Binance Smart Chain Bağlanma. Metamask Kullanım.

Hello to all of you from the coin engineer youtube channel, today we will shoot you a video about the binance smart chain . We will talk about how to connect something to the Binance smart chain. So why do we connect to the binance smart chain? In the meantime , do not forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel and leave your comments to support us before the video starts . Binance smart chain is actually an ethereum-like network, binance's own blockchain network does not have ethereum as you can see right now. As you can see , the second coin with the highest market value in the market is binance coin. It is the 5th best coin by market cap and is trading at $223. The biggest difference between the Ethereum network and binance is actually the transaction time and transaction fees. In ethereum, the transaction fees are very high and the processing time is very long. On binance, the transaction fees are very low, the transaction fees are very low and the transaction is very fast.

Here, as you know, Uniswap is actually an ethereum-based decentralized exchange pancakeswap, whereas in order to connect to a binance smart chain-based decentralized exchange pancake swap, we first need to switch to the binance smart chain. I will tell you how to connect to the binance smart chain. Why are we connecting to the Binance smart chain network? As I explained again, we connect to this binance smart chain network to connect to 270 different decentralized applications on binance smart chain like pancakeswap . What are these examples? There are many examples of these, for example panckaeswap Venus etc. many burgerswap, 1inch We have already told you about decentralized finance applications. To connect to such exchanges, you must first connect to the binance smart chain. Here, too, you can see ethereum based applications. So you can think of it like ios and android. While there is Ethereum-based 1inch, uniswap, there are 1inch dual-based pancake dego Bitcoin standard btcst and many similar coins on the binance smart chain .

There are many applications, we will connect to them. To connect to them, you first need to install metamask and typing metamask application in chrome web store . After installing this application in our browser, the metamask icon in the upper right corner will indicate like this . We click on this and we will create a wallet. Here we are storing 12 words that will be given 2 words to you and we are logging in. After logging in with the password we created. It will reflect on your screen like this and it will write 0 here. This ethereum wallet of mine is actually this ethereum wallet we created, now we will connect this ethereum wallet to the wallet you actually created, to the binance smart chain. So how do we connect? There are 3 points here, we click on it, we enlarge the expert. After clicking Expert, you need to fill the binance smart chain information in the add var section of the property after clicking on the main ethereum network .

This is how we fill it and say save. In this way, we can add other coins to their networks, such as avalanche. I added them all. I click on the main ethereum to connect to the binance smart chain, and I switched to the binance smart chain and now the binance smart chain. As you can see here, after switching to the binance smart chain, we can connect to the metamask by adding money to any of the binance smart chain projects from the top right corner of the inch pancakewsap and here. After accepting, we can easily connect your wallets to these applications. Here you can see my productions on pancakeswap. 2.6 I have produced the cake. I am doing this kind of farming all the time.

These are in order to reach the coin engineer on the youtube channel . You need to find the decentralized finance playlist among the playlists. To reach our videos about defi, you can reach our videos about and if you type in the search place on youtube channel . We already have a playlist here, we have 25 videos of 25. We do farming to all of these, generate coins, and share all decentralized finance applications with you here. Also, we have activated the join button here. Here you can ask us your questions about burial in the BTC subscription section or we will be talking to you on live broadcasts every evening at 23:00 and 21:00 . We will make live broadcasts here with you. If you click on the join button, we will take care of you specially. Thank you for watching this video. Hope it was useful to see you in the next video. Like the video and don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Good day to you all..

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