Bitcoin Cash [BTC] Price Analysis Prediciton

hello everyone. before moving on to the video we ask you to
support us and subscribe to our channel please. With most cryptocurrencies creeping higher
in the last few days, it looks like it is time for Bitcoin Cash, to experience sharp
burst of volatility. Bitcoin Cash has been lagging behind Bitcoin
by significant proportions. The original coin was priced near $54500 at
pixel time, and Bitcoin Cash was priced at $537. However, this is not stopping traders from
trading Bitcoin Cash, as it is priced lower and offers a higher possible percentage return. Such as event might unfold over the next few
days. Bitcoin Cash remains trapped in an ascending
triangle pattern. The February 25 and March 3 highs of $558.45
form the horizontal part of the pattern, whilst we can connect the February low and March
5, 6 and 8 lows with an upward sloping trend line. The difference between the horizontal level
and the start of the upwards pointing trend line is approximately $125.54. The amount can be added to the lateral level
of $558.45 to derive the pattern target of $684.93. The $125.54 move is equivalent to a 22.5%
gain. For the price to embark on this bullish path,
the price would need to successfully break the level of $558.45, and afterwards not trade
strongly back into the pattern.

If the price indeed trades below $558.45 after
a breakout, then the pattern would have failed. Subscribe to our channel and open notifications
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investment tools. İn this video references an opinion and is
for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Every investment and trading move involves
risk, you should do your own research while making a decision..

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