Bitcoin BREAKS Support! Will Ethereum Drop to $2k? (Still Not Worried)

welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all today's crypto news in less than three minutes sometimes like three minutes and 10 seconds but regardless let's go ahead and jump in bitcoin crashed again today hitting 39 500 we'll get into a little bit more of that and ethereum here in a minute but let's start by checking out the market so as you guys can see bitcoin right now coming in at a healthy 42 thousand dollars am i right is that healthy i don't even know uh we've got a theory going at 28.47 we've got cardano coming at two dollars my wife is filming me right now and i don't know why i don't film her without her permission button is what it is um then we've got uh xrp at 90 cents now solana earlier hit a dollar 122 dollars it's 128 right now and cardona went under two bucks today so that didn't think we would be seeing these prices uh again but as i told you guys before uh i'm not worried about the prices right now it is what it is it's dropping right now but things aren't going to go back up here very soon um so looking at the biggest gainers what's interesting is a lot of new coins in the top 100 here uh we have desso have no idea what this is um it's up 35 ohm don't know what that is maybe something to do with power uh xdc zenfen it's up 15 percent and we got some we recognize uh egold ecome avacello and more um but a lot of stuff is in the red today so let's check out the biggest stories of the day obviously right here biggest story of the day we've got bitcoin slides six percent ethereum sinks below uh uh three thousand dollars like i said it hit uh you know below 28 or 2800 a little bit earlier today um but the point here is and i mean when you look at the chart it really puts into perspective here um you know this was our drop from 53 down now we've had a second leg to this drop and this is definitely something that i did not think we were going to see but i was told there would be one final shakeout i didn't think it would be this dramatic as we dip down into the 30s again at 39 500.

I do not believe we will be seeing prices uh dip some people are saying ethereum looks like you go to 2000. some people are saying bitcoin back to 30 000. i don't see that happening i'm looking at the bigger picture we know what's happening in the fall um you know so it is what it is number two story of the day here gonna run through these quick sec chair gary ginzer also known as skeletor compares stable coins to casino chips this guy says stable coins are securities you couldn't get any dumber than this guy um he's just uh you know he's gonna get fired at some point it's pretty obvious to me uh now we have this coinbase remember i told you they were working with the government told you they're working with the financial cartel here's your proof coinbase to propose crypto regulations to u.s officials according to inside sources apparently coinbase who just got their lin program shut down is going to dictate the united states what they're going to do at crypto not a bad thing i don't think i think it's good ultimately for crypto but we'll see just to me it proves coinbase working hand in hand with the government all right guys that's all i got be blessed

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