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Greetings to everyone, friends, today you can do binary-time transactions on mobile. I will give some information about the platform. How to use? We will transfer money first. After that, how to open ong shorts transactions, how to adjust the leverage? I will talk about details and strategies that you have never been told, how to make money can we increase? As you know, the binary transaction platform allows you to earn money while bitcoin is falling. for. it's a platform and you can't gamble. It is a really lucrative place, friends but if you gamble it will destroy the home somehow it becomes a serious problem. First of all, you can be good with the binance300 platform. If you have never registered when you click on the following futures, you will receive a reference it will ask for the code.

If you write mertöz steep on that subject, I will also give it to the explanation part. You know, you earn a commission and I earn a commission discount for you. Let's start, first we transfer. I have a small position right now. I'll talk a little bit about them in the long term. Now we say we have transferred friends and from the spot wallet to the term wallet I 101 My dollar shooter. You can throw it in dollars and as dm I prefer to throw in dollars. I say confirm. And the balance will now be 10 percent or so of your increase at $ 9. Yes, just like that now. On this screen you see, here is the transfer part, here is what we call p nil analysis thing. Ika roran shows the damage situation.

So you can check it out for yourself. It is important for Bush, for example, you made a profit one day, you made a loss. You can analyze its data retrospectively. From our point of view, there is also this 3-month part, we are doing these works in the long term. As you can see here, open trades appear in the positions section. I just opened a $ 9 trade. This is what I call the entrance price, the entrance part is longo, it says green. Green selling means longa, for example, it will increase from $ 10000 to $ 12000. thinks. You enter the hall from $ 10,000 to $ 8,000 or $ 9000, it doesn't matter thinks. You are wearing shorts, assets look like this as a Dollar bnb. If you use bn for commissions here, if you use both my my referral link you get a 10 percent discount. If you keep bnbd on top of it, it is in your account. plus 10 percent on top of that. So seriously. Beneficial. This is the part. Now I come to the futures section. There is a funding rate here. This funding rate is what it calls the exchange rate between buyer and seller for funding.

the payout rate, for example, sometimes every 8 hours, the shorts are long, sometimes it pays a commission. sometimes lords pay for shorts in the opposite way. Here, if it is negative, the short position is long, so if it is negative, look at the ratio right now, positive 0 point 00:04. If the funding rate is positive and the long position is short, the logs pay off the shorts. If it's negative, he's paying long in shorts. So a short small commission. There is a cross and isolated part here, guys, this is important. If you use cross, I first told you the thing. Color liquid price comes to the following position. Friends in position will show you the ligation price because this is less. It doesn't show. This is where your ligation price goes, where does the price fall short, where the price falls While your money will be valuable to zero, it's the opposite. So this is zeroing your money, whatever price it comes to reset your money, this is you cross If you use cross, your price to reset your bankruptcy is your rectified price.

If there is a cross, it also uses the volta in your spot. So it also uses your balance in the following spot. But. Let me come here again if you isolate you, it is just your very long-term uses the balance in the foundation. This is such a detail, friends, do not forget it. I usually use cross. You know I recommend cross. Leverage can be adjusted in these 10 two things. As you can see here, there is up to 125 leverage. But I wouldn't recommend going over 20 here. So when we do this 50, you will turn as a gambler. 125 x is already gambling so I do not recommend gambling a lot. I do not recommend passing 22 here. I am at 12, too soon, if you have a lot of money in 15 high schools, you have low leverage. hold on, you can take risks if you never want to double your money. This is your thing, the thing that he calls branch is also from here.

You choose the coin to trade. There are altcoins here. Look, there are lots of horse coins here. Altcoins, for example, bnb will be out in the first week of August 11, and it will be released. about def. For example, I think bnb will increase, right? Then I am now coming to bnb, for example. Where is E. Major. Speech Recognition Complete Deli d. Hmm I'm here, now you will see how to open a trade opener.

I have $ 100, those 12 I want to miscarry, I'll do 3. Look, you will have a profit, for example, for 125 bnb bitcoin, it is now 20:20:52. I'm going to do this 3x, I say confirm. I'm going to go loong for $ 100 at this price, guys. Because I think bnb will increase. Look, get 6:18 for the price. No, exactly what? Choose the limit here, friends, if you buy it from the market, you will pay more commission. Now, because the price will increase, I am going long at the bottom.

If I thought the price would drop, I would sell it here and I will handle these things like that. This is because I think it will increase now, such as graphic information or something. At 6:16 pm? I am entering Lung, I say take it. Look, it came to clear orders over there. Soon these 3 fules will be filled and will return to positions here. See this together too. This is how the funding rate is in the past here. Look at it from the computer, the clear order has taken to my order. And right now I haven't worked. Look, it's not a $ 100 transaction, I have a two and a half percent profit in the above transaction. We just opened the following with bnb. But we did not confirm this as follows. We were going to confirm that, we have entered 12 now, as you can see, friends. But it happened. For some reason? Anyway, that's the case guys bains futures if used properly It is not gambled.

He's a really nice money making tool. I can say. And there is the past, there are preferences, let's look at the commission information. We came to the commission information. He's talking here, I don't want to bore you now. More if you sign up with the reference link here. As I pay commission. I'll leave that reference link below. Situations like this. You know there is a spot, there is a margin, and the margin is similar to similar futures. I usually suggest, but you know? I say I am saying. If you want to take risks and make more money.

Futures transactions, that is, I use futures transactions like this, for example Chz has some news, I'm shaking the twill. This should be a project in futures. For example, what happened here, trx does not have any news, right? For example, a partnership statement to make a political statement. If I see this explanation, I will enter friends 32 or something. So if I think it will increase, if I enter the spot anyway, I will make less profit from the increase. but if I do this in futures or its fall, for example, it would take a fud. There is bad news. The project related to the project will fall into the situation.

I post her in shorts mm or this is a situation related to your risk. I can take the risk like this, no problem. So look, for example, it is a little damage now, but there is no problem. I wanted to risk it. The situation in this way is spot and separate from that volt part. Look, here's $ 7200, the margin that is separate. There were $ 2 here. It is separate here, there is this type, there is debt. It is a situation with those who make the feb exactly tiny. In this way, I am waiting for your friends problems in the comments section. I am ready to answer any questions you may have. There is nothing else to show. I showed it on the computer in other videos. At the time I earned 1000 dollars in binance futures. we show this too. good luck to all of you..

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