Bitcoin: Can it Make You A Millionaire? – Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

bitcoin is the granddaddy of all
cryptocurrencies that made a bunch of millionaires back in 2017 and then made
the rest of the newbie investors lose their shirt when it dropped like a
hot potato from almost 20 000 to almost three
thousand dollars after that of course newbie investors
started calling it a scam and the media lost its interest in it to
the point that right now if you're not a crypto junkie you might be even
wondering is bitcoin still a thing short answer
yes bitcoin is still a thing and so are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies and
altcoins that we are not going to talk about today yes i do
own other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin yes bitcoin is one of
my favorites and in today's video i'm gonna explain
why we're also gonna talk about whether or not
it can realistically make you a millionaire
even if you don't invest a whole lot of money in it
now i can totally hear someone saying but kiana isn't bitcoin super risky i've
heard horror stories from my uber drivers
whose mom bought bitcoin and lost all her money
yeah i heard that story too and it's literally the reason why i wrote my
third book cryptocurrency investing for dummies
while i was on freaking maternity leave because i was getting roughly 2567
emails per day with questions about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
so i decided to put all the answers into one book
so that i can go back to pumping milk for my daughter yeah you should totally
read this book if you're considering investing in crypto
it's one of my best books yet! okay so before we get started let's play a quick
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printing money out of thin air devaluing your us dollar
put a finger down if you'd like to have an asset that is not controlled by
one centralized entity or government who can basically freeze your bank account
in case of a political disruption or revolution
like they did to my dad after the 1979 iranian revolution
put a figure down if you understand that money only has
value because a large number of people believe it has value
and that sound money must be highly durable scarce portable and verifiable
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okay i may have gotten carried away with the last one
but all of the other stuff only scratched the surface of the reasons why
bitcoin has gained so many hardcore fans globally
and why many investors believe its value will continue to go
higher in the years to come now you might be saying
but kiana bitcoin is so volatile when should i even buy
when should i sell also if bitcoin isn't controlled by a centralized entity
what should i do if i need to speak with a manager
good question karen let's get into the details of
why i'm personally invested in bitcoin now even though i was one of the biggest
skeptics back in 2011 what's my current investment strategy
and how to secure your bitcoin so you are your own bitcoin manager
karen we're going to give in the intro and let's go hey Invest Divas and Divos i'm Kiana
Danial a four-time and a newly best-selling author
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bitcoin is considered a store of value asset
kind of like gold 2.0 but why is that and why do many bitcoin enthusiasts
believe it's actually way more valuable than gold let's first
get to the definition of money in order for something to be considered a
currency it has to have a bunch of characteristics
the more the better for example enough people
must have it merchants must accept it as a form of payment the
society must trust that it's valuable and that
it will remain valuable in the future it also must be transportable so you can
actually carry it in your wallet and when it comes to value the more
scarce it is the more valuable it becomes that's why the fed
money printing devalues the us dollar because there's going to be
more supply and less demand but what about
gold first off i don't know many people who would go to a grocery store and try
to pay with a bar of gold why because it lacks the
transportability characteristic gold mainly has value because we the
people believe it has value and we believe it's
scarce but how scarce gold really is will it
remain scarce is it more scarce than bitcoin
gold actually is not that scarce and we could even continue finding more gold
mines under the sea or in an asteroid that
could hit the earth and if it doesn't kill us all it could
carry enough gold to make everyone a billionaire
or can it if there is that much gold and everyone has so much of it again
because of the old supply and demand thing it won't be as valuable as it is
today and you could probably exchange it for dirt enter bitcoin there
is only a finite amount that's ever gonna be there
will never be more than 21 million bitcoins
ever no surprises no 3d printing of more bitcoins no gimmicks
that's it actually because many early bitcoin miners
forgot where they put their bitcoin wallet approximately four million
bitcoins have been lost forever so that brings us down to only 18
million bitcoins ever the majority of the bitcoins are already
mined so there are only about 2.4 more million bitcoins left to be mined
uh kiana what's bitcoin mining oh bitcoin mining is kind of like gold
mining except you don't get to wear the whole
sexy outfit it's the process of creating new bitcoins
by solving a boring computational puzzle but it's also what makes bitcoin
decentralized and transparent i obviously can't get into
the whole details in this youtube video so if you don't know how these things
work seriously read my book i even have it as an audio book on my website
back to answering whether or not bitcoin can make
you a millionaire now that we've kind of established that bitcoin is probably a
better store of value than gold because it's more scarce and it's
not subject to money printing like fiat currencies
let's talk about the risks to scare the bejesus out of you
i'm doing this as a community service so your uber driver's
mom's story isn't repeated again the biggest risk of investing in bitcoin is
in fact the hype while bitcoin's value has
generally grown year over year in the past decade the
hype around it has made it super volatile but despite all the ups
and downs bitcoin's value has gone up by 67
000 since 2012 until today was priced around 11 000
that's a whole lot of appreciation even since 2019 bitcoin's value has gone
up 247 even though you haven't really been
hearing about it in the news in fact if you look at the chart for the
past decade you've noticed that bitcoin's price appreciates around 74 to
100 every six months and then it sees a
little bit of a pullback the 2017 massive jump has so far been an
exception and it was attributed to the hype around
bitcoin but generally the pullbacks have
corrected to create new highs since 2017 the
pattern has expanded a little bit with the gains
and the crashes being less frequent but it's certainly
repeating itself and if the bitcoin price continues to go
by this pattern in at least three years we could
potentially see bitcoin's price reaching the 20 000 level and then grow
from there the math suggests that bitcoin will
keep rising to almost 400 dollars by 2030.

When the last bitcoin will be
mined in the year 2140 its value will probably go to the roof
but there is a high chance that i won't be around at the time to tell
you that i told you so but my grandchildren
could tell your grandchildren um kiana you were talking about risks oh shoot
you're right i got carried away uh other than the crypto hype risk
which will get panic traders to enter when the price
is super high and sell when there is a temporary pullback
please don't do that there is a security risk
tax risk and regulatory risk here is how to combat these risks for
security get yourself a hard wallet before you buy your first
bitcoin and make sure you and another trusted person
know where you hide it so your bitcoin isn't lost
forever i like ledger nano and trezor for my
bitcoin wallet and i've added the links to them in the description area of this
video for tax risk remember that a taxable event
is when you exchange your bitcoin for another cryptocurrency or another fiat
currency like us dollar so as long as you don't sell
it you don't have to pay a capital gain tax the tax risk is actually common
among all assets so just talk to your
accountant about it as per regulation risk
while many other cryptocurrencies could take a hit
bitcoin is so decentralized and so international that a
centralized government can't go and ban bitcoin
they just can't it's its own gigantic decentralized entity that makes it so
valuable and so unique actually this is the personal
reason why i like bitcoin so much so a lot of you
guys know that i was born and raised in iran to jewish family
there was this big revolution in iran in 1979
when they overthrew the shah and put this new
islamic regime into power before the revolution my dad had
this big construction company and was kind of wealthy
but then once the regime changed the new government accused him of having worked
directly with the shah took over all of his assets and froze
his bank accounts they even would come to our house and
look for gold carpets and jewelry that obviously
caused me to grow up with not much but now i know that if my
dad had even a fraction of his wealth and bitcoin
i wouldn't have grown up with money problems
a government can't just go and freeze your bitcoin as long as you have your
wallet address in a secure place because of bitcoin's
transparent ledger that is very very very very hard to hack
you should be okay of course back in 1979 bitcoin didn't
exist but let's say you buy bitcoin today as a
safety net for potential future political turmoil
how much do you need to buy in order to become a millionaire
in a realistic time frame of course you should not consider this as a financial
advice and you should always always calculate
your risk tolerance and consider all other risks involved
before investing in anything let alone bitcoin
and if you don't know what your risk tolerance is
make sure that you attend my free master class to grab your free
risk management toolkit when you watch the whole
training now let's take a look at the possible scenarios to make you a
millionaire first off remember that you don't have to buy a whole bitcoin
and pay almost twelve thousand dollars for it you can buy
fractions of bitcoin you can buy one hundred dollars worth of bitcoin
for example so let's say that you put a thousand bucks in bitcoin
at a pullback when bitcoin hits ten thousand dollars again
and you hold it until it hits twenty thousand dollars
that's a one hundred percent return when i first uploaded this video i kind of
got lazy and went to this roi calculator to
calculate the result and i mistakenly put the length at three years the
problem is this calculator then calculus 100
returned per year and the result was something astronomical
they got me by the surprise but i was so excited to see that i didn't actually
second-guess it and i published the video just to take
it down like literally immediately after the first comment pointed out the
mistake so first off thank you whoever who pointed this mistake out you guys
rock second you guys probably know that i'm an electrical engineer who does
not practice her major and have made a ton of money in the online financial
markets without doing any math so there goes proof again that you don't
need to be a math webs in order to be able to invest and
actually profit in the markets now let's get to the real amount the
real amount you'd make if you invest one thousand dollars in
bitcoin when it's price hits ten thousand dollars and then sell it
when it reaches twenty thousand is one thousand dollars which means you
double your initial amount and you'll now have two thousand dollars
if you sell your bitcoin this is a bit disappointing
given back in 2011 when you could buy bitcoin for 10
bucks investing a thousand dollars in it which would have meant 100 bitcoins
would have already made you a millionaire today if you buy 10
000 worth of bitcoin when its price is at 10
000 meaning buying one bitcoin today-ish for you to become a millionaire on the
single investment the market value of bitcoin would need to increase by
990 000 which means the price of bitcoin needs to reach
1 million dollars and the thing is if bitcoin does
reach 1 million dollars in value then probably the central bank
backed fiat currencies as we know it may no longer even exist
so even gauging bitcoin's value in us dollar may not even be
relevant at that time now when i first uploaded this video i
really wanted to see what will happen if we continue buying 500
worth of bitcoin per month using the dollar cost averaging method
and of course putting it in a calculator gave a very
unrealistic number because first off we're assuming we're compounding which
we're not and plus bitcoin is very volatile so
that 500 per month is not being invested in a
linear line so it's almost impossible to have a
concrete answer unless we are making a whole bunch of
unrealistic assumptions which wouldn't do anyone any favor
so we're gonna stick to the boring simple math that's probably not that
exciting but what if bitcoin reaches one hundred thousand dollars in value as
for the predictions of the likes of morgan greek ceo mark uscope financial
analyst peter brent crypto trader this is and
block fires simon dedic many of them actually believe bitcoin will reach that
value by the end of 2021.

Of course this is incredibly
hypothetical because the timeline and the price
could change drastically but we're basing this on
past performance and for the sake of argument in order for your bitcoin
investment to be worth one million dollars when bitcoin reaches
100 000 we need to have 10 bitcoins purchased at
10 k in other words if you invest 100 000 bucks in bitcoin once it hits
10 000 which it may or may not you'll become a bitcoin millionaire
if or when bitcoin hits a hundred thousand dollars that's basically a down
payment on a studio apartment in new york city
but you won't be paying any extra mortgages or taxes on top of it
hmm now the question is will you be willing to take that risk are you even
able to take that risk financially you guys i know this is now sounding
super tempting but can you please pinky promise me that you're
not gonna dump two thousand dollars in bitcoin right now
if you don't have a concrete investment strategy around it
that is suitable to your risk tolerance and your portfolio
if you don't have it please pinky promise me that you're
gonna attend my free master class at a bare minimum
and read my book before jumping in in no way shape or form do i want this video
to turn into a bitcoin hype i really simply wanted to show you the
possibilities to open up the conversation and get you interested
enough to do some research about it and yes if
it suits your portfolio invest in it also reminding you that
there are other altcoins you could consider
that some people argue will be even more valuable than bitcoin
and that's the reason why my crypto portfolio consists of 25 altcoins
that give me a good amount of diversification in the crypto asset
class i share my latest investment strategies
in our premium investment group the pick so if you're not a total beginner then
you can go to learn that hello to
see if you qualify to join the pig if not i'll just see you
in the chat box of my free master class to answer your questions in the meantime
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thank you so much for tuning in you are awesome you're gonna rock your life
regardless of what you invest your money in because you stayed until the very end
of this video and i love you

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