Bitcoin and Altcoin Weekly Review and Market Forecast: 2020.12.21 – 12.27

why this kind of stats move happening here on a btc domain slate because industry well player especially the major exchange hi hello i'm mr masa so this time is a regular item crypto assets weekly analysis and market forecasts from december 21st to december 27th okay so let's start so as usual this is my portfolio strategy so i only archive my asset to the bitcoin and the old argument which is later g6 categories if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio strategy please check out my other video about my portfolio strategy okay and then my portfolio allocation says as of now so last week i sold all the atom tokens that i hold and i got the plus 147 percent return and also i nearly additional investment in these are coin projects starting from mkl ape theater kp3r wi-fi dot rent and then comp okay and these are the new my portfolio allocation system as well now and then let's start from the bitcoin so this is a btc usd hourly chart seven days version and last week was kind of critical week for us to whether bitcoin can keep over 20 thousand dollars or not then starting point actually this one so in the beginning of the last week btc experiences a huge market crash from 24 000 to 21 815 here on december 21st binance decided to cease all the training activity on exchange then during the moment also in a great tweet by michael seller ceo the microstrategy so they're going to additionally vote another 650 medium in bitcoin at price of this level so with this you know great news coming to the market gradually the btc market momentum recover on the blue side then after that we're going to still keeping this in bridge momentum and the bt supplies finally hits 28 side of 122 on december 27th 8pm all right and then now btc applies any kind of question momentum at this moment one of the key things i seriously pay attention to is actually this candle chart here as you can see this is kind of you know click a moment that you know buying side and setting size and competing each other so when you look at the volume level here also in the same reaction that we can confirm here so which means currently the short-term resistance line on a btc plus around this level 27 saturn 600s to 27 to 800 okay and also most of the critical things we can confirm here that it's now time to be crystal clear that btc price can keep over 20 thousand within 220.

This is amazing rate because if we can keep more bullish momentum over 20 something dollar from the beginning of the 2021. okay on a daily chart and as you can confirm here from the candle child-based analysis it's a kind of weak signal about you know price question moments but at the same time also i pay attention to kdj because as you can see here that you know short term and a midterm and long term trend line of the kdj is converging like this way over the average level and this you know reactions also pretty similar to the weekly chart here like this way all right when you look at the price move on a weekly basis it's quite strong over the time plus hitting the upper side of the bollinger level so which means that if the daily chart still keep the ply signal like this white based on this kdj you know trend this is also another great signal that not all about the weekly chart analysis basis but also the daily basis the bitcoin price move is keeping the bullish momentum not like you know one week or two weeks and plus question momentum stuff all right and also another things we need to pay attention to since we know we're going to see a little weak signal here the next things we have to think about whether you know these spikes moving around to the correction moment especially on top of the middle price line of the bollinger band okay when you look at the current middle price line or bollinger band you know current price line is still up a trend right now but currently around 22 thousand dollars okay on this level we have to see some kind of correction moment at this level here but since the middle price line on the bollinger band is still upper turn right now so which mean that one over question things we can expect like around 23 000 to twenty four thousand dollars around that number will be next target about the correctional moments then from here is a fundamental analysis so btc hash light so next time december 27th night time plus 0.39 increase almost no change cme btc futures one month plus difference avalanche december 27th hits plus 235 dollars super bullish almost same level as last week 238 dollars so which means that futures market bridge momentum is getting stronger and stronger but since we are close to the end of the year seasons so when you look at you know volume level still a little bit lower trend also a lot of future traders try to close the long term you know contrast here on the optional staff but still we can confirm the quite bullish momentum will keep and then since you know we're going to consider to see these you know super bush number last week and this week probably this week we're going to see some of the little crusher moment stuff but entire market momentum in the future market also quite british okay another stats about open interest and an average volume staff we can track the stats from next week okay and one of the critical status we have to analyze on the fundamental analysis is that our market cap and btc dominant sites last week his plus 9.6 increase great but actually two weeks ago it's got a hit over 18 so super british week little bit you know lower stats than you know two weeks ago but another things we have to pay attention to about a btc dominance lights so it's plus 5.50 increase it's sky locker increase in btc no main slice because then two weeks ago the stat itself was you know plus 2.80 which is also quite bullish stats but also double this week so which means that a lot of lots of money moving from our coin market to the bitcoin market and then on my analysis why this kind of stats move happening here on a btc domain slate because industry well player especially the major exchange try to keep the btc price up for 20 satandara within this year so they did the older things they can do to achieve this goal and finally they made it so this is great but at the same time on the next step what we can expect is that since btc dominance is quite hit in british number here so next our coin you know bullish momentum will be much much stronger than before that's what we think right now so i still keep this prediction here so next bottom of the btc nominal slate will hit february timing and then at this timing btc dominance will fit around 50 so huge you know bullish momentum on all coin markets and then next peak up timing might be march to may in 2021 on a btc so that's what i'm thinking about okay on the usd price in the market cap trend plus two percent increase last week also plus one point ninety eight percent increase still keeping the middle level increase so which means that it's not as a bullish momentum on our coin market because it's modern increase most of the british markets happen in a bitcoin site right now once we're going to look at the greatest scale investment bitcoin positioning plus 6.0 percent increase so huge bullish momentum is coming to you know great scale bitcoin investment too all right then google search trend so a lot of you know market trend transition happening here so still bitcoin plus one 27 gold minus one 72 on a usd 27 plus one at the east one no change okay then now we have to continuously pay attention to this you know stat transition between gold and bitcoin on investment trend all right we're gonna you know look at the gold price chart still the bearish trend you see this it's a long-term channel analysis still very strange but when we look at the u.s trojan 10-year real e-carb still bullish to me this is kind of positive signal for us to think about the future market developments of the crypto space because what we want to expect to hear is soft landing about the post dollar ailer we are quite welcome that the market transition would happen from gold to bitcoin this is great but still we have to maintain the u.s dollar economy as much as we could until the crypto economy is ready to welcome all the existing financial assets coming from fiat money market to the crypto market based on this understanding actually british momentum coming to the u.s treasury market it's still welcome for us but at the same time we have to pay attention to the critical bear signal about u.s treasury market because this is kind of you know it's going to afford a signal for us to understand about u.s dollar crisis will come out to the market or not so that is why we have to still continuously pay attention to the stat developments of the u.s tragedy market okay our 800 500 index still keeping british momentum i analyze this bullish momentum is also quite welcome to the bitcoin market because capital injections to the bitcoin most of the things actually coming from u.s corporations starting from square microstrategy right so now because we know they're quite a positive bond seed because when the stock price search with that quantitative easing by central banks frb they can more actively think about they can rk some of the assets of the bitcoin for the anti-inflation investment against quantitative ethereum policy of the u.s dollar frb all right so this momentum actually to me is quite positive wind for the entire bitcoin market and the same as nasdaq too right on us economy events december 27th and january 1st so same as usual 31st thursday new jobs claim this we are kind of close to the end of their seasons so this stat is a little bit improved but from the beginning of the next year we have to pay attention to the new type of you know kobe 19 staff once we're going to look at the fundamental news update about kobe 19 as usual the total infection number as i predicted is three 5.3 it's well improved last week was six point four percent so it's well improved and the same as their slides plus four point three percent last week was around five percent so it's well improved but now from uk we're gonna see the new copy 19 virus it's much more powerful in faction power so from the beginning of the next year i think this stats itself will be getting once again that's what i'm thinking about okay so which means that unemployment issue also come up with the market again so quantum easing policy in the central banks will be still continuing that's the things we can learn from here okay and the key news fair power wins for the crypto person of the owner do they give hour for a snack it's a very ironic things all right next key news ncc officially files against ripple rs is xrp or security to this day so you know as i analyze on my xrp tokens on my another youtube video finally usacc take the official actions against xrp to me this action itself is pretty accurate because it's very this news so much case or sec will target either garbage or coin after ripple thinking about the future exponential growth of the entire crypto industry we still have a lot of garbage all coin especially top hundreds and xrp is a major one but also we have a lot of other garbage all coins such as litecoin or bitcoin cash bitcoin sv but once we can look at you know defy or nft or decentral cdn a lots of amazing project is growing up with the very convincing tractions all right so we have to accelerate these transitions from older alkaline to the new alkaline but since you know help the retail investor to realize which our coin has a huge potential in long term these sec actions is really really convincing for the retail investor to accept that reality of the transition moment happening entire crypto industry i think you know this is quite welcome for us for the future market developments of the entire crypto brochure industry that's what i'm thinking about okay and the next key news world largest asset manager blackrock looking for the blockchain executive great because you know this news means they are so seriously about our coin investment so we can see the huge market developments coming up to the existing financial market too from this news all right so this is great and then sk news eric reisman appointed the acting chairman of the sec according to the hester pierce so from the crypt ma'am eric reisman is the next scc chairman as far as look at this article we can see some possible expectations for this new sec chairman so let's see how that you know constructive liberation come up from the you know us sec to the entire crypto blockchain space okay and that's good news my major exploring idea on the crypto governance this is kind of good news for us but you know i cannot imagine that miami can take the initiative about the crypto governance model on a global basis the reason is the miami has a huge amount of financial criminals so to me let's look at the u.s market new york or california has a much more like clear image for us that they can take the leadership or initiative on russian society development stuff okay and the next news i literally checked this you know analysis from economic metrics on twitter accounts one of the key stats we need to pay attention to is next april btc price might hit over 100 thousand dollars you know this is also pretty close to my analysis still because in my target the next year is next march to may bitcoin might hit over hundred thousand dollars so it's pretty close but thinking about the dcs plus movements you know they predict that you know bitcoin hit over 41 000 in the end of this year but could not meet this target so you know by me this stats might be a little bit drained but still i'm going to hold that you know in january 2022 bitcoin hits over hundred fifty thousand dollars to two hundred thousand dollars that's my analysis okay all right as usual we are waiting for this formula one more retail investor institutional investor u.s major corporation recognized crypto economy has much bigger potential than u.s dollar economy we're going to see the exponential growth of the entire crypto abroad industry and to realize these historical events what are we waiting for is second nixon shock since 1972 so second usl crisis i truly hope that that's going to happen with the soft landing model because now we have a button in administrations let's see this in a market developments continuously okay and from here alkaline market and let's start from the ethereum eth so three major bruce project ethereum tron eos start from and then recently you can recognize that ethereum dominance on these stats is amazing compared with you know tron eos it's huge market developments once we can look at the other bros project ethereum number is overwhelming so the things we can learn from here for the birth investment eth is the best then also other let it kidneys ethereum 2.0 validator are making 3.2 compounded early interest some analysts told us that you know expectation of the validator return on the ets 2.0 will be around 10 so this number itself is much lower than that analysis still to me this number shows huge potential about long-term investment for the eth market because this one institution will start buying ether in 2021 3.2 is kind of critical stats for us because you know frb central banking annual inflation target is 2.0 percent so 3.2 is quite enough for institutional investor for the long-term investment for the ease then now we have current shock so a lot like you know inflation lists coming to the market because of the quantity eating policy of the fravi other central banks then now we have defined investment opportunity for this institution investor because most of you know defy projects starting from unit swap they require eth for their investment staff including wi-fi product 2.

So from this perspective those institutional investors once they're going to take the long term position on eth holding staff they're going to make additional money by leveraging defined ecosystem on blockchain space so my prediction is with this you know validator ecosystem developments on eth which accelerate define ecosystem developments especially a lot of institutional money coming into the defined ecosystem on the blockchain space okay the next thing you know is inside robbie grows with the blockchain gaming industry so a lot of hot news or analysis about blockchain gaming stuff is coming to the market then as i told you all the time nft is the next key gross driver for both birth and also the defy then gaming nft and digital auto nft is a key gross driver then so i have a huge expectation to the brush and gaming development stuff next year too okay and the next one unit swap next project training volume comparison between centralized exchange and dex last week 10 to 1 this week 91.

And a major development on the central exchange size is actually binance their trending volume level almost double compared to last week okay so huge you know stats development happening here in the central exchange and make it out mkl so land market updates total market tvl minus 5.0 percent top three make it out minus 6.8 percent compound minus four point two percent and eight minus ten point four percent as i told you on a previous line a bitcoin analysis btc take the leadership entire market cap increased last week then the reason coming from a lot of you know are going assets moving to the bitcoin these stats completely similar reactions and related key news the white house leases stable coin report says legal letter could consider limiting multi-currency stable coins most of the big influence this you know regulatory approach on uh liberal by facebook but also about make it out also compile the planning to reset a stablecoin project so we must continuously pay attention to this loyalty development stuff and young finance wi-fi so asset market updates the five bills they decided to exclude wbtc stats from here so no update about the total tbl but about at a top three project harvest finance minus eight percent young finance minus six percent and around year minus two point seven percent completely same stats movements compares landing market okay and the next one c6 snx so the remarket updates total tbl plus one point eighteen billion dollars plus sixteen percent great since it takes plus twenty two point eight percent nexus mutual minus twelve percent and hesic minus ten percent the things we can learn from here is actually synthetics release their new staking solutions on the ecosystem so huge plus increase on s entity tokens so that is why they're gonna hit these stats okay but other project since there is no market development happening here so that is why they influenced my alcohol asset movements as i told you the btc domain slate so all the negative stats okay so that's the things we can learn from here other related key news so d5 protocol synthetics launches news taking platform recently since it takes looks like they're going to set the benchmark for the binance they try to take that a little like the similar solutions binaries already take on their you know centralized approach and then synthetics try to take the decentral approach for the new type of staking solutions like you know ethereum staking or in progress taking stuff so huge market development happening here on synthetics this is great and the next one theater so great products list on a theater tv so native nft looks to boost engagement on monetization for the cellular tv streamer so now if you're the live streamer on certain tv you can mint and share your own nft to your funds which means you can make a lot of like special character goods on your channel i love this feature the reason is you know it's a critical differentiation point to compete with youtube that's why okay so this is great and program dot so procrasti-based defined insurance app rises around 2 million led by kr1 blockchain capital fund this is kind of long-term issue but still the blockchain interoperability played a critical software layer entire long-term market developments on the ecosystem especially a lot of the major crypto projects including seattle and era compound is planning to graduate from ethereum ecosystem so which means that blockchain intel operability next big themes for the entire market developments on the brochure industry procore will be the major player on this layer so their market developments ecosystem development staff is all the time i pay attention to okay all right as usual this is the final slide so hotel is the best for the retail investor to minimize the risk and the maximum return because investment in our coin project just like investment in the early stage of the google and facebook when you look at the amazing angel investor such as ron kawai peter two reid hoffman their investment approach is quite simple long-term investment and another evidence from the binance research too so this is about bitcoin but you know in a bitcoin case longest holder must mind the return so in this case longest holder in the bitcoin made a 220 return compared with other short-term investors here i also basically take the long-term investment approach for the arco investment so i also recommend you guys take the same approach too okay all right so that is all this time so this video is my last video on this year and i truly appreciate your big support on my youtube channel i also truly expect you guys support my channel continuously next year too so please have amazing time with your lover and family so thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my channel foreign

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