Bitcoin connects long-term thinkers to risk taking entities, Tezos Alt flavor of month, IRS audit?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
known as February the 9th oh I'm rushing things 2020 strong and
did I tweet this out let me see don't even tweet this now
yeah strong hand long-term thinking bitcoin is the next Bitcoin one Bitcoin
it was one Bitcoin five did you round alright dudes
offended by selling oh yeah you got to taste that five digit realm hey hello my
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this week at this coin all the guests are in Asia they were talking
coronavirus so much noise if people are really wasting a lot of their time
worrying about that if you're in the United States and Canada focus on
Bitcoin baby and yeah we hit that five digit realm
now when the four digit five digit 4 digit fight it dudes just get used to
the five digit realm that's the whole point of me seeing five digit realm for
months and months and months for God's sakes I remember when it was in the
three digit realm so hello my Leap friends check out all the links below of
course follow me on Twitter a tech ball yesterday's beyond Bitcoin show was uh
always always a lot of fun talking about subject matters including the virus
including politics of my lord sutch noise and there's a lot of noise to talk
about today also and I just wanna I bring up the noise so you understand
what's noise and you understand what's real out there alright what do we have
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I love the West I love the weather out of Southern California definitely look
I'm really looking forward to being in LA all right and seeing all of you at
Long Beach Las Vegas San Francisco later in March yeah it's gonna be great
exciting times here in Bitcoin so on Thursday I forgot to say I was gonna
bring up the having hype and I said yeah what I forgot to say was that hey we're
in another day in 2020 another day has passed and we have another yearly Fiat
hi for you Fiat freaks and well sure enough today we had Sunday we had
another Fiat freaked hi for you Fiat freaks and of course it's me jumps all
around the price five different round four did but hey we know a lot of you
Fiat freaks are very excited about the five different realm and hey it's if it
puts a smile on your face it puts a smile on your face you should already be
in that mentality already we've been in and out of the five digit round so you
should be used to it you should be used to it by now and here is a tweet from
bit Steen and he says the difference between 10k in 2017 and 10k in 2020 is
that 10k in 2020 is relatively boring relatively the main event hasn't even
begun pound that like button brother that's how you think about it man one
day closer to an all-time high the main event hasn't even begun this we are
still early in in Bitcoin and to stress that point museum
aquadolls says the equivalent of bubble of 1999 hasn't happened the
Bitcoin yet I agree i-i've said I've said this before I
think you can say the dot-com bubble hasn't had hasn't happened the crypto
yet because a lot of people on the goal we had that amazing aucoin season we had
tubes up ICO and sanity and so much new money rolled in the Bitcoin we hit an
all-time high oh no dudes that wasn't a book that
wasn't anything you haven't seen calm bubblicious type of baby this time maybe
2021 we'll bring it I think they're 2021 well yeah 2021 will be bigger than 2017
of course will it be our equivalent of the 1999 dot-com bubble it could be it
might not happen till 2025 though but if you think you've seen run ups if you
think you've seen in savvy and irrational exuberance you haven't yet so
the main event whatever you want to call it the future is bright dude we haven't
experienced that yet man that's why I say we're in this golden age I cannot
predict what's going to happen and how wacky and wild it's gonna get in the
wild wild west but that's why you that's why you're alive man that's where you
take it that's why you're a long-term thinker you're not you're not worried
about you know there were some people I go it just went before did you realm
does that really affect you does that really affect you that did that it was
at 10,000 and then what's a 99.999 for you know a night I mean maybe
tomorrow who knows it'll be it does that you gotta be a long-term thing you can't
let these daily things get get get you worried and crazy and everything again
yeah I mean if it puts a smile on your face or whatever that's good that's
positive if it makes you worry that's negative okay you don't you want to get
rid of all negativity especially short-term thinking negativity worst
type of negativity out there long-term thinking should bring positivity and
clarity into your life all right and that's what we talk about here all right
so I wanted to bring up the MWC crypt of dividend when I was running I
think I was running on Friday I was thinking about it I I don't know what
day last week it was either Thursday or Friday that the MWC got so high on hot
fit okay I think it's like 17 or 18 dollars right now and it's all because
of one person one guy who represents a fund of some sort or maybe he's really
rich I don't know the specifics but let's say he represents an entity
he's one entity one entity that who has no common sense whatsoever in terms of I
mean it's an entity with an insolvent person it's an entity with a lot of
money to blow okay and good if you know I I don't hate I don't hate on someone
like that that's great if you are an entity with a ton of money you're like a
one-percenter or whatever you are good for you I'm glad you got a lot of money
now the funny thing is in the old days regular guys like me and you and
everyone out there we couldn't interact with such people that blew money on wild
things like nwc okay I mean maybe if you owned the Lamborghini dealership for
something like that you get to interact it but it was few and far between
it was mostly 1% or like the people who would blow money like this guy is
blowing money on MWC okay he's the singular reason this thing is worth so
much and you know he could do whatever he wants to do with his money this is
where the big boys play this is awesome and in the old days we could never have
access to such people okay the people that would make money
off of dudes like that were other very very wealthy people probably are just
lucky people people that had to be there were in specific industries but now look
we as as regular people we got this thing for free and we value our about
the Bitcoin this guy is valuing his wealth and MWC forgot six all right he
thinks he wants he thinks I'm dumb he sees the next Bitcoin whatever if one of
the slogans here is Bitcoin is next Bitcoin
and it's very obvious but for some people they want to gamble some entities
have so much money why not dateable why not gamble and in the old days we
couldn't we couldn't maybe they will go down to the trumpet trumpet a plaza or
Trump Trump marina whatever it was called Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and
they would just gamble that's what they were doing
Trump would become rich because of them and you know good for Trump whatever but
now we we can interact with these this is the Golden Age that we're in that
cryptocurrency and Bitcoin has has brought us to connect us to these wild
people know a lot of people hate on them and like oh I hate people
don't let that distract you in a second don't be a hater be a player maybe be
player of this game baby if he's gonna blow all his wad on MWC and he's gonna
give me big fling for something I got for free this is what a great world the
living today and so yes this is what cryptocurrency Bitcoin has brought us to
where we are now connected to these people that we would never be connected
to before they wouldn't get out won't we get their gambling money we don't on
this he knows we don't know in the Tropicana or whatever the or the pyramid
in Vegas whatever that thing is of Vegas yes yeah okay I know I will be in Vegas
on the 22nd okay so that that's what I thought of however that's running the
other day and I hope more spec again this guy this entity this fund I hope
more and more of them come into the space I have no problem with them
spending money any way they want to and more crypto dividends come to us and if
they want to give us inflated prices for it then I could never have predicted and
and let me tell you I did not no way did I expect there to be one entity to start
buying up every MWC for any price possible I mean never sorry I I this is
like insane but whatever this is the wacky world we're living in right now
where this could all happen again more power to them let them keep coming I'm
not gonna curtsy I'm not gonna make fun he can do what he wants to do and
everything like that I I was on the others you know I'm on the other side
where I I don't want I love Bitcoin he wants to give away big
coin that's the way I see it he's got so much Bitcoin he's gonna keep giving it
away he great good for you dude awesome that's the world we're living in now
what why don't I go so people out there who sitting on the sidelines who are
saying all this is this is all gonna fall apart it's all fake oh oh I want to
go back to gold can you do this involve the gold connect you to these type of
wacky people out there I mean what did you stock in bonds connect you to these
type of people know this thing this new realm that were in this golden age
connects you to these people I mean as I've said in plenty of shows since 2015
a big point is is a a pre IPO for regular people I mean it's getting us
into territory we were never allowed into before because you needed certain
qualifications and or certain membership cards whatever there is nothing is where
the big boys play anyone can come into here and once
you're into this round anything goes baby and I am just loving
it keep on creating people I am NOT into destroying everything we're gonna get
into that in a second about destruction and in here now we're gonna talk about
that right now Tasos upcoming flavor of the month i and
the funny thing about Tasers we've got all these Bitcoin people out there that
have like okay you know theorems of scam this is a scam I won't be cash to die
Bob of a blog about this to die ba and then they're like sunny there I'm buying
Tasers there are beep people who who are like they almost classify themselves as
Bitcoin maximalist they really are Orthodox about their hatred of aetherium
and then they'd be cast and then they're like I like Tasers so hey this reminds
me of deke red a little bit but much works the deke red much because deke red
wasn't off like that there was a time when big point people what's your
favorite off point and they would say deep red and you know deep deep deep cry
at my point are okay all the others are hard key credit
and litecoin are okay and but all the others are horrible and but this tasers
thing is like next-level type of stuff I mean it's all sorts of people are hyping
it up right now it's just a flavor the month
just like D Craig you know it came and go and you're being a big point first er
I mean I don't like labels I know people say you're a big I'm not a big fun
Maximus I'm I have no problem with these always
existing that's my base right there I have no problems with any of them
existing but I'm just saying I'm hearing a lot about tasers lately and some of
the people out there that are talking about it or being hypocritical but they
this were the big boys played they could do what they wanted to Val your wealth a
big point don't gamble that nonsense that don't ask me about it either so
like what do I think about jaysus you know what I think about Tasers it's just
a all point flavor of the month pound that like button now and I said deep red
so all those deep red people out there and this is the big joke here on this
channel whenever I say they were decried the D Craig fans like yeah he said it
and they're so happy D Craig isn't bad up it's not mentioned the same way it
was back in 2017 when it was like it reminds you of it you know you're in a
city and you know like this kind of out of the way club that only the insider
cool kids know about the hipsters know about that's what our deep red was for
for a while in terms of altcoins it was like yeah it was the hipster hipster
point I guess alright so the equivalent of Club Charles in Baltimore back yeah
if those of you involved that part was probably not a good analogy to give
because no one knows what I'm talking about anyway I had a lot of funny Club
Charles in my day when I was valuing my wealth and uh women I did well there so
there's our wealth in Bitcoin now that was where a woman specifically told this
story before his ridiculous story but it happened where a woman just came up to
me and just plop a rolling rap right next to me and walk away she bought me a
woman bought me a beer just an end but what it was was I mean didn't even like
Dan name was my loo it was so great you know I had the loop she was attractive I
went over there and of course within a few weeks I had so now moving on uh
let's talk about Oh God such memories ah the future is bright
though dudes when you're valuing your wealth in Bitcoin today you don't need
the value you can have stories about when you used to value your wealth and
that other stuff and hey it's just and that's tough I think it's just a story
isn't it some of you you're like oh he's just pulling that it's just the stories
just make no it's it's a real story but in the end of the day what I have it's
just a story I don't have the big point I don't have it now with the big point
in the future I'll talk about all this awesome this these shows I did and I was
telling people to get big point at 300 400 500 and people I don't believe you
look here's the big pointin it'll be much more than story talented alright so
all these on Twitter there's a lot of noise like me
besides the Tasos nonsense which is which is typical you know all-time
flavor the months your OD doesn't like aetherium i like oh d a lot can't wait
to hang out with him at the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv they had a big
announcement there tonight I think we'll hear more about that next week I'll talk
more about it next week but Rudy and he doesn't like aetherium and he kind of
started this joke where you started talking about Tron and it was funny at
first I mean it is kind of funny now but these dudes they're into the destruction
of aetherium so much that they're hyping up Tron and they don't even like trauma
in a joking way so then it will bother the etherium Pieper people and this is
the little game I mean what does it really accomplish I mean if you do it a
few times it's fun now it's it's it's built up to be so large and I'm certain
people's Twitter feeds all they're talking about is Tron and they're saying
old Tron is so great and they're only saying it just
not a theory of people and doesn't help and maybe influence the Marquee in a way
– and I would I'll say this to wish a destruction – which destruction upon a
theory I'm I'm it's not productive and to spend time joking around about it and
then wasting Ronning it up about it I would rather talk about the altcoins
that are coming up that are being given out – for free – big coin holders so
then you know let the all going to do what they want to do and if they do
something that helps us let's talk about that let's talk about that look at all
these people they've been worrying about etherium for so long yes
making up little funny stories about Tron and etherium they've never heard of
MWC they didn't get $80 didn't get a 10% return that's I did I say that that at
some point last week the the MWC if he would have solved it gave you a
10% return on your on that arrow dropped on that crypt of dividend but would you
have known about it if you were like worried about aetherium and you're
trying to destroy a theory I'm and trying to talk about Tron and making a
big joke out of it no and that's that's kind of unfortunate
that's unfortunate so you've only got so much time during a bit you can waste it
you know making funny jokes about Tron and trying to destroy a theory on and
what I'm worried about a theory maximalist etc etc I just say let's keep
on creating dudes let's let's keep on innovating and the back if you're an
altcoin er give it away to the bitcoiners
like i will happily take your all coin in it as a crypto divin i will happily
do that if Iran wants to do that if it theory or what great do that good luck
all of these things can exist they all can exist together okay I've got no
problem with it but it is funny that some of the people that are buying into
this Tron meme are the same ones that are saying we don't want people to be
scammed by aetherium but they're hyping up something as a
over social media and really magnifying it so that some people really think and
I want to clarify this for everyone the people out there that are saying Tron is
so great and aetherium sucks they don't think Tron is great and I
know there are people that are buying Tron because they're hearing all these
people talking about Tron it's a joke it's just a joke and just be careful out
there this is where the big boys play see you bite a bunch of people might be
joking about something you might think they're serious and then if you had if
you're impulsive and you don't have a system you know buying a whole Bitcoin
you might fall for it when you don't have a system well you don't have a
long-term thinking and you're prone to do things impulsive you're gonna fall
for somebody's little joke and and it started out as a funny joke by Moody but
it's really a big joke now and so yeah Tron's
a joke they're just using as a joke to rip on etherium and so if you see Tron
all over social media don't say oh I see word Tron better buy yet many people in
this space that's they see that we're Tron and they've actually heard me say
the word and they're gonna buy it it's just this is where the big boys play 80
percenters can make their mistakes here it's pretty funny what happens Tabo
doctor I said five Canadian dollars the news is hilarious a month ago we were
supposedly on the brink of World War three what happened to that now we're
going to die for Corona thank you for the vodka taking in Bucks County have
like button dude you're right bad you see you're right what's next what's next
I don't know it's always tough to get the mainstream media that we gotta worry
about no in China is it a serious thing yeah they don't maybe when they use the
toilet they don't wash their hands and stop them used in some of these
countries we have different sanitary conditions here is a different place the
Western world's to get into that in a second in fact we got into that on
Fridays show definitely and they're people and I versatile people that I
respect her than her contact me do like Adam your guests are so very wrong about
what's going on there hey dudes everyone take a little bit of a chill pill here
all right has it don't don't like dough
you'll have so much bandwidth okay don't worry about this coronavirus right now
if you're in the United States or North America okay don't don't like threat
don't don't get like kind of up arms if someone is exact in their description of
it isn't he doesn't killing anybody here yet I mean it really hasn't made a
difference here yet so it could it still yes but calm people just think logically
you're this don't don't get Inc don't won't get into in a second if you buy
into this worrying into this doom you're not going to be very productive and
you're gonna be prone to more government slavery okay and be more like government
do something do something for this horrible thing that's coming and you
don't wanna get into that mentality now roaming Shu said Bigfoot Meister it's
getting a bit out of hand we have maximalists putting tron in
their Twitter names let's hope that noobs don't fall for it
not realizing it's a joke yeah I mean this is where the big boys play so if
people have to heart you're gonna find out the hard way
those those noobs who are on the channels that are about things fancy
sets and graphics they're probably going to fall for it because the fancy sets of
graphics dad's probably like Oh everything about Tron better make a
video about me yes do your own research do personal responsibility is a new
counterculture it's not those people's fault if these people buy Tron no it's
not they if their own fault if you buy Tron if your own drink at fault dudes and that's another thing about Twitter
about crypto Twitter that there's so much great stuff you can learn out there
but you gotta be ready to be like okay now the smart person has gone on a total
insane rant I would buy this is the noise part of it like if if there's
anything that says Tron in it ignore ignore ignore okay so let's let's you know this is
your Homolka insider information bitcoin insider information and I was contacted
by a dude who hasn't contacted me since 17 he used to give me a crypto dividend
insider information we'll call him Danielle from Italy and he mentions a
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company it's abbreviated TSMC you can
draw your own conclusions from this a a source in TSMC told me that they are
testing some chips made from samsung technical sheets
although the documents indicate that ship as a unit for generic calculations
they are specially specialized for sha-256
maybe they want to take advantage of the coronavirus situation okay just forget
that part for a second or they're considering there is enough room for
another ASIC provider I don't know take this info with a grain of salt as the
chips are in a very early stage of development and perhaps for mere
research purpose here's what I get from this dude you found out about an early
stage chip out there that might eventually be competing on the LA in the
Bitcoin mining seat so that's awesome that's also are they is this company
thinking that a lot of Chinese companies are not going to be able to work
efficiently in the current coronavirus environment so they're gonna make less
chips so this opens up an opportunity to start a new chip company I don't know
about that but because you said it's in the very early stages and you said in my
night and B for sha-256 but no that's I I appreciate some sign me information
like that you let's keep an eye on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
Company let let's see if there's a another competitor in this space top
something in the next year or two who knows maybe you'll you'll remember this
and think oh I heard that first one I have a moisture shell but I do
appreciate that that kind of information there alright so here is something that might be
partially fake are all true or 100% fake it is from reddit and there's a guy over
there a trader who says he's gotten he's received in an audit from the Internal
Revenue Service of the United States of America and he posts a letter there and
you can read it yourself it's a pretty brutal letter he says what to see what
an IRS audit looks like now there are a few people in the thread that say it's a
fake there are few people in the thread that says yeah and this looks like
something the IRS would send out maybe it's a combo of the two but I will say
this if you're a trader coinbase here I and I link to this below also they
explain when they send you 1099 k tax forms will I receive a form 1099 k you
must have had had at least 200 orders with matches during 2019 whose total
value is equal to or greater than $20,000 now that might sound like a lot
but if you're a day trader going back and forth I mean you might have like two
hundred and fourth did you've automated it sir you can see how someone who's
playing that day trade game okay and he's just taking it for granted is
ignoring that coinbase is straight up saying hey where you're getting this
board from us and when you get a 1099 K it's no it's not only you then it's
getting you that IRS is getting a copy of it too
so those people look at the audit letter look how you know how much information
they want so what what you're getting into when you're painting when you're
when you're playing this fiat when you value your wealth and fiat okay when you
when you're playing in their realm you can get a letter like that okay and and
it doesn't take much it doesn't take oh I forgot to report my
two hundred trick orders that I may then the $20,000 in trains going back
and forth I made it 19 I'm not gonna quote the letter because there's
actually I don't know find anybody out or anything like that was maybe it's not
a hundred percent true some of the things they were they were asking and
I'm not an accountant I can't give accountant type of advice but they look
at it and it'll remind you why you should value all the Bitcoin dope don't
try to you know make pennies off of off of your Bitcoin trades because you might
end up with a very unfortunate situation and I don't wish that letter upon any
good person now let's go back to Corona buyer truck but here is a tweet from
meal would find who is in Asia he's known the show before this week I
learned that a bit of virus is all it takes to turn many bitcoiners into
fearful authoritarian status that do a whole lot of trusting and little
verification of mainstream media government and garbage social media
rumors oh yeah I gotta say that I've seen in the Bitcoin space a lot of
people start to panic over this coronavirus thing and it kind of it
surprised me that some people are got this llama status mentality but they're
like oh the government they don't take care of it and that they're getting
distracted by mainstream media noise when we hear mainstream media noise that
Bitcoin we don't get distracted we don't panic but it seems like some
people they hear mainstream media noise about coronavirus in China and they
think the United States is gonna fall apart that everyone's gonna get sick
here and I think it's reasonable to just to think that you know it could we could
have a flu outbreak in United States we have your flu outbreaks all the time
we nasty flu outbreak and it could affect
some people with compromised immune systems and if you if you have someone
in your family with a compromised immune system it's you know it is worrisome I
mean my if someone's like ninety seven years old look at my family I've thought
about that and it's just something that's part of life okay that you know
if it comes we will take it you know day by day what to do with you know our 97
year old and everything but to start war or otherwise as a healthy young person
which so many big pointers could very well be their young at least just
continue being healthy continue keeping a healthy mindset be in motion
physically you know running and exercising eat well and mentally be in
motion and just don't get stuck in this but in all this panic and stuff it's a
waste of time and it does it puts you in a mode where
you are subservient to the government and you're trying you want them to solve
your problems that that's taking you back a few steps away from where the
progress that you've made of personal responsibility is new counterculture
personal responsibilities new counsel counterculture also applies to to this
to this to if an illness a massive illness were to come to the United
States of America and so watch Friday's show if you do want to know how you know
it is you know people are getting sick in China the supply chain disruption
that it could cause United States and why that could be good for Bitcoin you
know there's always a bright side of things and Kass 8se as a perpetual
traveler how do you get the best deals on Airbnb you do it in advance you make
as far and make your reservations as far in advance as possible you play you're a
long-term thinker you just plan as far if it's you only doing it a week
beforehand as many places are booked and so the prices are up people raise their
prices you you get better deals when you when you plan it in advance so long-term
thinking that's how and same with for me to say what airfare but it is key with
the Airbnb that that is important is you don't want
to get stuck with a real expensive one the last minute expensive ones and the
other thing with Airbnb the other tip that I've given on the Saturday you know
if you want to hear more about this it's beyond big point type of topic but
Saturday's show I do talk about this but if you some places give week and month
discounts so you stay for a longer period of time you get a better deal I
mean I've seen a week is cheaper than six days sometimes this is how many
helping the discounts could be roaming choose said big car Meister 90% of the
traders lost money oh yeah at least then they have to pay taxes yeah get audited
and pay and they'll pay thousands of dollars to accountants yeah I would
rather just hold my big point consider myself valued welcome Bitcoin found that
like button don't value it in a in that nonsense Fiat stuff but Amy if you play
in the Fiat world if you go back into their world into the dollar world you're
gonna play by their rules and their rules that's what happens so let's talk
about nation-states real quick we talked about that China I know what we're
talking about here we talk we'll talk about Andreas Antonopoulos real quick
then we'll go back to China there's a clip out there it's so good of Andreas
Antonopoulos and he destroys some tired old fight do you have any concern of a
nation-state attack on Bitcoin and he says I don't worry about that at all but
it's more it's much more than that and that's where all you freaks out
there that keepeth although a country could attack Bitcoin and destroy it
Andreas lips that apart in that clip link to below it's like only two minutes
I'm retweeted it follow me on Twitter at tech vault and Twitter by the way today
like London I'm not even gonna say what that's that's noise I don't people who's
tracked it all right China Bitcoin talk oh god you know all this noise why don't
we talk about some China Bitcoin noise that
that was that was a classic from 2016 we used to hear about you know China will
try to do this try to do that but although China see this is from an
article from B in crypto although China seems hostile toward crypto currencies
its citizens still seem to be following it closely on Weibo today many in China
were surprised to find that Bitcoin was trendy after breaking past a ten
thousand dollar price point it seems that the world is once again paying
attention to Bitcoin now that it has broken past the milestone yet again so
again a lot of Chinese people aren't going out right now so they're stuck at
home and that's unfortunate for them but it was on their wave oh it was Bitcoin
was trending and the more things look down there in terms of this disease and
the country might have to print a lot more money this could really be economic
it could cause some economic also economic havoc in China that will get
more people interested in Bitcoin and the funny thing about sometimes people
there's a FOMO and if they're stuck at home not able to do what they usually do
they're gonna be on the computer it so starts trending like Bitcoin and there's
a little $10,000 they might start FOMO and that's the point of this article
that they did start talking about it more once it got over 10,000 that that
doesn't make sense logically logically they should be by well maybe talking
about it logically they don't start talking about until the price goes up
but buying it they should have been buying it for a while so now they start
talking about it that it's over 10,000 they're all stuck at home they know
they're they're gonna have an economic problem this is when they start buying
it maybe who knows hey I'm looking on the bright side it was trending on Weibo
so I mean if the Chinese people want to do they could make a huge difference in
in the Bitcoin price they just didn't value their well and I know it's kind of
hard to get ahold of it there but if they didn't blindly believe their
government and a lot of them don't and didn't value their wealth in yuan
and a lot of them don't and they will they won't getting a Bitcoin one day
they really a huge pace that everyone always has has has wished for an
anticipated poornam Easter says well that's what we're talking about Bitcoin
traders when we talk about Bitcoin traders again please get daring the
ecosystem this where big boys play alright I I fully accept with their
bitcoin traders here let them do what they're gonna do we're gonna do what you
know that that's the beauty of Bitcoin if you live in the Bitcoin to overlay
you were truly independent it doesn't matter what anyone says you do your own
thing you're your going your own way in Bitcoin so it people it doesn't hurt me
that people trade doesn't hurt I still have personal it doesn't tempt me it
doesn't hurt me I stick with my system they can do their system if you call
that a system but turn to me stir has a tweet bitcoin traders aren't satisfied
with traditional finance standards they are used to trading 24/7 using Bitcoin
for margin etc over time this will put significant pressure on Wall Street
firms and by extension on regulation so this is a great point we are breathing a
whole new a whole new type of trader here in the in the Bitcoin space in the
crypto space 24 7 trading ok no no rules type of stuff and so if the Wall Street
type of people that are in the stocks of bonds and everything that's shut down at
5 o'clock they're going to either have to adapt or lose all their gamblers to
the big point side of things at the same time there are all these
financial entities these institutions that are coming in the Bitcoin that have
made these ice products all these products and some of them aren't that
successful because they are following those old rules that there's trading
periods there's there's there's strict rules it's it's cetera like that so my
first advice to all the people that are gonna make these crypto futures Bitcoin
futures Bitcoin this Bitcoin derivatives that if you want to attract the the the
gambler if you attract the Bitcoin trader you gotta
make me get at least 24/7 all right and bags also if you want to be a big coin
bank you're gonna have to be 24/7 in some major major way to compete with
Bitcoin and some people say well I can already get my money you know I could
play it at my back in America Wells Fargo Citibank I can play it play there
24/7 yeah but the funny thing is is that you
move from one account to the other you know to pay your credit card with your
bank account and it doesn't get credited right away on a weekend if that takes
longer than weekend so Bitcoin is I think it's gonna trick it's gonna change
a lot of the traditional financial industries to become truly 24/7 or they
will buy or they just won't be as big anymore and all the people that we're
living it we are just living in a 24/7 no days off world now I mean this is the
golden age is the modern way so real soon if not already now those that close
for weekends are closed for holidays they're in the past man that that's the
past this is this is the future baby we're living it and speaking about that
I'm gonna close with a song a corny song that's actually from late 80s I believe
but it talks about the 90s and and whenever I hear it is it's still
inspirational because it's a positive song and it's about the I started
thinking about it when I was running today because I'm very excited about
getting outa El Paso no offense El Paso but getting to
beautiful Los Angeles where the weather is 70 every day and and it's wild wild
there it is the wild wild west and that is the song by the escape club wild wild
west and for me it's a very happy song it puts a big smile on my face as you
can see she's so mean I don't care I love her eyes in a while they're dance
to the beat that we love best heading for the night he's living
I love that and so we're uh we're not heading for the 90s anymore
we heard way past that but we're heading this is so much bigger and baby is it
wild and yeah you might have to interpret that song that way
I sure do but I'm that kind of dude that's always looking forward to the
future Wow Wow unpredictable times and that's why I do love the West it's it's
a little bit more unpredictable than the East Coast got I love my Baltimore but
LA baby it is filled with the emotion unique beast and know there's a lot of
insanity there too and people that are complete bursaries signalers but there
are of all the big cities in America it is the the true unique beast out there
are a lot of true unique beast out in LA and I'll be happy to join them very very
soon living in the wild wild west heading for the 90s pound that like
one-eyed adam meister the bitcoin but listen to those songs it's not you
friday the videos really weird but entertaining be proud that like button
bang that bell button click over squares i will say hi to all you guys in the
chat i'm the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister and all that other good stuff
pounding and new show here every day well hopefully it'll be earlier much
earlier tomorrow i gotta get into early on an early schedule before i get out of
here hello I'm making a I'm at going it
they're so annoying I can't find the button to get out of here where's n
stream by I'll say hi to you in the chat

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