hello stock crews and welcome to another episode 
i hope you're having a beautiful day or weekend   today we're going to be looking at the price 
of bitcoin again um it is looking a little bit   bullish in the short term which is beautiful 
we're going to do technical analysis i'm going   to show you what you can learn with my 3 000 other 
students what i do here i'm going to do technical   analysis using if you don't know 
who i am my name is james i've been investing for   18 years starting off in forex market stocks and 
then cryptocurrencies in 2012.

I've been teaching   for 10 years i have 3 000 students taking my 
courses and nearly 58 000 subscribers on this   channel which is beautiful i'm also running 
now i guess a discord full of elite traders   which is also very nice because we get to talk 
in the discord altogether and do trading together   i'll show you that coming up so now we're going 
to jump into the technicals for bitcoin predict   where it's going to go and i'm going to show 
you a cryptocurrency that i bought today which   i think i'm very bullish about let's jump into 
technicals for bitcoin now so now we're looking   at the charts for bitcoin usd tether on the hourly 
candles finances exchange we had this channel that   bitcoin was going up so what you're looking at 
here is the price of bitcoin moving over time   each of these candles represents one hour i'm 
using very specific indicators here i'm using   pivot lines indicators volume stochastic and rsi 
squeeze mob indicators i teach you how to set   them up in the cryptocurrency master course um so 
bitcoin was going up on this channel we broke down   out of this channel came to the downside then 
it's bounced off this strong s1 s2 support line   at around 41 000.

That's a strong support and then 
we've created this kind of symmetrical channel the   last few hours and this was the chart that i set 
up on by bit just a few hours ago if you six hours   ago if you saw my previous video so that that that 
um trade is now in the profits we're up around   200 or 300 dollars um so the trade was set 
up 52 000 uh sorry 42 384 now we're up around   about 250 dollars unleveraged 250 dollars so 
meaning six hours ago if you stayed open that   trade without leverage it's 250 if you 
did a 10x leverage it's 2.5 000 if you   did 100x leverage it's 25 000 and that's the 
power of using leverage i'm going to show you   the exchange and then i'm going to show you my 
prediction for what bitcoin is going to do next   if you want to do leverage trading in the 
description down below i use um buybit and   femex exchanges they're the best best exchanges 
i've got the links in the description pink comment   by the you get 600 worth of bonuses and femix you 
get 1 200 worth of bonuses what that means is you   sign up to those exchanges you deposit bitcoin in 
there and you get up to that amount of bonuses um   on top of your bitcoin that you put in if you're 
restricted in your country use nordvpn and before   you trade make sure you use the cryptocurrency 
master course take the course so you learn how   to open stop losses take profits if you're losing 
money in the markets if you want to learn how   to trade cryptocurrency how to day trade you i 
teach you join my 3 000 other students then join down below to learn how to how to trade so i 
believe that bitcoin now is um in this symmetrical   wedge the way they work builds pressure builds 
pressure and then explodes to the direction of   the trend to the base of the wedge so we're 
looking like we're going to break out here   rsi stochastic turning up squeeze more building 
pressure there's not much volume coming in which   is not so nice the last few hours but stochastic 
and rsi are consistently growing up and squeeze   mob is building pressure we're either going to get 
rejected off here at 42 600 come back down to 42   384 bounce off there and then break out to 
the upside and the target would be um 43   197 that's one target and the second target 
which would be 43 600 and at that point you're   going to face a lot of resistance and both 
of those points are at a lot of resistance   the 43 204 is at a lot of resistance and then the 
um 43 600 is that a lot of resistance how you know   you see that there was a lot of resistances 
at these lines with where those targets are   and it's most likely going to break to the 
upside if we break to the downside out of   this symmetrical wedge then we're coming down 
to 41 600 however in my opinion we are going to   go up we might bounce down a little bit first and 
then build pressure and then bounce to the upside   with the stochastic and rsi heading up strongly 
something like this now let's go into the four   hourly let's look how on the four forearly 
we're also squeeze mob is going to the red   but stochastic and rsi are midway turning to the 
upside volume coming in stochastic is going to   the red dough let's turn on the stock robot which 
you also get in the cryptocurrency master course   and the ribbons so the stock group are calling a 
cell um he called the cell back here at 47 48 000   and we dropped all the way to 40 000.

It hasn't 
turned into a blue buy yet we're still in the red   cell you get the stock robot in the cryptocurrency 
master course the links i showed you below   that we're below the ema ribbon so really 
for bitcoin to get bullish we need to get   back above these ema ribbons and they are still 
turning they're still turning to the downside   they haven't crossed yet so we are possibly going 
to get rejected here on the daily we are looking   more bullish the squeeze mob has finished its 
red position and it's starting to go to the   green stochastic rsi oversold heading up volume 
coming in so in my opinion it is most likely going   to push to the upside bitcoin so the target if we 
break out now which it doesn't look like we will   but if we did the target would be um oh i'm unable 
to touch the trade the target would be 43 600 if   we broke out now but in my opinion we're going to 
get rejected and we're going to break out at 8 p.m   on the 25th of september new york time at 8 p.m 
bounce off here bounce and then head up to the 43   429 um and this is the trade that i 
would have on bitcoin it's still open   the risk to the trade is the trade would open at 
42 000 it we opened at 42 384 stop loss 910 take   profit 1494 which is a 1.65 ratio trade so 
if you trade without leverage you make 1 498   if you trade with 10x leverage that would be 
14 000 if you trade with 100x leverage that   would be 140 000 but again be very careful 
trading with leverage during this trip   um the best what i really recommend i'm 
going to show you my recommendations hold on   my main recommendation would be only trading when 
we have extreme fair sell-offs buying the bottom   of those weeks of the extreme for yourself on 
different cryptocurrencies for a big bounce back   and then making high leverage trades on that pin 
down and buying it before the bounce back that's   how you can make a lot when it when the whales are 
playing with the market now i'm going to show you   my all coin that i'm very bullish about so here 
in my crypto chat in the discord we've got a   discord room it's a very amazing room um we have 
now 2669 members the discord link is down below   um and in the discord room this is the chats 
that have been happening in the last hour   a lot of people trading the gala one um 
and they're also seeing this breakout lee   rivers showing just showing the breakout that 
i was just talking about about 20 minutes ago   and that's the crypto chat we also have an 
advanced trader chat elite trader group and   this is the trade that i made talking about on sxp 
sxp in my opinion it is looking like it is going   to break out this is on the daily candles and it's 
creating this descending wedge that looks like   it's going to break out to the upside with the 
target being 3.79 which is quite a big trade join   us this is a paid room for the elite trader group 
you can join it by going to the links down below   so thank you all for watching you're an amazing 
group of people um make sure you hit the subscribe   button the bell the thumbs up button join us 
in our crypto discord and um talk to the other   stockers there's almost 2 600 of you in there that 
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join our elite trader group what i've done is i've   gathered the best investors from the gurus and put 
them into one elite trader group so you can talk   to them learn from them trade with them which 
is beautiful i'm currently here in the address   skyview one of the best apartment buildings in the 
world it's just very beautiful and i'm about to go   to dinner which is very nice thank you all for 
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