Binance’de nasıl daha az komisyon öderim? %40 Komisyon İndirimi Nasıl Yapılır ?

Hello everyone, friends, in today's video, how 40 percent commission from the binance exchange can you win the discount? I will tell you about these. Lets start. First of all, without a reference link and if you do not hold a BM in your hand, 1000 lira and 1 lira commission. you pay. You pay 1 lira commission for every 1,000 lira transaction you make, but I will give it to you. Especially if you sign up, this invite code with a 20 percent commission discount, we do this by binance We won by partnering with. We partnered and the binance exchange gave us the following code with a 20 percent commission discount. gave. You know, if you use this code while signing up, you get a 20 percent commission discount. If you hold BNB binance coin, which is the bains' own coin, outside of it, for a lifetime the total is 60 percent and our commission is very low. In other words, you start to pay 60 kuruş commission for your 1000 lira transaction.

So you get a 40 percent discount. Now this does not happen when I hold onto me again with stoker. You know it has 1 setting? Right here on the safety side. The securitization that is security when you click on it and. On the top left, on the left? There is a panel section when you click there, when you come down there is 1 green button there are friends. 1 is used to pay commissions, 25 percent discount is like this, there is 1 button. When we say keep it here when you keep it green. The remaining 80 percent varya is above the twenty percent we gave, that 80 percent It has a 25 percent discount and you use a 40 percent commission discount in total.

In other words, you are aware of this with the extra commissions you give in Turkish stock exchanges or with baynes. If you do not know about this development, forget about the extra commissions you give. You know, this is the biggest commission rate you can get from this job? You know some people made videos? He pays 10 percent commission, 5 percent commission and says a lot. You know, the commission that makes an agreement with 20 percent binance and gives a 20 percent reference discount. There are very few people who give the discount and I am one of them. If you sign up in this league, as you can see here. Always the same stress, you start 10 ahead in your life. Apart from that, if you hold 1 in your hand, you will pay almost half of the commissions. you pay less. So I haven't learned this b event before that, but I am not 20 percent. that is, you just disappeared.

I paid to the binance exchange and a lot of bitcoin commission for 2 years and 3 years. You know, I wanted to shoot a video like this so that you don't experience it..

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