Bitcoin and Altcoin Weekly Review and Market Forecast: 2020.10.26 – 11.02

and one of the reason that their bitcoin experience is this bridge trend is actually you know part of these two bias reactions was eventually critical so hi hello i'm mr massa so today's a regular item cryptic assets weekly analysis in the market forecast october 26 to november 2nd okay so let's start so as usual this is my strategy so i only rk my asset to the bitcoin and the older organ which is related to these six categories and if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio strategy please check out my other video about my profile strategy okay and in my portfolio location says azuma now than last week so last week i additional investment in eight crypto assets so standard for the wi-fi uni swap unit tokens aeb compound certain network hidden network resin protocol and make a dial and this is my latest portfolio share as of now okay and let's start from the bitcoin so btc usd artichoke as i predict last week bitcoin finally hit the highest score of this year and that score is in august 31st 14 100 which is higher than 2019 highest price 13 970 great movement happened last week and one of the reason that their bitcoin experience is this bridge trend is actually you know part of these two price reactions was eventually critical as i mentioned since two weeks ago you know these price lines started from 12 to 900 and 13 000 these are the critical support line on a recent price move eventually last week from october 29th to october 30 they're going to try it twice here and here as you can see here about the candle over here we can experience the strong price reversal reactions on these prime movements with this separate line so that is why you know buying side of the power is confirming the strengths again so we can experience the displaced trend like this way after hitting this highest price of this year we're going to experience this kind of price movement these days too so still keeping the bullish momentum at this moment again and once we're going to move to the daily chart here another things i want to pay attention to actually these price movements and these price movements because you know in this summer we're going to hit you know highest twice before hitting you know this number here so olga 17 12 168 here but before that this five movement is kind of the signal for the bridge trend or the bitcoin price because all the time you know the bt supply is hitting here that you know upper price range of the bollinger band the key thing is actually this number 12 days this is a consecutive days of that you know strong momentum on a btc hitting the upper price length of the bollinger band here for 12 days but when you look at this time here the dates these consecutive like police trend here it's 25 days much longer bullish trend is currently occurring right now on the btc and another things i'm also paying attention to actually this one kdj here as you can see here we can experience this disease converging moment on a kdz trend which means that you know ktj itself was forming the frog and then bitcoin still keeping this you know highest price moment if you two which means that the bitcoin still can try the higher price than this price and one of the critical signal that we can confirm about british trend or biology trend is actually from the weekly chart here when you look at the last year this is a high score 13 970 when you look at the you know formation of the candle chart here once the bdc hitting the highest price it's pushed back again so we're going to experience this downtrend here okay but for this time still we're going to see the green light or the candle over here on a weekly charter basis staff too so which means that still on a weekly chart basis bitcoin still keeping their bullish momentum here from the technical analyst perspective bitcoin is still bullish okay so from here we need to check the fundamental data and the first one is this one btc hash light mining competitions so next difficulty estimate is minus 13.92 on november 3rd quite big minus happening here and there is mainly two reasons for this first one is ok x issue so ok x also you know big minor on btc mining industry but since they are currently under investigations by you know usacc and cstc so that is why they're going to stop all the mining activity now so mining hash competition is getting lower another reason is about chinese mining flyer especially in a northern china area since you know those area experiences you know large amount of rainy seasons that's why they can get much cheaper riding cost for the money machine in northern china but those rainy seasons in northern china is eventually end last week so btc mining competitions also get lower again all right so those you know two reasons eventually affected this minus number here too but from the you know mining competition perspective it's kind of you know bearish trend happening here so from this point it's also kind of negative effects on btc supplies okay and the second is this one cme btc futures one month price difference average so november 2nd is 111.25 it's very bullish because it's a last week it's 46.25 so 240 increase for one week it's very rich in my past analysis this number almost like a peak level last time you know in the summer we're going to experience is 19 or so we need you achieve the highest score in the summer season so this number is you know much higher than that number so we can see some kind of you know extreme bullish trend here and also when you look at the terrain volume or the cme btc futures it's getting lower so which means that you know from the futures market analysis it's kind of peak level so it might tend to be a balance this week that's we can confirm here okay and or market cap and btc dominance lights market cap minus 0.3 percent almost no change but when you look at the btc domain slice it's plus 2.1 percent again last week it's gonna also hit over two percent here so you know quite bullish moment on the btc trend still continuing but when you look at this you know btc dominance market cap in a compression chart here from coin market cap as you can see these wide opening moments looks like almost a peak level here okay so this week bt supplies my experience is a little bit bearish moment that's what i'm thinking about but still within this year btc can try you know higher price than last week you know highest price fourteen thousand one hundreds still in the next two or three months the btc bullish momentum is still continuing that's what i'm thinking about okay usdd fly surf last week plus 2.15 steady in greece which means that you know some of the money gradually going to the arkham market that's what i'm thinking about because you know recent market developments you know led by bitcoin that's why a lot of you know our coin project with the high potential one hit the lower price so it's kind of good timing to buy those lower valid altcoin with the high potential one so this kind of you know steady increase happening right now in the market but when you look at the price movement here under one dollar it's a small increase happening here about new issue of the usd but the momentum still is a little to be lower on a great scale bitcoin since you know bitcoin keeping bullish trend here grade scale also hit the high plans here 15.38 october 30s as we can confirm about you know candlelight reaction of bitcoin same thing happened here on a gbtc2 you see support line here is 14 here so once gbtc price hits under this flight immediately applies push back again this is also another brute signal about the entire crypto asset market trend these days and a great scale investment bitcoin positioning last week plus 2.5 percent amazing progress on the google search trend bitcoin plus one that's good gold and a minus one and the usd is plus one so when you look at the gold chart here as you can see here almost no plus movement but a little bearish it's kind of interesting because now we're at the moment about the u.s elections and a u.s stock market is also kind of a little bearish but when you look at the bitcoin it's it's quite bullish moment here so looks like a decap ring from the traditional investment assets comparison of cryptos and stuff is now accelerating right now that's the things we can confirm here okay and then u.s treasury 10 year real earth curve last week plus 9.8 percent two weeks ago as plus 5.3 percent so it's kind of a very bearish trend right now and it's also pretty good for the bitcoin market still at square static investment in a bitcoin a lot of regular u.s companies you know strong interest or motivation to buy you know u.s government related assets like your strategy bond it's a little bit behind and then they're more focused on bitcoin so it's another you know great trend about the decoupling stuff and the sap 500 index standoff mode before the u.s election on november 3rd so even we're going to get you know better number about initial jobs claims improved number is minus 5.1 percent so right after that it you know stock prices are getting a little higher but still the total reaction is you know quite bearish here because it's before by the u.s elections and the same trend on the nasdaq too u.s economy events this week on the fifth thursday new javascrime as usual and the sixth from friday big number updates u.s implement rate september one and from here is fundamental news updates as usual starting from copy 19 gets worse again so total infection plus eight point nine percent and the death slides plus eight point zero percent last week this number is 3.5 so getting worse again and most of the reason coming from the second spike in the european market but once the european market experienced the second second spike that trend also influenced on the u.s and african market so uh it might be get more serious so we need to you know serious pay attention to this now right now okay and then next key news so decline index volumes reflect define investors shift to bitcoin data shows it's kind of very interesting you know analysis so from july to august we're going to experience kind of a medium bubble in a defined market so as you can see here huge train volume growth it happened here on a dex market here but now it's going down and instead when you look at the here measure leverage trading market central crypto exchange such as in finance okay x ftx it's increasing which means that lots of you know speculation money moving from dex to btc futures market and it's kind of convincing for me because you know when you look at the defined market bubble this summer they're going to attract a lot of expectator from you know crypto market here because when you look at the even farming products or liquidity providing business stuff too they can get over 20 or sometimes they'll get the 80 or 90 annual interest for their investment return so from this perspective since defy bubble is already you know under the correction moment a little bit like bear strength these days those speculation money looking for other investment opportunity on a btc futures because btc futures these days is pretty good because we know btc prices goes up these days right so it's kind of you know makes sense to me so which means that as the next step we can expect is that the ones btc you know confirmed a little bit like you know correction moments on the next you know coming two or three months or so these money might come back to define market again okay that's the things we can think about it too all right next ski news mileage recovery what the record gdp growth tells us about the u.s economy u.s department of commerce you know made a kind of short-term report about you know over 33 increase of their gdp on the third quarter but as i tell you all the time when you look at you know unemployment rates or initial jobs claim those number has not improved yet as this level so which means that even gdp hit an extremely better number here this is not an indicator for us about you know u.s economy it's fully get recovered because when you look at the unemployment or initial jobless claim we're going to see you know what's number here the which mean that you know inflation's because of like you know if rb is probably issuing tons of money to the market gdp itself experiences you know high inflation moment because of the coronal shock this is also a great advantage for the btc market because you know btc itself has an anti-inflation effect of their last resort asset investment okay and the next key news so the popular popular crypt analyst willie ooh introducing a new analytical model here about bitcoin nvt price the creation model is you know total market cap divided by usd transaction volume here every time nvt price here hitting higher price then last time high here we can experience this bullish trend like this way second time is 270 from 2016.

We're going to experience is a quite british bubble here on the 2017. and then last week bitcoin nbt price is newly got over that last time you know peak high level here so uh this is another kind of bridge trend on a bt supplies even the btc applies to the short-term price collection moments from the fundamental analysis long-term still quite bullish that's what i'm thinking about too i think in a bitcoin nvt price analysis kind of you know good indicator for us to confirm about you know btc market momentum the reason is transaction volume means the propriety of the bitcoin investment so more and more new investor and they put their money into this market this number here is getting higher like this why all right so from this perspective this number itself so this number itself is kind of better indicator for us about the bridge trend is coming to the market here okay and the next news wrapped bitcoin wbtc is now ethereum sixth largest token there currently is a record total of a hundred sixteen thousand eight hundred eighty five dollar vtc backed by the equal number of the btc held by custodians and the market cap of the wtc now tops 1.58 billions and this makes wbtc ethernet 6 largest token by the market cap after usdc and also the chain link here and the bna b tokens and the largest one usd tesla here i think you know this trend it's kind of a great driver for us about how we're going to promote the long-term investment for the bitcoin let me briefly tell you about the background here and the elephants is a chasm theory the network effects here in the casper theory we mainly have five major user base standing from innovator early adapter and chasm here and rd majority late majority and late mass here and now a lot of early majority player like microstrategy square those in the public company put their money into the bitcoin thinking about you know bleach business stuff for the rate majority lead mass this network effect model with wbtc is quite effective because with the wbcd products those investors in this you know user category get more additional investment return such as in a lending opportunity liquidity pool providing staff too so great benefits here this additional return motivates those conservative investors to hold the bitcoin you know much more long term which generate lower selling pressure on the btc and these lower pressure eventually bring us the steady price growth of the bdc so attract more long-term holder of the btc and this growth mechanism will be accelerated by the wbtc market growth so i have a pretty big expectation for this market development of the wbtc so this is great and an sk news crypto exchange ftx launches bitcoin pair for wall street stocks like tesla apple and amazon this is also another great market developments about you know cryptos and investment staff so same things about you know these user base too because these blue chip stock is very popular in the traditional asset markets especially you know with these investors against crypto asset investment but once they're gonna provide a btc pair like this way which is kind of a great entry point for those investors into the crypto space because they don't need to invest in actual crypt assets this is quite a proper stock price here but they can exchange the bitcoin now another benefits also you know for decent trading staff is you know fdx running 24 hours 365 days so which means that so they can trade every time whenever they want and also bt cpr means it's not a usd pair they can think about to make money through the bitcoin business stuff for the investment i truly hope that this new cryptic asset products with the traditional investment model here will attract these investors here from the traditional asset market okay and the next key news nasdaq listed microstrategy now runs a bitcoin free note great so microstrategy sounds like they want to be a miner on a bitcoin so uh i think these kind of momentum will be kind of getting purple and popular you know u.s public company too which also accelerate the mass adaption of bitcoin so these kind of u.s public companies reaction to our bitcoin market will be more gates popular in the next year too and the next one crypto firm coinbase launches visa crypto card in a usa and same as in a paper model too those retail investors have accounts on coinbase and they put their assets in the coinbase wallets and then once they're gonna get you know visa card issued by coinbase you can use your bitcoin or ethereum something for your daily payment transaction on a visa margin here in the us which means that you know as you can see here payment competitions in crypto space it's getting harsh right now which also accelerate the mass adaptations of the you know crypto asset payment market here so this is great too and the next key news the pewdiepie joined the blockchain in our game volume player can buy youtube stars and hd skin so this is also great because you know broadstream game will be kind of key driver about nf nfd market development stuff and the next key growth driver for the defined market in the blockchain space will be nft so pewdiepie is a great influencer on you know crypto space as a youtube content creator also the gamer because he has over 100 million subscribers on youtube he's one of the largest youtuber so which means that you know so he's gonna be kind of influencer of the crypto space to attract more and more retail investor or gamer coming to this market and you know isolate the market development of the nft token here so this is another great news okay so as usual what are we waiting for right now is this formula so more and more retail investor recognized crypto economy has much more bigger potential than u.s economy crypto economy itself experiences the exploitation growth as you can see these days you know a lot of u.s public companies like square microstrategy move their position from us economy to crypt economy by buying bitcoin so hold the things that are happening right this way and then the key things that we want to realize this formula is a second u.s dollar crisis after the nixon shock 1972 and then that historical events might come soon that's what i'm thinking about and the next one is the altcoin and it started from the ethereum so as usual three major burst project when you look at the stats number here looks like an ethereum tron experience is kind of an aggression moment of the you know defined mini bubble this summer almost close to the end so they're going to hit the old plus number here 24 hour user 24 hour transactions and in 24 hours volume usd here eos is not that big change here okay and then later news about eastern so consensus recently published defined yield farming crowd threatens security of the ether 2.0 why it's about incentives because ethereum is now planning to transform their consensus algorithm from proof of work-based one to proof of stake one and in a proof of stake one on ethereum 2.0 once you're going to deposit your ethereum tokens actually minimum requirements is 32 eth you can get some investment return for this delegation process just like a cosmos in a dpos model too okay but since defy projects such as you know liquidity provided business stuff and uni-swap or compound on av you know you'd find using stuff too you can get like 20 or 30 percent annual interest return so much higher incentive here than ethereum proof of staking model that we can expect here also like eastern should not give higher incentive model like in 20 or 30 percent on their you know institute program on the eth and proof of stake the leasing is huge influential risk of the ethics token might come out to the market because of this you know decision making so i totally disagree about this point and but thinking about the sustainable and the scalable governance model with the pro home stake model on ether 2.0 we have to do something on this and my kind of fresh idea for this is actually this one w-e-t-h for staking on ethereum 2.0 which means that once user you know deposit you know it is token on you know ethereum proof of ecosystem we're going to provide some wrapping solution for this they can also deposit these in an eta token for the defy project which is running on the ethereum such as the unit swap or something i think this idea is kind of quite effective model to scale up the eastern ecosystem because you know measure defined project on top of the ether such as a unit swap or compound naive does not need to leave ethereum ecosystem anymore because they can provide a user with the additional benefits for additional wetc solutions with the proof of state ecosystem on ethereum 2.0 but this is kind of a critical issue with ethereum in long term so i strongly pay attention to the market development of this issue okay and a maker down mkl and the landing market updates total market is minus four point seven percent since last week and they make it out minus three point eight percent compound plus twenty four point five percent great progress abe is a little minus five point seven percent and here is swap next project so training volume compression between central exchange and the dex here and last week was 11 to 1 and this week is eight to one as we can confirm the stats on ethereum you know getting better than last week that number also reflect this number two looks like a mini bubble with a defy market this summer and the correction moment that's we can gradually see that trend here so lady king news young finance founder andy cronjin's new defy token kp3r source 3600 24 hours after launch this is the power of the decks that's what i'm looking for again the reason is you know every single user in crypto space can easily access to those in an amazing project launch so this is the power of the dex and the next one wi-fi so i said market updates market total tvl is minus eight percent and the wvtc plus ten percent young finance plus thirteen percent harvest finance minus fifty percent and around vm minus three point four percent young finance get over to the number two positioning again and then the reason harvest finance getting this kind of minus number here is this one so defy protocol have its finest hacked for 24 million attacker returned 25 millions here so this is the reason but you know things we can learn from here is you know for the aggregated player such as young finance harvest finance have to deal with that you know system attack so they have to develop one distributed you know network model to protect the user's assets on the aggregating business stuff okay all right so this is last slide as usual so the photo is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and the maximum return because you know investment in our coin project is just like you know investment in early days of the facebook google when you look at the legendary angel investor like leedy hoffman peter tier ron conway those super engine investors all the time take a very simple investment approach for the you know startup investment is long-term investment and then another evidence from binance research so it's about a bitcoin but all the time longer holder of the bitcoin maximize their investment return so in this case the longest holder they're gonna get 220 investment return much higher number than other short-term holder on the crypto asset space basically i'm gonna also take the long-term investment approach in the crypto space still i'm gonna recommend you guys also take the long-term investment approach for the crypto asset investment okay so there is all this time i also make lots of industry video encryption on blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe my channel bye foreign

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