or something whenever you need to dig gold here, he uses the computer Son because of the high power consumption, we don't like our environment well it works day and night and you have to cool it there then there is still a lot to do with it, the electricity from bigpoint is also in the did a problem i personally believe that the problem is not as big as you do it in the media at the moment but it's still a problem because of me I don't want to gloss over it, but you have to hold on to that power consumption is initially neutral, watching the computer game netflix watching youtube or how we are communicating with each other right now with victories through some data center that is some kind of data center And they also consume electricity and there is also a coal-fired power plant running and where in the world for the fact that we can talk to each other right now you shouldn't forget that and that's how it is at veeco life in sum is it so that the entire netflix consumption youtube consumption and All in all, computer games have the same co2 footprint as bitcoin he does now I am better I know that too but at least he is one of those bit in the context that you actually get the bitcoin here If you have a serious problem, you can formally and logically computer games yes i just want to put the context a bit and Otherwise, I don't want to gloss over that known to consumers is very ugly that is not what you should change the problem is that you can hardly change it because you can't update it order of magnitude can be imported into the system in an uncomplicated manner that is factual not possible and what is still an important addition is that of bitkom Both brown electricity but also green electricity and one consumes at the moment I don't know exactly how big the share of green electricity actually is is which is supposed to be used Estimates range from 60% to 70% green electricity that means 30 to 40 percent electricity and i personally agree that the bitcoin network is built in such a way that it has a tendency in the future from the mechanisms of consuming green electricity but that helps us now it was no longer today yes the power consumption is high and so is that proportion of brown energy consumed is large I was just trying to give a little context but now let's get away from bitcoin and these 100 points of decentralized storage and backing up data, that's exactly what the blogs aim technologie promises who is behind all of this because so far all of our personal data is Google stores it centrally in the network and is verified by third-party companies facebook amazon people like larry page mark zuckerberg earn money with it or jeff bezos your money with the block chain technology could do all that change so the blogger is the impressive technology and i am also the conviction that blogs can be used very extensively in technology but you will always need an industry that participates and regardless of whether it is the music industry or mobility or media consumption advertising and the like you always need the entire industry to participate Both the providers and the customers and you can see that this is in now the past is not as easy as thought that one could begin to transform individual industries to digital if you are polite expression and in the financial industry you can now see that boxing is a topic that has really hit the boardrooms everywhere are starting to think about it, but not necessarily out of risk point of view but also because it offers an incredible opportunity to for example, the euro on a block chain basis offers unbelievable opportunities for the domestic industry or the updates offering of services from banks thus possibly offers a certain protection for consumers as well for us inflation or stock illustration based on blogs enables a faster one more efficient trading in the international context of securities, ie that you are there there are unbelievable possibilities i hope now you are a little bit like that more increased by the bitcoin and pro actually work and if you ask you now very concretely yes that's all fine and good but should I invest there now or not there is a currency that is relatively low-risk and you could start with a little likes and subscriptions this video and bear 24 best then you're not doing anything wrong here are a few videos for tight that also prove that the thing with that the best is what youtube has to offer messi and i see i in the next video [Music]

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