Binance Mobil Kullanım Al Sat 📱 Türk Lirası ile Bitcoin Aldım ✔️ Binance Mobil En Çok İşe Yarayanlar

Hello to all In this video we will focus on what the useful features are, how to make Buy-Sell through Binance mobile application If you open an account on Binance Futures Exchange market for the first time, if you write "turkiyekazansin" in the reference ID section, you will benefit of 10% commission discount For those who register to Binance Futures for the first time, if they write "turkiyekazansin" in reference ID section, will benefit exactly 10% commission discount Here we can see daily increasing and decreasing coins You can see top rising, top dropping, highest volume in 24 hrs Here also instant changes, important market movements, you can see instant movement of coins for last 5 minutes, last 24 hrs, last 7 days in important markets here is "Markets" Here I have my favorite coins I have chosen in Spot Market How do I add these to favorites? For example, you are going to make transaction in BNB type, if you are going to make transaction in BNB pair you find from here you can find coins in BTC pair here Here is also altcoins in same way you can find in Ethereum, THRON and XRP pairs Also there are coins in USDT pairs USDT, BUSD, TUSD, which ever it is, in general USDT opens directly Here for example you wonder about IOST, you want to add it to favorites you can add to favorites by clicking on star sign at right top right away Later on when you enter first time, you can also see in favorites section in Spot part and also here At the top, you can tap the charts here and look at the movement of this coin during the day and in the past times.

These are things useful for you You can set an alarm here, there is a alert icon at the bottom left When you press the alert, you set it here if you want it to warn you at what price it arrives for example I say warn me when it arrives to 57 Binance can then send you a notification, where it says "Your alert has been successfully created", you can also set an alarm like this You want to buy a coin immediately, what can you buy with Turkish Lira? For this, you can write TRY in the "Search for Coin" section at the top of the home page You can go right away from here, or switch to "Markets" and there is a search button on the top right Let's say you have deposited Turkish Lira by tapping there, typing "TRY" again. Here you can buy BNB, Bitcoin, USD, Ethereum, USDT and XRP with Turkish Lira For example, we want to buy Bitcoin in Turkish Lira immediately, We immediately hit on it, go to the BTC/TRY pair Here at the bottom there is Buy/Sell Let's go to Buy here, it shows the balance we have, the available balance in the hand Here we can write with 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of our money Here is "Fixed" , you can determine yourself, but you can use it to be quick For example I want to buy Bitcoin with all of my money here is the where you will set the price, in that section it must write "Limit Offer" and here by writing manually or with + – you determine the price you want to buy from Market price at the moment, to be quick, it appears as 66012 TL I will buy from this price Also whole price of the Fixed amount, as I said not 25%, not 50%, not 75%, I will buy with whole of my money As soon as I hit on "Buy" button I am doing buying transaction of bitcoin quickly It even didnt appear in "Offers" here There in "Buy Sell History", quickly here, it appears in "My Actual Transactions" at the very top Again when I go to "Funds" section, it shows the type of bitcoin i bought By entering inside like that, how much bitcoin do I have? about 6 dollars, you can see that I bought 6.73 dollar bitcoin with my 48 TL After that again switching to Markets section and choosing BTC from here I can buy any coin I want with the Bitcoin amount I have in the hand Here is also coin types you want or you have in mind but in sale just in BTC type Here for example you can find any coin you want in BTC pair for that reason you can use bitcoin type you have without converting it to USDT, it can be in USDT pair also but you dont need to go back I can buy CHZ right away from here, I again enter into CHZ I say "Buy" from here Lets say for example I am going to buy with whole of bitcoin amount I have market price is close at the moment again, it writes 119, sale is 119 I will buy with whole of my bitcoins, I hit on 100% and I say "Buy" It has been created in "Open Offers" as you see at the moment, I gave 1 point lower price than actual to get it appear in Open Offers to see there Again here when I get in to "Offers" section we can see in Open Offers that it is zero and our offer is still open, our offer has not yet come true and we get that market has not dropped here yet, again we can follow from here too market has dropped at the moment but there are purchases before us by 119 sale there are about 590,000 pieces CHZ purchase we entered 615 pieces but we are one of the last buyers It will probably be our turn also, now the purchase is increasing, there are also some entering after us Whoever placed the first order, in turn, takes purchase before this price Then your turn begins to come Again, you can switch to other types of coins from here, if you could not buy this coin, for example with the price you want you can hit on "Cancel the position" from here lets say your idea has changed, you can also click on CHZ/BTC from here again here you can switch to other coins for example to BAND If you have an open position, you can not open another position my friends If you opened with whole balance you have for example bitcoin, lets say I will fully enter to BAND, I set the price like this in there and said "Buy" yes I opened BAND offer at the moment for example when I go back and try to buy CHZ again, my balance has been set for BAND What I am telling here is that when you place an order, your balance is now reduced and you can trade with your remaining amount So as if you did that transaction, the balance blocks there When I purchase BAND, when I place an order there CHZ for example decreased to 89 pieces but in my earlier offer it was 615 pieces I have small amount of bitcoin and I could buy 89 pieces CHZ with that surely you can't say I haven't bought the coin yet, let's go try my luck in another coin.

When you place that order, your balance is blocked In this video, I explained how to "Buy-Sell" instantly and the usage of the Binance mobile application on the Binance mobile application Again, if you have things in your mind or questions, you can comment There are many of such videos on our channel, you can watch them too I will be very happy if you like this video by subscribing to our channel, I wish everyone a lot of profits..

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