we've all witnessed major multinational companies get sued in the past legal complications or cases are prevalent in the corporate world the outcome of these legal proceedings decides the future of the company ripple xrp also faced similar dilemma and how they overcame this obstacle is truly inspiring it's inspiring in a way stay tuned till the end of the video to find out how to double the money if you want to stay up to date with all the crypto news make sure to like and subscribe make sure to enable all your notifications to our channel to keep up with all the hottest secrets in the world of xrp be aware that the prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value if you find this video inspiring and wish to see more content like this hit the subscribe button do let us know in the comments if you are going to invest in xrp so let's get into the video without any further delay ripple was designed to make payments easier for traders and investors without being under the control of a centralized financial institution transboundary payments can be slower than home payments with significantly higher transaction fees and hundreds of such transactions can be made each day by global businesses xrp is so cheap and widely adopted it is more valuable than most tokens that may not have much underlying value because of this it's the perfect cryptocurrency for those who want to buy in large quantities in anticipation of future gains it's a bad bargain nobody gains for a while now xrp has been in the headlines since then it has been demonstrated that it can transfer or pay more quickly than bitcoin xrp is capable of settling a payment within 4 seconds and handles 1 500 transactions every second most companies use it to settle cross-border transactions all this hype could be the cause for which the sec has been in battle since then xrp buyers are puzzled where to get in which makes them to spread out i'm a little confused since 8 september ripple xrp has moved sideways on 10th september the buyers were caught in a bull trap with a false upside breakdown buyers who bought xrp on the break of the blue downward trend line were quick to stop and are now patient not to burn their fingers no basic clear levels on where to get in are defined in the bandwidth the price action appears to cut the monthly turning point making the add-on of positions difficult for buyers and sellers the support factor with only the candles in it seems to be one dollar and five cents buyers are buying the dips below 105 but that is as far as it will go for the time being the volume is too small for buyers to undertake a fundamental price revaluation of ripple expect a further drop with sellers still in command following the bear trap this 1.5 cent level looks ready to break and once this occurs buyers may find it difficult to find the courage to get longer the chart's first point of entry is one dollar the 55-day simple moving average is shown just below sma this was important around the end of august as it initially served as a price cap but later became support in september it was the only entry for buyers on september 7.

Will this trick happen again it isn't quite likely unlikely after the entry in the lower break sellers will have no incentive to begin making a profit we hope that sellers will try to push ripple to 92 cents this level corresponds to the sma for 200 days this seems more reasonable with the low as of august 12th and september 7th levels being doubled two good reasons to buy xrp are a double bottom and a 200-day sma sellers profit from price action in srp current prices at 12 this means that sellers will begin to book profits and will have fewer positions available to lower prices well that's good news in case more negative headwinds emerge in global markets and global risk sentiment switches to full risk off sellers will be in a comfortable siege to book 25 profits that brings xrp to 78 cents with a historical level from june 8 and the monthly s1 support level these are two technical reasons for buyers to buy the dip and pick up some xrp at an attractive discount according to the long-term ripple price forecast for the next five years xrp was chosen to be a vibrant optimistic game with clear price increases in the vicinity of five to eight dollars however a midpoint of those price ranges is the most viable concept adopting xrp as an inexpensive and convenient digital asset could trigger the future in the course of the coming five years the price will surface as a minimum average of ten dollars prediction as it was designed to replace most of the fiat currencies if xrp is adopted widely the coins may represent a bulls run and the xrp price may skyrocket in the long term xrp can easily attract many investors by the end of 2021 being the fastest and cheapest cryptocurrency the price could reach one dollar and 84.3 cents on a bullish note by the end of september 2021 the pre-mined xrp supply on the contrary can reduce the price if the bearish trend outperforms the bull the price could drop over the short term in such a case the decrease is estimated to happen by around 86.1 cents yet the token is believed to recover over a short period however if the market dominance continues at 2.14 trade at 2.805 can be observed at the end of the year according to expert analysts the token is predicted to move past its all-time high of three dollars and forty cents and joined price discovery mode shortly during the last week xrp remained highly range bound and was trading below one dollar and thirty cents despite consolidation experts predicted that the currency is set to enter a rally similar to the one in 2017 and if the crypto managed to break three dollars and 40 cents in a few months the next bullish target would be 10 if that happens going three to five times sounds pretty reasonable three years ago in 2017 we went ten times three to five times easily that's easy hence hitting the ten dollar range doesn't sound so unrealistic if the bullish momentum is maintained the token might as well hit 12 to 15 dollars by the end of the current bull run the estimation depends on a plunge in cell pressure in the days coming after a breakout following three dollars and 40 cents xrp is also growing in popularity the company is also one of the few companies that seek to diversify itself in blockchain technology earlier in july ripple had announced its decision to invest in mintable the nft marketplace as the nft market and creator economies are ever expanding the high gas fees required to create nfts would discourage new participants mintable is a platform that has removed these barriers it is now facilitating low-cost sustainable nfts on the xrp ledger it was originally the third crypto asset with bitcoin and ethereum occupying the top two positions respectively although bitcoin is now the top crypto asset and xrp is now ranked 7th xrp is increasing in popularity this could be the outcome of the century's first crypto trial which pitted ripple against the u.s securities and exchange commission xrp has gone through its fair share of struggles and after the struggle what happened then still people who hold on to it have a really good chance of becoming millionaires in the future by simply investing in the only cryptocurrency with the biggest number of endorsements and collaborations with over a hundred commercial banks and financial institutions around the world xrp price is predicted to exhibit a hike because many improvements have been made in its pipeline and involves several partnerships ripple has already in its grasp most of the world's biggest financial institutions this could result in high adoption rates by 2023 xrp might reach about 12 the price of one ripple xrp in 2025 might be around 15 as per the coin switch forecast and algorithmic analysis with all these let us get to know xrp a bit closer let's get to know each other as of 17th september the value of xrp is one dollar and eight cents with a 24-hour trading volume of 3 billion 200 million 193 391 the current ranking is number six with a live market cap of fifty billion five hundred twenty six million one hundred thousand six hundred and one dollars it has a circulating supply of forty six billion six hundred twenty two million two hundred thirty nine thousand five xrp coins and a max supply of 100 billion xrp coins if you found this video knowledgeable and wish to see more content like this let us know which coin inspired you the most below in the comment section kindly know that the prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so they might have changed to a whole new value by the time you watch this video the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice and is for educational purposes only do conduct your due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions so there you have it and with that we have come to the end of our video we hope you enjoyed the video thank you very much for watching this video if you found this video inspiring and wish to see more content then don't 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