Bitcoin and XRP: 2 BEST Opportunities in Crypto

welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bid squad the largest crypto community in all the interwebs dry guys happy fourth of july my name is ben if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto and today we are going to be talking about two exciting things number one bitcoin and number two xrp and i'm gonna tell you why something going on is more indication what i've been telling you this coin is going to blast off towards the end of this year you really should consider yourself fortunate that you still have time to accumulate xrp i mean really the fcc lawsuit is going to turn out to be a blessing in disguise tell you more about why xrp is once again making moves and why it's important and why it ties into everything that we've been talking about uh so here's here's the situation uh with bitcoin right now well you know what before i get to that i do want to say uh obviously happy fourth of july love america i love this country there's no country i would have rather been born in no place i would rather live you know i international travel sounds fun you know but i like hamburgers you know i like hamburgers and chicken wings and i think that uh america is going to be destined for greatness again we might have to clean some stuff up we're having to clean some some things up for sure and just obviously want to say a big thank you to anyone who has ever served in the military uh you know because of people like you were able to live free here some people would tell you that you know freedom's an illusion would tell you that we're all under control and you know yadda yadda well let me tell you what i went from nothing to something and uh you don't get that opportunity in every country um in america we do have that opportunity where i can start a business i can start a youtube channel and i can become a millionaire uh you know when i was living paycheck to paycheck and america affords that opportunity to more people than any other country in the world in my opinion so if you're in a mate if you're an america hater i'll go and tell you see yourself out so love god love my family love america that that's the order right there that's how you keep it prioritized so back to bitcoin though here guys what is going on with bitcoin right now it's over 35 000 unbelievable people are saying this is going to be the worst weekend ever and just like i told you guys on friday i got tricked by the last time we saw something like this which of course was the memorial day weekend it looked like things were going to dump and i fell victim to it i did end up getting a better entry point i bought 10 bitcoin with the altcoin money that i moved over that time but you know what i learned a lesson just because everybody's saying it's going to dump and it's a holiday weekend it seems like a perfect storm it doesn't mean that's going to happen the manipulation on the market has slowed down tremendously how do we know that because bitcoin has been slowly stepping up ever since last weekend it's a slow step it's not a gigantic pump it's not a gigantic dump those are whale moves however we are seeing some whale accumulation moves right now that's right 60 000 bitcoin have been bought in the last 24 hours by whales the time to get in on these price points as we head towards part two of this bull run is it is coming sooner rather than later your time to accumulate is drawing nigh and this is yet another indication over the previous six weeks there were about a hundred thousand bitcoin bot uh right now by by a certain cluster of whale addresses sixty thousand added in a day that will tell you everything you need to know i've been telling you guys the middle of this month is where the hot action is gonna be for bitcoin a lot of people are nervous including alex machinski we talked about how of celsius uh the creator of voiceover ip as well i've met him several times i love alex love celsius great great company uh and a great guy and uh out here trying to push the same kind of things that we are which is you know people changing their lives and getting financially set free okay talked about a couple days ago in the live stream now he said bitcoin was going to 160 000 by the end of this year now that's very exciting but he actually says that he believes we have had two capitulation events one of those events uh was obviously the massive sell-off led by the environmental concerns spoken out by the muskrat number two second capitulation the bitcoin mining fund month and if you didn't see my video or no excuse me not my video my tweet on twitter uh that i retweeted a couple days ago about the timeline of the chinese flood attack against bitcoin all over the month of june you should definitely go check that out i can't remember the original guy who tweeted that i wish i could right now because it was phenomenal alex michinski believes those are two capitulation events we have had he actually thinks that there will be a third capitulation event that will take place around the grayscale uh news coming on later in this month where they're going to be allowing people to sell their shares again i to be honest with you i don't know 100 what it's about but there's big great scale news we might look at a little more this week as we get a little bit closer that's a pretty common thought a lot of people have been saying that however i've been told from my sources that that is not going to have a significant push on the market the momentum will be moving up maybe it will cause a little correction but we should be heading out by the time that happens that's on july 17th so if we do get that uh you know a big move down a capitulation it would be the last one i don't think we're going to see that i think by the end of july we are going to be absolutely rolling absolutely moving very excited to see what is going to happen on that front so bitcoin looking bullish price looking bush if you want to trade bitcoin or you want a place to buy xrp by the way you guys can do that at buy bit deals one of the very few places that not only can you trade xrp on leverage but you can actually trade bitcoin or ethereum for xrp uh you don't have to leverage trade it's kind of a loophole a lot of people don't know about but this is what i would tell you what i would tell you is ripple is continuing to make moves we just looked this week they hired a former mastercard executive they made a giant investment in mintable they are wanting they're very interested in pushing the space forward why because they know the role that they're going to be playing and once again as always this is not a statement on my love for xrp this is more a statement of my love for money and my love for knowing to to go with the whales and to know that xrp is going to crush it this year i absolutely believe that for 100 percent and i want the bid squad what's my number one concern for this channel my number one concern is not me making money i've already made money i'm rich guys my main concern is getting you there if you philosophically disagree with ripple labs and you refuse to invest in them because of that then i understand that and that's on you certainly you should have the right to uh do whatever you want to do got a weird glare going on in here um but you should certainly be able to do whatever you want to do it's not that big of a deal if you don't want to invest in it but if you want to make money and you're not opposed philosophically to the centralized banker coin if you will that's why people call it then xrp is offering an incredible opportunity to people ripple apps a third move this week now a third major move that they've made they have now invested i can't remember the exact number i want to say it's over 100 million dollars i don't have the story pulled up in front of me now uh when i ride around in the car and do these videos i just gotta go off memory i think the name of the bank is x bank e x b a and k i i can't remember 100 here's what you need to know ripple just dropped a boatload of money into a brazilian bank that has connections back to many of the other banks the ripple labs is already working with they are looking ahead trying to get into the south american market but what you need to know is i've been telling you guys for a while that i'm i'm getting information that is saying not from the xrp army i always had to point that out that these central banks around the world are gearing up to take xrp to actually use xrp for its use case once this sec lawsuit is cleared away this bank in brazil has a lot of ties to the same banks that we've seen sam tander for instance uh many of the other banks that they've been getting involved with this is part of the banking cartel and the banking cartel has decided that they want xrp to be the token to be the settlement coin to be the payment settlement coin of the central the central banking system now do we want that do we love that well it'll be great for the price and that's why i continue to tell you guys everything that ripple labs is doing is pushing the same narrative that they are going to be still up still working slap on the wrists from the sec they're making big moves right now getting ready for the post sec lawsuit uh you know action and i know for one my xrp portfolio is at a good place and if you're if you want to invest in it then hey that's on you yours could be in a good place as well really excited to see how all this turns out um and i i think in about one to two years people are going to look back on a lot of these videos that i've been making about xrp and they're going to say what did he know how did he know that well i got sources guys i got sources all right well that's all i got i just want to say once again happy fourth of july i hope you guys have a safe holiday um you know our our fourth of july celebrations are always alcohol free but if you're out there you know using alcohol today and you know make sure you guys are being safe don't don't drive get a dui or no don't get a dui uh get a designated driver or you know what just stay your butt at home you guys be safe don't lose a hand shooting fireworks that's all i got people be blessed

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