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Hello everyone, friends In my video today I'll tell you how to become a member of binance and how to use it. You can go directly to the binance membership page by clicking the link below the video. At the same time, this link is a unique link for you. Provides 5% commission reward discount rate So you get 5% reward from the commissions you spend Binance pays you in BNB You can't find this link outside, guys. I created it specially for you.

This link will give you a lifetime discount If you sign up from the link below It happens to your wife So let's start. We clicked on the link below. Then we came to the membership page To become a member of Binance, friends, you only need to have an email address. You will write your email address here. We will write a password Friends for password We need to use uppercase letters and use numbers Security is a very important concept in the crypto exchange.

That's why care about your safety, friends. After typing your email and password, friends see here are the referal id. Optional When you click on this Here is my reference code. If it is not writing I would appreciate it if you write Y35IJESK Thanks to this reference code You will get a 5% commission discount rate. This would be a very serious saving in the medium term. It will be in your favor, it will be in your wife. Then we click on Create Account. Look, he asked us to enter a 6 digit digital code.

The duration of this code is 30 minutes. See when we get to the mail. At the top there is the code. We clicked on this If you do not see your mail, you will also check your junk mail folder. Look, he gave the code. 270745 I'm coming I'm writing here And I am waiting My Binance account has been activated so now everything is ok My account is activated now friends I'm going to the site now As I mentioned before, the most important thing in the cryptocurrency world or money world is security. We need to increase our security so that the Pirates do not take over our existence. That's why Binance has taken very serious measures. We will see 2FA activation now So let's call it two factor protection. Guys from here, a person appears over there. We click on Security from below. We will activate 2FA. Look here it says Authentication to Google. this is a mobile application, the application on the phone.

Here we click on "ten" I checked 2 links under the video For both AppStore and Google Play, friends can download this application according to your phone's operating system model. You can also download it by clicking here. We downloaded Google Authenticator to the phone We clicked on Next. Now this place is very important friends This code is key for us. Use it as a key to enter your home. If you lose it, you cannot enter your home again. And in our world there are no locksmiths friends That's why I will give you very important information. Take a screenshot of this place, take the screenshot. about here And save this code somewhere You can also write manually in a notebook. It is very important friends. You will lose it and cannot login.

But this is very important for account security. You enter password both while logging in You use the Authenticator. This increases your security. I downloaded Google Authenticator to the phone. I clicked on the upper right, plus there are guys. plus I clicked Scan the barcode Then the green square on the camera I had this QR code scanned. See below, my code is out. I said NEXT now Save it as a Backup So copy it said. See if you lose He says it would be a lot of trouble if you lose Talks about it So you may lose the phone.

your phone breaks down. Auth to Google. you cannot open it. We need to activate it on another phone and log in. We'll say Get Code. He sent a code to our mail. We come immediately, we click. Yes 221 762 221 762 I'll enter the Google authentication code, now it's the code on my phone. Friends refresh every 30 seconds So be careful. Make sure you enter the most recent password. I clicked Submit I have activated 2FA now guys. I took a step in the name of security. You can use other security steps but this is the moment I use it. So what do I do next After that, let's talk about withdrawing money from other Crypto currency exchanges to Binance. I came back to the homepage See later We clicked on Wallets. We clicked on Spot Wallets. You can use it in Turkish. All in the same place. I Because it is cheap I will transfer lumens (XLM) You can find it by going down. I am writing here XLM. Shortening of Lumen. If I click on Deposit I'll withdraw money here.

I clicked on the deposit. It says please enter both the Memo address and the regular address. Otherwise, he says, the money will not be transferred to your Binance account. I said I understand. Look, this is my lumen address. When I copy it, see I'll write it over here Look, it starts with ga and ends with 4 a. This is the Memo address, friends Now these two addresses Which exchange you are using from the exchange you want, “Bittrex, Okex, Kucoin, Poloniex, From other stock exchanges, from Turkish stock exchanges Copying and pasting from there to this address and this Memo address You can transfer money to this account Friends I sent 300 lumens to this lumen address. I'm looking at the Wallets Let's click on Spotwallets It was just 000 Look 300 lumens came. It costs about $ 28 and the equivalent is 0.00261 btc. Yes, from another exchange to my binance account I transferred Bitcoin or cryptocoins Now I will talk about how to buy and sell I click on Trade, I click classic.

Friends, there are three types of trading in the world of Bitcoin and binance. I converted the lumens in my hand to bitcoin Now I will tell you how to buy-sell, trade in its simplest form. On Binance just before As I mentioned, there are 3 types of buy and sell in binance and in the Bitcoin world. One of them is Market One Limit The other is Stop Limit. I prepared visuals to explain them The market is For example, the price of Bitcoin is 11 thousand dollars. If you want to sell, you sell directly at the current price. And you get your $ 11,000 You sell at that moment. The other is the limit There is also the following logic in this.

For example, the Bitcoin price is $ 11,000. but you want to sell it when it's 15 thousand dollars. Then you enter limit order You think the price will go up You say sell when it's 15,000 dollars When it reaches 15 thousand, it sells. The other is Stop-Limit. Here, too, the aim is to reduce the Damage. They say in stop lost For example, the Bitcoin price is $ 11,000. If price If it falls below 9 thousand dollars Sell ​​at $ 8000 If you enter this directly, the sale is made at that moment. If you enter from the limit. So not from the limit You have to enter from STop limit Because we say sell for $ 8000 without seeing $ 9K gold Here our aim is to reduce our loss Yes, we have three kinds of business in this way. I went back to the stock market. First I will tell about the Market I'm going up Its current price is $ 10970. I have 0.002540 bitcoins. I cannot enter a price because I will sell it from the market.

The market will have its current price because I said all of the bitcoin you got So I said sell it all. Look, the order has been entered, sold. I got $ 27.83 We saw the sale of the Market now I made my direct sale. Let me get used to it again Let's see the limit event I said take it all Now the limit We will look at the sale We will come for this, friends Limit Tab How much is the price, this price. I say no bro Sell ​​when it's $ 15,000 How much I said all.

My order has been entered. I will earn 31 dollars. See if it'll be $ 31 instead of 28 This is Emir, friends like this You can cancel here Finally, we looked at the stop limit. At Stop Limit He Said If it goes below $ 9K, sell at $ 8000 All Says if the price drops below $ 9K I will sell it for 8000 thousand dollars and I will have this much Bitcoin. I have confirmed Your order is entered here below That way, friends. At the stop limit like this We saw I've canceled Friends in general terms being a member of Binance This is our Binance usage video We became a member of Binance. We transferred money from another Crypto currency exchange to binance We traded, we traded Friends my video like this I told you how to become a member of binance I hope you liked my video I will have a little request from you I would appreciate it if you Like the video to get to the top on YouTube.

I would appreciate it if you comment. 'Cause to go up by the YouTube algorithm You need to like the video With a lot of effort Taking the time to make videos I'm trying to shoot fast and simple understandable that In order not to waste your precious time Empty unnecessary I'm telling the summary without using words I am basically telling Someone who does not know can be injured and someone who knows a little can benefit. I hope my video worked for you. You have learned how to use Binance. It is your profit to become a member from the link below. My request is to sign up using the link below. And get 5% reward Something you will win over a lifetime And please I would appreciate it if you like and comment on my video.

I would be very happy if you subscribe to my channel See you in the next video Goodbye..

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