Bitcoin Bull Run OVER? (HUGE Indication the Answer Is…….?!?!?!)

welcome to bitboy crypto this is your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all today's news in about three minutes kind of been a boring day on the markets uh we did see a big drop this morning people are freaking out i got people texting me is the bull run over no it's not over we're just getting started got some hopium for you today on why we think bitcoin's got a good chance to go up tomorrow and over the weekend so here we go guys let's check out the markets here we got bitcoin coming in at 62 877 ethereum about 41.27 um then we got binance coin with a pretty big pullback today after hitting the resistance level of five hundred dollars cardano down four percent xrp down four point six percent uh solana is up dot down 3.1 doge 4.2 percent and so forth look at the biggest gainers of the day here four chain look at this roon crushing it right now it's actually up 30 percent grt up 12 and lucas one of nine percent right off of the news of its gigantic raise uh mega million dollar raise that it just went through coinbase venture sequoia capital all the financial cartel people involved in that nexo continuing to rise and where's my v chain people at if you like v chain put a hashtag v chain down in the comments all right let's check out the news of the day because we do have some kind of interesting news um we'll start with this here is your hopium here it is you guys want the opium there it is valkyrie eat bitcoin futures etf to launch on nasdaq on october 22nd going by the ticker of i think it's btf if i remember correctly um does it say on here where it's trading as btf that is right we'll be training his btf this is on the nasdaq on october 22nd what what's that been today is october 21st that's tomorrow that's right so usually on fridays we tend to see a sell-off based on futures contracts will we see a pump on this etf now a lot of people are pointing towards another etf in november that could get approved maybe the first spot one i don't think is gonna happen but there's some more hopium towards the end of november all right guys let's check this out bitcoin flash crash now the price of bitcoin is down about five percent but on finance us it crashed 87 all the way down to i think 8 000 um now why is this a bad thing was the price ever really here no but the funny thing is they said this was because one of their institutional traders was using an algorithm that had an error that caused the price to drop that far so that's a bad thing if you're you know just to see how volatile crypto can be but it's good for people that had you know buy orders down those low prices terrible for people that had stop limit orders or stop loss orders down on those levels uh pretty crazy um you know this is not the kind of thing we want to crypto walmart how about this your third story of the day quietly begun hosting bitcoin atms now these are not actually direct bitcoin atms these are through coin star you guys know you put your change in there i used to go save up 30 bucks and change when i was a kid go to the coin store get the money and buy fitted baseball caps that's what i used to do that's a true story um but these are coin stars they are also bitcoin atms i'm not sure yeah you can actually buy bitcoin with cash there they're by coin me i don't know if you guys can see that coin me is the actual company behind it all so i don't know this is big news let me know drop down the comments if you think walmart and bitcoin atm is big news so god be blessed

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