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Well folks let's btc now 13:02 here in Spain in Brazil 8 and 2 am guys I had to jump to the weekly chart to understand the violence of this 3rd B drop and on the daily chart it was a little chaotic but I think that we are not doing a great weekly, we are completing a great wave two of this leg, and correctives in this sequence one of Elliot's rationale that will lead us to our final target in this weekly bull run in the 26-period projection the cloud of this block continues with its alligator mouth opening with the upper thread aggressively pointed upwards did see what not at the height of the needle hit 40200 threatened to pierce the upper thread of schmorl's cloud as weekly more I'm going to Kendall's real body here on weekly returned Olympically returned above the median of Kelton's weekly channel in a little while I'll analyze the daily and I think we're in a big wave two we did a weekly wave 11 we concluded the now a wave 2 and it will unfold into an impulsive Bernardo of number three that will most likely come to a halt in 64 1854 which was more or less the target that we were analyzing there in the Diary now let's go to the diary I'm going to the weekly stay with the amount of apocalyptic messages that I got from the Knights that the Knights of the Apocalypse have gained some muscle and they kind of create a mood of desperation to save yourself who you can so I'm bound to be there for a longer steady team to be able to clarifying gives a little light in the minds of my followers so that they don't despair and don't fall into that Siren Corner of the bar landing Don't lose there is a percentage High of your crypts imagine and who got rid of the lands X by example that now it's going back up it even hits RX at the very least it's threatened to lose 090 then it loses Twenty percent of subscribers this ends up imposing a loss in terms of crypto very very very very record here, in the weekly on Squid, the first Bar of the angular amplitude of the purchase signal is already open, people or the inertia of the movement on the weekly is very brutal sweet we are opening an amplitude of the rational purchase is to stay tuned and keep it already written because this is just a correctional movement of a Broader amplitude or rationale here in the histogram and in the MEC day we are still within an amplitude ripple the buyer the two exponential lines body and slow are fixed one in the second quadrant the other in the first quadrant both of the upper band of America and skiing climbing then Very Calm This Time Now let's go to the diary to see that in the diary Look where the look where btc caught on the bottom line of the schmorl cloud in the diary Despite this narrowing and the of Yes I leave here creating a reddish nebulosity it is clear that the schmorl cloud will now play a powerful support role in the Diary.

The lateralized one will yield the gravitational force of the cloud itself to end up exploding in the upward movement towards our target of 55,000 with peaks to 59 because it's obvious that this was just a Trip Beer hand a bear trap is good so now here a body real drop or whole will form inside the shimoku cloud we will get a little stuck to the upper line that was a support will pass its resistance so for the next three to five days btc will be trapped here inside the shimoku video in the daily projection to release a more impactful upward movement later because now many leveraged traders They ended up liquidated the paper is even lighter the article is lighter to go up more violently so this record is in a little while I'll be back with analyzed in the house of Ana and xrp whoever wants to suggest some analysis Just put in the messages below big hug

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