Bitcoin [BTC] Macro Level Comparison – 2013 vs 2017 vs 2021 Future ? / Mar. 1

hello everyone. before moving on to the video we ask you to
support us and subscribe to our channel please. Bitcoin is close to registering its largest
weekly dip in 2021 and at press time, bitcoin has dropped 21% over the past 7-day period,
creating a little bit of panic among some investors. Many were suggestive that this may kick off
a prolonged bearish period, after Janet Yellen, U.S Treasury Secretary yelled at Bitcoin for
being “extremely inefficient”. Taking the attention away from external sentiments,
key on-chain data suggested that a majority of investors were hardly affected by the crash,
and there is an immediate leg up expected by the market. Liquid Bitcoin supply has continued to dry
up in the market over the past few months. During recent corrections, long-term hodlers
failed to indicate major change as they continued to hold their positions like in mid-January
during the $42000 to $29000 dump. As indicated earlier, the weekly drop is currently
a 21% correction, whereas a 30% is also relatively acceptable during a long-term bullish rally. However, the short-term hodlers are more important
in 2021 than in 2017, because they would be bringing in the retail volume as the market
progresses for its next bullish leg-up.

Institutions have already accumulated in high
quantities, which is currently slowing down, as demonstrated by Grayscale. To understand the cyclic nature of the current
rally, Glassnode’s recent report indicated that the position of Bitcoin Reserve Risk
in the previous bullish-period. As identified in the chart, in terms of Bitcoin
Reserve Risk, the current RR index is nowhere near the peak of the 2013 and 2017 rallies,
following which bitcoin underwent a strong bearish period. The above comparison clearly indicates a wide
room for growth in the present market from a historical position. The comparison is also insightful when the
past action of short-term Bitcoin holders is compared. Whenever bitcoin, that is 1 month or younger
make up more than 60% of the realized cap, we have arrived at an arm’s length away
from the global top. What is conclusive from the above chart is
that we are still early with tokens that are above 6 months old continuing to drive the
price rather than tokens that have a shorter life span in terms of holding period.

The room for growth is specific and somewhat
identical but it is important to account for a variable change in 2021. There might be historical similarities between
2013 vs 2017 vs 2021, but fundamentally there are other factors that dictate the value of
Bitcoin. Whether it is institutional sentiment, or
the growing concern surrounding the de-stability of the U.S dollar, such socio-economic factors
may impact Bitcoin’s move as well. The market going forward can still be considered
uncertain in terms of reaching a global top, as we may reach higher than expected or drop
lower than what was imagined. Subscribe to our channel and open notifications
to learn more about gold, dollar, Euro, commodities, bitcoin, altcoin, cryptocurrencies and other
investment tools. İn this video references an opinion and is
for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Every investment and trading move involves
risk, you should do your own research whilemaking a decision.

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