Binance tuto : meilleur site Trading Bitcoin Cryptos débutants ?

Hi! It is LangueDeGeek. Today, I'm going to tell you about the Binance site or the French Binance site Binance unlike the website I told you about last week which was Litebit This is not a site to buy crypto with euros it is a site where once you have purchased the crypto, you will send it on and you will be able to sell some, buy some to have several and diversify your portfolio and not simply have the three main crypto that we offer you on very simple Coinbase-style sites, namely Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin and you will see that there are dozens and dozens different; they are not all present on Binance but you already have a huge choice Binance is a great place to start trading a little bit like a beginner it is colorful it is easy to access it is translated into French, there are beautiful colors, there is a simple mode, an advanced mode; we will immediately see that on the screen Don't forget that every Wednesday at 9 p.m.

We do a live with my friend Florent Kosmala on the cryptocurrency news debrief. I invite you to join us and then subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. The rest is on the pc Here we are on Binance inbound interface. Once you are registered, registration is much easier than on the sites where you will buy in euros here no exchange of identity papers as long as you do not make exchanges greater than 2 Bitcoin so you can see that it is still necessary certain sums to switch to this mode; I remind you that to connect me I use the small utility here Keepass on which I will make a small video. I place myself here in the box login I go to the line that corresponds to Binance demo and presto It seizes me absolutely all the password and one-time use, 20 characters special characters, upper case, lower case we will not come back on it good practices in computer security if you do not have good practices you are not made for crypto attention once again on the crypto I did not put enough warning on my Litebit video, invest only the money you can afford to lose.

I remind you that it is a speculative market I remind you that in a few clicks you can do a lot of silly things and lose absolutely all your money this is not for everyone here be careful what you do have your own information make your own inquiries it is not because you are going to see me trading one or two currencies in this video that you have to invest in these currencies, find out for yourself and don't hold it against me if the currencies that I deal with in my videos are currencies that scratch their faces afterwards the captcha is very simple on Binance hop we arrive on this welcome page; I get yelled at because I didn't activate double factor authentication is also called 2FA two factors authentication, i.e.

Each time I connect to the site Binance and I advise you to go activate it whether on Binance, on Coinbase, on Kraken, on Litebit absolutely all cryptocurrency sites you activate double authentication it's very easy to activate you go here in this section there, you click on activate, you install on your smartphone whatever android or ios the small authenticated google application Authenticator, moreover, it is called and you will then have a small one-time code each time you connect to the website You need your smartphone to make a second authentication with a small one-time code, that's a little bit what you get by text when you place an order in euros on a store on an Amazon or other website Come on we will confine ourselves to the presentation of Binance, Binance next if you say it internationally or in the French We're going to do a little menu tour at the top so once again Binance is a site you can have in French and that's rare enough to interest a lot of you.

What will interest us here very much as a menu, it is the orders that is to say I buy or sell crypto and it is also the funds, how much I have, of what currency so we will see that right away we will start by the way with balance here it is a very small account on which I have very few things so here you see that I have only two small coins on this account namely Ripple and Iota, you have here a box which is very interesting which moreover has not been translated; this is the problem with this website is that you are in French but you still find a lot of things that remain English.

If you check this it will leave you with the currencies of which you have a certain quantity Suddenly you no longer see all the others which are at zero so there again you can see that I have the Ripple, that I have 21 Ripple tokens and that represents indicative value in Bitcoin 0.0025 Bitcoin. You see the same for the Iota that I have 14.5 Iota that it represents 0.003 Bitcoin It's up to you here to take possibly your calculator to see what that represents in dollars and at that time to have the price of Bitcoin but as Binance is when same nice with you, see that at the top right you have the total with an estimated value so the value of your Binance global portfolio is therefore estimated here at 46 dollars compared to the Bitcoin price of the day of course; if bitcoin breaks its mouth your Iota, your Ripple go wrong and therefore your Binance wallet goes wrong and the 46 dollars will eventually pass to 30 20 10 and if Bitcoin goes up, your wallet will go up.

Here, if I uncheck this box I therefore recover the global list of all currencies that are available on Binance; we are going to mention in the big names of course therefore Bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin, which are the three large currencies that can be purchased on Coinbase by credit card Coinbase remains, even if I say bad things very often, the easiest website to buy cryptocurrency when you are a beginner just the fees are quite important and that's why I made a video on the Litebit site that allows you to pay by bank transfer much less purchase costs and have it delivered directly to the site Binance and that's what I like about the Litebit site you will also find as big names in crypto the Neo so here we are on the Neo gas the Neo, quite simply, it is here below and therefore precisely the Neo which is a cryptocurrency that you can find on a big Bittrex site too but on Binance if you store Neo you will release what is called Neo gas which is here i.e.

If you store Bineo, your neo will release another cryptocurrency a little bit like a passbook would release interest but instead of the interest being stored on the same line as your booklet they will be delivered on another line so namely neo gas and that's something very interesting and particular to Binance Another peculiarity at Binance it is the Binance Coin therefore Binance has its own to its own cryptocurrency which eventually allows you to pay less of fees going through there. I'm not going to dwell on it because it's a little bit complex and it's not the first interest of Binance. If you want to know more about it I would put a comment link to this video on Binance Coin, from Binance Coin therefore the bnb.

We obviously find the classic Etheleum the ARK Monero, here we hope to see, it is expanding day by day on Binance. We have month after month of new big currencies arriving. You can also find the EOS currency which is very interesting currently as a currency, which we will find on Binance; it does not seem to me that we find it on Bittrex So you see for those who have tried the big Kraken exchange site that if you've tried Bittrex is a lot more austere than that too.

We will have less currencies than on Bittrex We are going to have a lot more than on kraken but where you will have the strength of Binance you will see is the simplicity of the interface when you want to buy or sell At the end of the line if I check this box again on the Ripple and the Iota you have here therefore deposit therefore the money that goes if I want to send the money I have on Coinbase, on Litebit all on another trading site to come and deposit it on Binance. I need my RIB, my IBAN in quotes on Binance so for example here if I take, the Ripple it will be a bad example, I will take the I'm not going to take IOTA either, I'm going to take Ethereum to make it very simple because on the Ripple and the Iota, the Iota the RIB is disposable and the Ripple the RIB is composed of two different numbers so I'll take something simpler in one piece that's why I'm going to take Ethereum so let's imagine I want to send Ethereum there to my Binance account, I go here on the Ethereum line, I go to deposit and here you see that on this address there so this address represents your RIB between quotes to say in the old way now we say IBAN This is what you must communicate either to a friend or on your other website to send yourself Ethereum on Binance, you take this address, you put it in the destination address you put a quantity and a few minutes later, things go pretty quickly with Ethereum it goes quite slowly with Bitcoin following the months and following the value of Bitcoin and then after each currency to its different transaction speed Depending on whether the blockchain of this currency is congested or not, depending on the transaction fees that you will pay; finally there are plenty parameters who can do that speed transfer is fast or not but it's no more complicated than that to get your address and to send money from an outside website to Binance Conversely, if you want to take your ethereum from Binance and send them to another site or even make you pay to convert them into euros through a site like Litebit or another site that allows you convert cryptocurrency to euros and therefore to the other direction and therefore recover your stake watch out for taxes on this, capital gains but that again this is another topic so at this time on Ethereum I click on withdrawal here Binance is going to be strongly insisting on the application of double authentication which I was talking about earlier I will not configure it here in front of your eyes but therefore know that here you see in the back window to withdraw your funds on Binance you would only have to fill in the eth box withdrawal therefore the destination address where you will take your Ethereum from Binance and send it to another site and then in the available box is the amount of Ethereum that you will withdraw or you will withdraw all either you are going to remove only part of it, it can be 0.0 001 Ethereum no problem once again on crypto it is not because a Bitcoin costs 10 thousand dollars that one cannot buy it for 20 euros and it is not because here we can we can really fragment the thing easily up to ten power less eight so eight digits behind the decimal point you even have trading sites where we go further than ten to the power less 8 I don't dwell on it because that's the side very simple; what interests us here is going to be trading that's why you came to Binance and so at this time we will spend so either you start from your line here on Ripple, Iota, Ethereum, whatever you want and you go to the section trade here we will try we will go to Iota, we will go through the trade section here you see that we can treat Iota against Binance Coin and yes Binance Coin is definitely worth compared to to cryptocurrency; it's not that I'm going to show you there because it's because there is more simple it's not what you go do it first.

You see that here we will classically have the pair between the Iota and the Bitcoin but you can also see that we can also trade directly between the iota and Ethereum and yes Ethereum is number 2 but you have like that a lot of trading sites where you can already directly exchange Ethereum against other crypto so where you hear everywhere that it's the Bitcoin which is the king, everything is on the side compared to Bitcoin it is not totally true we can see that there are already a lot of exchange sites or number 2 would already be ready to take the place of number 1 and where everything is already almost side compared to number 2 namely Ethereum We will go on trading so compared to this I'm on Ripple, I'm going back to Iota by Bitcoin because it's still by there that you are going to do so here it launches me the trading system of Binance in a simple way So I know it's scary the first time we get there but you'll see it's ultimately very simple.

You have columns, you have colors everywhere, you have curves, you have diagrams and it's absolutely awful if I had used the market section at the top left here, you have basic and advanced here; so what he shows you there this is the basic function because behind you have the advanced function that goes still be a little more indigestible the first time we launch it but you will see that ultimately the two are rather easy to use even if you are a beginner obviously it is better to use the basic version Finally, what will interest you about this graph? The left column when you are a beginner it will not be of great interest to you it is finally the various current offers and requests happening on Binance compared to the currency that is selected so here at the top left what interests you is that we are placed on the Iota versus Bitcoin and here the two things that will greatly interest you are here the reference in dollars because when you are a beginner you don't like at all to have the price in Bitcoin and you don't like to take your calculator 75 times to calculate what we are doing already that we do not like the dollar yet when we are French and we are used to the euro and we do not want to calculate the euro to the dollar; that, you will not cut there.

If you are in crypto, you will have to switch to the dollar so do your account in dollars, do yourself a little excel, use an application like blockfolio or I don't know his name anymore but I have it on the desk, it's delta I think to calculate a little bit your different portfolio on this but you will not get by if you spend your life doing calculations in euros all exchange sites are in dollars except Litebit which is actually in euros to make the purchase and sale of crypto in short, that's what will interest you this is the Iota and at the time I speak to you is at one $ 1 74 and I would tell you it's cheap it's already been a lot more than that here you have a search box at the bottom right to say no in fact it's not the Iota I wanted to buy or sell it was ok we're going to come back to Eth I type here Eth I click on Eth in relation to Btc and at this moment you see that at the top left I went well to the Eth page versus Bitcoin to buy Eth which is very stable as this curve shows you today i have never seen such a straight curve At the bottom, what will interest you is here the price purchase and sale price and you see that the price is already filled in the box while if you were in advanced mode it would be up to you to go and fix the price so don't dream it's not because you are going to set an exorbitant price that you are going to sell it or a very low price that we are going to sell it to you at that price but at that time it's a little bit more complicated for you to set the price so as a beginner I advise you to go here in basic market, to leave the price here as it is and so here if I wanted to buy Eth ben you will just click here for sure I would like to buy 0.01 Eth Here it automatically calculates the amount it costs you in Bitcoin You have it, you do not have it, you see that here is my my bitcoin sum is 0, I don't have bitcoin currently on Binance since I have Iota and Ripple therefore I can't go and buy Eth here If I want to go buy Eth, I'll have to go sell Iota or Ripple since they are the only ones things I have here on Binance so we're going to go back here on Ripple XRP moreover it will be better if I type it well I put on the XRP I have 21 XRP here, you can see that here in the sell box on the amount he puts me max quantity 21 it's normal I have 21 Here you also have nice boxes to sell a quarter of what I have, fifty percent seventy-five percent or one hundred percent but that's pretty cool to trade fast enough since I don't recommend clearly when you make a profit going to sell 100% of what you had you never know it could go even higher and when things go wrong go sell 100% because you never know it could start again so have buttons that are preset at 25 50 75 and 100% it's pretty cool from Binance and we don't have that clearly on all the sites so here i will go sell 50% of my Ripple, which makes ten so I don't know if he will accept because in my opinion it will be a sum too weak Here the prices are crossed out because there was a small rather long maintenance of Binance this week and therefore suddenly the fees are cheaper currently so that's cool.

It's a hello to quote trading so here I'm going to sell hop we have a small success which appeared on the screen rather brief If I go in order, open order we will perhaps see it but in my opinion we will not have time; if for the moment here in open order, my order is still written So we have the 10 Ripples that are for sale Here we have the price in Bitcoin and we no longer have the price in dollars and therefore it was up to you to go and read if you really want to keep accounts at the top left of the screen and therefore when my order is going to be placed and I am going to sell these 10 Ripples My open order will disappear and at that point you can see it in order history and you see that here in the order history we have something that has just happened which is also the same order and therefore in the open order it has disappeared, my order is placed, I just sold 10 Ripple, so now if I go back to basic market If I want to buy a little bit of Ethereum, you see that here my balance which was at zero in bitcoin has gone to 0.0001 and a few bitcoin so that I will be able to buy a little bit of Ethereum and to buy a little bit of Ethereum, the best thing to do, I click here on 100%, so I will spend 100% of my Bitcoin available here and he filled the box absolutely on his own and he tells me that with 100% I can buy this amount of Ethereum, I click on buy Ethereum, hop I have a small success that passes I will see if the order is really happened.

Do I find it in open order? It's in open order and if I wait a few minutes it will go into a priori order history and at that moment I will dispose of my Ethereum, we will wait a little bit; did it go into history? A priori it has passed into history; So now if I go back to funds and to balance and that if I go into sale I check this small box I end up with three currencies: Iota Ripple and Ethereum Congratulations, you are now a small traider, you know how to sell and you know how to buy on Binance I show you to conclude the function advanced Binance.

I will not dwell more on the functions, we can put stop and loss or take profit it is say sell automatically. If your crypto reaches a certain threshold whether up or down to save your life or to make a profit while you are in the process of sleeping it is possible to do it on Binance, it is more suitable to go to other sites like Kraken or Bittrex which are more suited to that but we can go do it on Binance Here the advanced mode, you will see that we go to a much darker presentation much much less digestible At first glance.

The curve is displayed much larger, we have indicators a little bit below, here we have the price in dollar which is displayed well in the middle which shows you that the price in dollars is the result of supply and demand since you can see them in red and green around. Here we find our boxes at the bottom with buy so there we are sure of the Ethereum buy and sell Ethereum. If you want to change currency the list can be found here.

You have a search box here If you want to change currency and switch to EOS for example or on Neo for example. Here you have the variation over 24 hours which is still interesting to know That will be all for this little video initiation to Binance to exit advanced mode, don't forget because the first time I searched a bit, you click on account at the top right You annoy me with your double authentication; you see it here which tells you that you will need identity papers to verify Your account only for a withdrawal greater than 2 bitcoin so still a large sum that in my opinion you will be little In any case, dispose of this site before a little while and in any case do not leave huge sums on the exchange sites I remind you that an exchange can close, it can be hacked So if you have large sums of a coin that you plan to keep for a long time, the best solution is remains the wallet installed locally on your computer with a small backup of the wallet file and of course a large backup of your passwords and I will do a little tutorial on the password as on the installation of wallets on Windows can be on Linux also.

That's it, that will be all for this video which is already way too long I invite you to put a little blue thumb if you liked it, to subscribe to the channel if it is not already done, to stop by to review the lives and videos of initiation to Bitcoin or videos that I do on high tech as well. You can subscribe to the newsletter in order to have the videos in preview, before I broadcast them on Youtube, I send them to the people who are registered on this pop-up to the newsletter and then I tell you very soon and be careful in crypto and to the moon 2018!.

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