with xrp developing each second the race to the best cryptocurrency in the market seems to have gotten serious very serious the progress that the cryptocurrencies like xrp have been making generally has also been encouraging a lot of new players in the market this is what leads us to the question if xrp will be able to maintain its supremacy in terms of the trust that it has from the community and also in terms of the adoption that the other cryptocurrencies may be targeting trust [Music] today's video will answer all such questions of yours as this news comes in stay tuned to learn more about what we are speaking about if you want to stay up to date with all the crypto news you need to like and subscribe don't miss anything be aware of bulls and bears in the future watch till the end to find out how to double the money watch it make sure to enable all your notifications to our channel to keep up with all the hottest secrets in the world of xrp also before we get started allow us to mention that nothing mentioned in this video forms financial advice i said nothing this video is meant to be only for entertainment purposes make sure you conduct good due diligence throughout this video and also invest only after you are certain of the findings you have made research now that you know what may lie ahead let us get you started our aim here is to make sure that nothing gets in the way of you becoming a great investor as all you need is good knowledge with us being here for you you will be able to gain a very vast knowledge in a very short span of time unlike others in cryptocurrency the xrp has been one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in terms of technology and adaptability among others in the market success the low fees of transactions combined with a higher rate of acceptance by the financial institutions being backed up by ripple is what made a lot of people invest in this cryptocurrency company called ripple uh ripple is focused on solving the exact problem you described how do we make cross-border payments massively more efficient for remittances for corporates we use a digital asset called xrp as part of that flow and we use xrp because it's a thousand times faster than bitcoin transactions a thousand times cheaper than a bitcoin transaction the lawsuit against ripple has been at its peak over the past couple of months ever since the lawsuit was initiated the prices of xrp have been falling heavily and also led to a loss of members in the community even though things were going south for xrp and through it ripple continued to push ahead and managed to keep developing their systems to make transactions seamless and effortless this attribute that they have is perhaps the reason why ripple could manage to keep the price of xrp at bay whilst dealing with the lawsuit filed by the sec with a lawsuit ripple and tranglow which is a malaysian cross-border payment provider announced that tranglo launched its first on-demand liquidity service on ripplenet ripplenet is ripple's global payment network for financial institutions they are also planning for more remittance corridors in the coming months the cross-border transaction capability that they have is one of the major reasons why the community members have been investing deeply into the upgrade this is perhaps one of the major technologies that could change the manner in which the banks work and will also be able to gain a lot more partnerships directly from the financial institutions a partnership soon after the announcement ripple purchased over 40 percent of the stake at tranglo which then helped them make a major move in achieving the goals they had set for themselves this happened in march and was a part of the expansion plans for ripple in southeast asia there is a specific reason why they chose the philippines over the rest of the world this was because of the fact that the personal remittance received in the philippines accounted for over 9.7 percent of the country's gdp in 2020 this makes the philippines a key market for admittances and hence also asia's third largest remittance recovering country interestingly this was also the country where the funds sent by filipinos working overseas are economic lifelines the data we have in hand makes it evident that the philippines could turn out to be a very good place to move in and work upon for the ripple it is very important to note that ripple took all these factors into consideration to make a move that seems to have turned out for the best for them the best furthermore a move into asia will also help them to work upon the already growing market that it has in asia based on the data the market in asia has risen by over 13 percent year over year this means that each year ripple delays it may be losing out on massive price movements that could certainly make a really good amount it was also stated by the ceo of trenglo jackie lee that they have successfully bridged the payment structures that the people have been waiting for also it was also noticed that the transactions have been rising by over one hundred and thirty percent year over year this increase in the prices will certainly affect how the prices move across the chart the chapter of ripple goes on as they then announced the news where ripple worked on providing same-day remittances to malaysia with money match the development streak for ripple did not stop there as they went on to expand their base to south korea money transfer company global money express co-limited gme remittance joined ripplenet to expand remittances between south korea and thailand as they do so their hunt to find more uses for the xrp has never been on a halt they have constantly been trying to expand beyond the xrp ledger technology and take it beyond payments to central bank digital currencies has been on a halt due to the very case law that has been filed by the sec against ripple for selling unregistered securities on an outlook the case seems to have reached a deadlock where either party is determined not to give up it was on the 20th of october that the judge granted the sec's request to extend the deadline for expert discovery to january 14 2022 this means that the legal tussle between the two will continue at least till the end of january and will certainly impact the prices that may follow and the trend that it shows on the charts the change that this move will have on the charts will certainly be very interesting to notice as a matter of fact we may see some major changes in the prices as the case comes to an end nice however prior to that it is very important for the xrp to make sure that it holds stable at a certain level that continues to uphold the price over a period of time the al ansari exchange which is a uae based exchange and a worldwide money transfer company was leveraging the ripple net cloud the manner in which the technology grew was astonishing and we may even be able to notice some major changes in the manner in which the same is implemented in the future all these updates would have had a serious impact on the prices had the lawsuit not been there despite being there the price of xrp has been rising which is a very strong indication of the kind of support that it may get from the market the global cloud-based financial network technology was approached for providing same-day remittances to malaysia with money match yet again the use of money match made things much more favorable as their experience in money transfer technologies was vast as we mentioned earlier the 130 percent rise over the years in just asia is an indication of the market that could be acquired by this technology the only thing that may form a hurdle is the ongoing lawsuit against sec which has yet again reached to a point where we might notice an extension and a long wait to hear a final verdict while many experts have started giving their opinions on the lawsuit and the latest moves from either party we think that it might be just too soon to try to make a prediction on which way things could go though ripple has a stronger case in hand we might see some major resistance from the sec as they have not once been found agreeing to back off from the case law this may hence be one of the major challenges apart from figuring out the technology where the entire future of xrp may be jeopardized therefore the legal team along with the higher executive roles at ripple themselves are at full throttle against sec and their arbitrary ruling of xrp to be a security while holding similar projects like bitcoin and ethereum as cryptocurrencies the lack of clarity in terms of the basis for evaluation made the case prolong furthermore and to make it even worse the denial from the sec about the lack of clarity and the regulations makes the case prolong further ahead the sec obviously i think in a good way fights for disclosures they fight for clarity but then when we ask the sec to provide disclosures and clarity you see these things happening like wait a minute shouldn't you you know what were those meetings what was the substance and why and like what we seek more than anything is clarity and certainty we think the sec should play by the same rules around disclosures and clarity that that we try to the technological upgrades and opportunities that ripple has been getting will most likely have a major impact only when the xrp starts performing at its full capacity and when the community realizes that the threat of the lawsuit has passed until then the prices may not really climb the marks we have been looking forward to so there you have it and with that we have come to the end of our video we hope this video helped you gain an insight into what is happening in the world of xrp we would love to hear your views on all of this and the impact you think these updates and partnerships will make on the price in the long and short term we also hope you enjoyed the video and let us know in the comments how much your crypto will be worth next year make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you soon at how to crypto with more crypto updates

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