Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Uniswap [UNI] Zcash [ZEC] Price Prediction / Mar. 1 #investment

hello everyone.   before moving on to the video we ask you to 
support us and subscribe to our channel please. Bitcoin Cash looked uncertain to flip its press 
time resistance as the indicators gave mixed   signals regarding its future trajectory. Uniswap 
could move southbound from its descending triangle   pattern as momentum rose on the selling side. 
Zcash showed some indecision in its market as   the price continued to trade within a range, with 
a breakout unlikely over the coming sessions. With weekly losses of over 33%, Bitcoin 
Cash slipped to the 12th position on the   crypto-rankings with a market cap of 
$8.6 billion. On the 4-hour timeframe,   the price slipped below $464 support but the 
bulls eyed a comeback on the charts. The RSI   avoided the oversold territory but pointed lower 
from the 35-mark at the time of video editing.   The MACD was bullish-neutral as the fast-moving 
line floated just above the Signal line. It was doubtful whether the aforementioned 
resistance mark could be flipped over the   next few sessions as trading volumes 
and buying activity remained muted. A descending triangle formed on 
Uniswap’s 4-hour chart after the   price formed lower highs post record levels.   Prices usually tend to break downwards 
from this pattern on low trading volumes.   The Awesome Oscillator showed that momentum 
rested with the selling side as the red bars   rose below the half-line.

A fall below the lower 
trendline could see UNI move towards the $15 mark. The Stochastic RSI disagreed with the AO, 
and suggested that UNI could be up for some   gains after a bullish crossover 
in the oversold zone. However,   a move above the upper trendline was unlikely 
considering the state of the broader market. Zcash continued to move within a 
fixed channel on the 4-hour chart   as equilibrium was maintained between 
the buyers and sellers. The Bollinger   Bands also reflected the consolidation 
as volatility remained low in the market.   The MACD line was superimposed on the signal 
line, reflecting the indecision in the market. However, a sharp move in either direction could 
see the market tilt strongly in the favor of   the side that enforces the breakout. A bullish 
scenario could see Zcash move towards the next   resistance mark at $138.4. Conversely, a fall 
could see the price move towards $98.1 support.

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