Bitcoin (BTC) – Análise de hoje, 15/11/2021! #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #Ethereum #BNB #ADA

Hi, good morning everyone, November 15th 10th and 24th in the morning here in Spain in Brazil 6:24 am btc keeps climbing on its wave three it made a great wave one whose maximum beat 59 920 a wave 2 Jamile one it was 39,600 and now it's exhausting the forces of a wave three that had so far the top at 69 thousand dollars let's go back to the diary here in the weekly o the bottom line is still aggressively pointed up the top one, which is more skittish, got a little bit flatter due to this beginning of exhaustion of fashion forces. Three, they do n't exactly know if they've reached their Top, but we follow it here in the diary, which is a more aloof view of btc's movement in the Diary, we see that it has made a great deal wave 1 wave two wave consume waves a wave three whose top was 67 with 67,000 a wave 4 and now wave five is full of rising waves and promoting a congestion triangle that will most likely explode upwards towards 80,000 dol airs in the projection the upper line of the coconut cloud is indicated upwards, right with a certain aggressiveness the more conservative lower line is flat but the prognosis is very positive in any situation if we are already experiencing The eventual exhaustion exhaustion of a wave three do weekly We are definitely on a congestive wave going up in a wave five in the daily that is promoting a powerful decision many auditions going up aggressively all this was reported here on the channel is Vet today going up eight percent Alice going up five points 79 Hi guys after directly or indirectly linked to the goal versus the Facebook wave, which has now become a goal, they are also feeling this buying pressure a lot, even RX is already disenchanting, it's already 02 62 It seems like yesterday I said that it was even 0.05 it was free but whoever heard me It's multiplying the capital, ok guys, in a little while I'll be back with xrp there are a lot of people asking that yesterday I didn't do it and Duda who wants to suggest some analysis Just put in the messages below big hug until

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