Binance Mobil Uygulaması šŸ“± Nasıl Kullanılır ? Detaylı Kullanım. Binance Tutorial

Friends say hello to you today Welcome to our YouTube channel and turkey in the world Mobile application of the binance exchange, one of the most used crypto money exchanges I will talk about all the details. How do you use the exchange, how do you deposit and withdraw, how do you harvest? So I will talk about all the details. Support such videos by subscribing to the channel and throwing videos in order to continue. you can. So let's start. First of all, to use the mobile application of the binance exchange, you can see the stock here. You write binance and after you download this binance application, you open this and this so you can log in easily.

As you see when you enter the stock market, this interface welcomes you. From here, you can see the coins with the highest volume of 24 hours to those rising and falling. If you first entered the exchange, we recommend that you verify your identity first and take security measures. I suggest you increase it. How will you do that too? As you can see here, there is a human button, we click it. After you click there, there is something starting with 401 per month and 0 entering there Verify your account by giving the front, back and details of your identity, friends.

binance is the trusted stock market. You know, we don't have a problem in terms of security, there is no problem. After doing this, come to the security section here and come and take the security measures. increase friends. I think you should definitely google verification for your security. Because google verification is the highest security measure that can protect you against hackers. What we call Google verification, friends consume from google, tags from google to you, An application that gives security codes every 30 seconds without the need to connect to the internet when you define it in the stock market. Well, even if he knows your password, he cannot come and steal your money. friends. Because the stock market asks you a vertical type code from Google and this code is only on your phone.

Let me show you with a defined denim application. You come over here. It consumes from Google. As you can see, codes are generated here every 30 seconds. For example, when you click on it, you can copy it comfortably and send it to our stock exchange. you know paste Codes are refreshed every 30 seconds. As you can see how to set up google skin consumption and problem with google tag If you live, you can find the video of the coin engineer on our youtube channel. I took it to you for training.

Now, we have adjusted our security measures. By the way, you can arrange it from here, not tea. Now we go to the settings section, friends. You can choose the language of the application from the settings section. For example, let me do English. As you can see, the application is now in full English. It is really nice to have Turkish language support, friends. It means that the exchange respects its Turkish customers.

You can make Turkish Lira in your currency here. But I usually use dollars and now there is the commission discount part guys. The commission reduction is really important because it is the biggest earning way of exchanges. It is the commissions they charge from us. We pay fewer commissions so we can achieve big savings in the long run. There are 2 ways to pay less commission, guys. The first one is used one-on-one to pay commissions when trading the percentage It says take advantage of 25 discounts. Look, you will make it green here, guys, and you will always use it one at a time. As someone who knows the commissions from you, the friends who will deduct binance coin, namely bm. The biggest use is these people are constantly getting commission discounts to earn and the like price continues constantly. In this first method, the second method is to increase with a referenced link to the binance exchange. Register. Also, we made a partnership agreement with the binance exchange. They defined a 20 percent commission discount specific to the game engineer province in the explanation section. i leave If you sign up through regular links, it gives you a maximum commission discount of up to 10 percent.

This commission discount helps you save money in the long run. Because you pay certain commissions in every transaction. Thanks to the link of this commission, for example, if you pay $ 10 commission on every transaction, this is the the amount drops to $ 8. Let me know friends, I left a link to the description section. Let's come back now. If you have a problem with the binance exchange, click the microphone sign here. You can contact live support. We come to the main page, now we come to the wallet section and you.

I want to talk about how crypto money is deposited and withdrawn. For example, when you want to deposit bitcoin, you say show all balances here. You see the letter B. And we choose btc from here. When you click btc friends have the deposit pull at the bottom. If you want to deposit Bitcoin, you say copy your address here. Copy the address and paste the other exchange, if you want to withdraw bitcoins here As you can see, come and paste the bitcoin address you bought from another exchange here.

your algae. It is that easy, but I do not prefer bitcoin because bitcoin and its transfer is a bit long progress. It takes 40 minutes and 45 minutes. It also charges more commissions. It charges about 2 and a half $ 3 commission. I use it because of that guys. Reply transfer fees are cheap, so it takes about 15 years or so, and the transfer is about It takes like 1 minute.

I use it for 12 minutes maximum because of it. We'll choose how to do it, let me talk about frost. Also, when you come to the investment section, choose the type of network you want to invest well. friends, there is a bitcoin address here. He always said there are 2, so here is 2. When friends say bm based will end here 20 ethereum based friends now Let's get the balance back again, we're back. I'm choosing now guys. Because I also use it as I mentioned. Lupu is listed on most exchanges and is already the third largest coin in the coinmarketcap rankings. first bitcoin second ethereum yum third skin flake. As you can see, what we call the Ripple deposit process, it gives us the address.

Here you say copy the address. After copying the address, do not forget to copy the taste guys. Because other coins are often unpleasant and you just say copy the address, you pass. But ripple is not so, remember that xrp tag, if you forget your money will be garbage, it will be a lie. Now let's get to the drawing part. Here, too, you can come and paste your ripple address from another exchange. You enter here how much ripple you want to take where it says the amount. See also the transaction fee. As you can see, it writes 0.25 ripple and if its current value is 60 cents, you know It costs 15 cents, let's get back to the look guys part. I have hidden the low balance here and you can see the coins I have right now.

It says 0 to convert low amount balances. What is this guys? For example, every time you buy and sell 10 coins during the day fractions remain, for example, 0.00 units. What's left is that, the rhythm of 0.004 is left. These little little stands here. It gets on our nerves, guys. Click to convert those low amount balances and convert them all to 1 MB You can also collect all your money as you can see here. I do that. I do it every day like that. He says over here today's pinel. When we say pinel, friends so pnl is your daily profit in dollars. friends, for example, today I am immersed in a $ 16 profit. When you say that now 0.66, your royale ratio is friends, so your 50 percent profit / loss ratio. Now when you get to the transfer section, you can transfer between binance accounts. For example, because I use the barnes idea a lot, I have money with leverage. I choose Yaba, enes futures, or if you want to margin from the spot, this is it.

the way you can. I say this is the maximum, I say confirm. Look at me now $ 10 has been transferred to my spot account. There is also an overview over here guys. When we say overview, let it come to me. We can view my money in all accounts from a single panel. We can see. What we call spot is normal, everyone has done it, there is no leverage on the buy and sell part. So when you come to the trading section, you choose the coin here and the normal buy The spot part on other exchanges you make is the part we always know There is a margin part here and there are futures, namely 3 trades, accumulation, postage.

You come here, which we call stamps, come in the tiny pools of binance and make production there. The friends we call savings come to your money and come here passively. You know, I'll show you soon. I will also explain futures. You can come and open 3 x 500 leveraged transactions in Mardin by borrowing money. There is a button in the upper right corner, when you click it, you can view your transaction history. you can see Your transfers and deposits. You can see all your information and data from the shooting process here. Now let's get to futures trading guys.

What are futures and how are they used? Let me talk about that. When you first open futures trades, it asks you for a reference code. If you write a discount in this reference code, I will also leave it with a link in the description section. You will get a ten percent commission discount. Speech Recognition Complete You can try it if you want. A platform that I use a lot is here and you can choose the boxes from here by clicking here. You can choose which parity to trade.

There are many options as you can see here. You can choose cross or isolated from here? You can set to remove from here. For example, let me open a position for you as an example, I am making the leverage 50 x I say confirm and I don't have money right now I guess I don't have money now, now transfer I have to, friends. To transfer, we come to the wallet section and click the transfer here, friends. We will transfer the dollars in your spot account to your binance movies account. We choose usdt futures and transfer our $ 10. Now the money has passed, guys. I will come to futures and open a trade. Now we will choose the amount from 19400 here and say longer here. And as you can see, it came to the open orders section right now. Our order is currently in action, friends. If the bitcoin price drops to 19400 living 19073, my $ 10 will be reset. Friends, I opened a trade with 10 dollars as if you had 500 dollars.

As you can see my ellipse uninstaller. 50 friends is a $ 500 transaction where we multiplied 10 $ 12 in the amount of money I opened. Here we can calculate it as the size in bitcoin. 0.0 27 bitcoins. As you can see 0.0 27 times bitcoin price 19400 $, I opened a transaction for 523 dollars. I am currently trained properly when leveraged transactions are used properly It's a nice money-making platform, but if you keep the leverage too high, it's obvious If you do not follow the rules, you will definitely go bankrupt, friends. Before you know, I am a coin engineer, you see here on youtube channel I am entering like now. I created a playlist. I created a training series for me on using switches. You can watch it for free. coin engineer, beginners in playlists section on youtube channel 2020 ordered list here for example binance prose tutorial series when you click this You can watch the training videos I took here for free. Guys, now let's go back again, whatever binance I opened this transaction 52 For friends, if bitcoin rises 2 percent.

My money will be doubled. So $ 10 will be $ 20. If bitcoin falls 2 percent, my $ 10 will be reset. Friends already means a 2 percent decrease. It will come to the ligation price here until 19073 and we will be liquid. Guys, there is a funding rate, a countdown, there is a limit. How to use stop los? You choose stop limit from here. As you can see here, there is a calculator or something. I explained all of these in detail on youtube, friends, you can watch them. because when I talk about these things, it will take a long time. As you can see there, we have a ten percent call in 2 minutes. Of course, you do not make 52 of this lever. I made it now because my money is $ 10. I entered installed too. When I enter D 5000 $ 10000, the leverage is more than 32. I do not open, friends and I definitely put stop los? I recommend you watch training videos. There is a carton filter here.

I mentioned him over there. Quarterly says, they are what he calls party-based futures friends. After 3 months, this contract, fairies, ends. Even there is the options section, friends, the options section also knows binomo like binomo. are you? I do not know. For example, is the price of bitcoin now 19428 above this price in 5 minutes? It would be down there, so it's like you're gambling a bit, but if you find it nice, it's nice there is a gain but I usually. I prefer to hang out here. I don't like options very much, if you click on the candlestick here, you can see the chart. Here you can get graphs for example a diary over here. You can take it for 15 minutes. There are indicators here, but you can set bollinger bands or something here guys. Now let's come back now look here it says 0.93 p 50 directly below p romanian There is an 8 percent increase below. If you want to close the position, you say close the position here and you can close it as a limit here. You can close as a market.

When you come to Selim, you write the price here. For example, you say that when the price of bitcoin reaches $ 20000, close my position all of them. You say Confirm, and as you can see the open orders part, you can add the closing order. You can also put it. By the way, if I wish I had entered with more money, there is a 13 percent place out of nowhere. Anyway, now we have completed futures transactions, guys. Now let's get a little stuck in the markets part, then we will come to the trading part.

I trade in bitcoin and mostly used parity because there are more there is volume. Click on the 24-hour change, here are the highest and lowest you can also see. Hot, for example, our Turks' national coin, that is, there is no one who enters and does not hurt. You can choose from here here. You can also rank the volume here. There is very little volume in the nave. Always a crazy st. So binance has the risk of expelling them from the stock market. Because the volume is very low, friends, tl or something nave, if there is no volume, why should minas list it? And let's come to the boxes with a large volume.

For example, the volume of ethereum collapses in political games. For example, you always try to trade in a corner with a lot of volume. We come to the trading part. For example, if I want to buy from a party, I have one right now. I think p will increase and I want to get sxp. I'm choosing the SB party, I'm coming over here. I am currently in the limit section and I will buy limit orders, friends I usually I use limit orders. Because the limit order is an order type where we pay less commission than the market order.

Because if we are in the limit, if the maker is in the market order, then t is the kyrgyz and the men. market maker orders. For example, when I come here and contribute to the board, binance is less than me or another stock market. He will deduct commission from me. As you can see, when I bought this price, here is my order. There was a yellow mark next to it. When the price drops there, my order will take, but if you set the market it will be much more. you would commission and you would immediately get the market price right here, for example, at that price whatever you would buy directly. You choose amount here, how much you want to get 100 percent money and there friends, what we call the stop limit part of the clock part is stop grizzly friends stoploss is always your biggest friend in the stock market.

Because as you know, there are many cryptocurrencies. The markets where the site is high, so if bitcoin falls by 30 percent tomorrow, no one will be surprised. Why did the prayer fall, suddenly rose, no one would be surprised. If your psychology is not enough to handle this, you should definitely try to use stoploss. I suggest. I just shot the Stoploss video, you can find it on the channel, but here's an example for you. let me give I have what I have right now, guys, a $ 1600 or so neova now neustadt You come to the part. When you arrive, you choose the stock limit for the store part. Here I explained it on the channel in Oslo orders. Now when you come to the watch part of the stock limit, you say that the price of neo is 18.94. Let's say $ 19 neither room has a support at 18.5 friends 18.5 $ this is the top we wrote up or when the timing reaches 18.5, how many buyers are we writing to the limit? friends who will start selling if they have orders.

If you have a lot of money, keep the gap a little more open. For example, come to 1018.5 and sell the guarantee for the summer of 18.3. Let the stoploss work because on very sudden drips sometimes if you put it very close eg 18.49 if you put it, he may not receive all of his order. If there are not that many buyer orders, all your orders will not be executed.

I suggest. I will choose what its amount from here and let's put it right now for example. I say what we should be. I say okay, look, it's in the open orders part. When the conditions are below 18.5, until 18.30, the number of buyers is at the best price. is starting to receive. For example, it starts at 18.50. Our order is to come true, 49, otherwise love goes down to 48 or something from here to neo's We can also look at the chart.

I think lyon will increase up to $ 25 right now. Because all major big coins increased, ripple increased, ethereum increased. NO is a bit behind and his nickname is china term friends china as you know very strong country so the men who can be protected came out themselves, the country least affected it happened, they became. The corona worked best for the Chinese. Frankly I think the neo is supported by the china state and its price I think it will increase. They canceled orders over there. You can also cancel the order like this. You can view it in your transaction history here. You can view the open orders and order history from here in this way. Guys we are coming back again. If you want to buy, choose the limit here and you can buy and sell neo like this.

We can look at the graph of the driven neo. There is also the margin part here. The excuse for Mardin transactions is similar to 3-year-old transactions. But there are certain differences. There is a video on how to use binance paste on the channel, you can watch it from there. We came to all markets, we traded. If you choose fiat money here, you can get cryptocurrency by credit card. For example, how much can we get? Let's choose to buy $ 100 here, you buy crypto here, visa and mastercard with the cards it supports. You can trade from my dollar account. You can deposit dollars here. I came to the markets said the following sub. Friends ethereum theron and what we call parities meat, drop raps are what we say to eu self-leveraged 3 x coins friends, what we call mountain and self-leveraged 3 x coins, for example now ripple has increased by 1 percent right? If you get x peap, that's 1 percent increase.

3 percent, a gain. Speech Recognition Complete What do you say? If you buy the mountain, you will have a 3 percent gain with a one percent decrease. However, in the opposite cases, there is a 3 percent loss. If you are caught reversing in one percent drops, that is, you bought btc and BTC fell 10 percent. This time, you will lose thirty percent from the btc app. Know about the risky coins? Those we call the price are also friends. Countries with their own currencies, for example usdtry look here, the euro here is stable coins le. For example, he has the burial thing now, let's come to the main page of the bidet. Look, as you can see, it says win, let's click earn crypto money while friends are sleeping.

We have flexible savings here and there are locked savings. Find locked stacking lounges asset management what are they? Let's talk about it. These flexible savings, for example, you have bitcoin in your hand, and this bitcoin for 1 year and 2 years. You will not throw fog, friends come here instead of stopping in the stock markets in vain. You can put your Bitcoin coin into annual interest. There is one percent profit per year, for example, now in bitcoin, these of course vary according to each coin.

For example, when you say more, there are annual rates of return here. For example, you can upload it for 7 days. You can come to mouse degrees and lock dollars here. It is very reliable. I do, for example, there is perception here. By the way, what he calls aps is annual friends, if you want to calculate daily, for example if 7 percent annually. That 7 365 percent will die on the web. It will be your daily income. For example, there is eros, you can choose from here like this. How long does locked savings last when you call it mass? If you want to forget that coin during that time, friends so you cannot break it. it will stop there, but flexible accumulation was also calculated hourly. Probably, if I remember correctly, because it is calculated hourly, you can instantly You can withdraw your money and add it back. There is a launchpad here. Friends launchpad and lounge stamps increase the price of binance coin the most One of the factors is what people hold 51 MB for 7 days to participate For example, and in these speeches, the binance exchange gives them 1 ticket.

If you get the ticket, you have the opportunity to pre-purchase the game that will list what's binance. For example, you buy $ 200. The moment it is listed on the binance exchange the next day after 1 week. For example coin x opens 1000 L then your $ 200 becomes $ 2000 instantly. This is really an opportunity. Every again is like this. When an announcement is made, the price of one n goes up directly. Because people come immediately and get a bm that they have the right to buy tickets from the lounge bet. whatever is happening here. For example, let's choose projects c.For example, minus infinity whose seizure is completed is quite high.

here if you ticket to people in the customs. If it does, you are very lucky. Sevda sandbox sandbox, for example, gives you an early purchase opportunity of $ 200. Think of it as if the moon has entered the vote, friends, you get it early. You sell for 67 times as it is listed on the stock exchange. you have a delightful friends lounge in your hands what kind of likes you have dollars For example, if he accepts, for example, I will come here.

If you make a site, you come here and earn 10 fi already in your hand, ethereumin is empty. Come rate here, friends, you are convincing the site and farming ede farming and you participate in production. For example, in the unifi protocol, he has produced it now. If you want to join this, friends, you come to the lounge. Whatever coin they accept in your hand, for example a bNB stack ethereum and support for sleep binance west to production free of charge if you come and ship them here to participate. You produce coins, so you mynet, they call it farming in the movie this is binance. You know that it is listed on the stock exchange and the corner we earn free of charge can come and sell.

taking. You know that you can come and sell what you produce for free, and I agree with it advantageously. I shot a video of this on the channel, what is binance, how to join them. you can have a look. Launchpad, these are the friends who evaluate them in this way, you know what we call accumulation. I mentioned Well, this stack annual passive income is an easy way to earn money while sleeping. Now the biggest problem of binance is that we, the Turks, can directly use the Turkish Lira on the binance exchange. We cannot transfer money or withdraw money, friends. We always have to use an intermediary for the bank. If he does not want to use this tool, the binance exchange has come to the attachment. you like it. They opened the Turkey of the building stock from the bank to transfer the turkey-free way dealers, we can transfer. Do not forget this. How to use the TR building about you can register in the description section? There will be information about it. My biggest goal in this market, friends, is to increase the amount of an IBM. Because I am very confident.

To increase the dollar amount at 2, I honestly know that the amount of bitcoins is not March or something, I have. I'm trying to increase the amount of 1 BNB and dollars. When you want to search for 1 coin, you can come here and type it, for example, here. Let's see, when you write here, for example, its parity comes out instantly. For example, let's write bitcoin. When you type bitcoin in the search section, type btc, see bitcoin in all going out to parties.

Bitcoin tr for example bitcoin tl is now 151000 lira, the highest price of 154000 lira there is a volume of it as bitcoin, the pilgrim is 1 Turkish Lira. You can look at its graph here, for example, a 1-day chart. So bitcoin has increased a lot right now. Turkey has increased in popularity, too. Bitcoin broke the all-time record yesterday and crossed the $ 19800 band in 2017. Then friends had a decline. Bitcoin I think it is a long way. Bitcoin I honestly think you can see 100,000 dollars comfortably. Definitely not investment advice, keep this in mind in our own thoughts. By the way, now we had opened a position for my grandfather in futures. We have a 17% fiber call guys. Let's close it in that position now. Binance futures is a moneymaking machine when used nicely. But if you misuse it, it will turn off the man's stove. So now you can use snow and water cannons. Let's close this position now guys. I made a profit of $ 10 and $ 2. So I think 20 percent profit as a percentage is fine, where should we close it now? We had priority open orders, let's cancel open orders here, close the position I say.

If the limit is 19000. If it comes to 470, it's already $ 2 3 $ profit. So now when it comes to 70, look friends, there are open orders. My position, who said come to 70 here, was closed. I made a profit of $ 2, so you can look at your history. If you say order history, you can follow your transactions here. Thanks for watching the video. Friends got a bit taller. But I tried to tell you as much as I could. There are also training videos for me about binance in water, which I have worked hard on. You can watch them on the Youtube channel and learn something.

My purpose is to attract these to you. When I entered the market, there were full English resources, no one was shooting in Turkish. I never knew what it was or anything that always stop los. I learned by losing all the time, friends, I have learned the contents of this training so that you don't lose it i shoot So I have no other interests than you. If you sign up from the reference link, 35 cents will come something else. it cannot be an inference from you. I draw for your education. Thanks for watching these videos, subscribe to my friends channel and leave a comment. Do not forget to add videos, answer your questions in the comments section.

Waiting for you to see you guys..

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