BITCOIN + ALTCOINS PUMPING!! Vechain, Dogecoin! (Cryptocurrency News + Trading Price Analysis)

what's going on guys Patrick here hope
you guys all having a fantastic day today we're gonna be looking at not only
Bitcoin pumping but all coins are pumping too we're gonna be covering a
ton of analysis and talking about the potential of a new all coin season so
make sure you guys stay all the way until the end and I want to update you
guys on my portfolio because guys really do enjoy those the trades we entered
recently over here on the 2nd of June or we enter on the 2nd of June between the
131 and 136 this was on amb yeah you guys can see what happened after that so
that was a very good trade also oh and tea all corns like I said looking really
good recently we entered on a retest over here on the 7th of July and then
from that pretty straight forward you guys can see what happened there as well
we also just recently entered a Bitcoin trade which I'll share with you guys in
a bit obviously not going to share it right now because we just entered it so
I am going to leave that for the people that are in our group and if you guys
want to be a part of that you feel like you're missing out on the opportunities
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trades that myself and my team are entering in real-time so if you're a
complete beginner if you don't have time to do technical analysis or you simply
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that goes on in there and if for some reason it doesn't work for you you don't
like it no questions asked you can cancel and you avoid getting
charged it's as easy as that to capitalize on the trades that myself and
my team are entering like I said we're breaking down all the bears and a ton of
you guys have been in there and I say that all the time because I'm so
thankful for every you every one of you that join you guys are seeing everything
we have to offer and if you guys in there yet I look forward to seeing
you in there soon but let's go into the actual Bitcoin analysis starting off
with because like I said all coins are doing well Bitcoin is doing well the
opportunities in this space are plentiful there's so much in there's so
many opportunities going on right now in Bitcoin what we were talking about
previously looks like now it might still be early for some people but it looks
like it's starting to move to the upside and break the pattern that we have been
in ever since the 29th of April 2020 being in the pattern for this long it
simply means that the chances of a big move coming from a breakout at either
direction are very very high now I will say that we have had previously we have
had this happen previously where we faked a breakout to the upside and
that's followed by a huge move to the downside so that's one thing to keep in
mind for the potential of that happening and that's why no matter what trade
you're in if you're in a long or if you're in a short you want to have your
stop-loss is set in the right places so if it does reverse and go against what
you thought was going to happen you're still safe you can still either close
your trade in profit or close your trade at a minor loss and then shift and get
ready for the next trade that you're going to be in remember remove all
emotions from trading that's the number one way to succeed but coming in towards
the end we talked about how the 11th of July was the closing point of this
pattern usually week hello we move a before that day I would usually we don't
wait until the very last day we got close it was the 8th of July of 2020 we
were relatively close to the very end of it you guys saw we had this first candle
come in this is where I said we want to see the confirmation because we want to
make sure Bitcoin is actually headed in that direction well it came back down it
looked like it retested what was the resistance and is now support of the EMA
ribbon and then BOOM it's continuing on its way up the crazy thing to if you
zoom out is that we never actually had a bearish flip like we see here come in
with this drop that we were looking at so it looks like although we got very
close and it looked like we were breaking below the EMA ribbon and that
we tested it as a resistance previously it looks like as of right now without
the bearish cross we could still just enter right back into the bullish trend
on the daily timeframe currently bitcoins that $944 it just
pumped up from 902 to nine thousand two hundred and fifty two dollars nine
thousand four hundred and forty five was the top nine thousand two hundred fifty
two at the bottom I hope I said that correctly because I might sound really
dumb on the internet right now but it's okay you guys get what I was trying to
say a very solid move coming in on the daily timeframe that um a ribbon like I
said it looks like it's breaking above the resistance of not only this downward
line that we had talked about resistance several times before but we never
actually saw the flip of the EMA rivet so it could be as of right now we're
just continuing on a bullish trend and this was just supposed to be the support
that we would find at the bottom here however it just set happened to work a
little bit lower of course these things aren't perfect 100% of the time so we
have to play with only the information that we are given but I did mention that
the 4-hour and the one-hour we're looking very very good so if you guys
took that opportunity then congratulations that's fantastic I told
you guys previously I was in a short that's secured profits on this move
right that was able to secure profits on these downward spikes
however this sold since I was in that short I move my stop-loss to break-even
so everything was set so I wasn't able to actually enter a long in this
position but I was happy with the profits of this short but if you guys
were in a long term in this position after what I talked about the fact that
we were in a huge gap we were above the EMA ribbon right for our that's very
bullish we then noticed we were significant price gap right between the
EMA ribbon and the Bitcoin price usually we know either that means we're coming
back down to retest or we are going to simply trade sideways and wait for the
EMA ribbon to catch up we started to have that climb back now so right here
would have been the perfect opportunity of a retest we saw the flip we saw the
4-hour was entering a bullish trend this would have been the perfect opportunity
of the support test where we could have entered and secured profits on the long
position over here so again like I said I wasn't personally in that one beat the
analysis was there so a lot of you guys might have been in there and if you guys
were let me know in the comments down below of very straightforward setup
without too much detail without too many too much information to come to
complicate things and make things way too difficult and way too complex when
they're not needed you can simply follow
the very basic strategies the very basic analysis that could have provided you
some very good profit on this like I said from 9200 and let's say 10 all the
way up to 9500 under $9,500 if you're on the leverage exchange like buy bin or
Betamax which I have links for those down below if you guys want to claim
some free money by depositing in there you can it made some very solid profits
now the one hour very similar here again we were above but we broke above it we
talked about this we talked about how we saw the flip
we broke above it on the price it was a bullish short-term trend we got multiple
opportunities to re-enter here at the support and then yeah same similar it's
the same thing its Bitcoin it's a one-hour the four-hour the one candles
gonna be there the big candle is gonna be there and it shot up from around nine
thousand two hundred and ten all the way to just under nine thousand five hundred
keep an eye out here right for the potential retest of the support again
coming back down it did have a massive candle to the upside so I would not be
surprised if we're gonna come back down to retest the EMA ribbon around here
just something like that and continue on its way up so keep an eye out on that
for the one-hour time frame and if the one-hour time frame does break bearish
then we want to Oliver break below the MDMA ribbon into a bearish trend that we
want to also make sure that we keep that in mind because that will affect
obviously that could affect the 4-hour and the daily timeframe as well but very
straightforward setup for anybody who is interested in that opportunity hopefully
some of you guys did capitalize on that trade okay so before we continue with
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you guys in the future in terms of better content and everything as well so
without further ado let's go back into the regular video all points all coins
we talked about Bitcoin analysis and the big moves that are coming but all coins
are also looking extremely bullish now dogecoin is the biggest mover up 38% at
the time I'm recording this up more previously you guys can see up here it
started to cool off v chain 20 just under 25% it's been on an uptrend for a
very long we'll talk about V change just a second
Cardinals up Seija coins up Kruk boy shares is up it's been a very solid day
for a couple of all words up here moving double digits and like I showed you
previously if you were able to capitalize and capitalize on those it
was a very profitable trade myself I wasn't in dogecoin unfortunately I'm not
really a huge fan of dogecoin bass is basically it's not backed by anything if
the analysis is there that's one thing but I stuck to the other all point that
I found the analysis better on and you guys saw how those did play out but
looking at the Bitcoin dominance usually Bitcoin dominance dropping is an
indicator of all coins performing well it's just the Bitcoin dominance of the
market is going down so of course the all coins will go up now we're used to
seeing some big bitcoin dominance jobs like this and this is when previously we
saw a very significant tall coin spike look at this this was ringing a bell
right mid early to mid December 2017 until early to mid January 2018 you guys
know what happened then all coins absolutely exploded since then bitcoins
been on a Bitcoin dominance has been on an uptrend following the support
multiple times over and over again we did have the break below now during this
time all coins weren't performing as well obviously there are ups where
always perform bad and there are a few more downs where all coins perform well
right same thing over here all coins performing well however we broke below
the support at this time which was the early January 2020 we had a good move
for all points here from there very similar pattern on a smaller trend
obviously not as long-term as we saw here but we found support and we just
recently are breaking below that support again and that big drop these you know
few candles on a daily timeframe with major drops on the Bitcoin dominance
that's the reason for all coins performing very well and if this
continues to drop right then you can expect as a terrible arrow if you guys
if we can say see this to drop you guys can expect all coins to continue to
perform well as well there's always going to be opportunities for all coins
and for Bitcoin so make sure you keep it out on both different times for
different ones but in the long term always gonna have opportunities for both
of those and like I said we want to talk about Vee Qing look at what V chains
doing B chain ever since March 2013 it bottomed at
around 0.001 five six four top zero point zero two one nine zero three and
just take a look at this right this is just from March thirtieth 2020 that's a
one thousand two hundred and eighty eight point nine nine percent move
that's insane right now Vijay has been one of my long-term all coins a dollar
cost average in all the time it's one of the favorite all coins in our group that
I just showed you guys about one of our favorite ones our team members love it
our community loves it I love it as well in terms of long term potential so we've
been in envy chain for quite some time dollar cost averaging every time we are
able to for example during this cycle right you were able to secure profits
there and obviously always securing profits when you can't dollar cost
averaging in at this drop very similar thing happened again and then dollar
cost averaging down here yeah you guys saw what happened after that so a very
good coin a very good opportunity again finding the right all coins you like
dollar cost averaging in them at the right time is very very lucrative in the
long run if that all coin does turn out to be a good all coin that's the hardest
part finding out what's going to actually be a good all coin and not
something that's going to go to 0 V chain proving time and time again it's
pretty solid others like chain-link we're pumping
also very good all coin Cardona was pumping also a fan favorite a lot of
these big names and then dogecoin will skip over dogecoin but a lot of these
big names performing very well a lot of people say that you can't make money in
this market well I just showed you guys a few dollar cost average din here the
earth position would it be up one thousand almost one thousand three
hundred percent which is is is dumb if anybody says you can't make money it's
just they're there they're wrong right everyone's it's out their own opinion
but sometimes people's opinion or wrong at that that's the truth so hopefully
you guys can see the opportunities here hope you guys did enjoy the video let me
know what you guys thought in the comments down below let me know what you
think is gonna happen with Bitcoin as well as all coins I'm gonna go read
through every one of the comments so I can see what the overall sentiment is
and as always if they're cool if there's some good comments in there I'm gonna
feature them in a future videos well when we go back and recap but guys don't
forget leave it smash that thumbs up on leave a comment down below be subscribe
notifications turned on and I'll see you guys on Friday for another video

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