Bitcoin and Altcoin Weekly Review and Market Forecast: 2020.10.12 – 10.18

yeah we're gonna get some you know small crash here and applies hits on the same day eleven thousand two hundreds okay but when you look at that you know price after this small crash as you can see here it's steady gross like this way [Music] hi hello my name is so today is a regular item crypto assets weekly analysis and market forecast october 12th and october 18th okay so let's start so as usual this is my proper strategy so i only argue my asset to the bitcoin and all the oracle increases related to these six categories so if you want to deepen your understanding about my portfolio please check out my other video about my portfolio strategy okay and as usual my portfolio allocation status are so now last week no additional investment and this is my portfolio ratio at this moment okay and let's start with a bitcoin and this is the btc u.s city hourly chart seven days version and then last week for us movement still we're gonna follow up you know squares btc buying activity on licensing bridge trend but right after the bdc price hits eleven thousand six hundred seventy dollars we're gonna get some trouble here about this one okay suspension for reservoir due to the public investigations then we're going to get some you know small crash here and the place hits on the same day 11 000 200.

Okay but when you look at that you know price movement after this small crash as you can see here it's steady growth like this why last week the price is closed on 11 000 503 so still keeping kind of in a bridge trend like this why right so it's kind of good anyways we're going to go to daily chart as you can see here the btc daily church still keeping a steady price movement here one thing i want to pay attention to this one in a boring job this pink line is a middle wrench so if the bt supplies still they're gonna keep these kind of steady price movements around three to four weeks later from now they're gonna this pink line and this place level will be hit each other so from this perspective you know that timing will be kind of you know time point for the bitcoin whether they're going to go up or go down okay then when you look at the volume here also decreasing this is another critical thing that we need to pay attention to that volume decreasing means it was the brilliant keeping then a lower level in a specific period of time also bt supplies have to decide upper side or downside then when you look at the kdj still keeping on this bridge trend that's also good too right then weekly chart same as daily chart you know in long-term trading volume level also decreasing kdz trend keeping bridge trend then most importantly we need to pay attention on the btc weekly chart is this one bollinger band pink line here middle price line still the bt supplies steadily hovering on this pink line so once we can keep this in a trend model so if the btc price can keep these you know steady price growth on top of this pink line this is a great signal for us about the long-term bridge trend will happen you know in the next coming seasons okay then from here fundamental analysis so last week difficulty updates hits plus 3.62 so eventually it's gonna hit the highest number on hash light you know btc history overall it's bullish but currently next difficulty update estimation will be around 3.62 but since price is keeping relatively high level but still like steady growing moment so i don't think you know they're gonna keep this number in the next two weeks later so probably let me go down that's what i'm thinking about okay okay next one cma btc futures so one month price difference average on october 8th plus 69.1 plus 30 than last week one of you know amazing pros happened here about let's look at this six months contrast contracts also made on on next march here also training volume is quite high these days still so this is another good sign that you know a lot of future traders so seriously competing each other about price and predictions next six months or so and this is another key indicator about the bridge trend too because still price is bullish trend start from the lower price and end up in a higher price okay all right next one over market cap and this is dominant slates market cap minus 0.25 percent last week it's gonna hit plus six percent so this week is weak and the btc dominance is plus zero point fifty four percent almost same level you know growth compared to last week so as you can see here still our quick market entire toy is weak this week okay but since you know these kind of gap between btc dominance and the market cap isn't happening easily still it may be kind of good timing to conversion like this y which means that you know next our coin kind of price push back moment might occur in the next two weeks or so okay once we're going to look at the usdt market cap kind of things happening too so plus one point four percent small increase last week is zero point seven percent so it number is double but computer is normal level like three percent of five percent it's just a weak number here but the price movement here when you look at the here relatively keeping blue strength twice hovering on one dollar here okay so it's another bullish trend here too and aggressive bitcoin trust even on october 16th we're gonna you know see some travel news on okay x no reactions so keeping bridge trend like this why it's pretty good the reason it's coming from why not there's no reactions because carato the investor is very different when you look at the btc usd price most of the price fluctuations is led by traders short-term traders speculators but great scale you know bitcoin the price is more led by institutional investor or long-term investor so that is why so they don't care these kind of scandal stuff anymore okay so this is also kind of good signal for us still because lots and lots of early majority long-term investors come into this market okay okay the next one great scale investment bitcoin positioning last week pretty big increase here because in a market cap of the gbtc you know went up so great scale investment bitcoin also increased eventually plus 3.46 percent great growth then google search trend about bitcoin small increase about gold conceptually you know went down minus two 71.

On a u.s dollar no change and then gold price compared with bitcoin price it's more like you know it's kind of steady moment these days october 18th flights crossed around 1898. people keeping a little deeply british moment but kind of very stable price movement these days okay then u.s treasury kenya real e curve minus 0.95 percent minus one point one percent again but almost no change and the slp 500 index on october 15th new jobless climb hits higher than last week plus 6.3 small price last year negative reactions on the stock market because economic recovery from kobe 19 has been struggling in a u.s economy these days with this number here okay and the nasdaq hundreds same reactions right and the u.s economy events from october 9th to 23rd same as new jersey spring then my entire analysis about bitcoin market is next two or three weeks you know if we don't have any kind of like you know great fundamental news such as you know another early majority you know like square you know buying a bitcoin or any other kind of scandal news like okay x bitcoin keeping relatively stable price movements but since you know we need to look at the bollinger band pink line you know around there once the price hits those middle line in a daily chart the next key things we need to pay attention is that well investors reactions usually they are the strong bitcoin believer they're going to bet on the bullish side on the btc if the market is not so seriously bad so that's what i'm thinking about you know next two or three you know weeks from now okay and from here the fundamental you know news check first one is kobe 19 as usual so total infection number is plus point six percent same level compared with last week and the death slate last week is around six percent and this week is plus three point four percent so it'll push back again but still keeping you know increasing number of trend you know these days okay and the next key news stereo blockchain will support the usdc stablecoin starting next year so stero also decides to join you know save coin competition i think in one of their primary motivation to support the usdc is kind of you know for the birth project stable coin business it's kind of very steady revenue source for running the you know this interest credit computing when you look at the ether trump it's same things they're going to make lots of money with the usdd transactions that's why you still take the same approach here okay and the next one coinbase pro to list wrapped bitcoin wbtc so bitco also listed in a wbtc you know so the coinbase also put up in this trend too and the wbtc is you know pretty big potential especially about like you know renting or quarters business market too but for exchange business usually it's only for trading speculations okay so next one last week you know a lot of major exchange standards for the binance list of fraud coin token fail here there is kind of hot discussion inside the crypt community and then let me tell you my idea here so card market cap is in a far coin is around 600 million this is not the big issue here but the issue is this one there are few tokens the issuing plan once every single fire coin issued as a plan market cap is over 70 billion that is too expensive and there is mainly two reasons for that first one is this one dropbox it's kind of similar software the far coin but it's a central crowd and firecoin is a decentralized crowd and the dropbox current market cap is 8 billion dollars so almost 10 times it's too high another reason about you know comparison between central squad and decentralized crowd central's crowd such as eravas google cloud mainly have three components transaction system straight system and analytical system then here's the bars this enters cloud ethernet here eos actually already have you know bros system but also stretching an article system here so your software is pretty close to centralized you know crowd model here and the trunk also have you know birth system but also they have big trend also big trend taking camp storage solution here too but the far coin only have storage solution here then this market cap it's to me it's too expensive so that's what i'm thinking about okay all right so as usual so we are waiting for this formula so more and more retail investor recognized crypto economy has much bigger potential than u.s economy crypto and russia industry expedience exploitation growth and to realize that goal one of the critical historical events what we need is second u.s dollar crisis since nixon shock 1972.

Once we're going to experience these historical events you know we're going to realize this formula that's we are waiting for okay then earthquake ethereum then as usual this is stats from so three major birth project ethereum tron and eos so since probably a couple weeks ago still the ethereum and tron is kind of correctional moment of the defined mini bubble on this summer so all the number is a little bit negative here as you can see at about years almost no chance unstable okay are they written news about ethereum so eastern foundation introduces new smart contract language fee for the ecosystem i think this is kind of great movements because now instagram targeted on the crossing a chasm at the best platform so they want access to the developer in the re majority and currently a smart contract longer solidity more like in a well-trained programmer in an early stage such an innovator or audio adapter security more you know business use or more like an entire you know holistic or scalable commercial use it's kind of very quiet variable for them to introduce in know new language here which is more like you know very easy to use for any type of the program or even for like in a junior level so you know this you know new language integration to the broad spot home ether this is kind of quite effective solution for them to develop their business in a sustainable way okay and the next one macro dell mkl so landing market updates market total value locked is almost no change but when you look at the mega dial if compound three major player is steady growth especially even compound is pretty good growth here okay and then next one uni dex project trading volume comparison between central exchange and the dexter exchange the late show is 3.61 so almost not changed last week and unit swap still overwhelming the trade volume of the coinbase pro here this is good okay and a young finance yfi so asset market updates wbtc plus 10 great progress and a young finance still experiences in a minus growth here on a red vm plus 2.7 percent city grows but the total is 2.02 billion plus 28.6 gross so as you can see here how the asset market you know growing right now this is great and the related key news finally as i predicted you know young finance started to develop the solution for empowerment of risk on unit smart protocol it looks like they're thinking about the insurance program solutions so probably young finance in a correct swap fee for the revenue model so they might apply some of these revenue to you know poor fan for running this insurance program i have a pretty good expectation for them okay and the next key news defy community plans the action against young team over eminence hack i don't support this activity ever why because you know defined market is pretty early stage it's a standard project it's quite natural these kind of you know technical trouble will happen in this early stage so those investor who wants to get involved in these kind of market developments must accept this type of risk if they cannot take that risk they should not invest in those kind of emerging projects from the blockchain space so this is a completely wrong approach which just brings us you know big burden for this young finance team to execute their great innovation in the blockchain space in light speed okay it's totally against this kind of market developing action what we are not taking right now okay it's completely wrong options okay and the next one is dent so dent will be part of the new bunk deal sections so bank user can get three gp of free worldwide mobile data but for 365 days in a 75 country from debt my expectation to this action is you know in long term is like you know i i think you know dent would integrate one you know their products into the defined market space and which attract more like you know new user in the crypto space i have this kind of expectation to them right next one product dot so tokenized bitcoin is coming to polkadot in quarter one 2021.

Pro cutouts also coming to wrapping technology for the bitcoin wbtc market is rapidly growing these days this is great okay and chain link link so ben chan bitco cto and a wbtc architecture so he invented you know wbtc has joined channeling labs as vp of engineering i think this is great hiring because you know chair league also kind of have a potential like polka dots because those kind of more like a second layer solution for the burst project so which means that the chain link might take some action about you know wrapping technology for the btc market too too because they're already providing price feed solution with the d centers oracle on a bt supply still can pretty make sense in recruiting for chain link this is great bmt bank core and banco they are now developing version 2.1 and then implement the proposal of the single-sided old market maker with the elastic bnt supply that provides impermanent loss protection to liquidity providers most protocol try to cover up impermanent loss requisite temporary fixes banco is trying to permanently fix it seemingly this solution is kind of effective because it once recreated provider like you like me losing a money once we're going to become a liquidity provider because of you know impermanent loss risk but this model i don't think it's not a sustainable way especially for a token economy or bmt why because you know in this model banker protocol provide a bnt token to offset the impermanent rush of the recruited provider which means that you know next to a still our coin when nft markets you know price volatility is pretty high so they have to issue lots of lots of bmt tokens which means that you know inflation risk of the bnt token goes up so this model is kind of similar to like you know national bond you know issuing model you know in a central governance model you know country economy to stimulate the you know market economy of their country you know government issue lots of bond and do some kind you know public policy to strengthen the market economy but lots of you know emerging economy experiences huge big like financial deport problem all the time happening like those kind of muslim economy so to me this solution it's kind of a you know similar way for us to apply this kind of like this money solution on impermanent risk risk okay so i'm not so quite supporting this idea so this is a last slide hodo is the best for retail investor to minimize the risk and the maximum return because you know investment in our coin is just like investment in early stage of the tech startup such as google and facebook when you look at the legendary angel investors such as ron conway peter 2 leader hoffman all the time they're going to take the same approach for you know audi tech setup investment is long-term investment and here's another evidence from you know finance still you know in a bitcoin investment all the time longest holder maximize the return in this case it's 220 percent compared with other short-term holders here i also basically take the long-term investment approach for the crypto space too so i also recommend you guys to take the same approach okay so the little design i also make lots of in this video on the crypto blockchain space so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe channel bye you

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