Binance Smart Chain Learn & Earn Round 2 Quiz Detailed Answers!

hello guys how are y'all hope you're all doing 
well welcome to crypto money and you can call   me eric james now today in this episode we will 
talk about the bsc or the binance smart chain   learn and earn round two quiz we will talk about 
the answers and we will also show you from where   we got the answers and also you can check the 
video description in the description will provide   each and every link for each and every quiz 
answer so without wasting any more time let's   jump right into the quiz so we're going to start 
the quiz and the very first thing we need to do we   need to provide our registration email that was 
used to create our binance account and that has   already been provided now we need to provide our 
twitter handle and to find your twitter handle you   need to go to twitter and you need to search for 
this at the right of thing that is your twitter   handle just simply copy that and paste it here so 
that's how we do it now we need to give our bsc   or binance merchant address you can do it through 
trust wallet or you can do it through metamask but   i am personally going to use trustwallet if you do 
not have a wallet interest wallet or if you do not   have trustwallet in your smartphone just download 
it then what can you do you can go to the settings   go to the wallet section click on plus click 
on create a new wallet click on you understand   copy these 12 word phrases somewhere safe then 
continue then summarize them as they were showed   in the previous section and then if if you click 
on done then your wallet will be ready now once   your wallet is ready what can you do you need to 
go to the wallet section click on this icon search   for smart chain not binance smart chain you need 
to search for smart chain only and it will show   you your bnb account click on receive and that 
is your address just simply copy it and paste   it here easy now we need to provide our telegram 
handle your telegram handle is as the same thing   as your twitter handle it's your username and 
to find that you need to go to the telegram   and search for user infobot user infobot is a 
bot that tells you everything about your id your   username id number first name last name etc so 
simply copy your telegram handle and paste it here   click on next now we are in section 1 the starter 
section and the very first question is what is the   issue ends of dft and the issue ends of dft 
as you guys can see the total amount is 400   millions among which 200 millions for each chain 
for bsc and for eob so total amount is 400 million   so that will be 400 million so second question 
how many series are the bunny pack classic cards   divided into and as we can see in the classic card 
section there are three series of classic cards   daily holiday family so the answer is three what 
kind of platform is the future and the future is   a decentralization features trading platform 
so it's a trading platform what can we say   decentralized derivatives exchange platform so 
initially how many tokens uh how many coins does   bunny pack produce in each block and if we go to 
the token generation section we can see no upper   limit on bc insurance amount each block generates 
100 bps so 100.

What's the goal of cream and if we   go to the cream website we can see cream finance 
smart contracts money markets are focused on long   tail assets with the goal of increasing capital 
efficiency for all assets in crypto markets so   increasing capital efficiency for all assets in 
crypto markets which of the following is not there   is investor and if you go to their official 
website we can see there are fbg big sim and   gsr so fbg mixing gsr but not d force so which of 
the following is the token used by crypto blades   and as you can see the token the core team of 
game revolves around rewarding clash with skill   token so it's the skill what kind of platform is 
cream cream finance is a decentralized lending   protocol so the correct answer is decentralized 
lending protocol now one thing you guys can see   what kind of platform the question is what kind of 
platform the but the answer is given in protocol   so you can see there's a mistake here actually 
the question should be what kind of protocol   is green the same thing is in here what kind of 
platform is dead is protocol but daily protocol   is not a platform dairy protocol as we can see   the dairy protocol is a decentralized protocol 
the future is the platform dairy future dairy   protocol is not itself a platform the binance gave 
some kind of misunderstanding best questions here   so if we focus on the platform word then none of 
the answers are correct none of the answers are   correct but if we take the protocol thing in mind 
then the correct answer for what kind of protocol   is dairy protocol will be derivatives exchange 
protocol okay so that's why the correct answer   is dairy protocol is a decentralized protocol to 
exchange risk exposures precisely but if you find   anywhere in the dairy website or dairy finance 
website the future website in nowhere you will be   able to see it is written that dairy protocol is 
a platform of decentralized protocol because it's   not a platform actually it's just a protocol so 
what sort of app is crypto blocks and cryptoblades   is a revolutionary web based nft role 
playing game so it's a game now click on next now coming to the section 2 that is the main 
course the first question is what wallets does the   future support and as you can see there are on two 
token pocket bit keep so on to token pocket bit   keep all the answers are correct now the second 
question what kind of assets are supported in   cream bsc and if you head to their medium we can 
see cream bsc now supports bnb cream and cake so   all three of them all the answers are correct now 
how many companies have audited dairy protocol and   if we head to the dairy protocol code audits you 
can see dairy protocol version one audited by fake   shield and again by fake shield and also by saftik 
so actually two companies are here so the answer   will be two how many bunny pack finance mystery 
boxes are there in total and if we head to binance   we can see there are a total of ten thousand 
mystery boxes in bunny park mystery box collection   so the correct answer will be ten thousand what 
major feature will be coming soon to cryptoblades   and if we see pvp we cannot find pvp anywhere near 
if we head to the docks section they are pdf their   white paper we can see the forge unique option 
section so weapon forging is already available   if we head to their official website in the 
gallery option we can already see the raid   the raid option the raid option is already 
available check the gallery option so weapon   forging is available red is also available hand to 
hand combat can not actually appear in a virtual   game it's actually a thing of real life it's 
like ufc ufc can't happen in a virtual game   so hand-drawn combat cannot happen so weapon 
forging available rates available handed combat   cannot be featured in a virtual game so the only 
option left is pvp which we didn't find anywhere   in the game so how bp is obtained in banipa and 
if we go to the benefit section you can see the   token generation says only by mining you can see 
mining by mining you can generate output per block   destructed amount per block only by mining you can 
generate other options we didn't find any answer   related to them so mining through lp liquidity 
that will be the correct answer what's the   minimum initial margin ratio on dairy protocol 
the minimum initial merging ratio is 10 percent   again i'm saying all the links from where i got 
the answers will be given in the description so   if you want to check out for yourself you can of 
course do it and that is recommended from my end   what vrf service that does cryptoblasts utilize 
and if we head back to their official website   we can see chain link the name of chain link is 
mentioned so chain link will be the correct answer   now going to the next question if you 
supply cream token on cream lending   what will you get as the iou token this is a 
multiple answer question but as you guys can   see if you supply cream you get cr cream as i or 
you token this is a answer that came from their   faq the forum of cream finance so if you supply 
cream you will get cream as iou token but nowhere   else we got any answer about getting ice cream 
or cv cream so the only right answer we have   found that is cream and if you have any confusion 
about that why did binance make a multiple answer   question about this then in our previous section 
in the round one maybe in the quiz number five   also in the day number five we have seen another 
mistake by maintenance where they made a multiple   answer question but they only correct but there 
is only one correct answer so maybe this is   some kind of the repeat of that mistake where the 
answer is only one but they made it a multiple   answers which exchanges can trade dft and if 
we go to their official website we can see   b key pancake swap mxc all of them so 
the correct answer will be all of them   now we're in the final section the dessert and 
the first question is which description is wrong   about funding fee on dairy protocol the first 
description says minorities the majority side will   paint the minority side a funding fee per block 
but in the second section they say funding fee   will occur in every eight hours so will it be paid 
in per block or in every hour what is the right   answer and the right answer is for each ethereum 
block a funding fee will occur not in every 8   hours so this is the wrong answer thus the right 
option for this question so how much experience is   needed to level up your character from level 1 to 
level 2 in crypto blades and if we head to their   crypto bloods document if we go to the very end we 
can see the level 1 needs 16 xp in total the level   2 needs 17 xp in total this is total xp okay 
so the correct answer will be 1 because if you   minus 16 from 17 then the answer will be 1 
so if you need only one xp more to level up   your character where is the price of the future 
platform located so if you go to that bacd future   section we can see price on the platform the price 
of the platform is obtained from multiple external   decentralized data sources which is the best price 
for transaction and used to calculate profit or   loss so the correct answer will be this now why 
is the price of dft is different on bsc and echo   because dft is actually made on two main net 
networks if you can see bsc network and heko   network so just because of that if you it depends 
on actually what magnet you are working in if you   are pushing it in bsc then it will be different if 
you are doing it on echo then it will be different   and that is the main reason that's why the 
future is a derivative zx is built on two chains   echo and bxc bsc due to the different ecological 
development of eco and bsc the price of the future   on the chain is different so i have some depth in 
cream blah blah blah what is the correct answer   actually and for this we need to actually take a 
calculation in consideration and what that says as   you can see for example the collateral factor is 
seventy percent if user applies one it of 250 000   then what will it be one eight seven five so that 
is actually seventy five percent of two thousand   and five pattern so that's how the calculation 
is done do your own calculation what is the 75   percent of a thousand bnb and that is 750 dollars 
now the thing is anything that is over 750 is over   850 dollar is also over one thousand dollars so 
that is why all the answers are correct this is   a tricky question what are the bonuses for the 
bunny pack big blank blind box collection of ssr   series and if you go to the full series rewards 
section for the ssr we can see 100 so the rewards   are 100 percent always so the correct answer will 
be 100 percent in cream what type of proposals   is the listing committee not making a decision on 
now if you go to the listing committee we can see   what can the what on asset listing reserve 
factor collateral factor collateral caps only   except cream tokonomic they can vote on anything 
which description is wrong about liquidation   in dairy and if we head to the dairy official 
website we can see there are actually different   levels there are actually different roles in 
dairy going to the future where is the future so there are actually different roles liquidity 
providers traders are b triggers and position   liquidators so liquidity providers provide 
liquidity on the pool to gain liquidation fee   and proposition liquidators actually their 
position depends on the liquidation lines   unliquidated position touching the liquidation 
lines are liquidated by position liquidators who   share the positions remaining merging as reward 
so position liquidators share the remaining margin   as reward not the liquidity providers these are 
different things so as you guys can see there   this is liquidator can share part of the position 
remaining as an award but not the liquidator the   position liquidator is the right answer so this 
will be the answer for their own description   so what is the name of the first character created 
in crypto blades and if you play crypto blades   already or if you go to their website you can 
see they always feature lip video in naik so   of course le between nike is the first character 
that's why they feature him the most so la pedic   is the right answer how much bp does it take to 
put the big bang blind box card into the card slot   and if we go to the money back section 
we can see activation fee that is 20 v   bp for all sections so the activation fee 
or putting the card into the black box   card slot that will be 20 bp so these are 
all the correct answers for binance merchant   learn and unround to quiz questions if you guys 
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