Bitcoin Analysis (BTC Analysis) – 1 Min Stock Analysis

The number two stock on this list is bitcoin 
(BTC) which I can just put as $BTC which is up 75%   so far in 2021. here's three reasons why 
I’m bullish on bitcoin overall number one   it has become very mainstream with companies like 
tesla stock (TSLA Stock) announcing that one they   actually bought bitcoin (BTC) and they're talking 
about the potential of using bitcoin (BTC) for   transactions to actually be able to buy test 
the products number two it's become easier for   people to buy into cryptocurrency overall you have 
platforms like PayPal Stock (PYPL Stock) which own   stuff like Venmo and then you have square stock 
(SQ Stock) which owns stuff like the cash app   that's been allowing customers to buy 
and sell cryptocurrency on the platform   which has allowed more people to get involved with 
the cryptocurrency space and number three I think   it's just a really exciting place to invest I 
love the idea of a decentralized currency and   it's a very exciting place and while I don't 
fully understand it it's a place that I’ve   been invested for around four years and I plan to 
continue investing in bitcoin (BTC) going forward

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